Second Promotion Exam - The Final Day: Daisuke vs. Hiroshi


Hiroshi, Daisuke, Ogosokamaru

Date: December 4, 2012


A Jounin exam encounter between Hiroshi and Daisuke of Konohagakure with Ogosokamaru hovering in the rafters.

"Second Promotion Exam - The Final Day: Daisuke vs. Hiroshi"

Ruins - Land of Water

It had been a week since Daisuke had been in this area, and truth be told he found the whole area set aside for the Jounin exams quite interesting. Rather than spend his time squatting in dark tunnels, ever since he had found that medical area and dropped the Kumogakure ninja off, he had been exploring the many ruins and other areas of the sector. Because of this, he had lost track of time. He had promised the Kumogakure ninja that he would go check in on her to see how she was doing, but with only one day left, he hoped he could still catch her. And so Daisuke was wandering through the ruins trying not to get distracted as he made his way towards the temple.

Hiroshi would find himself at the temple runs this day always giving honor and respect to those who once existed in this land he would be upon his knees in prayer something he found himself doing. Praying for protection, guidance, and even the safety travel of the spirits to the next world. His carapace armor would have faced its first amount of damage it had since he has been here, a large gaping wound in the right side where a water sphere pierced him, left the Hyuuga heavily bandaged. As he stood from his feet from his knee's his hand would go towards his side as a slight strain was in his steps. He was wounded, hoping not to show it as much.

Daisuke stops along his path as he spots someone off to the sight in what looked like prayer. He wasn't really sure what to make of him, but he was cautious about his surroundings at least. He would wait for the young man to make a move from his spot, standing there on the path back to the main road up to the temple, not worrying much about stealth or surprise. He watches the ninja get up and the motion his hand takes to hold his side. It seems like he had been in a fight recently. First praying, then possibly wounded, Daisuke didn't like this much, especially if he had to fight him. He needs to go on the offensive, make it seem like he needs a scroll. He waits for a few moments to give the ninja a chance to spot him before calling out. "It looks like you have seen better days. How about you just give me your scroll and I can get you to the medical area?"

Hiroshi would halt in his steps, turning to face the direction of the voice Hiroshi would simply arch a brow, "Better days, I am perfectly fine other than the fact you just asked me to hand over something that does not belong to you." He would say as he tightens the bandages around his waist as if to better hold himself in. "Also I find you nosey, but if you must know I have faced worse wounds at the hands of a boy who was once a man." Hiroshi would respond as he simply proceeded to leave the area, he had his scrolls he was not interested in a fight though there was a look in his eyes, those pale white eyes hid behind them the look of excitement, as if his adrenaline was just starting to flow at this very moment.

The young ninja's eyes betray so much about him to Daisuke, a Senju and fellow Konohaite, as he has met, hung out with, and sparred with the Hyuuga clan before, an image of Yuzuna flashing in his mind. Because of this knowledge, Daisuke should've realized that some kind of arrogant or snide comment was probably coming, but it still catches him by surprise. Daisuke finds the attitude of the young ninja rude and disrespectful, perhaps that is why he is ticked off enough to flicker from his position to block the exit, daring the Hyuuga to make a move. "I could help you there, or I could send you there, either way, your scroll is what I desire, not a conversation about the past." he says as he digs himself in preparation for a fight, a smile on his lips.

"And your skills at bargaining are not things I care to experience, either way move." He would say a slow bulge forms upon his face as he gathers a set amount of chakra throughout his body. "You all are so persistent and eager to play, to best translate it, you find breaking your bodies in futile acts amusing, and here people called me the masochist." With that Hiroshi would release a small sigh as the bulges grew further and larger extending the full wake of his byakugan. "Well I guess I may as well do battle regardless and give the spirits a good show." He would say, entering into his clans juuken stance as he awaits Daisuke, "In the event we are ambushed while fighting I have one request, we destroy the one who will ambush us, and then continue our bout, I rather do this alone since I have yet to be able to fully stretch my limbs since I have been here."

Daisuke looks amused at the continued arrogance, but he agrees with the Hyuuga on one thing. "I definitely have not had a chance to stretch my limbs. It is kind of you to give me such an opportunity. If anyone is foolish enough to get within 100 yards of us after this, I fully agree with you." he says to the Hyuuga with a grin. He watches Hiroshi display that well-known dojutsu within his eyes and knows he was getting serious, so it would be disrespectful to not at least meet him at the same level. Daisuke focuses his internal chakra as it begins to seep out of his body. Except this chakra wasn't normal, and Hiroshi might be a little confused after seeing so much of the same chakra over and over with those eyes. Daisuke chakra that completely coats his body is a red-orange color and gives off a sickly feeling within the area around it. Either way, Daisuke is now fully surrounded by a reddish cloak of chakra that has three chakra tails swinging behind it.

Hiroshi would watch at the chakra of the bijuu took form, quite the scene this was, a tailed beast and its pet is right before me now this should be interesting. Hiroshi at one point would have avoided this in the exam, but a shiver of excitement ran down his spine as he watched the tails take form. "I see, so you have such a thing in you, well the smart thing here would be to run off and hold on to my scrolls but two reasons I see that as being impossible. One being I am sure you would try to chase after me just as fast, and two, I cannot pass up a chance to research your those with such beast react towards my techniques." He would say, obviously he was enjoying this a little to much. In that instant he launches forward into a reserve spin, as a coat of chakra burst from him this rotation would not be to push the person away but instead to pull them in to his next assault, which would end with Hiroshi attempting to force a large amount of his chakra into a well placed palm upper cut if it landed.

"So you know at least a little about it. Not many do. Unfortunately the girl from Kumogakure did not know so much, I felt bad for her. Then again, she required much more power." Daisuke says as his cloak bubbles and reacts to Hiroshi's attacks, an appendage shooting out to latch onto a nearby wall to pull Daisuke out of the range of the attacks. "I also know a bit about your techniques, and I know I want nothing to do with getting touched by them." he says with a smirk as he spins and lifts both hands forward, two giant spears of moulded bijuu chakra shooting out towards Hiroshi, stretching further than no normal move could reach.

A figure would appear at some point in the ruins. Purple-cloaked covering his whole body. Not like the cloak of bijuu chakra from Daisuke, but a coth one simply. On this figure's face was a purple glossy mask with a ridge down the middle, very faint, but enough to give the light reflecting off of it a moment of dissappearance to show the ridgeline was there. Two horizontal slits gave way for eyesight, but nothing behind the mask or under the cloak could be seen, and this figure stands atop an archway a little ways away, facing the two fighting. Yes, within a hundred meters, but the figure merely watches for now.

Hiroshi would only stare at Daisuke as he mentioned the girl from Kumo, a small sigh coming over him as he thinks to himself, he wont allow me to get close, so blowing off some extra chakra in this moment wont be so bad he would think to himself. As the extension of the bijuu came at him Hiroshi would just barely dodge one slash, only to walk into another as it knocked him back a great distance. In that moment Hiroshi was gathering a set amount of chakra into his right palm, just what was he planning? "Kumo girl you say, that is nice." Was all Hiroshi would say true getting close was going to be hard but something was omnious about his arm. It was gathering more and more chakra, and with that he launched himself forward, "Roar!" Is all he would shout out as he focuses the chakra towards his fist only to halt mid step throwing the fist forward and with it a burst a chakra, just how strong was this things defense, he wanted to know.

"I also took her to the medical facility. I'm not really interested in death and murder." Daisuke says as he continues the conversation with Hiroshi. "Who else have you met along your travels?" he asks curiously, trying to see if even Hiroshi has a scroll and this was all a waste. Caught offguard, Daisuke is genuinely surprised that Hyuuga techniques also had some kind of range behind them. Either way, the chuunin is struck by the technique and sent flying backwards into the wall, feeling a little groggy in the head and unable to counter attack.

Hiroshi would stand there for a moment, making the decision to stay or run, truly fighting a bijuu at this time and losing his scroll would not fill the mandate, but in that moment he decided to stay, it was rare he would get this chance to fight a bijuu he needed to know just what their weakness was, just how can they be held off. " I am sorry, but you will have to help me with a science project now. No hard feelings, but I must know what halts that friend of yours." He would say as he enters into his clans stance, he needed to know if he survived for future reference, what exactly could help him stop a bijuu. "And with you in your current state you are in the zones of my Eight trigrams." He would say conserving energy is what he will do, so 64 strikes is all he would do, "Eight Trigrams, my bleeding palms." He would say as he launches himself forward striking Daisuke's tenketsu, not to seal them but force them to increase and over flow, where must would have felt a halting sensation the bleeding palms would have their opponent feel as if their own chakra were leaking from them, slowly seeping from the pressed tenketsu.

Daisuke is not happy at all as he gets pummeled by the impressive feat and he feels some of his own chakra dropping from his reserves. It was time to stop playing around with the Hyuuga and end it. Slamming his fists into the ground, Daisuke would be forcing his chakra cloak through the earth, to erupt from beneath Hiroshi. One simple sidestep wasn't going to cut this attack, as any kind of dodge or block would cause the arm itself to spawn another from within to chase Hiroshi until he had either moved far enough away or blocked the assault, or of course he was caught in the grasp of the demonic chakra.

Even if Hiroshi was losing, or winning, Ogo would not intervene. He had enough respect to someone's ego, and the other person's prowess and power to not do anything. Besides, watching was a lot of fun at the moment. Ogo even found himself from time to time having to unclench his fist underneath the cloak, going with each attack, watching the techniques and trying to figure how to counter either. He hadn't seen a Hyuuga fight, even if before his age-debocle he had met Hiroshi while they were both looking for the same thing in southern Land of Fire a couple years ago. But now, fighting is a spectator sport to the masked and cloaked-in-purple Kumogakure Chuunin. He's not even paying attention to their conversation anymore.

Hiroshi would simply watch his barrage, the hell his palms did little to nothing to it, perhaps it took more than his weaker version of his palms, a lot more. Hiroshi would only stand tall as he watched Daisuke recover the hyuuga was un phased by the quick recovery of the person before him. "I see, so that is exactly all there is to that one, a near endless amount of chakra, perhaps I should have kicked that up a notch." He would say as he watched Daisuke go on the offensive, that's fast he would think, bursting an amount of chakra around himself only good enough to nullify an amount of the damage but it still left him bound.

"It's impressive, but I'm sure injuring my chakra enough would still work. Just remember if you black out there's a medical bay just up the way and I've already taken others to it, so they know me there." Daisuke says as he cloak arm brings Hiroshi closer to him. Daisuke's hands within the cloak are going through numerous hand-seals as Hiroshi is positioned perfectly in front of him about 20 yards. Ending on a tiger seal, Daisuke inhales quickly, his stomach expanding to almost comical proportions, before he opens his mouth again, letting out a white-hot gout of flame similar to a human flamethrower without any seriously impressive length because hey, he wasn't fueled by gas or anything. The flame roars as it burns up anything in its path on its way to Hiroshi and right passed after to slam against a nearby wall which he had positioned Hiroshi in front of on purpose.

Ogo hops down from the portion of wall that he was standing on, and lands on the ground with a little crunch beneath his feet. The cloak flops down near his feet, still swaying since it doesn't quite touch the ground, but still hides his sandals. He's a lot closer than he expected right now, and with Daisuke's recent attack, Ogo is just staring. Which might or might not have someone wondering if he's plotting to murder one or both of them like a snake that they had talked about before that would attack both wounded and tired warriors during their fight. But he's not moving from where he stands, just looking at the two of them with a very slight turn of his head to get both of them in his field of view.

As the burning fire hit his body it would burn for several moments as his own burnt flesh tickles his nostrils as a small amount of his clothing is burned off. The burning fire is still heavily upon his clothing as his pants and shirt both burn, he held his head down as a large amount of his thick black hair covered his face as he simply sat there breathing. For the most part it was as if he was lost for will to keep fighting or even able to move. Slowly Hiroshi would rise his head as his pale white eyes would peep from behind the strands of his ebony black hair. "Saying my turn now, would put me at a lost." He would say as he was held by the chakra. His breathing would become heavier as he strained his burnt body, only to force a set amount of chakra from his tenketsu to pull away from his bindings. A small amount of his chest and arms would be burned by the flames, embers and small sparks flow upon his clothing, breaking free took a lot out of him but he would not run nor fall back, "I am not giving this scroll up so easily, even though I am breaking my own rule by continuing. Hopefully you simply wont burn my chest off anymore than you just have."

Daisuke watches as Hiroshi gets up and is able to break the grip he has on his body after taking such an attack head on. Impressed, he crosses his arms over his chest as he watches Hiroshi for a moment as if deciding something in his head. "I won't wound your pride, Hyuuga. I didn't really need the scroll, it was something I was interested in giving Rise, the kunoichi from Kumo that I fought before, but let's just say you impressed me enough. Perhaps we will see each other in the finals, but a word to the wise." he says as he continues to watch Hiroshi. A soft sizzling sound can be heard as Daisuke's regeneration begins to close up any wounds he sustained. "If you do meet me in the finals, don't let your pride get in the way of your life. I won the First exams and I plan to try for the title again this time, with my full power." his eyes flash a golden yellow in contrast to Hiroshi's pale white, hinting at a much scarier power within him. "Good like to you, then." he says as he turns with a wave, heading to Tadashi's to accomplish his original plan.

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