The Fittest


Hanpa, Zetto

Date: February 11, 2015


Using many of the skills that Hanpa has acquired over his life time, he seeks to find a way to reforge his body and chakra network to allow for it to be capable of his long lost jutsu. Zetto however, takes a more direct approach to resolving the issue.

"The Fittest"

Shukun Sumitsuki

Within the Master Seal, there was a room set aside for various… tests. It was resiliant and fortified heavily by various layers of barrier protections and absorption. When it was sealed up, you couldn't even hear what was going on inside. Though it could be opened from the outside, it was currently sealed up as Hanpa occupied the room. He had created 18 clones of himself a single seal and was facing them now. They were dispersed about the area, all targeting him essentially as he would attempt to manifest his will in to them. Clones were simple, unfortunately. Elementary quite literally, and they generally only were able to follow the last few cognitive impulses of the one who created them. Hanpa was attempting to manipulate them further after the fact. He was trying to utilize more chakra and stabilize them more. He strained his chakra network in the attempt, his arms shaking a bit as the chakra tried forcing its way through his immature tenketsu. Still, it seemed he may be making some progress in the end. Tethers of chakra had left him through the various tenketsu points on his arms, winding and whipping through the air rapidly before coming to an abrupt stop near each clone. He had to be delicate now… in applying the refined chakra to the very unstable chakra clones.

COMBAT: Hanpa finishes his turn.
COMBAT: It is now Zetto's turn.

Ah hour ago… A lonely figure walked past the large oak trees just at the edge of the forest following a narrow barely visible path. It was Yotsuki Zetto, a shinobi from Land of Lightning. The large man looked rugged and worn out, which came as no surprise as his trip back to here from Kumogakure had not been an easy one. A minute and then another passed as his body faded into shadows of the forest. It took him half an hour to reach entrance of the hideout or whatever remnants would end up calling it. The man wasted no time and proceeded to make his way in past the multiple different layers of security.

"What this now?" , asked Zetto as he arrived into the chamber. "Clones?", his question echoed around as he crouched and picked up a first sized stone. He juggled with it a bit before sending it hurling into one of the clones being seemingly happy with his work. "I went to Suna and picked up supplies as agreed to. It is quite a lot and I ended up having to buy two sets of wagons. I have set up a meeting place and wagons with the cargo should arrive in a day. "

COMBAT: Zetto finishes his turn.
COMBAT: It is now Hanpa's turn.

RP: Hanpa makes a Int roll and got 11.
RP: Hanpa makes a Nin roll and got 11.

RP: Hanpa makes a Nin and Seal roll and got 18 and 8, respectively, for a total of 26.

Down to 17 clones now as that particular chakra tendril would now have no place to set, Hanpa did not let it shake his concentration at all. Zetto's questions would soon be answered however as the poof of the former clone dissipated. "Yes, clones… though I am trying for more. Shadow clones are something I intend to utilize soon. However… I first have to overcome the limitations of this body. I am trying to apply my chakra directly to the clones… carefully…" Hanpa would state as the chakra tendrils would manuver to touch the clones. Suddenly, 6 more poofs of smoke would burst into the air as the 11 remaining would have the chakra connection made successfully. The tendrils of chakra that no longer had a purpose would slowly draw back in to Hanpa's body as he would attempt to strengthen the chakra sent to the remaining clones.
The dark chakra that made up his tendrils would be bolstered, creating a more powerful bond with the 11 clones. "That is very good to hear. We should be able to do much with that over the coming months. But hopefully soon after, we will not need to make such supply runs any longer. From what I understand… Iwagakure is starting to rear its head… and I want to take the opportunity of Haruna's move from those lands as an opportunity to also engage the reclusive Kage. There is still much to be done here in the Land of Rivers however… we must be prepared, Zetto." Hanpa informed him as he continued to concentrate on his task.

Zetto shrugged his shoulders - a tiny gesture, which is fast becoming a habit of his. "Iwagakure is a mess. They may be organizing now and if the rumours are true, have even selected a Kage. Regardless it will take a long time for them to get their village truly up and running. Who knows what this new Tsuchikage is like anyway but like you said, we can always go and find that out."

His monologue did not last long. Truth to be told, he is rather indifferent as far as all matter related to Iwagakure go. It is not that he does not like the place but more that he has no roots there, no connection. It took him a while to get his things in order. "So Shadow Clone technique. While I cannot claim to be familiar with that one I have heard it is a difficult skill to master. Regardless I do not think 11 makes up for a good number. I prefer even numbers so how about I check the quality of those clones myself." He gave one of the clones a good old fashion punch straight into mouth.

RP: Hanpa uses SEAL-MASTERY.

As his concentration was largely on the stability of his clones, Hanpa was certainly not quite prepared to actually utilize them in any form of combat. Zetto's strike would land home and one of the clones would be taken out. However, the clone did react, attempting to side step out of the way, just with a slow reaction time compared to Zetto. This was progress, at least. "Establishing relations while they are in need of assistance is why Kirigakure is all but allied with us currently. We helped to build their nation when it was budding, and Iwagakure may desire the same benefit. It could very well be an asset waiting to be acquired, especially if we act first.
As he was speaking, Hanpa would continue to hold the seal he had used for his clones with one hand, and from his cross legged sitting position, move his other hand to touch the floor beside him. The Darkness Mark of the Eye would glow, even through his gauntlet now, almost appearing as if it was a part of the hand wear itself instead of him. He would access the Master Seal itself, attuning himself with it before siphoning some of the chakra from it through him like a conduit. This would allow for him to constantly stream chakra to the clones without draining himself utterly in the attempt.
The clones would begin to move a bit, shifting slightly, looking around a bit. Not truly awareness… but something a bit more instinctual and automatic. More progress. One of them stirs quite a bit before leaping at Zetto with a flying kick.

The clone never had a chance. It did try to react but its movements were not match for the Yotsuki Jounin. Zetto was just too fast, too powerful, too vicious. The mountain of man laughed as his punch demolished its target. "I see but have you ever visited that place? There is hardly anything of interest to see. Nothing but rocks on top of rocks and then there are the Toujitakumi. Bunch of people with far too much power for their own good and from what I gather their Kage is a Toujitakumi."

As the clones begun to move, shifting slightly, Zetto just shook his head. One of the clones actually managed to come up with an attack of some short but it was just too easy for him to just step out of the way. "These clones are not ready for combat testing."


"Empires have been built upon less." Hanpa would lightly quip as they continued on the subject of Iwagakure. "And where do you think the vast majority of ores and minerals are going to be coming from if their economy gets on its feet? There is no land more rich in it, nor with easier access to it. I would not mind having access to such things, especially with Murasame smiths refining it. I have some idea what I'd even do with an opportunity like that…" Hanpa mused as he continued to concentrate on the task at hand.
"No… they are not of course. These are merely normal clones I am trying to fine tune in to something similar to the level of a shadow clone. But… give me a moment." Hanpa called for a bit of a pause as he'd release his seal in order to remove his mask and blind fold. After all, it was only Zetto here for the time begin. He'd re-establish his link to the Master Seal and activate his Sharingan now. While it was also immature, it would allow him two benefits. He would be able to see the chakra flow in each of these enhanced clones allowing him to tweak them as he went, and he would also be able to imbue them with his genetic gift due to the direct connection. It may very well be that through his own methods… Hanpa was creating Shadow Clones from scratch. Of course, this would never be sustainable in combat and was far too involving… but it still bore fruit.
Each clone's eyes would light up in tern, burning crimson as they awakened to the Sharingan's power. Their will was connected to Hanpa's directly, and not their own… but it was a firm connection. They were now puppets at the very least. Ones that he could utilize in this test. Flexing his new found connection, he would have three of the clones display a minor form of elemental manipulation, checking to see that they were in fact not only following his will, but capable of it at all. Lightning would spark, winds would howl, and flames would plume from the chakra dopplegangers as the test was complete. "I believe this should be interesting…" Hanpa would note to Zetto at this point. "I may be able to channel the vast majority of my jutsu in this fashion, as long as I remain still and concentrate."

"Empires come and go and even kingdoms are built in a day only to crumble down as time goes by. There is only one law, only one thing, which is ever-present! Law of nature! SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST! If it is minerals we need, we go and take what we need. If it is ores we need, we go and take what we need. That is the truth of this world and how it work. Make no mistake about that. Yes people talk and juggle with words calling it diplomacy but the bare naked truth is it always comes down to survival of the fittest." He raised his voice and it echoed around like rumbling thunder

Zetto turned to face Hanpa and took a wider stance deciding to stand his ground. "Let's see if those clones of you can actually make me move. It will be the day if they can and if not I am ending this experiment."

COMBAT: Zetto finishes his turn.
COMBAT: It is now Hanpa's turn.

"Yes, it does Zetto. But that doesn't change the fact that part of survival is guile and patience. Even the strongest can fall, just as you stated. What is maintained is not done so by accident or by chance. It is through preparation, through knowing when to strike and when to hold back. Through adaptation. All of these are key components to surviving as the fittest. Diplomacy… is one of Man's tools to do this when interacting with each other. And I am not one to waste a tool, even one so simple as this one. Why take things when someone is willing to simply give them to you for no effort? All you have to do is spare a few words." Hanpa would say to the man as they discussed the ways of the world. Hanpa respected and agreed with Zetto, but he also knew from his own experiences that relying on any one way was how you did eventually meet something more fit.
As Zetto threw down the gauntlet, Hanpa would prepare his apparitions for combat, utilizing his mental discipline to get them to work as a unit. It generally took about two of them in unison to really pull off the jutsu, but he had plenty left to spare luckily… until Zetto got through with them any how. Two would attempt to come at Zetto from opposite sides, twisting in to a low snapping kick and a high arcing knife hand. Lightning arced from another pair, small spheres forming between them and moving to pelt Zetto as another pair focused on causing the main to submit to genjutsu. The last pair of clone would be coming from above, attempting to slam the man down with their combined four hands surging chakra through him.

COMBAT: Hanpa finishes his turn.
COMBAT: It is now Zetto's turn.

"Why take things when someone is willing to simply give them to you for no effort? Such a simple question and so is the answer. You see the effort is what makes it all worthwhile. It is the effort, which makes you feel alive, that tingling sensation like your soul is one fire. For me it is not about reaching the goal but journey there." In reality he understood what Hanpa meant and could see his approach having its own merits. Yet his proactive personality would never allow him to fully resort to such tactics. He is too used to imposing his will and taking action.

Time for talk was over and Zetto relaxed for a second before concentrating. He trusted his battle hardened and trained body should be able to just withstand and endure whatever it is Hanpa would throw at him. For whatever it is worth he never moved an inch prior to Genjutsu being used. He did not even flinch as no matter the attack, no matter the method his body was able to just endure and withstand all and everything. A true Yotsuki he is. Yet as impressive of a shield his body may be little did it do to help him against genjutsu. Maybe he should have paid attention but as he did not feel threatened, he let his guard down and so it was he was forced to take a step back.

A considerable amount of effort was expended by Hanpa in order to cause Zetto to even move a little bit. It was showing how far he had diminished as well as how capable Zetto truly was. As the attacks all surged out, Hanpa did consider what he had to say. And Hanpa also agreed with the man to an extent. Though in Hanpa's own views, wasting effort on trivial things was taking different routes on the same path. He rather focus on the unobtainable goal than wander… and maybe in that way Hanpa missed the point… or maybe it is why he would strive higher and further than most did. "I don't even count that as a victory… but at the very least… we can say the experiment was somewhat successful." Hanpa stated with a bow of his head to Zetto." I do appreciate your assistance in this." Hanpa stated, releasing all of his clones and jutsu as he'd also replace his mask.

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