The Fugitive!


Koyuki, Kuoroke, Meruin (emitter)

Date: April 4, 2013


A prisoner escapes in the middle of the night! Councilman Kuoroke and Sensor-Nin Koyuki pursue.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Fugitive!"


There's been a prison break.
Or, more accurately, a prisoner escape. One man of middling chuunin ability in all areas managed to escape from the holding cells, somehow, leaving a wake of unconscious guards. The man, Ontiro Gintami, is known to be of average eight, 24 years of age, brown hair, short cut, leanly muscled and tan of skin. Noone by that description has been seen leaving the dome, being that travel is somewhat slow at 2 in the morning. The guards, who'd agree that they'd all awoken after no more than twenty minutes, reported that they didn't remembering seeing him before losing consciousness. This was all of the information that was known by the person who'd been sent to inform Councilman Kuoroke. The same for the person sent to obtain Mizuki Koyuki for the likelihood that they'd need a sensor ninja.

Koyuki is woken up in the middle of the night and getched to run to the Administrative Dome. And run she does, after pulling a dress on over a mesh outfit. She arrives shortly afterwards, looking about for the person in charge, who in this case, she is told would be Councilman Kuoroke. She'd seen the man in passing before, but didn't really know him. Sensory ninjas were definitely incredibly useful in situations like this, so the woman was ready to perform her duties and already working on centering herself.

Kuoroke rolls out of bed immediately, grabbing his clothing from a nearby chair: not, however, the vest. He'll not need it so much that it's worth the three seconds. He clenches his sandals in his teeth, and drops out of the window, halfway activating the tattoos on his feet. They unfold from the top of his foot, and then move to the bottom. The moment he hits the ground, the Kuroki starts sliding along the ground speedily, putting on his cloak. His trousers remain in his hands until the moment where he stops at the girl. He does know Koyuki by sight: he takes the trouble to memorise who most of the valuable assets in the village are. Hastily finishing his dressing, the Kuroki grumbles, "Mizuki Koyuki? Let's get to work. Tell me what you can find."

A woman suddenly dashes out of the administration dome, drawing up short when she notices that both Koyuki and Kuoroke were already present. Though the first of them was… settling a matter of indecency. She clears her throat. "Yes," she says, stepping up to the pair. "We know that he's probably henged as someone else, since nobody saw him. He's probably still within the village. Even henged, he probably wouldn't make it through the gates at this hour, so he's probably still in the village. We ave other teams already searching. We've got teams that've went down Toufuu, Kitakaze, and Sentou Valley, surveilling the streets from the rooftops. You guys should head down Nishikaze and see if you can find anything."

Koyuki…looks towards Kuroki as the older man arrives, and she bows to the man, "Yes, Councilman. I'm not certain what the situation is exactly. My range at the moment is approximately half of a mile or so and growing, the more I practice.." Her attention is drawn to the woman who comes dashing out and she nods, looking back to Kuroki, "I will follow your lead, Councilman Kuroki, and let you know if I notice anything or anyone." Even as the woman speaks, her focus shifts slightly as she begins to focus on the chakra of the people around her.

"Good. Remind me to ask who set this up." Kuoroke is finally done dressing, so he adjusts slips his feet into his sandals, letting the tattoos move to the sandals' soles now, adjusts his forehead protector and advises, "Try to keep up. If you need me to carry you, tell me." He says, before shooting off in the direction of Nishikaze. As he moves, he shows the depth of his paranoia, turning to Koyuki and asking as quietly as their motion allows him, "What did you sense on her? Any Henge?"

The woman simply bows to the councilman, says, "Good luck then," and vanishes back inside. There was work to do, no doubt. As for the searching pair's, the night crowd within the village's center holds some people with high levels of chakra. Shinobi no doubt. But noone within it shows themselves to be actively using their chakra in any sort of way. Which makes sense. This place would have had to have been cleared before the teams went off and spread out to start surveillance. As they move westwards towards Nishikaze street, there proves to be a chakra signature already on the rooftops not far down the road.

"Nothing on her, no," Koyuki answers the middle-aged man with confidence as she turns to start running after him. She grimaces a bit and calls, "I'm not certain I'm going to be able to keep up, Councilman. Much of my training has been focused on honing this particular gift, and some other areas have suffered." The sensory ninja will either do her best to keep up with the older man or let him pick her up, if he was serious about that. Either way, the pair makes there way down the street, and the woman hisses quietly to get Kuoroke's attention and either makes hand signs or whispers to him, "There's someone up ahead on the roof, using their chakra in a way that makes me think they are using a henge." She gestures in the direction of the roof not far ahead of them, "What do you want to do?"

Kuoroke was, in fact, serious: when he notices she can't keep up, the Kuroki circles around to come up behind Koyuki and picks her up, which slows him down but still keeps him fast enough, thanks to the skates on his feet. "Right. Up there." He answers, setting her down next to the building. "Let's see. Follow me, but don't try to keep up. If you see me motioning for you to continue, this is not who we need and you move on. I'll catch up." The Kuroki steps onto the building's side, the skates unfurling, and runs straight up it as quickly as he can using tree walking.

The man standing on the building actually seemed to be waiting for Kuoroke, raising a hand in greeting to him as he popped onto the rooftop. He was portly and middle aged, clothes unimpressive. A bow was given in a more respectful and formal hello. "Greetings, Councilman Kuoroke. My name is —"
The sound of the shout galvanizes the man on the rooftop and he looks down and further down the street. There was another man there, looking much the same as the one on the rooftop did — and wearing a thin cloak of chakra to Koyuki's sight — with his hands cupped to his mouth. "I'm Ontiro Gintami! Come and get me!"
The man on the rooftop shakes his head, his henge falling from him revealing himself to be a village shinobi. "Well. I guess we found him."

Koyuki winds up carried for most of the dash down the street, and she doesn't seem particularly concerned by that fact. She nods at the Councilman's instructions as he leaves her on the ground, and she continues to focus on her surroundings. As the man on the bulding seemingly drops his henge easily enough, her attention moves on and the woman frowns as her attention is drawn to another man who appeared to be henged. She begins running down the street in the direction of 'Ontiro', calling up to Kuoroke, "Well…if that's him, he's henged too, Councilman! Not sure why he'd come out in the open like that. It might not actually be him, who knows."

Kuoroke points. "MOVE, then! After him!" paranoid as ever, he instructs the man he met on the roof, "Go and help her. Stick close to her, she's valuable." If this is some sort of double bluff, the Kuroki reasons, it should be unveiled. As soon as both the one he saw on the roof and the one who called out from the street are out of sight, the Kuroki, himself, undergoes a metamorphosis: first, a change of clothes. He drops the cloak, where he stands, but first he gets one little thing out: a small box. The box, when opened, contains something that looks like wet, thick, bloody rags. The Kuroki raises it to his face, and tattoo lines on it raise themselves as tendrils of chakra, pulling whatever it is taut over his skin. It becomes clear the what it was was, in fact, a different face. Then the Kuroki pulls out a scroll and activates it, and from it appears a whole outfit. The bare upper body now works to Kuoroke's advantage, as he can simply throw on a light shirt, and ta-da he is not who he was seconds ago. And then, Kuoroke lauches his pursuit, trying to hunt down the self-identified Ontiro, keeping an eye on anything that's out of place, any tell-tale sign of human passing.

"Sir," marks the shinobi's obeisance to Kuoroke's commands. He turns and launches towards the next building, a scowl finding it's way onto his features only as he travels away from the councilman. And it soon fades from his features.
The man claiming to the the escaped fugitive simply sits there, waiting for the others to catch up to him. When the sunagakure shinobi reaches him, he steps out of the doorway of the Satetsu Apartments, holding up his hands in a peaceful gesture as the henge falls away. The shinobi comes up behind him, wrenching his arms behind his back and keeping a firm hold on him. He waits for the approach of the sensor woman — she really needed some taijutsu training — and the councilman, wherever he went. As he does so, his lips can be seen moving… the same with the fugitive. They break off, though, once either of the two come close, the guard looking agitated.

Okay, okay, Koyuki's not the fastest woman in the village. Yeah, yeah, yeah. She gets there eventually though! And oddly, her canteens seem to be missing their caps now. The woman frowns as she watches the pair, eyeing them dubiously, having noticed the man's lips moving, "What in the bars is going on here? People don't just break out of being imprisoned in the Kazekage's Dome, and then turn themselves in twenty minutes later." She looks to the Kuroki when he arrives, as if waiting for him to determine what to do, a piece of her attention remaining on the chakra of the two men nearby.

The Kuroki gives no such guidance, for now. He wanders by, looking sleepy and like someone who isn't paying the least bit of attention, his hands tucked into his pockets for a very specific reason: to conceal the tattoos on their backs. But in actuality, he's paying every bit of attention he can, listening as intently, as carefully as he can, and watching their movements and their very glance with the experience given to him by a score of years in the proverbial trenches.

The shinobi looks at the wandering man for just a moment, soon dismissing him and looking past Koyuki. "Where did the councilman go..?" Her confused questions went ignored and the way she looked to the newfaced councilman unnoticed. He scowls at the man's diappearance, and the escaped prisoner just said. "Does it really matter? I've gotten my fresh air, and had a pretty woman chasing after me for the first time in a long time. I'm satisfied. Just bring me back to my cell." The shinobi guard only deepens his scowls and roughly starts the prisoner forward back towards the administration dome.
"Guarding you is /not/ going to be a happy time for me."

Koyuki belatedly realizes the Kuroki is in ninja disguise or something, and likely simply looked to him based on his chakra. So she ignores his presence after that first questioning look towards him. The woman scowls at the prisoner, "Oh, shut up! I got dragged out of bed in the middle of the night for this!" The sensory ninja mutters a curse under breath and makes a dismissive gesture, "Ugh. Get him back to his cell!" She looks after the pair, and while she makes no move to follow them yet, she is mostly certainly watching their chakra and following their movements to see if anything odd happens or they deviate from the road back to the Dome.

Kuoroke wanders past a bit further, and then decides to act on a hunch: he stops, staggers a bit close to the two, and in a bit of a drunken slur pronounces. "Sh-shorry. D'either o'you have a… have a…" He pretends to look for the word, staggering a step further, ensuring his position is optimal, before continuing, "Ah. A f-fire? No?" He looks from one to the other. "M-maybe yer br-br-" He watches the reaction very very closely as he speaks these important first two letters, "…cousin 'ere?"

The shinobi glances towards the disguised Kuoroke, but otherwise seems to ignore him as he moves on. "Sorry about that," says the captive with a somewhat apologetic grin back to Koyuki. "I'm sure you need your rest. Keep your looks up and all of that" And then Kuoroke started in on a potential word the guard didn't want to hear. "Sir," he says sternly. "Sir," he repeats after the man finished speaking. "This is official business. Please be on your way." They continue on.

Koyuki purses her lips as she watches. And she begins to walk after the pair. She notices something, and makes a gesture in an attempt to catch Kuoroke's attention. At this point, she might just be tired of dealing with the nonsense but she just barely refrains from hand signing for the Kuroki to flat out take the pair down, and instead hand signs to him that something is off, with a flick of her hand to indicate the pair they've been dealing with.

"Sh-shure. Shorrys." Kuoroke admits, stepping back. He lets them walk two more steps, peeling off his face -not fake face, mind you, this is a very real face from a very real person- and taking off his shirt. No need to show them where he appeared from, after all. It helps if they don't know. Then, he catches up to them with rapid steps, and puts a hand on each man's shoulder, a typically tattooed hand. "Yes. And you two are both officially arrested now. If you come quietly, I won't have an excuse to cave in your skull and make you drink your food through a straw… and I'd really regret missing that opportunity."

"What—" The Shinobi turns livid eyes on Kuoroke at the and on his shoulder, gaze swiftly cooling as recognition floods him. And then the man just simply seems to deflate, eyes falling to the ground. The prisoner looks back towards Kuoroke and, by contrast, seems to grow angry and frustrated. He lets out a quiet curse. And another. And spits on the ground — though he directed his disgust away from anyone's feet. But neither resist, knowing they were caught. Fighting would only get them killed.
"You should've just stuck to the plan…" murmured the guard, Ontiro Tsurure.
Ontiro Gintami shakes his head. "You know I couldn't do that…"

Koyuki continues to follow along, maintaining a bit of distance, since it's not as if she'd really lose track of them if they ran for it. She nods to herself and wanders closer to the trio as Kuoroke changes and she catches up in time to hear him tell the two men they're under arrest. The Chuunin sensory ninja grumbles under her breath, frowning at the two men, and then she glances to the Kuroki, "Councilman Kuoroke. Can I go back to bed now?"

Kuoroke grins a bit, although he really would have liked for them to resist: being pulled out of his tightly scheduled sleep put him in a foul mood and beating up the one responsible would have helped. Still, he grins, and he explains why. "Well. That moves us from circumstantial evidence to direct evidence. Thanks for cooperating, I'll see to it you two never get to share a cell or a prison. Now let's go, I'm freezing." He grabs both by the cloth on their shoulders and pulls them along, in the direction of the Dome. "Koyuki, my cloak is on top of that building." He nods. "Get it, please… then go back to bed, sure."

"Glad we could help, councilman," mutters the former guard as he's pulled along by his shirt, looking decidedly agitated. The Ontiro brothers pose no further threat and speak no further words as they're guided back to the dome for processing. They only have the energy to shake their heads, now.


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