The Glass Master: Unsafe Mountains


Michiko (emitter), Hige, Hisomu, Kaido

Date: January 3, 2015


The Glass Master is back in Kumo and needs a bit of assistance getting his cart back and partly started on his journeys.

"The Glass Master: Unsafe Mountains"

Land of Lightning

News of the Silence re-opening their offenses on the shinobi world have reached civilian ears, so it's only natural the demand for guards would go up. And today, the combination of Hige, Kaido, and Hisomu were to be guards for a merchant. And who other but the Glass Master! His son, Jon, is also with him, and the two are waiting at the gates with no giant wagon this time around. Messenger Hawks got sent to the different shinobi on this mission, telling them to meet at the front gate. They would be escorting Hachiro and Jon half-way to the border.

Hige receives word of another mission and immediately prepares before heading out, Konsho walking beside him. When he reaches the gates the Inuzuka boy actually smiles a bit as he recognizes the merchant and his son from a previous trip. "It's good to see you both again." He says as he nears, raising a hand in greeting. "Off of another trip?" Konsho yips his own greeting at the pair.

A look to the glass master and Hisomu nods as she arrives. She is ready for travel again and then looks around for the others before looking back to the Glass Master and stating, "Hello, again. Perhaps we will see the bear again? He or she seemed nice." Hisomu nods, still keeping her somewhat monotonic face on as she looks at the path they are travelling, "Were you here on different business today that you don't have your wagon?" She then glances over to Hige and nods to him and then reaches down idly to offer Konosho a small scritch.

Kaido and Bandit, after having sneaked into Konoha to visit the Inuzuka village, came back quite subdued and depressed. When asked about it, Kaido would only say that it was some family trouble and leave it at that. That being said, when the messenger hawk arrives, it was like a godsend. A mission to take his mind off of his issues. He and Bandit both make sure they have all their gear ready and appear by the caravan. Kaido nods and tosses off a wave to the Glass Master and both Bandit and him echo, "Yo!" quietly.

"Oh! Hige-san!" Jon says with an excited wave. He didn't expect to see familiar faces on another trip. Hachiro gives a nod in greeting to the two Genin. "You two been training hard, I hope. There was a number of dangers the last trip, so I thought I'd keep my wares somewhere safe. We'll be picking them up on the way." Kaido gets a blink. "Huh. I feel like I'm in Konoha with all these Inuzuka around," the man says, turning towards the gates. "Onwards, yes?" he calls as Jon tries to strike up conversation with Hige about training.

Hige offers a nod of greeting to Hisomu, as well as Kaido and Bandit when they arrive. He peers for a moment at the other Inuzuka with his subdued attitude but figures he'll have to find out later. He needs to talk to him anyways. "How are you Jon-san?" The boy asks as he looks back towards Jon, a pleasant enough smile showing. As they continue to talk and walk he indulges the kid, talking to him about some of the lesser training things he endures.

A look to Kaido and Hisomu squints, giving a particular careful look to Bandit before nodding to each, "Welcome." She states and then starts off with the Glass Master and nodding her head, "THat is a wise desicion." She nods her head and then gestures, "And yes, we do have at least two Inuzuka that I know of in this village. Possibly another from what I have heard, from time to time." She nods her head and then they start off and she leans toward the Glass Master, "Be careful with the larger dog around Jon." She nods sagely and then stands up straighter, looking back at Bandit with another squint.

Kaido and Bandit just move into the point position without much comment. Bandit doesn't even try to act indignant when Hisomu warns the Glass Master about him. The two start to stretch their senses to be ready in case someone tries to hit the caravan. A little bit of a fight would be welcome right now at least and if not, the exercise will still be good. Kaido does say to Hige, "Take the tail and sweep with Konsho and make sure we aren't being followed by anything."

Jon travels with Hige, happy to hear all these tales of training. Even the ones that seem boring, though he doesn't like the idea of actually having to perform such tasks. Hachiro lets Kaido take point, idly commenting, "All this business lately seems to have stirred up the wildlife. They know something's wrong with the world. The Bears aren't even hibernating. I saw a few awake and wandering around on the way here." Hisomu gets her fair share of talking, too, as Jon tries to pester some of her training techniques out of the girl.

Hige converses with Jon only a little more before following what Kaido instructs and falling back to watch their rear. Together he and Konsho focus on their surroundings in front, to the side, and behind, watching and listening for anything that might seem out of place. The nin-pup occasionally runs a little off the path if he catches the scent of an animal just to be sure nothing comes too close, but other than that they stay mostly to the road.

Poor Jon won't get much out of the girl. She tends to respond with simple statements and comments about her training. Even as she looks forward, she nods her head to the Glass Master, "Animals tend to know more than we do." She nods her head and then ponders before looking to Jon again and then forward, "Be careful." She nods her head, "We don't want to get too loud or we'll attract more trouble than we wish."

Kaido looks at the letter from the Hokage and reads it again. He already knows what it says by heart, and he's got a big decision to make. Does he disobey the recall order and risk having the ANBU sent after him, he knows the Raikage isn't going to risk the alliance over him. He looks back at Hige and it makes his decision harder, if it was just him, he'd probably risk having an assassins sent after him and try to survive, but he can't subject a Genin who's barely out of the Academy and too inexperienced for that sort of thing. Bandit looks up at Kaido and says, "We're <BEEP>ed partner, aren't we? You know what they're going to do if we return… I don't relish the thought of being stuck in a prison kennel." Kaido sighs, "Yeah, I know Bandit… but I can't see a way out. Not yet at least… let's just complete the mission and then talk to the Raikage before we do anything." Bandit nods and says, "Yeah…", he looks back at Hige and Konsho and says, "What are we going to do about them? They're going to get painted with the same brush as us because of this, that's not right." Kaido closes his eyes and says, "Yeah, that's one reason why I'm figuring we're going to go back… it's not Hige's fault, he shouldn't have to suffer because of my spat with the Hokage." Bandit nods and the two keep a watch on point.

As the group makes their way along the path, Hachiro would eventually direct the shinobi towards a path to the side. "My cart's over there. Let me grab it, and we can be in our way." He wanders off the path, leaving Jon to continue his chat with Hisomu and Hige. And maybe Kaido, if he feels like talking. Of course, it's misfortune that strikes about then. Bandits managed to knock Hachiro out and now hold him captive! … Which most people would notice since there are sounds of fighting.

Lucky Hige, he must've just missed that bird from the leaf village on his way to the mission. Otherwise Kaido would likely have to deal with a very loud boy the entire mission. Once they get to the place that the Glass Master says he stops and turns around to fully visually check their trail. However that ends quickly when he hears the sounds of fighting and he grits his teeth, looking to Kaido, then to Jon. He reaches out to grab the younger boy in case he tries to do something stupid…also known as 'pulling a Hige'…before looking between the other two, hoping they have an idea. They can't very well just leave the kid alone to go rescue his father after all.

A look to the boy and Hisomu is about to repeat her point about silence when she notices Kaido looking odd and then Hachiro walks off trail. She turns her gaze over to the sound and blinks as she looks at the various sounds in that directino before she looks to Hige and Jon, "Stay with him…" She nods her head and then looks to Kaido, "We need to help him." She then is attempting to slip off silently into the trees to try to get up closer and see what is happening near Hachiro and his cart.

Kaido blinks as he was so distracted by the letter that he didn't even notice that Hachiro was caught by bandits. It's a measure of his shame and anger that he says to Hisomu, "Oh we will… we will." He motions to Bandit and the two of them head off to go save the Glass Master. He isn't going to play around, so he unhooks his chakram and throws them outwards, using wind elemental chakra to make them float around to be aimed behind the one holding Hachiro. With that done, narrowing his eyes, he and Bandit steps out in front of them and says, "Let him go or die… I'll give you to the count of 3, after that, you get no mercy from me, or my partner." He says nothing about Hisomu, let them think it's just the two Inuzuka for now.

Hisomu would get to see the bandits rifling through Hachiro's pockets trying to find the key that unlocks his cart. And one of them is guarding them, so Hisomu also ends up getting noticed. Of course, the alarm call is cut short when the chakram slices over three of the bandits' heads. There are four total… "Heh. There're more of us than you!" says one, not thinking the dog is any threat. After all, Kumo-nin don't partner with dogs. "So we should be the ones making the threats!"

Hige and Konsho keep a wary eye out in case any of the bandits come their way, but his main priority is to keep Jon in place. "Don't worry, those three will take care of it. Just don't move okay?" He tells the younger boy in a quiet voice. And with that they wait, watch, and listen, on guard just in case.

Noting the situation, Hisomu stands up in the bushes near to them and then glares at the bandits before saying, "YOu can't win this. THe Glass Master dies then I kill every single one of you." She nods her head, "You let the old man go, you can walk away. You have two choices." She nods her head, "I do suggest you choose soon. I am not patient."

Kaido catches the chakram and Bandit looks up at Kaido and says, "Kaido? Just this once? You owe it to me…" Kaido looks down at Bandit and then a slow smile spreads upon his face and says, "You know what Bandit… you're right… go right ahead, in the immortal words of our forefathers… SIC 'EM BANDIT!" Kaido barks and with that, Bandit's eyes gleam and the nin-dog explodes into action, leaping right for the one that said that they should be the ones making threats attempting to take them down quickly as Kaido focuses chakra and then leaps into action, throwing his chakram again to try and take out the leader who has Hachiro and another of the 3 to leave them with just one remaining. He's not happy and it shows, normally he'd be using some strategy or to try and distract and misdirect the bandit, but right now he's so caught up in his personal problems that all he wants to do is kick ass. Not so far removed from Hige, is he? Probably why he rides the boy so hard to master his temper, mostly to be able to avoid exactly this kind of situation.

Jon looks warily at Hige, but nods, settling his nerves by crouching down and petting Konsho a bit. Crouching down might mean he's less of a target, right? Hachiro is out cold, so he doesn't necessarily /mind/ when the bandits drop him on his head to try and avoid the incoming attacks. Bandit gets a nice solid *CHOMP* on his target's leg, rendering him immobile unless he wants to hop around looking like an idiot. Sadly, he's not completely stupid, and he tries to hit Bandit with a stone his hand wraps around.
Of the other two bandits that Kaido launched an attack at, one of them gets a thin cut along his neck, though escapes the worst of it, while the other simply ducks. Hisomu has her own issues to deal with as the guard tries to knock her on the head with a particularly thick tree branch. "Hey, watch it!" calls out the uninjured as he throws knives at Kaido.

Konsho lets the boy pet him despite the situation since he figures it'll help calm him down. With the nin-dog keeping an eye on the boy it gives Hige a chance to open up his senses and focus them on the battle further up the path. He chew at his lip as he listens to what's happening beyond his vision, hands clenching and unclenching at his side. He doesn't like leaving the others in danger, but he has to take care of his own part in this which leads him to glance back to Jon once more. He just needs to have faith in the others, but it's hard to sit idly by.

With that, Hisomu frowns and shakes her head even as Kaido attacks. Even as she is shaking her head, she only briefly looks to the man attacking her when that stick slams into her head and *POOF!* she is gone in a puff of smoke. Not far though. Instead of completely gone, she is standing on the side of a tree right next to the man, her head tilting and looking up at him (at least up from her side of a tree angle) and she states, "Hi." Then her mouth opens wide as a spary of greenish/purplish liquid comes out of her mouth to coat him if he doesn't move fast.

Bandit simply moves out of the way, it's not like the person can chase him anyways, with that done, Bandit turns his attention to another bandit and attempts to attack him, blood and spittle flying from his mouth, growling and grinning doggly-like.
Kaido on the other hand, summons up some wind chakra to block the knives, sending them spinning away. He narrows his eyes and growls just like Bandit and says, "You've picked the wrong time scum…" With that, he tosses a sneeze bomb to try and stun the one that just attacked him and then fits a dart into his blowpipe and shoots it at another to try and disable him.

"Wha-?" says the bandit as he simply hits… Air? Then Hisomu speaks to him, and he turns his head so that he ends up getting a face-full of poisonous liquid. "AUGH!" He yells, clawing at his face to try and get it off. Of course, the damage is already done.
Bandit's second chomp is as effective as his first, as he's able to get the man's other leg and basically halt any further movement from him. Pepper goes everywhere, getting in the robber's eyes and nose and making him sneeze a lot. And the other gets a nice dart in his neck that downs him completely. Seems like a quick take-over!

A look at the flailing and now screaming man who is going to likely die out here, Hisomu frowns and shakes her head. She hops down and looks across to Kaido and Bandit, "Check on the client. I'm going to go check on Jon and Hige." She nods her head, "Good job." She nods to Kaido and starts off at a jog toward Hige and Jon, looking for them as she runs along to make sure evil bandits aren't descending upon them viciously with evil intentions.

Who's the Chuunin here? Kaido frowns at Hisomu's departing back and then shrugs and moves to help Hachiko up and uses first aid on him and sends him to where Jon is to let the boy know his father is ok. When that is done, he starts to tie up the bandits, administering antidotes and first aid as necessary. Now that the fight's over, his anger leaves him and he sighs, he slaps himself mentally for not using his normal fighting style. It was a victory, but it's not a victory he really cherishes, and even Bandit remarks, "Kaido… I don't feel really good about this one…" As he helps the man he hamstrung by dragging him over to Kaido so that he can at least stop the bleeding until they can all be picked up by the local constabulary and put in prison where they belong. Kaido nods and says, "Yeah, I hear that… We could have done this a lot cleaner and with a lot less bloodshed." When the bandits are all secure and no longer in danger of dying, he himself heads back to the group.

No bandits for Hisomu to save Hige from! Hachiro rubs his head. And now he has a headache… But he's okay! … Just a massive headache. "Ughh… The four of 'em jumped me. Didn't expect them, even. I must be getting old," he grumbles, patting Jon on the head in reassurance. The boy hugs his dad and then goes to get the cart and horses, leading them out to the main trail. "We've got room for two! Anyone else will have to walk!" Jon says, hopping into the back while Hachiro moves to sit up front and drive. "Uhhh… Well, I think someone ought to take the reins for me for a bit…" he mutters, handing them off to Kaido.

Once Hisomu, then the others appear Hige nods to them, relieved. When Jon goes to get the cart Hige goes with him just in case, but as the bandits are already bound there's not much to worry about. "We'll take point." He says once the reins are handed off to Kaido making the other Inuzuka now the driver. With that he moves ahead in the direction they're to continue in, both boy and nin-pup on guard.

A look to Hige and she gives a nod, "Good. It seems the danger has passed." She then looks to Kaido and asks, "Will we just leave those four there? JUst pick them up on the way back?" She hmms and then looks to the man as he hands the reigns off to Kaido. She nods a little before looking back to Hige and then to Kaido, "Either way, I just don't want them to escape."

Kaido climbs up onto the cart and grabs the reins as Bandit moves to Hige's other side to help him, being more experienced at this then the boy and Konsho. He then says down to Hisomu, "If they can manage to escape while being that sick and injured after how badly we trounced them, along with the little surprises I left if they manage to get out of their bonds, good for them. We'll pick them up on our way back if they're still there, if not, no loss, they aren't going to be a threat for a long time if ever after this anyways."

The bandits probably won't be going anywhere for quite some time. And the rest of the journey goes by uneventful. By the time they reach the mark-off point, it's dark. Silly winter hours. But Hachiro seems to be better and Jon is completely asleep. "Well… I think this is our stop? You guys ought to head back and check on the bad guys we encountered," Hachiro says. "We'll make camp here. And I think we'll be alright for now. Thanks for the help, you all."

Once they reach their destination the Hige stretches his arms up, then clasps his hands lazily behind his head as he gives a good look around the stop. He gives a wave to Jon and Hachiro, "Be careful." He advises, though that's pretty much obvious at this point. Konsho lets out a little yawn what with the sun down and all. The hours play tricks on your sleep patterns.

A look to the pair and she frowns a little before saying, "I don't like leaving you but if this is the end of hte mission, than so be it." She then looks at Hige and then at Kaido before nodding to each and starting off. She seems intent on simply walking back to Kumogakure in silence.

Kaido looks to Hige then and says, "When we get back to Kumo, you need to pack up your gear… we've been… recalled to Konoha." With that, he pulls out the rolled up scroll and wordlessly hands it over to Hige.

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