The Future Present: The Master Seal



Date: March 5, 2011


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"The Future Present: The Master Seal"

Unknown location

The world was not so complex if you took time to truly consider it.
There were natural things and unnatural things that come from natural
things. These unnatural things were creations of natural things. These
unnatural creations were only deemed unnatural because it is assumed that
it is unnatural to create things that were not "naturally" present even if
it is your own natural design to do such. Simple, as long as you see the
world within a particular lens. Rain would muse over such things as Yuki
would be working steadily on a way for Rain to confront his ancestor with
little risk to himself from the otherworldly; the unnatural natural. Yes,
even the world of spirits and insanity was certainly natural in the proper
light to Rain, just another creation or product of natural occurrences
with or without the aid of man. Fudo would run up to him suddenly and be
swooped off of his tiny feet and poked in the nose. "I am to fight a ghost
soon in a fashion." He would say to the child who frowned and asked if he
was scared. Rain would chuckle, "No, I am not afraid. Do you want to know
why?" he would say as the child nodded rapidly with curiosity. "Because
that is the only way I will ensure that I lose. Without unmanaged fear,
you would be surprised what you can do. Fear is there to help you consider
your options beyond fighting, but do not let it stop you from moving
forward." Fudo would nod a few times, not quite understanding, but his
father seemed to know what he was talking about.

Tickling his sons ribs for a moment, he would glance towards the chamber
Yuki had locked herself in to during her deep research, always best not to
disturb her during those times. Rain himself walked over towards the
Master Seal and placed his hand upon it, his own seal acting as a key to
unlock its abilities. Takokujin members would be displayed on something
similar to a holographic map of the world. Rain would scan languidly for a
few moments before he noticed an "unscheduled" instance within Sunagakure.
"It seems Kaede just cannot stay away. I suppose my focus on this next
task has kept me out of touch for some time, but I would not expect such a
visit to be made once again after all of this time. And it seems Tessen is
headed that way as well. What are those two up to?" Rain would tap his
chin a few times as he considered somethings, but soon shook his head a
bit. "You see Fudo, there are times when you cannot expect to know
everything, but do you want to know a secret?" Fudo smiled, wiggled and
nodded. "If you spend your time learning a lot of things, you don't have
to be certain about everything, to know what is going to happen.

See, Kaede is a bit of a self-tortured soul who will get himself in to
trouble in the Land of Wind any chance he gets. Not because he wants to,
but he is torn between his own past and his assumed future as well as his
ever wavering present. Sort of like you and me, no matter how far we are
apart, I will be with you no matter what. That is what that land is to
him, but that land does not always adore him back." Lifting Fudo, he would
rub his nose to his son who would laugh hard. As for Tessen, he is a man
who seeks a truer purpose than his own desire to grow strong to follow. He
is by no means weak, but he is a like a finely tempered sword that desires
to be wielded by a master and nothing less. In this, Tessen is likely
attempting to do what I would have asked of him if I were present. Tessen
and Kaede do not get along you see, but Tessen is the duty bound sort.
Unless he has found another master, he will attempt to satisfy my
expectations. His ways are old, and most would not appreciate such ways in
this new era of militarized shinobi villages and the farce of peace.
Anyhow what I'm trying to say is" Rain would point at the map. "There is
or will be chaos here." He then slid his finger swiftly with a bit of
showmanship for his son. "And there is order coming to quell it from
here." And with a few swirls of his wiggling fingers,
Rain would whisper to his son, "And when the two meet, there will be
violence. Order and Chaos almost cannot exist without the third universal
polarity which is Balance. That is my role in their lives as long as they
wish it to be such. For now however how about a snack!"

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