Honosuke's Summons - The first few hours are the hardest


Honosuke, Nori (emitter)

Date: July 11, 2013


As the eggs hatch into baby toads, Honosuke finds himself fighting off the local wildlife who want an easy meal. The wildlife proves persistent, but so does Honosuke, and he manages to drive them off.

"Honosuke's Summons - The first few hours are the hardest"


Honosuke's been around watching the toad eggs for the past few days. The new Keeper of the Eggs has been coming and going, allowing Honosuke to stay and act as a second Keeper for the time being. Unfortunately for the Keeper and Honosuke, the eggs are hatching soon, and that is when the newborn toads are at their most vulnerable. The local wildlife knows this and the newborn toads often die within the first few days of their lives. The Keeper of the Toads has been preparing while he comes and goes. There are plenty of mussels in the water to keep it fresh and clean for Honosuke to enter the pond and care for the eggs now. The Keeper calls out to Honosuke, "I'm going to make a run for some more supplies and food. Stay and watch the eggs okay?"

Honosuke was getting pretty tired, to be honest. He hadn't slept particularly comfortably at all the past few days, but he was designated the second Keeper, so he wasn't going to shirk this important responsibility. He had been meditating mostly to pass the time, and of course, speaking with the actual Keeper, learning about the toads and their history and gaining an appreciation for the amphibians and their ways. They were an interesting group of animals…Honosuke didn't even know they had traditions and such of their own. All and all, very intriguing. When the Keeper calls out that he is going to wander off and get some supplies, he nods and takes a central seat near the pond, hopefully able to watch over everything that was present. Perhaps Honosuke was going to be able to use that new jutsu he had learned. "Very well…not a single tadpole will leave the pool against its will."

The Keeper shakes his bulbous head, "Don't write seals with your mouth that your actions can't activate." In other words, if even one tadpole is taken, you've now lost some respectability of your word. The Keeper shrugs though and hops off into the woods. Around Honosuke, the woods suddenly feel very full and very active. Birds are flying overhead, fish and turtles are swimming in the pond, and rats and snakes go skittering around the woods. They all could come in to attack the eggs when the hatch….and *crack* the first egg hatches ominously. Uh-oh, what to do? How will Honosuke go about protecting the eggs before anything even comes to take the newborn toads.

Well, there was one good way to do it, Honosuke thought. Since he likely had some of those mussels left and the eggs weren't needing to hatch, it would be safe for him to be in the pool. So, he stepped in, standing far enough in that he was up to his waist. Making a series of handsigns, he formed a few and some water clones dispersed into the water. They didn't need to breathe, so they could keep the underwater watch…the air should be fine, especially after…"Water Release: Eternal Mists Jutsu!" It was his adaptation on Kirigakure's Hidden Mist Technique, but he was making it his own…and hopefully, it kept animals and people away.

RPCOMBAT: Honosuke defends against with a WATER-CLONE…28
RPCOMBAT: Honosuke defends against with a WATER-CLONE…47
RPCOMBAT: Honosuke defends against with a WATER-CLONE…29
RPCOMBAT: Honosuke attacks with HIDDEN-MIST-TECHNIQUE…35

The mists were a good touch. They would keep the birds and smaller mammals away for the most part as the birds wouldn't want to fly blind and the smaller mammals just want to keep dry. The turtles and snakes however still have that internal clock telling them it is hatching time. The eggs crack and the toadlings come popping out. There are hundreds of them, if not thousands, and they are tiny tiny. Kawaii! The water clones manage to herd the toadlings in place for now, but the hatchlings are already attracting unwanted attention from within the water. Even the snakes have come slithering in.
A snapping turtle comes swimming in and snaps its jaws at the water-clones trying to get through to the hatchlings. A few snakes even look to bite out at the clones and even Honosuke himself.

[NPC System]: Snapping Turtle roll(s) Snap from 15 to 30 and get(s) a 19. - Rolled by: Nori
[NPC System]: Snake roll(s) Bite from 15 to 30 and get(s) a 26. - Rolled by: Nori
[NPC System]: Snake roll(s) Bite from 15 to 30 and get(s) a 27. - Rolled by: Nori

Honosuke was doing his best to try and keep the hungry little buggers away as he manages to keep the clones from poofing away into nothing. Thankfully, these things didn't really bite that hard, so the clones can probably keep their form against the animals. So, in an effort not to disturb the tadpoles, he just limits himself to using low level techniques. Focusing his chakra, he uses little waves of energy in order to ward off the animals.

RPCOMBAT: Honosuke defends against with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE…21
RPCOMBAT: Honosuke defends against with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE…28
RPCOMBAT: Honosuke defends against with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE…21
RPCOMBAT: Honosuke attacks with NIN-TRAINING…19
RPCOMBAT: Honosuke attacks with NIN-TRAINING…23
RPCOMBAT: Honosuke attacks with NIN-TRAINING…14
[NPC System]: Turtle roll(s) Swimming Dodge from 15 to 30 and get(s) a 30. - Rolled by: Nori
[NPC System]: Snake roll(s) Coil Protection from 15 to 30 and get(s) a 15. - Rolled by: Nori
[NPC System]: Snake roll(s) Side-winder from 15 to 30 and get(s) a 26. - Rolled by: Nori

The turtle uses its webbed flipper-like toes to move around the wave of water chakras that come its way. Having missed the bite last time, it considers its situation for a moment…tied. So far it hasn't expended too much for the possibility for a tasty snack, so it tries to swim around the water clones and get at another section of the toad hatchlings. More and more hatchlings are coming, so it may be harder to stop the turtle now.
One of the snakes coils in an attempt to have the water chakras bounce off it, but the waves prove to be too strong for it and it cracks a few ribs. The snake rushes off as fast as it can. The second snake though is tough. It not only bit the clone, it also dodged the water energies by wiggling away. This time it tries to go for a stealthier approach and moves into the muck and grime on the bottom of the pond in an attempt to get past the water clones.

[NPC System]: Turtle roll(s) Bite from 15 to 30 and get(s) a 20. - Rolled by: Nori
[NPC System]: Snake roll(s) Stealth-ii from 15 to 30 and get(s) a 20. - Rolled by: Nori
RPCOMBAT: Honosuke defends against with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE-II…24
RPCOMBAT: Honosuke defends against with a PERCEPTION…12

The snake got past Honosuke, but the water clones managed to get the turtle kept away from the toadlings, thankfully. The Ame-nin was determined to keep his promise though, narrowing his eyes. Well…no guts no glory. There was plenty of shadow in the pool and with a quick handsign, the Nara's shadow shot out and used the darkness of the pond to stretch towards the snake, hoping to tag it before it gets away!

RPCOMBAT: Honosuke attacks with NIN-TRAINING…13
RPCOMBAT: Honosuke attacks with SHADOW-IMITATION…28
[NPC System]: Turtle roll(s) Shell from 10 to 20 and get(s) a 18. - Rolled by: Nori
[NPC System]: Snake roll(s) Luck from 10 to 30 and get(s) a 22. - Rolled by: Nori

The chakra blast of water just bounces off the turtle's shell. It might be stalled, but it still isn't getting hurt, so it tries one last time to get a good bite and maybe a random toadling. The snake on the other hand is out of luck. The shadow manages to grab ahold of the snake in the bottom of the pond. It writes against the shadow holding it, unsure of what exactly has it stuck in place, but to no luck…it doesn't get free.

[NPC System]: Turtle roll(s) Bite from 10 to 30 and get(s) a 29. - Rolled by: Nori

"Gotcha!" With a quick focus of chakra, the shadow crushes around the snake with overwhelming force, hoping to put it out of it's misery. The water clones finally decide that it was time for the turtle to make an exit from the pool and interpose themselves in between the toadlings and the reptile, using their bodies as a shield, while Honosuke focused his chakra and forms an upwards focused lance of water, hoping to blast the turtle straight out of the pond!

RPCOMBAT: Honosuke attacks with SHADOW-NECK-BIND…27
RPCOMBAT: Honosuke defends against with a WATER-CLONE…30
RPCOMBAT: Honosuke attacks with WATER-LANCE…29
[NPC System]: Turtle roll(s) Swimming Dodge from 15 to 30 and get(s) a 18. - Rolled by: Nori

The turtle is sent up through the air and lands on the ground. It flops around on its back for a bit struggling, until it finally manages to right itself. The turtle has had enough and slinks back into the water beaten. Quiet comes to Honosuke for a little while. Quiet is never a good thing though. It usually means something else is coming. Unfortunately for Honosuke, there is something else coming this way. It leaps out of the woods, into the cloud of mist and throws out a ninchuku at Honosuke's head. Looks like the Keeper saw the cloud and thought something bad was happening.

[NPC System]: Keeper roll(s) Nunchuku Attack from 20 to 50 and get(s) a 38. - Rolled by: Nori
RPCOMBAT: Honosuke defends against with a WATER-CLONE…46

With a smirk, Honosuke nods and watches the turtle fly off out of the water and land on its back, wandering off. With a shake of his head, he settles into the water, relaxing a bit. It isn't long though before the nunchaku flies through the mist and very nearly smashes him in the head, but one of the remaining water clones had its wits about it and it catches the nunchaku, tossing it in it's hand idly before tossing it back to the Keeper. "You lost this." Honosuke gives a small laugh and he tilts his head to the side with a smile. "As I said, I kept my promise…not a single toadling out of the pool."

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