The Glass Master - Kidnapped


Rockpath (emitter), Yoichi, Akane, Rikuto, Michiko, Ryouji, Naruko, Isura

Date: March 7, 2015


The Kiri/Suna and Kumo/Konoha alliances are tested on their teamwork again as they have opposing missions: One to protect, and one to hunt down.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Glass Master - Kidnapped"

Between the Land of Fire, Lightning, and Water

In one of the neutral territories that was between the Land of Fire, Land of Water, Land of Wind, and Land of Lightning (so basically in the Land of Fire..?), one of the merchants requested for an escort of Kumo-nin. Protection reasons, and the like, as he traveled to the wonderful mountains. Kumo itself was more than happy to accept, as the merchant has very valuable wares that he likes to sell to the different villages. If he likes Kumo, maybe he'll visit more often. Konohagakure also sent over an escort, as the merchant, who goes by the name Hachiro, was traveling between the Land of Fire and the Land of Lightning.
Kirigakure likely heard of Hachiro's request. The man was rather famous among the lands thanks to his merchant status. Anything they could do to cripple Konohagakure, right? A small team of Kirigakure shinobi (and a Suna-nin, for some reason) has been sent out to capture the merchant. …
For the sake of time, the two teams are already well on their way into the neutral territories. Hachiro turns out to be a pleasant customer thus far, cracking jokes and making friendly conversation with his guards. "So, that's what happened on my trip to Suna way back when. Crazy story, right?"

While Yoichi's not exactly a fan of doing something that could start a war between the villages since they are still recovering from the war with the Silence, orders are orders. Thus the Swordsman would come with a single but powerful shinobi from Kiri, one he hasn't worked with in some time, Akane, and a random Suna shinobi that he wonders why he's here, but no matter. Probably just some diplomatic nonsense between Meruin and Sunagakure. "Be careful of the target. It is preferrable that we bring him back alive, but no sympathy needs to be shown toward those protecting him," his solemn voice rings out as they move along the path toward where it's predicted they'll meet Hachiro and the team protecting him. A look of focus and determination shows in the Swordsman's eyes. He may not agree with the mission, but proving Kirigakure to be superior is always a worthy enough cause for determination.

Akane wore her usual leather bustier and jacket over leather pants. Her scarred midrift was exposed and her long crimson hair was done up in an elaborate do with combs and hairsticks keeping it in place. She also wore her mask, a white noh like mask with accepts on the eyes and twin tracks of blood down the cheeks. It shielded her eyes completely from any onlookers and gave her a more mysterious appearance. She disliked that this would probbably pit her against kumogaure, they had been quite welcoming when she and Ishino had needed them. But she could not show any hesitation around Yoichi. she was a member of Kirigakure and could not put personal feelings before the mission.
Yoichi's words made Akane nod. "Aye." She kept close to Yoichi and kept her eyes open as they approached. She was hesitant considering they were going up against Konoha and wasnt sure who they would send. But as he told them that they wanted the man alive she nodded. "If I can get close enough I can knock him out."

"Alive but not necessarily conscious. If you don't want him bruised, I could use Genjutsu.. My details didn't say anything about his things though" reports the young Miira. While it was at first listed that others would forces would be contacted for the mission, he was surprised to find out he was the only one in the end from his village, more surprised that he would be accompanying a Jounin of another village.. along with the woman that was part of the forces that almost killed him several months ago. To say the least, the young Miira didn't look relaxed nor comfortable in their presence.
Rather than look around, Rikuto closes his eyes and inhales steadily. Turning his head slowly around, scanning the area he raises a hand and extends two fingers. "That way.. I can sense there are quite a few that aren't villagers or just mercenaries. Did you have a forward team in place already?" Opening his eyes partially, he turns to Yoichi and then Akane, not sure which he should really be reporting to at the moment.. if either.

Michiko is on guard as she wanders along with the merchant. Someone that has visited the different villages a few times, and she recognized the name when it flashed across her desk. "Yes, yes… Very crazy…" she comments, sending chakra through the ground to try and locate anything dangerous. Nothing's been too noticeable up until now. The girl glances back behind her towards her team, hmm-ing lightly. "Keep an eye out for anything. Remember, we're not in the Land of Fire anymore, so there's an even higher chance that we'll get attacked." The girl idly hopes that this team will do well.

Ryouji moves along with Michiko, behind her more like it. He nods and says, "Understood, Michiko-chan." Ryouji keeps his own chakra senses going as he moves along, also keeping an eye out for anything visual out of place.

Naruko on the other hand was honestly pretty relaxed despite everything. She remained close to merchant, opening her senses to anything or anyone that might suddenly get picked up… Assuming that they didn't already get snatched by Michiko's sensing technique. Upon her face remains a rather large grin, thumbing a finger along her cheek as she continues to consider their options for the time being. "Looks like there really isn't all that to worry about thus far huh?"

Isura after just perfecting his tree/water walking training was sucked right into a mission. Getting the brief he was lazily walking along side the Kumo as the man cracked jokes and what not. It appears he was the only one Konoha sent out to aid in this and their reasoning to him made no sense. Either case his pay grade wasn't high enough to reject this type of mission. Slipping his hands into his pocket he marched on until the orders came out he scouted along with the rest to check for anything that might stands out however so far he spots nothing.

RPCOMBAT: Yoichi defends against with a HYDRO-SENSE-II…80
RPCOMBAT: Akane defends against with a VITAL-SEARCH-TECHNIQUE…38
RPCOMBAT: Rikuto defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSING-TECHNIQUE…36
RPCOMBAT: Michiko defends against with a TREMOR-SENSE…45
RPCOMBAT: Ryouji defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…28
RPCOMBAT: Naruko defends against with a CAT-SENSE…27
RPCOMBAT: Isura defends against with a PERCEPTION…34

Hachiro nods lightly. "Mhmm. Nothing to worry about. You lot seem pretty strong, so I'm not too worried. Well… Unless there's some people stronger than you after m' life! But I don't think I'm priced that high," he says cheerfully. The man hmms. "So uh… Anything behind us, or no? Kinda scary, now that you put some thought into it…" As he mutters, it would be fairly easy to tell that everyone is basically noticing everyone. While perhaps Ryouji and Rikuto wouldn't normally notice people from their distances, the chakra density in each respective spot was so high that it was impossible /not/ to notice. Michiko would likely be able to feel that people were traveling behind them with the tremor sense, and … Well, yeah. Everyone is very attuned to who is around, to make a long story short.

Akane found she had little choice. they were outnumbered greatly… But Michiko should recognise her… "Well, here goes nothing…" Wearing her mask she had little to offer Rikuto in the way of support or encouragement so she simply moved. She seemed to just disappear, reappearing behind the merchant. She just joined into the group, her mask already attached to her belt, so she could smile brightly at the merchant.. She even had plucked an apple from the cart and took a bite from it. She slipped a syringe from her pouch and went to bring her arm around the man, if sucessful she would inject him with a heavy sedative…..

Lingering behind as he watches Akane blur with speed as she quickly moves ahead, almost diving towards the group. 'Are they all like that? Insane..' After shaking his head lightly, Rikuto slows his pace down until he lands onto a tree branch and shifts his cloak to withdraw a board, slightly over a meter long.. a guqin. Running his fingers along the cords lightly, the air around him begins to shift, heating up as his gloved fingers pluck the cords gently in a pattern.
The sound was laced with chakra and continues to churn with each following stroke. To those who would be able to listen in, it would begin to churn what they thought was reality. Akane's form was the first to change or rather warped. Rather than a woman lingering after trying to inject him, should would soon begin to break apart into a flowing set of leaves. The second vision was not as gentle, for each within the protective group would watch as from under them shinobi bearing a hitai-ate of stone.. of Iwa would reach upwards and grab them only to drag them under ground to slit their throats in isolation.

Michiko blinks once, and Akane is there. And then the second blink and Akane disappeared amongst the leaves… She knew it was genjutsu and immediately attempted to send her chakra through her body, allowing for Akane's image to stabilize. Only for the girl to feel herself die via a slit throat. She felt like she was dead, but her body told her different. It was… Very odd to feel, to say the least. The girl grumbles a bit, but can't move her body anymore.

Ryouji grasps at his sword the second he sees Akane appear. But the leaves blow around and obstruct his view. He's about to charge forward as he activates his blur form, but he's grabbed from below and pulled under. Ryouji screams, "NOT AGAIN!" and he feels the blade slide across his throat. Panic grips him as he tries to will his hand to pull his sword out and cut himself. That 'should' break himself out of the genjutsu, but nothing. His body won't respond to him, he's dead afterall. All he sees is black.

The sudden appearance of Akane a face he couldn't forget sent him into an instant rage. Flaring his sharingan he quickly picked up the genjutsu and tried to pinch his way out however it failed. The leave took him and strapped him down to the ground then silence soon followed with a slice across his throat. Panicked he shocked himself back to reality after grasping all this right now is a genjutsu. "Calm down Isura focus regain your body and get ready for combat." Isura spoke softly to himself as he started to put his broken mind back together piece by piece. It's clear to say they won this round.

COMBAT: Rockpath defends against BAD-MEDICINE(62) attack from Akane with a ACROBATIC-DODGE-II…58
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 604 damage.
COMBAT: Akane drains stamina from Rockpath
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against FALSE-SURROUNDINGS-TECHNIQUE(35) attack from Rikuto with a SELF-INFLICT…41
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against FALSE-DEATH-TECHNIQUE(43) attack from Rikuto with a SELF-INFLICT…30

Akane's medicine is pretty effective. The sudden appearance of the red-head makes Hachiro blink before he passes out from the sedative, the Genjutsu not even affecting him due to the medicine. The man ends up slumping on Akane while basically all his guards go down thanks to the Genjutsu. Huh… Guess that's an Eagle for the Kiri-team?

Akane had been prepared to fight after the merchant sank but apparently that wasn't needed. Isura's eyes made her narrow hers but the fact that everyone was clearly under a genjutsu made Akane's life easier. She lifted the merchant, tossed him over her shoulder and bolted, leaving an afterimage this time as seh was wieghed down by the extra body. Reappeaaring below Riikuto's tree she set the unconscious man down then looked up to Rikuto. "Take him to the rendevous point and I'll cover your escape. If I'm not there in 12 hours you bring him to Kiri, got it?" She waited a second then moved back out to the path, comming up on the group… She figured they would take some time of thier own to recover and tht would give Rikuto time to get the merchant out of there. She just leaned against a tree and continued munching on that apple, watching the opposing team…..

RPCOMBAT: Akane defends against with a BREVITY…56
RPCOMBAT: Akane defends against with a BREVITY…40

A grin curls as he feels not one.. not two.. but almost each signature become tainted with his own chakra, he couldn't help but begin to chuckle to himself. With Akane's return, he dips his head lightly before moving the stung board into his cloak, keeping it in place with little more than a balancing strap and chakra. "I don't move all that quickly compared to you, but I understand. The other one should be waiting there still to bring him to the Land of Water." Leaning forward, Rikuto presses his shoulder towards the man's stomach before hoisting him up, though it did leave him some what unstable at first. 'Really wished Kaidan was assigned for this.. he's better at lifting.' Turning away from the woman, he begins to make his way towards the meeting point, though slowed ith the heavy load.

RP: Rikuto makes a Spd roll and got 13.
COMBAT: Michiko CHAKRA-PINCHS out of Rikuto's stun!
RP: Michiko makes a Spd roll and got 20.

COMBAT: Ryouji defends against YANK(21) attack from Michiko with a TENSE…13
RP: Ryouji makes a Spd roll and got 18.

Michiko manages to break the stun that held her in place, pain keeping her from staying in the illusion for long. She reaches out, grabbing Ryouji and shaking him. "Ryouji-kun, go after Akane-san. I'll go after the other one…" she says quickly before charging towards Rikuto, moving quickly to catch up to the Miira. "You're not getting away…" she mutters, determined not to fail.

RP: Akane makes a Spd roll and got 9.
RPCOMBAT: Ryouji defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…19

Ryouji snaps out of the genjutsu and grabs his throat, thinking it's still cut. "Man, what was that bad genjutsu?" then he's shaken, not stirred by Michiko. "Huh? Where'd that one go?" He looks around quickly and needs a direction to run, "I was caught in the genjutsu Michiko-chan, didn't see a thing of them when they bounced." He sniffs the air, picks up nothing and nothing for chakra as well. "I got nothin, abscond it." he growls.

Isura was clearly left to his owe devices as he piece things together. Slowly but sure he was coming close to about 89 percent from breaking free from the genjutsu once broke all will have hell to pay. As far he could tell he couldn't trust anyone right now. "Couple more piece just got to hold on to the fact none of this is real, it's all a genjutsu and he need to free himself in order to finish with the mission at hand.

Akane narrowed her eyes as Michiko ran past her, clearly nto seeing her. Which left a stunned Isura and a bewildered Ryouji behind. She sighed at what had to be done and leapt forward, reaching out to tap along certain points in each of their bodies, aiming to drop them to the ground. Her eyes were an emerald green now and her body language was similar to barely restrained violence…. "Easy now.. you two should rest…."

Knowing his role, Rikuto continues to press forward as quickly as he could knowing full well that he was being tailed but he didn't stop to check by how many. Keeping an arm wrapped around the man's waist, and the other on his side, the young Miira began to shift higher into the tree tops, trying to use keep from the ground in case they had back up hiding within it.

RP: Rikuto makes a Spd roll and got 11.
RP: Michiko makes a Spd roll and got 20.

Michiko gathers her chakra around her, the chakra flickering a bit around her body as she travels swiftly. She's fast enough to reach the Miira, too, and even accidentally overshoots him. The girl skids a bit to a halt, making deals that would shoot metal towards Rikuto from an unseen source despite the fact she's not near the ground. "Hmm… You should give him back," the girl says, nodding lightly at the unconscious man in Rikuto's grip.

COMBAT: Ryouji successfully interrupts attack number 3: PRESSURE-POINTS-TECHNIQUE from Akane against Isura with a roll of 51 vs 35.
COMBAT: Ryouji counters against a PRESSURE-POINTS-TECHNIQUE(42) attack from Akane with a BATTOUJUTSU…50
COMBAT: Ryouji counters against a PRESSURE-POINTS-TECHNIQUE(35) attack from Akane with a BATTOUJUTSU…49

Ryouji grins, "There you are…." and rushes for Akane. It's almost in slow motion at he does a quick motion of his sword, it sliding out, cutting and sliding home in less than a breath. He pauses and begins to beatbox? He raps, "I'm back for revenge, I lost a battle, that ain't happening again!" He pulls lightning cutter out just a hair so it glints in the sunlight to try to blind his opponent. Then he slashes out. "I'm at your throat like strep, I step, strapped with a pen. Metaphors wrote on my hand, some are just stored in my memory, some I wrote on a napkin! YEEEEEEAH!" In an instant, his blue and white sword slashes out once again. Four attacks with the blade in a span of a few heartbeats. Ryouji is in top form today. He glares at Akane, "Hey, I didn't give you permission to attack him. Bad form man, bad form."

Isura eyes flash open and to his sight Ryouji has protected him, flipping up off the ground it was finally time to do battle. Focusing his chakra into he formed a seal dude to he closeness of every fire wouldn't be the best choice. Creating clones nine in totals he smirked while others took various poses waiting to strike. "It's time for Isura smack down?!" Dashing towards her one clone took point Slipping between Ryouji and her and stuck with a kick before two more raced behind her. These two both jumped kicked which would send her towards two more that'll knock her into the air. Once airborne the last four Isura crashed down three of then grabbing one arm and a leg live the odd man out to grab both an arm and a leg to aid in slamming her into the ground. Leaving the very last Isura to use all weight to crash down into her chest screaming "Isura barrage?!"

RP: Yoichi transforms into LIQUID-FORM-II.
COMBAT: Yoichi successfully interrupts attack number 6: METAL-BINDING from Michiko against Rikuto with a roll of 93 vs 61.
COMBAT: Yoichi defends against METAL-BINDING(61) attack from Michiko with a LIQUID-REFORMATION-II…60
COMBAT: Yoichi loses the roll and sustains 0 damage.

Just as it seems Kumo would recapture the merchant from Rikuto through the use of Michiko's metal binding, a puff of mist rings out from the body of the one caught, only to reveal Yoichi, who's apparently been biding his time, caught in the trap rather than Rikuto. He actually laughs a bit, amused that he got truly caught by the attack. It seems he underestimated Michiko a bit. Of course, the question now is how far ahead did that put Rikuto of where the Kumo nin actually thought he was.

COMBAT: Akane defends against BATTOUJUTSU(49) attack from Ryouji with a BREVITY…62
COMBAT: Akane defends against GLINT-OF-THE-SAYA(38) attack from Ryouji with a BREVITY…62
COMBAT: Akane defends against BATTOUJUTSU(50) attack from Ryouji with a BREVITY…47
COMBAT: Akane loses the roll and sustains 293 damage.
COMBAT: Akane defends against BATTOUJUTSU(48) attack from Ryouji with a BREVITY…62
COMBAT: Akane defends against MULTIPLE-FIRE-CLONES(42) attack from Isura with a BREVITY…68

The crimson haired woman was suprised at the defense with a blade and just below her bustier a shallow line of blood showed where he'd managed to clip her. When she looked up her eyes had grown much much darker. Akane flickered in and out of sight, avoiding further attacks and laughing as the fireclones struck eachother.
Akane was no longer Akane. Too bad the only person able to tell the difference was already gone. Michiko knew Kyoujin. these two did not. And she wasn't as nice as Akane, not by a long shot. She would love to see them writhing in pain she caused… The bad rapping made her scowl at Isura. "Well aren't you annoying.. And terrible to boot. You call that music?" Her tone was both annoyed and mocking. Kyoujin didn't mind a beat but that was just… wrong. She twitched then and flashed through several hand signs before spitting out a single tiny tiny fireball between the two of them.. And she leapt backwards. Had she failed the fireball jutsu?
The next second the tiny fireball expanded, exploded, catching the entire clearing ablaze in it's wake, hot enough to set the living trees ablaze and as large as a good city block… She laughed in glee….

While he was once poised to jump, Rikuto finds himself several meters to the side and in a different tree. It only takes him a moment to realize what was going on and raise hand briefly to salute Yoichi. This pause doesn't last for very long as the young Miira turns his back to the pair and quickly begins to charge away, not staying to linger with taunts or jeers. With the merchant literally over his shoulder, he begins to soar again unhindered.

RP: Rikuto makes a Spd roll and got 13.
RP: Michiko makes a Spd roll and got 18.

Yoichi getting in Michiko's way was a surprise, and one she didn't particularly like. The Iwata makes a. annoyed sound, leaving the Hozuki behind her to struggle with the bindings. They would, of course, eventually disappear as she got out of range. Right now the girl is focused on catching the Miira and getting back the merchant. With a few more handseals, she sends more metal bindings at Rikuto, still able to access her jutsu without being close to the earth.

COMBAT: Ryouji defends against INTELLIGENT-HARD-WORK(54) attack from Akane with a FLASH-PRECISION-PARRY…75
RP: Ryouji uses B-RANK-CHARGE.

Ryouji leaps right at the fireball coming towards him, lightning cutter slicing as the fire expands. The perry was fast enough to neatly cut a path through the flames with a woosh of wind and flame, but just enough for Ryouji to slip through. Not enought for Isura. Ryouji frowns, "Oh hey, don't be so cruel about my lines, lady! You wanna go hard, I'll go hard!" He makes the hand seals, ram, boar, dog. He grips his hand as it begins to charge his chakra as his whole body is electricied. Each bit of electrical chakra however, migrates down to his hand. The amount grows every moment as the chakra builds while Ryouji hits the top of his arc jump.

COMBAT: Isura defends against INTELLIGENT-HARD-WORK(50) attack from Akane with a FIRE-CLONE…43
COMBAT: Isura loses the roll and sustains 775 damage.

Isura clones tried to shield him but ultimately failed leaving him to try and dodge. Failing he took the full force of that attack of fire that spread across the ground, rolling he would stand up smoldering as he just watched Akane. Before long he would try and vanish from view to regather his center all the while tensed from the burns. "Yankit why her?" Isura would first regather his breathing then he reassigned the mission at hand once that was finished he began to formulate a plan.

Still having underestimated the level of these binds, Yoichi is stuck for the moment. This girl is thorough… Still, it'll only take him a few moments to liquify himself fully again and depart the bindings to come to Rikuto's aid….

COMBAT: Akane defends against BODY-FLICKER-HIDE(58) attack from Isura with a BREVITY…46

Kyoujin frowned, her emerald eyes tracking as Ryouji began to charge himself up for soemthing. Well she hadn't thrown enough chakra into it last time perhaps. Alight here we go again.. Another tiny fireball was spit from her mouth. Wherever that kid had gone there was little chance he was out of her range so she exploded another large fireball.

COMBAT: Rikuto defends against METAL-BINDING(65) attack from Michiko with a DODGE…12

With his arms full, his choices of how to defend were extremely limited to nearly non existent. Rikuto hops from one branch to the next before dropping in height, but it wasn't enough, he ended up being snared by the metal binding. Before they were made solidified, his grip on the man tightens, making sure it wouldn't be simple to lose him without any effort

Michiko smiles grimly when Rikuto is caught. Once she gets a bit closer, he would see that in her hands and growing is a metallic spike that is slowly growing into a lance of sorts. "Alright… This shouldn't kill you…" she comments, making a handseal to make the spike drive towards the Miira and pierce somewhere that wasn't covered by the merchant.

COMBAT: Ryouji defends against INTELLIGENT-HARD-WORK(64) attack from Akane with a FLASH-PRECISION-PARRY…53
COMBAT: Ryouji loses the roll and sustains 676 damage.

Ryouji brings his hand down and is about to launch his attack, but the fireball is coming at him too quickly. He grabs both of his swords at his hip and pulls them out, channeling the pent up lightning chakra from his hand into the swords. They light up as the fireball engulfs him on the way down. Ryouji is sizzling and is hurt, but it's not bad since this is the first time he's been injured in this battle. Lines of smoke trail behind him as he hits the ground in front of Akane. He coughs out a puff of smoke, "Yo, not good lady. Not even the best I've got yet and you're forcin my hand. Don't make me kill ya. Step off before I step up, fool!" He slashes once with a crackling blade, before spinning with the other blade for a reverse slash.

COMBAT: Isura defends against INTELLIGENT-HARD-WORK(47) attack from Akane with a FIRE-CLONE…51

Isura notice the spike in chakra and since he seen the attack once before he's able to dodge it rather easily, leaping off a clone he was airborne once more. "There is no point if hiding…I must strike now while the spring time of my youth is burning bright?!" Isura flashed through seals and released many tiny orbs of fire before following up with a powerful heat wave to blind her as he did this he would shout out to Ryouji "we need to retreat soon cause if this continues it won't end in our favor…"

Meanwhile, Yoichi seems to have finally slipped free form his bonds. It's only made absolutely apparently by a crackling of dozens of whips of lightning coming down out of the air above Michiko with intent to latch onto her to bind her and prevent her from taking the target from Rikuto. It's not so much that he fully caught up, maybe, but he's incredibly fast, especially in this form, and that jutsu has quite a long reach.

COMBAT: Akane defends against LIGHTNING-SHARP(44) attack from Ryouji with a BREVITY…48
COMBAT: Akane defends against LIGHTNING-SHARP(29) attack from Ryouji with a BREVITY…41
COMBAT: Akane defends against COVERING-FIRE(45) attack from Isura with a BREVITY…61
COMBAT: Akane defends against SEAR(31) attack from Isura with a BREVITY…40

Kyoujin shook her head. "The only way you could kill This One is with those terrible songs." She moved then, so fast she seemed to diisappear, but for a few seconds her image remained in front of Ryouji. When she reappeared it was directly behind Isura, putting the boy between her and Rikuto. Her hand moved quickly, trying to inject the Uchiha with a mixture of chemicals that would have side effects such as hemmoraging, nausea, vomiting, poors and membrane bleeding, dizziness, lightheadedness among other things… If he should be struck by it she would catch him and hold him upright against her chest.

COMBAT: Rikuto defends against METAL-SPIKE(63) attack from Michiko with a TENSE…9
COMBAT: Rikuto loses the roll and sustains 1432 damage.

RP: Michiko transforms into SIZZLE-III.
COMBAT: Michiko defends against TAILS-OF-RAIJU(104) attack from Yoichi with a METAL-DOME…94
COMBAT: Michiko loses the roll and sustains 719 damage.

Michiko didn't think Yoichi would be coming at her from behind… at such a distance. The girl ends up getting shocked and stunned into her spot… She really hates lightning right now. At least she's stopped Rikuto from taking the merchant away. Now the issue is going to be withstanding the attack from Yoichi that she knows will likely be aimed for her… Unless she gets lucky and he just wants to grab the target.

Ryouji says, "No…." and his eyes light up with blue flame fire. It bleeds out the eyes and flickers in a line behind him as he runs, trying to match Akane's movements. He's not fast enough to match her attack with the syringe, but his body movements are fast enough to get behind her. His swift release should do it nicely, his clan is masters of speed. He pauses his movement in an instant, snapping out lightning cutter and white lotus from his hips, each sounding out a sonic boom crack at the speed both are pulled out. This is a dual battoujutsu draw but at a completely different level.

COMBAT: Isura defends against BAD-MEDICINE(69) attack from Akane with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE-II…39
COMBAT: Isura loses the roll and sustains 872 damage.

Isura once again tired to dodge replacing himself with a clone however she is too fast. She stabs and injected him full of medical goodness that causing him to fall down to his hands and knees and began to vomit. As his vision faded in and out he slumpped over onto his side (out of the vomit thank the heavens). For now Isura was out of the fight as he just laid there shattered and broken he just laid there.

With Michiko caught by the lightning whips, Yoichi decides it's best to try and take her out of the equation, at least as far as fast pursuit. Rather than having to give chase or dart over there to attack, he simply shifts the position of one of his fingers on the hilt of the sword that hand is holding, pointing the index finger directly at Michiko, specifically the back of her knee that he intends to blow out so that she requires surgery to be able to walk correctly again. Hopefully Kumo has a hookup with some great surgeon.

COMBAT: Akane defends against SNAP-SLASH(68) attack from Ryouji with a BREVITY…57
COMBAT: Akane loses the roll and sustains 508 damage.
COMBAT: Akane defends against SNAP-SLASH(65) attack from Ryouji with a BREVITY…44
COMBAT: Akane loses the roll and sustains 548 damage.

Kyoujin felt the syrum flow into the Uchiha's body and she hefted him up over her arm and shoulder as she flickered in and out, showing quite a bit of strength hidden in that petite body of hers. The boy's vomiting was distasteful but she would deal with it later. Or just make the medic do it. Kyoujin couldn't help a chuckle at the thought of making Akane clean up after the Uchihaling. However, rather than release the boy she took the cuts to the back oof her jacket. She disappeared once more and laughed. Turning she spit out another tiny deceptive fireball between her and Ryouji. When it exploded he would face a wall of fire between her and him… and she would be gone from sight entirely…. Further down the road and out of ear shot, she spoke to Isura with a low purr in her voice. "Just behave and This One won't have to harm you any further, Uchihaling…" She reached up and poked at him in various specific places to keep him from being able to struggle. As soon as she got a chance she would bind him properly…. For now she just headed toward Yoichi's location….

Taking a stagged step backwards, the young Miira brings his hands together briefly before breathing out. Flowing with his breath were guided flames which scorch and singe at his bare skin resulting in a grumbling wince and tension. Looking forward with lidded eyes, he watches as his once attacker is now caged herself. 'Darkness..' was whispered faintly before he draws his hands together again. After making only two seals, the world wound Michiko would darken, and cloak her in darkness. Within the icky darkness glints of light could be seen, reflecting like metal blades shortly before they would be burry deep between her ribs before slashing outwards forcefully.. again.. and again.. and again.. until the darkness faded.

Michiko is forced to take both water bullets and genjutsu, making her feel exhausted as well as giving her a broken knee. The girl winches a bit as she feels the attacks hit her, though the genjutsu makes her stay still enough that she can at least stay upright. When the barrage of attacks finally stop, the girl claps her hands together, forming the snake handseal, and uses her tremor sense to locate Yoichi and Rikuto even though she isn't quite able to see clearly thanks to the exhausted and injured state she's in. Hands of Earth erupt from the ground and outstretch themselves to grab the Suna and Kiri-nin for the time being, keeping them down so that she could perhaps grab the merchant and just leave. The good thing about being a ninjutsuist: you don't have to move that much.

RP: Ryouji makes a Spd roll and got 16.

Ryouji screams more in frustration over Akane getting away with a teammate. Still, Akane was most likely a distraction. He takes off after Michiko, running in the same direction she went. Splitting up the group might not have been the best idea. But Michiko is farther ahead and could probably use some help.

COMBAT: Isura defends against PRESSURE-POINTS-TECHNIQUE(57) attack from Akane with a TENSE…13

Isura now knocked out for the moment simply went along for the ride. His body laid limp as he is carted away he was more laid back thus allowing Akane a more smoother travel.

COMBAT: Yoichi defends against DEMON-GRAVES(74) attack from Michiko with a LIQUID-REFORMATION-II…78
COMBAT: Yoichi successfully interrupts attack number 1: DEMON-GRAVES from Michiko against Rikuto with a roll of 87 vs 82.
COMBAT: Yoichi defends against DEMON-GRAVES(82) attack from Michiko with a LIQUID-REFORMATION-II…85

SPLAT! Yoichi's body seems to splatter into water, though he only reforms of mist to shove Rikuto out of the way of getting yanked underground… to splat again. Still, he reforms instantly where Rikuto is, placing his hands on the boy's shoulder and sending a surge of electricity through him that begins quickly mends his wounds from the inside out with surgical precision. "Run."

Left to her own devices and with Ryouji heading for Yoichi's location, Kyoujin took the time to set isura down against a tree. She pulled out ropes and what looked like mittens from a scroll. First she slid the mittons onto his hands then bound Isura's hands behind his back. Next she bound his feet together. Then she wrapped a gag around his mouth, keeping him from speaking or alerting people to thier presence. Then she sent a pulse of chakra out to see where everyone was…. Michiko was down, Yoichi had just apparently healed someone and Ryouji wsa headed toward him. Alright then she headed for the cart with Isura over her shoulder. She set him down in the front of the cart and started the horse moving. "Behave and I'll heal you once I get a minute." She said as she drove the cart down a side road and away from the other people.

Standing still but staggering about, Rikuto was confused as he was moved again without being able to follow just what was happening though he quickly shutters. Feeling his insides literally shifting around disturbed him more than when they were lanced though. "Just what are.." Turning to Yoichi, he nods suddenly at the order but before he did so, he brings his hands together and shifts his gaze towards Michiko. With little fail, the young Miira would begin to walk towards her but as he did his skin would crack before bursting into embers and exploding. The true Miira would be moving in the opposite direction, but his body was just a gust of wind.

COMBAT: Michiko defends against FALSE-SURROUNDINGS-TECHNIQUE(48) attack from Rikuto with a CHAKRA-PINCH-II…60
RPCOMBAT: Michiko defends against with a TREMOR-SENSE-II…69

Michiko blinks a bit as Rikuto comes at her, then disappears in a gust of wind. It was confusing.. to say the least. But the girl isn't fooled that easily. Whether it's genjutsu or ninjutsu, she defends with a burst of pain through her body before extending her senses along the ground to find Yoichi and Rikuto. Fortunately it seems they've left the merchant behind, so she can get to him later. With a few handseals, she sends chakra through the ground to try and grab both once more, earthen hands springing up to grab Miira and Hozuki and entrap them in a demonic grave of earth.

RPCOMBAT: Ryouji defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…25

Ryouji is getting close as he moves with blazing speed. He barrels on, heading in the direction Michiko ran off. He keeps his chakra senses open, in case he veered off or he took the wrong path. Otherwise, he's getting there as fast as he can.

COMBAT: Yoichi defends against DEMON-GRAVES(99) attack from Michiko with a LIQUID-REFORMATION-II…112

With Rikuto likely about to be caught by Michiko's attack, Yoichi decides it's best to attack again rather than flee with the merchant. So he draws the swords again, a massive surge of chakra going through him as he creates dozens of whips of lightning that extend out over the area, intending to capture both Michiko and Ryouji in its grasps and keep them down and allow Rikuto to hopefully escape while he has them captured.

Kyoujin kept driving, keeping an eye on Isura's bound form next to her for the slightest hint he was waking up, while making the horses pulling the cart go as fast as possible, directly away from the ambush location. Finally she nudged Isura with her foot, then set her foot on his chest. "This One knows you're waking up, Uchihaling.. This One suggests you don't do anything stupid or This One will have to harm you again…." She raised a delicate eyebrow as she peered down at him, foot planted firmly on his chest. She'd covered his hands so he couldn't make seals, bound him so he could barely move but she could and would staple him to the floor of the cart if she had to.. She had three swords on her after all….

COMBAT: Rikuto defends against DEMON-GRAVES(92) attack from Michiko with a WIND-CLONE…64

Despite for the first time in a while replacing himself with a clone, it didn't carry him far enough by far.. The ground itself began to consume him no matter how much he wiggles. For a time it looked liked he might manage to make it into the canopy but muddy hands grasped at his ankles before around his waist, dragging him down and into the depths.

Michiko is actually able to see Yoichi attack her, the lightning whips coming at her… And she's not inclined to let them touch her. The girl makes seal, and the metal she wears forms a half-dome that allows the lightning to disperse before she simply… Hops down from her perch, launching herself with her one good burst of chakra to tackle the merchant and sink both into the ground. Well… Hopefully that works. Otherwise they're probably done for.

COMBAT: Ryouji defends against TAILS-OF-RAIJU(101) attack from Yoichi with a NEAR-MISS-SHIFT…87
COMBAT: Ryouji loses the roll and sustains 1296 damage.

Ryouji dives and tries to push his speed to get out of the way of the stinging lightning whips. But he gets hit, sending electricity coursing through his body. It pins him to the ground as he screams out, twitching all over. Smoke rises from several places on his body as he is stuck for the time being.

COMBAT: Yoichi defends against UNDERGROUND-FISH-PROJECTION(69) attack from Michiko with a HYDRO-SENSE-II…60

Despite his senses, Yoichi is apparently distracted enough that Michiko manages to slip past him… His eyes move over toward where Akane is going to, then over toward Rikuto to see if he is getting away….

Kyoujin spotted him starting to squirm and pressed on his chest for about five seconds with her foot, making it harder to breathe. Then she drew her sword and held it in a reverse grip, just above his shoulder. "Is This One going to have to get rough, Uchihaling? This One is going to keep you as long as the Jounin allow.. This One wonders… will Meruin take you away from her?" Chuckling softly Kyoujin turned back to driving the cart at full tilt.

COMBAT: Rikuto defends against UNDERGROUND-FISH-PROJECTION(60) attack from Michiko with a TENSE…11

Bringing his hands together for a moment, the Miira seems to surrender himself to the grave until.. Poof! A clone was left in his wake as Rikuto manages to free himself and rest in a tree for a moment. Looking around, he turns his attention towards those behind himself but he was too distracted at the time to look for where Michiko had left to hide. What he did notice was.. noone was coming after him for once and used this time to hide.

Michiko releases a breath as she stays in the cavern that she is now hidden in. She can't move much, but the girl is able to gather up her chakra and focus on the pressing issue of her broken knee. She realizes she'll have to do a better job in the future, but for now… Healing chakra courses through her knee, the girl doing a self diagnostic to make sure everything is in its place while she works on her knee without sight. Definitely one of the more difficult tasks.

Ryouji is numb as the lightning whips sting and shock his body. He's stuck to the ground and hardly hidden like Michiko. Pain racks his body as he smells the smoked charred flesh that covers him in spots. Ryouji twitches from each shock and can't do much else at this point.

RPCOMBAT: Yoichi defends against with a HYDRO-SENSE-II…84

Finally feeling where Michiko is with the merchant, Yoichi creates another set of lightning whips, though more condensed and aimed directly at taking her and yanking her back. If successful, he'd go to grab the merchant to take off with him.

RP: Yoichi reverts to their normal state.

Isura was now unable to struggle any longer due to the beating and powerful drugs he slipped in and out as he bumped around in he cart. His breathing shifted and became heavy as he just laid there.

Kyoujin watched Isura pass out again and reached down to check his pulse and health in general. Carefully, she reached down with one hand and focused some of her energy to heal some of the worst burns on the boy, though she did nothing about the toxins in his system. She did, however take the gag offf him. They were still moving at top speed and were quite a ways away from the fight already. So he could scream and not draw attention. But she did not want him suffocating and so off came the gag. She would put it back on if she had to though….

Nothing of the Merchant was clear nor Michiko. He could tell her general area.. but not exactly. 'Just what is he..' It only takes a moment for it to click just what is going on and Rikuto stand up and turns away. Taking in a deep breath, the young Miira begins to rapidly flee the area, 'Faster.. must go faster.. his chakra feels all wrong.' Despite the land being cool compared to his village, despite he himself being hot compared to the surroundings a cold sweat began to break out along his brow

Michiko's danger senses tingle a bit and she hardens the ground that is around her so that it forms a sort of dome that would allow the lightning to pass her by. Thank the gods for physics. Michiko allows the dome to disappear, then, able to locate Yoichi, she makes a handseal, and the earth would write a bit under Yoichi before snatching him up to try and put him in that demonic grave… Perhaps the fourth time is the charm?

Ryouji is still stuck under the whips. Soon enough, he's going to start enjoying it's shocking goodness if he's stuck under here any longer. He drops his blur though, since he has no ability to focus any more chakra and the blur is burning through what chakra he has left.

Having expended more chakra than he thought he would have to, Yoichi is unable to defend himself and winds up pulled into the earth. It'd normally be harmless mostly, except, now that he's out of chakra and can no longer maintain Hydrification, his body has begun to revert to its normal state of flesh and blood. "Sh-" a voice that actually changes to go higher for some reason is interrupted. One might actually notice some change starting in his physique, but it'd only be there for a glimpse as he is yanked underground.

Isura was getting anger as he awoken once again from his slumber he start to wiggle more and more as he bashed his head onto the floor of the cart. Isura eyes flared red as he looked up at Akane "what the heck is your problem?! Let me go you sadistic psychopath!?" Isura eyes peers straight up at her then he would try and force her foot off of him however it ultimately failed resultingin even more pain then before.

Kyoujin scowled as the boy came up off the floor and slammed her foot down on his chest again. Sighing she shook her head. "This One told you to behave Uchihaling, This One does not have time for your temper tantrums. So .. stop." Reaching down she used those pressure points again, trying to make him lost motion for a while again. The cart was still going at top speed and she was getting close to a hand off point… "This One has something to prove to Meruin and This One will do it…. This One suggests you just be silent.. or shall we just take those eyes and leave you blind hmm? Either way is fine. This One can put them in a scroll." Yes she was dead serious.. her sword tip grazing the skin under his left eye, looking to draw a thin line of blood….

It wouldn't be until the soil of the area comes to a stop does Rikuto stop moving to turn around, nodding lightly to himself, he looks around and pauses high in the canopy. Moving his hands within his cloak, he smiles softly and pulls out an instrument, the board with strings he had before. His target was still in his sensing range, but so was the one who had saved him. With this on his mind, he slowly begins to pluck the strings gently, a smirk faint on his lips while he attempts to buy some time.

COMBAT: Michiko defends against FALSE-DEATH-TECHNIQUE(31) attack from Rikuto with a CHAKRA-PINCH…75

Michiko makes her way out of the ground, leaving the merchant in the hole she made for the time being. He was safer there. The Iwata makes her way over to Yoichi, obviously pushed rather far by this point. Fortunately his being trapped allows her to poke a few of the spot that would make him relax and unable to fight for a bit. "Hozuki Yoichi… How would you feel about helping me find one of my teammates…. He seems not to be around here, and I would like to have him back with us so that Konoha doesn't get angry." She hmms lightly. "I can't give you the merchant, sadly… But if there was something else?" Bargain initiated. result?

COMBAT: Yoichi defends against MUSCLE-RELAXATION-TECHNIQUE(68) attack from Michiko with a TENSE…17

The hand on the shoulder makes Yoichi glance back, though they're underground still so looking back isn't an option, though Michiko might notice the flesh there is a bit more tender than one might expect of Kirigakure's lightning-wielding war machine. Still, a voice sounding like his rings out, "Well, if you're not giving us our goal in exchange for it, what else do you have to offer that you think we might be interested in trading for?"

Isura once again struggle and again its short lived by Akane foot digging even more into his side. She strikes him once more this take making him rather daze however ultimately failing to knock him under and thus he started to build his energy to struggle once more this time he first would struggle to get out the mittens.

With none seeming to rapidly flow after him, the notes of his song continues. Rikuto plucks the cords gently but one after another the illusions, while lesser were beginning to flow more rapidly than before. This time an arm extends from the captured Youchi and the thumb raises while two fingers extend out, it flinches once, twice three times and with each a rapid fire shot of solidified water as strong a steel is let loose. With out fail each of these bolt lace through Michiko's legs and her thigh, their target seems to be crippling her knee.

COMBAT: Michiko defends against WOUNDS(35) attack from Rikuto with a CHAKRA-PINCH…78
COMBAT: Michiko defends against WOUNDS(38) attack from Rikuto with a CHAKRA-PINCH…46
COMBAT: Michiko defends against WOUNDS(38) attack from Rikuto with a CHAKRA-PINCH…80

"…" Michiko sighs. She realizes that there's not much she could offer short of perhaps herself if she didn't give up the merchant. And admittedly, Kiri really decided to go all out with the task force meant to just get a single merchant of all people… All he did was make glass! "Alright. I want your word… If I give you the merchant, you help me find my teammate and allow me to take him back with us to Konohagakure." If Yoichi accepts, then she would also tell him to call Rikuto off before she basically collapses. Dang Genjutsu…

And because the scene is taking way too long that people are falling asleep… Yoichi decides to accept the deal, which results in Akane getting called back and Isura being exchanged for the merchant. All that trouble for a merchant… Which means that Kiri gets to claim the prize of success and Kumo/Konoha have lost! :O In short: Isura gets to go back to Konoha, Team Kumo can go back to the Land of Lightning, and the Suna-Kiri team get their merchant but no Isura that Akane seemed to want so badly!

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