Movie Trailer - The Golden Stripe


Aburei, Raili (written by Aburei)

Date: April 15, 2013


A heartwarming story of a boy, a girl, and a bloodthirsty beast.

"Movie Trailer - The Golden Stripe"

Land of Trees

* Low, upward-tilted shot with the tops of rural houses just visible against an early night sky, crickets are chirping. Footsteps on dirt road, Aburei and Raili walk into shot and stare at something past camera. Switch to over-the-shoulder shot behind Aburei and Raili, showing a house wall with a huge splintered dent in it. *

Aburei: Why do we always seem to arrive just when there are problems? o.o;

* Muffled dubstep plays, close-up sidelong shot (head off camera) of a hulking form in samurai armor dragging a huge club down the darkened street. *

Family man: Th-that thing…it's been roaming the streets at night for weeks now. Nobody knows how it gets here or what it wants.

* Shot of a gray-furred badger in a kimono speaking with Aburei, Raili, and Family man inside a house. *

Elderly badger: When the rage is upon him, he knows not friend or foe…

* Brief shots of Aburei and Raili narrowly avoiding blows from the hulking form's club, accentuated by dubstep thuds. *

Elderly badger: …only a terrible thirst for battle.

* Shot of Raili rubbing her neck while glancing at Aburei. *

Raili: You… have something to calm it down, right?

* Overhead shot of Aburei and Raili making their way through a dense forest, then being suddenly surrounded by fur-clad, wooden-masked, spear-shaking men. *

Family man: We're pretty sure of who's behind this. The Shinrin Nature Cult.

* Quick-fire montage of Raili fighting with a black-clad ninja, ending with the ninja striking the ground with a lightning blast. *

Raili: Ah, sweet. We roll in, knock some heads, blow a few things up.

* Shot of Aburei examining some mushrooms underneath huge, gnarled tree roots. *

Aburei: We need to find out what they're using, and make an antidote…

* Snarling beast maw moves into shot over Aburei's shoulder. *

Shinrin shaman: Ah, the Striped Lord is eager today.

* Shot of the black-clad ninja speaking to Shinrin shaman. *

Black-clad ninja: It's ninja business.

* Shot of Raili dashing into a smoke cloud after the black-clad ninja. *

Raili: We have a raging badger to stop!

* Music pauses. Shot looking down the chest plate of samurai armor as the smoke clears, showing Raili with her fist against the armor. Raili slowly looks up toward camera. o.o; *

* Close-up shot of roaring badger's face with bloodshot eyes and a yellow-tinged forehead stripe. *

* Music resumes, title text slams into place. *


* Shot of Raili talking to Aburei in the forest while picking a mouse off of her shoe. *

Raili: Did you get anything good? Cause all I got is a rodent.


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