The Golden Hook


Ichiyo, Naru, Ryo

Date: February 28, 2012


Ichiyo Ryo and Naru are offered a tasked to clean up one of the local lakes after a wild pig turned it into a sty, they are also tasked to find a goldn hook

"The Golden Hook"

Konoha Fishery

With the Chuunin exams over, there were plenty of missions to be picked up on due to many shinobi watching the chuunin exams in Sunagakure, they came back with an army of missions to be inspected, and many things to accomplish from the bottom up. It also met that not all the shinobi was back yet either, making it difficult for the average genin to embark on any mission they chose. Each of the genin, Naru Ichiyo and Ryo would wake up to a scroll containing the information on a mission, just outside of Konohagakure, Within one of the fishing resivors a wild pig had attacked the area, creating havoc and the fisherman himself losing a rare golden fish hook in the process, their task was simply to clean up the messy area of tools much and trash and see if they could recover the golden fish hook…Somewhere lost in the water.

Naru was the first to arrive at the mission, deciding to go out there premetively since it wasn't a dangerous mission, she looks about the area, a light sweat drop trickling down her cheek. " What a mess…" She whispers quietly under her breath, witnessing a rather strung out fishery, bait, paper, everything seemed to be out all laong the bay and sme even floating on top of the water…. It didn't look very Konoha ish.

With the Chuunin exams there also comes another event. Academy graduation! Ichiyo wakes up in his room, gears and clockwork surrounding him. Hanging from his bedpost is his brand new forehead protector. He sits up in bed yawning and grabs his headband, putting it on. He strides downstairs to the workshop, old man Tadashi already is hard at work fixing a clock. "This came for you this mornting…" and he hands Ichiyo a scroll. Ichiyo grins, "My first mission!" He quickly grabs some toast and juice on his way out and runs out the door heading down the street and out of the main gates. He comes to a halt as he reaches the fishing resivor mentioned on the scroll. "Wow…a pig did all this?" he says behind Naru, easily within earshot.
Ryo was the last to arrive. He had already recieved his scroll. He entered the area and looked around at the sty. "So whats so important about this hook?" he asked Naru. He was hoping that perhaps she already had some information. Maybe she was able to talk to the guy who lost the hook. He was simply hoping there was more to it than that it was gold.
The boy then looks towards the newbie. "Who are you?" he asks. He had not met the boy before. "Uchiha Ryo. Genin." he states as an introduction. He then looks back towards Naru. "They called me out from training for this?"

"A mission is unfortunately a mission… Consider it a payment or something…" Naru spoke up to Ryo, first answering his question. " I really don't think there is much else to it, just a wild pig stomped through the area and he lost his golden fish hook… Unfortuantely I think thats really all there is to it," Naru answered, though before wandering off to investigate she decided to meet the other genin that she wasn't quite aware of until he had spoke up. " I don't think… I've seen you before?" She questioned Ichiyo, brushing the side of her cheek she offers him a slight wave. " My name is Uchiha Narusegawa, and you are?"

Ichiyo smiles as the question is asked twice. "I'm Koga Ichiyo, just graduated Genin. I can't wait to do this mission." He rubs his hands together and has an excited look. "So…" he points to each as he calls their names, "…Ryo-san, Narusegawa-chan. Got it, just in case we're a team later on, you know." He scans the damage and shrugs, "So, we start picking up and cleaning the mess? We can think about getting the fish hook once the stuff is cleared away, I think."

"Finally, I am not the new guy anymore." Ryo states. He had been the newest graduate of the academy for a while. He then looks towards Naru and nods. A mission was a mission, even if there was little glory or no real impact on his shinobi portfolio. "Well, I wish we knew if he was fishing with the hook at the time or if he had it in something… Then we would know what to look for…"

"Actually, according to the fisher guy the hook might be in the water… Lets hope thats not the case and we find out while we are out here nice and dry, if not…" She smirked a little bit and points at Ichiyo. " Maybe Ichiyo-san wouldn't mind taking the dive for us huh?" She teased with a grin before offerign a slight wave of her hand, agreeing wit Ichiyo. " Lets focus on picking up all this mess and we can get to it, for sure," She agreed, starting to motion off to a pile of dirt and trash, she didnt mind getting her hands dirty but it still was pretty gross, she begins to pick up a few loose belongings, stickign them in a pile. " We will pile them all up and burn it in one go.. Im not lugging anything back… "

Ichiyo does seem excited for the misson, even with having to take a dip. "Uh…yeah?" he says looking at the water, then starts picking things up with everyone else. He reaches into his ninja pack and pulls out a bag to toss garbage that can fit. "Makes sense…" he says grabbing a broken, whatever it is, and tosses it into the sack. When it's full, he dumps it over the ever growing pile.

Ryo as well starts to gather up debris and different junk from the water. He carefully looks through it before placing it off to the side in a pile. "Well, if he was fishing with it, we could try to locate the pole it was attached to. That would increase our chances. But finding it in the water… ewww. We would need to shine some kind of light and hope it did not get covered by anything. Then we could see the reflection of the light in the gold…"

Naru couldn't help but to yawn boredly as slugged away at the various assortments that made up this fishermans paradise, she began to gather a bunch of the left over bait, tossing them into the pile as well, shifting around until her eyes set upon Ryo. " So… How do you feel about everything? Hinotori-sama? And missions and such?" She finally questioned him, hoping to get alittle bit of small talk down while idly working at cleanign the place, she pulled a bag of wire along her back taking it to a nearby tree.

"Well, I am wondering if you made chuunin or not. That will ease some of the strain on our group. You can lead while Hinotori is away. Not that I like taking orders from you, but it makes everything smoother. As for the missions, the only disagreement we've ever had is how to handle covering our tracks. Thats not too bad." Ryo states as he continues to clean up more debris. "You nervous about it?" he asks after a moment of hesitation. He knew better than to ask. He doubted she would show it.

"Deep down inside I know you truly do like taking orders from me," Naru couldn't help but to tease, flashing an almost wicked grin in his direction while tilting her head to the side. " I wasn't beat senseless during the last exam… I got both my scrolls, I answered my questions, and as far as my currnt career has gone, fighting in the war… All the missions after…. As selfish as this may say, I think I deserve it… I've been trying not to be so…. Demanding and such," She went on to say, after puting a few things down finally the placed seem to be a little bit better, a few broken logs which met up a chair was then tossed away. "I'm considering joining Anbu if things work right… But I suppose I won't be able to tell you if I do until you finally join as well, you're still interested right?"

Ryo pondered what the girl was speaking of in reference to the exams. He was still trying to get as much information on them as possible. He also had not served in the war. He graduated from the academy right as it had ended. "I do not know if they take mission records into account. They should though." The boy says as he finds a tackle box. He opens it up and searches through it but closes it and tosses it to the side. "Yeah, I am still interested. Doubt Anbu has to do this…"

"From what I heard, the chuunin are determined by their records as a shinobi in general, so even if our performance in the exams were very poor if we have good credientals at home things aren't so bad," Naru stated, offering just a little bit more information about the matter. " I suppose we can only hope for it so we can gather some interesting missions, I want to travel the lands again, go on missions far away from him and bring back interesting prizes… Especially since gaining this sharingan…" Naru whispered softly, though turned her eyes on him. "Does that sound like a good idea to you Ryo? Once your eyes develop you will be able to copy any jutsu you will be able to see… We can become masters of everything… As long as we pick the right missions…"

Ryo nodded his head. "Yeah, that sounds good. Besides, I bet Anbu doesnt get to choose their missions. They're probably sent on them." The boy then glances into the water, now having run out of things to find. "This is next to pointless. That hook better have some sort of secret forbidden ninjutsu attached to it… if thats even possible." the boy states. He was not very patient with finding the key.

"How about you take a dip and find it? I he did say that it was laced with some sort of baiting seal, im pretty sure its not on it anymore but…" She smirked, it seemed like she was withhelding a little bit of information. " There might be traces of chakra still left on it and you know what that means…" Smiling lightly she began to move over towards the pile that had gathered, " Katon! Bakuhatsu no Jutsu!" Suddenly a flame explodes from her mouth expelling into the massive pile, most definitely to burn it down after some time while she awaited Ryo to find that hook…

Ryo shakes his head at Naru and then activates his sharingan. "All I need is a trace of that seal." Of course by then she is blowing fire over junk and probably ignoring him. "Girls…" he states before diving under the water. There are a few moments before he comes up with a golden hook. "Isnt that cheating? Placing a seal on a hook?" Then the boy ponders why Naru did not give him that information in the first place. Did the girl drag him out here for a chat?

"It certainly seems so… Why would he even need bait right?" Naru questioned with a smile, offerin him a light wave, she watched as the fire continually began to burn out the junk, it was rather quick, a few fire balls was enough to send it burning down. Nodding her head she looks at the mission scroll once more and nods. " Looks like everything is is order, how about we head home for now? Nice to have an easy mission once in awhile right?" She questioned rhetorically, offering him a gesture to come along.. She did want to talk to him quite a bit, and she definitely didnt want to get her hair wet during the mission.."I wonder where Ichiyo had run off to…"

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