The final shattering of the Mirror: Kitaru vs. Naru


Kitaru, Naru

Date: November 30, 2012


Naru finds Kitaru out hunting for more scrolls and in the struggle, is forced to kill him for the ones he had.

"Second Promotion Exams - The final shattering of the Mirror: Kitaru vs. Naru"

Within the second promotion exams testing grounds

The others left at a relatively defensive location, Kitaru picked that evening to go out hunting. He wasn't hunting for food however, he was hunting for shinobi to gather scrolls from. His step was relatively quiet, he was focused, that Dark Cloak a pulsing, living entity about him as he slowly moved through that thick woods. It wasn't like the rest of the area around Kirigakure, but he didn't seem to mind too much. In the end, the wood would hold those who had more scrolls. He needed them for the team, so that was that.

The daunting aura of his dark cloak was something that couldn't be missed, prompting Naru to make slow steps in his direction, the glaze of her crimson sharingan swirled instantly into thick bladed tomoes swirling about her iris, she wasn't very happy but her expression was devoid of much emotion. "Stop," Naru called out to him from the rear, chakra building up from within and exploding out, sweeping against the the area like a harmless gust of wind. Her eyes narrowed down upon him, not even sure of what to say at this very moment, but she did know that she had to beat him here, it was an all or nothing moment.

Kitaru would slow to a stop at that voice. Well, seems the medic was able to make sure she lived afterall. Turning, arms would fold over his chest as he'd raise a brow, studying Naru. "Interesting eyes." There was a moment's silence, even the breath of wind going still. "So, I'm guessing you want a re-match, because Tsiro and I won last time, hai? Pick apart the team, when you can't take the team on.. Guess it is partly my own fault. Afterall I did come out here alone, hai?" He'd shake his head slowly. "Walk away Naru-san. I have no interest or desire to fight you. Just like last time."

"This is the pinncale of my blood line, a cursed set of eyes only obtainable by suffering grave sacarfice, and I…" Her voice paused briefly, her fingers tighting up into a bulging fist, her body tensed briefly while her chakra swam about her body and began to collect. " I refuse to back away from my sacarfices, I'm going to beat you here and you will need to determine what sacarfices you make," Naru finalized, suddenly the familiar veins from what whites of her eyes began to strain along her right eye, her iris literally locking on to Kitaru her own jutsu coming to life. "Kaminari!" Her words summoned forth the ominous scarlet red chakra, scorching and igniting right ontop of him in the form of delibiating and powerful streaks, attempting to tame his chakra and stamina along with lasting injuries.

Kitaru would curse quietly as the lightning shattered the world about him. Dropping to a knee as he'd deal with the jagged electricity running rampant, that Dark Cloak seemed to react on it's own, lashing out at her with a vivid pulse of power. A seal made as he'd slowly stand up, that silent command to kneel would reach out for Naru, trying to force her down as the Dark Cloak continued it's swirling about her to try and drain her own chakra. "My sacrifice was a normal life. My sacrifice was going to a place that took a lot to survive, not mentioning anything about flourishing. I didn't have a pampered world or encouraging clan.. I was thrown out as scum.. you claim you have sacrifice.. Prove it!"

"That's not a scarafice… Those are the tolls of being a shinobi, the tolls of having a blood line," Naru eye's watched intently, the rage of her sharingan seem to have subisded however, gradually making motions about her iris as she moved away from the attacks, the clarity of her sharingan and slight pulses of chakra allowing her to break through his genjutsu. " The Uchiha clan is far from pampered, we are cornered by the hierarchy of our village despite our battle accomplishments from the past, You haven't learned true sacarfice. Rage is not the focus of my abilities…" Her eyes looked towards Kitaru yet again, the lightning that was already circling about his body began to move again, reignited with the same familiar energy though much stronger than the what had already been biting at his flesh.

The lightning would bite.. at nothing. It only takes a moment's distraction for even the almighty devil eyes to miss the displacement of that figure. He was off to the side, although still in sight, once more going through hand seals. "You claim it's a toll, then show your own clan as an example. That is still a sacrifice, even if you don't want to admit it." Four spheres would form above Naru, those mirrors within them focusing on her below to catch her reflection in every precise detail. Then the reflections would warp, twisting free of the spheres to reach out for Naru, forcing her to take a knee, make everything four times as hard to do, even the simple fact of breathing was a task.

Finally there was a moment of weakness in those eyes of hers, forcing her to slightly take a knee from the oh so familiar genjutsu, she cringed slightly, almost surcumbing to the weight amplified against her until finally she broke free, a light pant escaping her lips though keeping herself in a kneeled position. " I said true sacrifice, there is a difference," Naru responded back, her own sharingan finally attempting to entrap him in her own genjutsu, he could feel the earth give out from under him, and a black hand of chakra grasp against his body to plung him into darkness, if he wasn't able to resist he would be trapped within the jaws of an iron maiden, spikes digging into his flesh.

Kitaru would just give a small shake of his head. "I don't see a difference. But then, that's why we've been at odds, part of the time, hai?" He'd drop to a knee, the genjutsu taking hold, even as his own Dark Cloak tried to flare against the attack. Locked within that illusion, he gritted his teeth in silence, absorbing the pain as he'd fight against it to try and focus himself, to break free.

Noticing Kitaru caught in her genjutsu finally Naru began to take a few steps forward, she was panting lightly, beads of sweat trickling along the side of her cheek, even her eye at this point seemed incredibly strained, becoming more or less blood shot. "There is sacifice, and then there is scarifice that happens at your own hands, a choice that you have to make to either go forward or step backward, the one that rocks you from the inside out…" Chakra began to emit along Naru's eye once again, with Kitaru caught in her genjutsu she ignites him yet again with that lightning, the full force of the original attack bearing against him.

Kitaru would cry out at that attack. Slammed with the lightning from outside his box, he didn't have any chance to try and avoid that shot. Shuddering as it would jaggedly dance through him, he'd take a slow breath, letting it out in a hiss of pain. He wasn't done yet, but he was certainly close! This had quickly gone from bad to worse. He had to get out of here and quickly!

Narusegawa wasn't quite finished after her attacks had hit their mark, she kept her eyes narrowed down upon him, the constant wheeling of her sharingan continued to bear down against him. Aside from the lashing of electricity her genjutsu attempted to capture him in yet another stream of endless attacks. " Hand over the csroll," Naru commanded him, no longer wishing to press their ideals any further, instead blades of black chakra began to weave about him, slicing and cutting into his flesh double fold to lacerate and put an end to whatever reserves he had left.

Getting to his feet slowly, that lightning still raggedly rushing through him, he'd shatter her genjutsu with that Cloak. Staring at her, a slow shake of his head was given. "I told you last time, Naru-san. If you want the scrolls, it's going to be from my dead body." He was panting, wavering on his feet, but would focus himself, a seal made as that circle of mirrors would erupt about Naru, they settled about her on all sides, the first one to catch her attention forcing her to stillness, as the two next to the one who caught her attention would have her reflection reach out to savagely shred her body, pulling at her, stressing her out.

"Over your dead body?" Naruegawa questioned him, suddenly the blade she has by herside is expelled from her sheath and she attempts to stab int into his hand to keep him down, lightning racked through the blade in an attempt to further deplete him. "I don't want to kill you Kitaru, and you don't have to die here either, but if that is your nindou… I can't really stop you now can I?" She peered intently at him, if her blade didn't kill him the lightning still racking across his body will slowly eat away at his body, perhaps effectively killing him slowly. " You have stuck true to everything though, with every engagement…"

"Hai.. Because that's how reality is…" He'd try one last time. That final sword strike faster than he could move, as the Dark Cloak finally gave out from the brutal assaults on him. He didn't even really cry out in pain or anything, a final peace touching his face. He'd close his eyes a moment, the lightning causing those muscles to spasm, before he'd finally drop. Fight to the end and make her take the scrolls from his dead body? Seems that was just how it was going to be.

Narusegawa sighed softly, the strain of her eyes began to reside down into her eyes, returning them back to the pale less powered version of the sharingan. Her eyes could note his body slowly shifting into nothingness prompting her to reach for the scrolls and tuck them away. she pulls her blade out from the top of his hand, relingishing her blade and spinning it back down into her sheath, she really didn't know what else to say to him, burying him at this point would be out of the question but she was sure perhaps someone he knew would come across him. "Farewell… Kitaru-san…" Naru mutters under her breath finally heading off, swiftly to escape away from the scene.

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