Bear Hunt - The Final Contract Marks the Beginning


Rockpath (emitter), Kajiru, Hige

Date: August 19, 2015


Kajiru is summoned by the Bear Tribe and allowed to make a contract after helping them.

"Bear Hunt - The Final Contract Marks the Beginning"

Land of Summons

As the Leaf-nin wander across Kumo, it would come as a surprise that there was a large bear sitting a few miles outside the Hidden Cloud. This bear was massive, and it didn't seem to want to move. He was looking for something- someone. The bear grumbles a bit, wondering when this person he was waiting for would show up. He was getting hungry, too! He's been coming to this spot almost every day for three days, waiting the whole day before going back at night to… somewhere. Right now, the sun was nearing its height.

Having heard hte rumor of the mighty bear, Kajiru had gone to Hige and described the situation before trying her best to get him to come with her to go out to the spot of the giant bear. She is practically running as they head out, not slowing down for even a moment as they head to the spot where the bear was supposed to be sitting. She grins as she goes, smiling and peering about, "Bear bear, bear bear, bear bear bear!" She calls out as she approaches and giggles as she spots it ahead, "Bear!"

Hige had other things he should be taking care of but, when it came to Kajiru and giant bears, he knew it was better to just give in and go along. And so he had and so they did. Konsho and Hige follow after the girl, watching the best as they begin to close in on it and trying to get a good whiff. Is it the same one as before?

The bear casually swipes a paw at Kajiru, knocking her off-balance (hopefully). "Don't be so excited, you cub. I came to get you," he growls. Then he peers at Hige. "Hmm… You have someone different every time. But I remember you. You were the one that said would help earlier."

Letting out an ack as she is swiped at and she ends up flailing as she falls backwards and then rolls back to her feet and slowly stands up, "I'm not excited! This is normal! I haven't even gotten excited yet!" And Hige can…somewhat attest to that. She then looks back at Hige and then she blinks! "You…YOU CAME TO GET ME?!?!" Now…now she's excited. She bounces from one foot to the next before jumping up at least five feet and sending all limbs wide, "WOOT!" She then lands and runs around Hige once before giggling and then she looks back at the bear, "Uh, what for?" She then tilts her head, "Wait…" She steps up closer, eyes like saucers, "…are we gonna finally wrestle?!"

Hige sighs softly as he reaches out to snag the back of Kajiru's shirt so she doesn't try and go running off to wrestle the bear right away. "Yes, I said we would help and from what I heard your friend was rescued. IS something else wrong?" Konsho sniffs around, just to make sure no one's trying to sneak up on them or interfere. Hige just…holds onto Kajiru for now.

The bear gets a bit dizzy by Kajiru's excitement and gives Hige a sort of look that says, 'I'm sorry you have to deal with this…' Then he looks to Kajiru and shakes his head. "No, I'm not going to wrestle someone I can squish with my paw." Then he gets up, shaking off his fur. "Let's go." Then he starts to wander off, looking back over his shoulder every once in a while

Grinning at Hige, she then glances over at the bear and huffs. She puts her hands on her hips and then points at him, "I could take your paw." She nods her head and then shrugs before following after the bear and smiling back at Hige, "Come on!" She declares and nods as she starts off after him, grinning and bouncing with each step.

Hige and Konsho exchange glances briefly before they follow after the other two, Hige with a soft sigh. He hadn't planned on really going anywhere here, they'd only come out to talk to the creature. But it was too late for that now. The teen is silent as he follows after, hands slipping into his pockets as he keeps a cautious eye on their surroundings.

The trio (quartet with Konsho) would come across a clearing with a number of seal tags around it. The bear makes handseals as he waits for the three to come over, then slams a paw to the ground when they get to it. Suddenly, a bright flash of light would go off, and they would find themselves standing in the middle of a forest near a large cave.

A look at the area they come to and Kajiru blinks as the bear seems to start doing handseals. She stares and then she blinks again, "What the?!" SHe then is blasted off to another location and stares at the area around them, "We've been bearnapped!" She declares and looks to Hige before looking around, "What is going on?" She then scratches her head and then looks at the bear, "Well…what is going on?"

Hige quirks a brow as they're transported to another location and he takes a brief moment to glance around, taking in the scents of the area to see if it's a Land he might recognize. "I have a feeling they want to talk to you about something Kajiru. Only reason they'd actually bring us to a location with so many bears."

The big bear gives a wave to Kajiru. "Over here!" he calls out. He points to the inside of the cave. "Go in," he says, nudging Kajiru in with a paw. He doesn't let Hige in yet, stopping him and Konsho with the same paw. "You'll get your turn," he tells the Jounin.

Blinking as she looks at the big bear, she peers at Hige and then starts over toward the cave. When Hige is stopped, Kajiru peers out for a moment before starting inside. She peers about as she walks in, rubbing the back of her head as she walks and looks around, "Huh?" She says quietly to herself as she walks.

Hige follows after until he's stopped, looking up at the bear with a quirked brow. There's a moment of silence as Hige considers it all, but decides in the end that after Kajiru saved the creatures they wouldn't harm her. Still, it didn't help to make sure they understood that. "She better not be harmed, or there won't be enough bears here to stop me." With that he turns around to look out over the forest, leaving his back to the cave while Konsho sits and watches Kajiru for as far as he can see her.

As Kajiru enters the cave, she would come across a HUGE bear, even more massive than the bear outside the cave. It was a wonder he fit in the cave! "Hmmm…" he rumbles. "So you were the one that saved my kin?" he asks in a very deep voice that seemed to reverberate around the cave.

Hige would get the other bear's Brady eyes on him. "She will be safe. For now, why don't you tell me a bit about her," the bear suggests, sitting back down on his haunches as he waits for.. whatever.

Once more her eyes widen, Kajiru staring up at the huge bear. She takes a step back to look up and try to take the enormous bear in. She blinks several times before blinking again. She then finally throws her thumb to her chest and nods proudly, "Yep! That was me!" She nods her head and then she takes a step forward and grins, "You're like the biggest bear ever I bet." She nods her head and nods her head, "I bet you'd be a great deal of fun to wrestle…but that's not why I'm here, is it?" She hmms and it's…unclear if she's hopeful for or against the idea of wrestling that big bear.

Konsho's ears twitch a bit as he tries to pick up the voices inside, not even to listen to what's said, but more to make sure the tone of the voices stays calm and there's no sign of bad things happening. Hige turns back to look up at the bear at the question, curious as to why it's being asked. "Kajiru? She's a sometimes annoying energetic furball that doesn't have an off switch. But she's also a good shinobi and a good friend to her comrades. She's loyal and will help others even if it's out of the way. Oh, and she talks a lot."

"Uhh… No, you're not going to wrestle me. I wanted to offer you the opportunity to work with us, actually. If you accept, you'll be able to summon us whenever you like, and we will assist you. Especially in battle. Umm… I believe a few animals tend to do this where they /live/ with the human, but we're not so keen on that," the humongo bear says. His voice sounds pretty calm, if not a bit uncertain. Konsho has nothing to worry about!
The bear outside the cave with Hige rubs his chin thoughtfully and nods. "She does have a lot of energy," he agrees. "But it is good that she seems to be very loyal to those she cares about. We've seen it ourselves, even." When she was helping them track down his brother!

A blink and then Kajiru hmms and then she steps back and taps her chin, "Well, I wouldn't want a bear livin' with me anyway." She then looks at him, "Especially not you. You'd never fit in my apartment!" She nods her head and snickers, "I do think that'd be neat though!" She nods her head and points up at him, "I'll take it!" She nods her head, "I'll let ya help me out and stuff." She nods her head, "Sounds real good to have a bear to go to battle with and maybe I might even teach you lot how to fight proper!" She nods her head and puts her hands on her hips.

Hige nods to the bear, his hands remaining in his pockets as his posture stays relaxed. "Yes, she is one to care for others. It was good that she was able to continue to help you all. How is your brother bear, anyways?"

"Oh, he's doing well. A bit traumatized by most entertainers, now, so we're going to have to be a bit careful… But he'll be fi-." The huge bear talking to Hige pauses as there's a loud pounding from the cave. "Excuse me, please. You can join me, if you like," he mentions, padding into the cave. Once inside, Hige would see the ginormous bear talking to Kajiru.
Kajiru would get a small nod of approval, and the thump against the cave wall that Hige would have heard was … Well, the huge bear knocking the cave wall! A hidden panel slid down, and a huge paw brought out an equally large scroll that was unfurled before Kajiru. He waits to get a few whispers from the 'small' bear before saying, "Please write your full name and place your pawprint on the paper in your own blood." There are a few examples before the next empty slot, so Kajiru should be able to figure everything out on her own.

Watching as the scroll comes out, Kajiru doesn't notice Hige walking in. She stares in awe as the thing is laid out. She looks at it and then peers as she looks it over and then looks up to the bear and nods. SHe grins wide and then looks at the spot where her name goes. She has to nip her own thumb. She peers at it and then with…something what one might call sloppy handwriting puts her name down and then slams her hand down to make sure her 'paw' print is there. She then grins up at the big bear, "Done!"

Hige and Konsho follow the bear into the cave, watching as Kajiru looks at the contract, then signs her name and stamps her paw print. The boy recognizes what it is and smirks faintly as his arms fold over his chest and he waits in silence.

"Good!" says the giant bear, giving a nod. "Now, I'll show you the handseals. Everytime you wish to summon us, you have to give a bit of blood. And the make these seals." He forms them slowly. "Then put your paw to the ground."

Looking to Hige as he comes in, she grins at him before she stands up. She then looks over at the big bear and watches him. She nods and immediately starts practicing the hand signs, slamming her hand to the ground but not using chakra or her blood. She continues for a while, "i got it. I'm gonna get it down real good!" She nods her head and smiles as she works on it, "Neat!"

Hige and Konsho just watch in silence for a time before he walks forward and reaches out to ruffle Kajiru's hair. "Good job shrimp. Thank the bears for their hospitality. We need to get back though or Kumo's likely to start wondering what happened." He looks to the bears then, giving a respectful nod to the largest. "Can you send us back the same way we came?"

"Of course," the bear (the bigger one) says, patting Kajiru on the head lightly so she doesn't die. "Just follow him," he says. "He'll get you home." The 'small' bear nods and lumbers out of the cave, expecting the trio to follow him back to the same clearing they appeared in. He makes a few handseals once they're all gathered and *POOF* they're back where they started! In the Land of Lightning. "I'll be on my way," he says. "Could you three destroy the seal tags for me?"

Looking at the bear, she smiles and nods before she ends up back in the clearing. She looks at the place they are back to before looking at the various tags. She then nods her head and grins, "Thanks, big bear!" She nods her head, "Well, biggish bear." She chuckles and starts over, "Lets go back to Kumo, Hige, eh?" She begins to destroy some tags.

Hige nods to the bear when he asks them to destroy the seals. "Safe travels," he offers, waiting until the bear vanishes before going to the other seals that Kajiru didn't get and spiking them with lightning to burn them up. "Look at you, now you can wrestle a bear any time you like. Just do me a favor and don't summon one inside any buildings. And warn people around you before it comes if you're in the training grounds. I can already see the complaints and reports otherwise…

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