The Flirtatious Recon Rumble


Renji, Maia

Date: June 15th, 2010


While Maia and another kumo-nin hold a conversation near the Raiun Falls, a foreign shinobi performs a recon mission within the Land of Lightning. After a few moments, he catches wind of the locals' presence and stops atop the cliff of the waterfall; Watching the pair. The scene goes from there.

"The Flirtatious Recon Rumble"

Raiun Falls

A foreign figure travels throughout the mountain range of the Land of Lightning, remaining stealthy and aware of his surroundings while performing a recon mission for his village; Kirigakure.. as seen by the small emblem attached to the silver necklace around his neck. As he continues to quickly and quietly move over the terrain, the sound of conversation falls upon his ears, and causes him to slowly come to a stop a top the cliff that the waterfalls dives from. 'Two locals…' is the though that runs through his head. His sea-blue eyes, bright and stunning, narrow upon the pair before gaining a slightly excited and devious shine. For now, he remains quiet and standing upright, somewhat hiding his presence if only by silence and the sound of the crashing waters.

"And I think Rise might gain a bit from his tutelage as well, but we'll see. I recommend you go find her actually. She was a great student and I'm sure you two would learn a lot from each other."
Maia opines brightly as she's blissfully unaware that she's being watched for now. It's not like she's actively scanning the area for anyone afterall. That's one of the downfalls of being a sensor, is that you need to be focused to be of any use, and for now she thinks nothing could go wrong within the land. Who would be ballsy enough to attack their home turf once more afterall?
"So go and run off if you need to. Don't want to keep you from your chores, but if I see Mitsuomi I'll definitely try to make sure you two get together to evaluate each other's skills. Who knows? You may not want him as your teacher either."

Continuing to watch the pair, Ibaraki Renji simply smirks as the younger-looking local runs off toward the village, his attention on him for a moment before looking back to the girl. From her appearance, he believes her to be a chuunin, but that is not what catches his attention. What catches his eyes is.. the skin-tight black suit worn by the amply gifted woman. For a moment, the Kirigakure Jounin becomes lost in thought, his sight moving up and down her entire body as if checking her out before snapping out of it and smirking for a second. 'This sucks…' he simply thinks. A single hand-seal is formed and out from the fall comes a spray of needle-sharp water senbon. Of course, these are heading for his village's enemy.

It seems that the young kunoichi has let her guard down for a bit, but as the water senbon start heading her way, she pushes out her palm to try to absorb the elemental attack. However, she's not fast enough and the water needles slice through her palm as she winces as the needles strike her and she kneels on the ground wincing as she catches her breath. A water attack! Oh shit.
Her eyes scan the area as she scrunches her nose and purses her lips once more while taking a deep breath, focusing her own chakra to be ready for the next attack.
"Coward! Come out here and fight." she yells, definitely more than a bit annoyed by the attack.

The water needles connecting brings a small frown to Renji's lips, somewhat disappointed she did not defend against it and that her nice body is being damage, but… then he disappear from sight. In a display of speed and skill, he reappears behind the cloud shinobi and says, "Yo." His hands remain in the pockets of the black hakama pants, his shoulders slightly bent to show his relaxed demeanor. A yawn then leaves his lips before adding, "Why couldn't ya stop that low ranked ninjutsu? You're a chuunin, ain't cha?" Despite his lazy look, a sense of danger and gathering threat could possibly be felt as chakra is created within his body.

"I'm a singer."
That's all she says as she suddenly feels him behind her. She shivers a little, feeling the waves of chakra emanate from his body, but while he may have a lot, so does she as she scrunches her nose a little.
There's a faint glow on her throat as the seal slowly disappears. considering just how cocky he is, she's not taking any chances. She chews on her bottom lip as the seal finally releases and she starts to sing softly. It's a beautiful melody, her voice pure as she sends her own chakra through the song in a full arc around her. Should it connect, he'd feel paralyzed as the song starts attacking each and every cell at a purely ultrasonic level…

"A singer? Why are you wearing a get-up like that then?" Renji smirks, quirking an eyebrow at the comment before seeing the faint glow of chakra. A few hand-seals are performed, however he is too slow or the sound-waves are too fast, connecting and causing him to become sick. He begins to cough, but what is worse… he cannot move. "Sound manipulation?" Another cough-fit occurs before halting, his body unable to move, though he does not seem to be struggling with it in the least. "I heard about this… but never experienced the ninjutsu before. So what now, babe? Are you goin' to slit my throat or cut off my limbs?" Despite being unable to move, a hardy laughter comes from his lips, amused by the situation to say the least.

He's not the only one hurting. Those water needles hurt afterall. She's bleeding from where it connected, her shoulders and the palm of her hand as she scrunches her nose as she turns around to face the Kiri-nin.
"No. I'm not going to do either. You're going to go back to your village with a message. We won't take the attacks on our people lying down. There was already the case of your people attacking ours, trying to poison the water supply. It won't be tolerated." she says firmly and resolutely as she looks him over. It looks like she means business too.

"A message? That's it?" Renji smirks. "So you're not goin' to spill any of my blood?" A frown touches his lips, and then he becomes dizzy, the effects of the prior attack digging deeper into him. "I guess… ya are dealin' enough pain to me with that one attack…. It… FEELS GREAT!" Is this shinobi off his rocker? The previous hardy laughter becomes louder than before, enjoying the pain of battle. "Not too mention, I get to enjoy my favorite thing as a shinobi and a man at the same time. Thanks a lot, gorgeous." A slightly charming, sadistic, and wide grin touches his lips… all at the same time as he tries to move, but to no avail.

"It's a very simple message."
The words that escape from her mouth are clear and crisp. They're matter of fact, almost devoid of any emotion. She's wanting to send a message back to Kiri, one that shows that even if they did lose a lot of people in the war, they are strong and still getting stronger. She shakes her head as she watches him for a few moments, her brows furrowing as she takes it all in. This one is a very strange one indeed.
Still, there's something that surprises her. He called her gorgeous. What's with the Kiri-nin going for her ad then telling her how pretty she is. First the Kaguya now this odd one. She purses her lips as the seal on her neck glows even more.
She starts to sing once more. While the previous song was in a major key, a light hearted melody that ravishes through her opponents, this one is a sadder, somber melody. It's in a minor key as she changes her tone, a bit deeper than before. If anything, the girl has range afterall.
She continues to sing while her fingers perform the various handseals, leaving herself a bit vulnerable by staying near him. It's then that the pain and the heat from the cavitation becomes a bit more intense as she continues her somber tune. It's almost as if she's also sending the message while she sings, the words lyrical with her tone..
The requiem itself goes like this… Dont. Fuck. With. Kumo.

Renji remains motionless, watching her come closer to him and then begin to sing… causing him to smirk some more. She went from a happy song to one of sadness and gloom.. and despite his upbringing and mentality… he likes the sound of both. As the sound waves move throughout his body, he feels them beginning to burn and strike his very core, bringing him to a single knee as she stands by and sings not to fuck with Kumogakure. As the song continues, he begins to burn from the inside, however he can finally move again. "You're underestimatin' me, beautiful. I'm not like other shinobi from my village. I'm.." And he does not finish his statement, leaping backward while remaining somewhat limp and showing the damage being done on the inside. His head lifts, those sea-blue eyes staring intently at the girl as he wears a smirkish grin on his lips. "You're… rare." A quiet laugh occurs. "Deadly and beautiful at the same time. Just the kind of girls I like the most." The laughter than bursts into a hardy uproar before a single hand-seal is formed, causing the air to become thick and moist; The mist of HIS village enveloping HER land so to speak. Of course, he does not remain still… instead he moves to hide his presence and let her take in what was said.

One thing about Maia. She's a sensor nin. One of her niches, asides from being a teacher at the Kumo academy, is to act as a scout. And a very good scout she is.
There's a soft chuckle escaping from her lips as her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red from his words. Unlike the other nin, this one is a bit more attractive, and the fact that he just took two of her strongest attacks is surprising. The seal around her throat starts to dim down once more as she takes a deep breath and closes her eyes as he starts to disappear or at least hide from her.
"Mmm, I'm one of the weaker ninja of my village, whoever you are." Oh, how modest! Though she does kow that there are stronger nin out there. Still, she can sense the mist around her and she scrunches her nose and starts to form a handseal before suddenly there's something that should be very surprising for the Mist nin.
Instead of having no clue where he is, he notices that she's following. She's tracking him. With HER EYES CLOSED! This one is definitely an unusual nin. "And you're not that bad looking yourself, good sir. But like you told me not to underestimate you, you should never think you can hide from one like me." she says firmly and resolutely as she suddenly appears right next to him, but oddly enough there's no attack. Is she having fun with this little game of hide and seek?

The obscured sight of the girl and her closed eyes definitely surprises Renji, though he begins to put two and two together. "You're a Yamayuki, ain't cha? Ya are trackin' my movements through the sound waves in the air, I bet…" This Kiri-nin might be good-looking and brutal, but he is quick on the pick-up as well from time to time.. The total package maybe? "In this case…" His hands blur through a set of seals, quickly breaking out fourty-four of them before stating, "Lets see if your hot body can take a powerful suiton ninjutsu." Is he just testing her now? Of course, he must be having fun… he loves battle. The mist in the surrounding area begins to swirl and once the area is clear it can be seen forming into a mass above the small lake the waterfall crashes into. From the water comes a huge beast; A dragon with glowing yellow eyes and a loud roar before shooting off toward her. Despite this spectacular display of power, he is moving into the landscape while looking over his shoulder to see if she manages to escape the liquid beast.

The answer to that question is obvious. It has to be no. It's her own fault getting close to him, but it seems this one is a long distance fighter too, which definitely puts her at a disadvantage. If it comes to a war of attrition with a Jounin, the less experienced young kunoichi will be at a major disadvantage.
Still, as the liquid bullet starts to head towards her, her eyes widen and she completely a series of handseals. It would've hurt a LOT more if she didn't get up her own shield of sound around her body as she slams into a nearby tree with enough force to bring it down.
She groans a bit, coughing up a bit of blood as she scrunches up her nose and gets her bearing once more as she places her palm on the ground as she gets her bearings back together. A glass cannon she is.
"You're definitely not to be under estimated." she says matter of factly. Still, this is odd. She was having fun, and at the same time flirting with the enemy.
"So, I'm making you use your most powerful attacks as well, aren't I? Didn't think I'd force your hand." she admits ruefully.

The sight of the girl and the water dragon causes a sighish yawn to escape Renji's lips, though he stops a top the cliff he was once on, watching her for a moment. "I'm goin' to be honest. I'm testin' ya. It's rare to find a beautiful woman that is deadly as well… I told ya that earlier. Even the kunoichi in my village ain't as beautiful and deadly at the same time like you. They either lack one or the other." He smirks, flirting with the girl and making it pretty obvious. "We're enemies, unfortunately, but I'll make ya a deal. We can either keep fightin' or stop and hang out a little. I can forget about my duties for a moment and embrace my other side for a bit…" Wait. What is he talking about. "I told another kunoichi before that I'm a complex shinobi. As a shinobi, I like to battle, but as a man I like to drink, chill, and hang out with girls… and those two aspects of my life collide from time to time, but I'm willin' to put my shinobi side aside for a bit…" He then winks. "I can't promise I won't start fighting ya after we hang out a bit, though." He then lets out a hardy laughter… Is he for real?

Now she's speechless. She just blinks a litte as she looks back towards the Jounin with furrowed brows as she continues to recover. The seal around her throat was starting to glow once more, but she puts it away, not quite sure if it's a trick or not. Still, he seems genuine enough.
"You're the second Kiri-nin to tell me that." she says with a soft chuckle of amusement escaping from her lips. "But, I tire of this anyway. I told you, I'm a singer, not a fighter." she says matter of factly. "As long as you still promise to deliver my message back to Kiri."

"Wait." Renji quirks an eyebrow. "Who was the other shinobi that was flirting with ya?" He is getting jeleous? No, but he is curious. Maybe he might get jeleous in the future, but who knows. "Lets hang out and see how it goes… then I'll let ya know if I'll deliver the message. Ya might have to do somethin' for me though." He then chuckles, one that is not hardy, but more devious and suggestive.

Oh? Has she unwittingly struck at him once more? Who knows?
Maia raises her brows as she starts to describe Nori a bit before letting out a soft chuckle of amusement. "Some Kaguya I fought in the land of waves." she explains as she starts heading in his direction, her lips pursing a bit.

"A Kaguya." Renji smirks. "Was he as cool and hot as me?" Why is he asking that? Well, a lot of girls think he is cool and hot, so of course he would come to believe it over time. As she walks closer to him, he shoves his hands into the pockets of his hakama pants and begins to slowly walk toward her to, so they can meet half-way. "Do you want to hang out near the waterfall… It won't be for long since I'm in enemy territory, but it'll be enough for us to get to know each other… and see things." His smirk becomes a small grin and then he shrugs a bit.

"He was a bit of a dork in all honesty." she admits ruefully. She lets out an amused chuckle escape from her lips as she shrugs her shoulders and looks rather leerily at the waterfall. He's a water nin, that's for sure. "Let's stick with dry land. No advantage for either of us." Maia says matter of factly.

"That's rare. Most Kaguya are blood-thirsty warriors. I'm like them, but a bit different at the same time." Renji would explain and nod when she decides to stay on dry land. His sea-blue eyes scan her body from head to toe, checking her out before smirking a bit more. "You're body's even hotter up close… umm… baby. I'd call ya by your name, but don't know it…" A shrug of his shoulders and he adds, "So I'll just give ya pet names… since ya are really hot and cute." A sigh then escapes his lips, definitely different from when he was fighting. He is no longer aware and energetic, but laid back, lazy, and relaxed now… though that dangerous hint is still there for his enemies at least. "I'm Ibaraki Renji. Jounin of Kirigakure."

So he is a Jounin! There's a bit of surprise on her features that she actually held her own against one! Or maybe he was just holding back completely. Who knows? Still, her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red as she lets out a hearty laugh and extends a hand out towards him.
"Yamayuki Maia." she says introducing herself. "And no, I don't think you can call me baby. Not yet anyway." she says with a wink.

"Playin' hard to get, eh?" Renji grins. When she extends a hand, he lazily looks down at it for a moment and reaches out with his own, however does not cup it. Instead he takes hold of it and raises it to his lips, planting a kiss on it. It lingers for a moment and then his tongue lays against the skin, taking a lick before bring it back into his mouth. "Do you like that, Maia-chan?" From behind her hand, his lips paint into a grinnish smirk, definitely flirting with her.

"That's laying it a bit thick." she says with a soft chuckle of amusement, surprised by the lick on the back of her hand. Her eyes widen at that bit as she just shakes her head a little and lets out a soft oye escape from her lips.

"That might be true, but I can tell ya don't mind…" Renji plants his lips on the back of her hand again and begins to move down to her wrist, and then down to the forearm if she allows him. "It sucks that we're enemies…" he lazily states.

"You're rather aggressive, aren't you?" she says with a soft chuckle of amusement as she pulls her hand back just a bit. She still has to remain proper afterall, and she's still a bit leery around the enemy Jounin. Who knows? Maybe he's doing some Jedi mindtrick on her or something.
"But why do you say that it sucks we're enemies?"

When she pulls back, Renji does not let go easily, but does so in the end. "I guess so. You don't like it?" Then he frowns, shrugging his shoulders at her question before answering, "It'd be a lot easier for us to be… 'friends' if our villages weren't fightin' each other. It's not often I find a woman that really sparks my interest like ya have." He remains completely calm and relaxed during all this confident and intimate talk, but then he yawns, breaking his little sauveness perhaps. "You're the total package as far as I can see," he compliments.

Her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red. "Flattery will get you nowhere, Renji." she says firmly and resolutely. Her eyes wander over him for a few moments before she lets go of that train of thought. "Last thing we need is to be both get executed due to treason." she quips, snickering the entire time.

"Ya are right. I don't want to die." Renji laughs hardily. "But maybe this will all blow over soon and we can see each other again." His eyes dart to the right and he sighs, adding, "I have to go. People are coming." With that, he leans in, kissing her gently, but firmly on the lips before flickering out of existence in mid-kiss.

Before she can say anything, there's that faint smooch before he suddenly disappears. No, she won't try to track him this time. She chuckles as her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red and she starts to head towards the waters to wash the blood off her clothing and her hands. "This was definitely interesting." she mutters to herself.

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