The Great Patient Escape!


Iminari, Kioshi, Ogosokamaru

Date: November 17, 2012


A long-term patient in the Kumogakure hospital wakes up, and gets out.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Great Patient Escape!"

Kumogakure Hospital, Kumogakure

Due to an idiot spill in the private area Kioshi was being kept in, he has been moved out into a normal hospital room for the day for his exercises. As normal, he lays in his bed, hooked up to his feeding and oxygen tubes to keep him alive in his comatose state. It would almost be seen as cruel the way he has been kept that way so long, but the new methods they've been trying to wake him up at least for a little while seem to finally be helping him show some improvement. With any luck, he'll hopefully be able to start functioning on his own again soon, but, for now, he relies on medicine to keep him alive and is quite unaware that ten years have passed. To him, it seems like it's only been a few months because of how little he's actually ever awake, believing he's actually still fifteen rather than twenty five years old. Perhaps it's best that way until he gets a good grip on things, though. His nurse for the day has been given specific instructions, though who knows how well she'll be able to follow them, even supervised.

"Phew." Iminari had just gotten back from an unofficial mission that took more time than had expected. A bit of preparation was needed, a shower and all that from all the tumbling and little scrapes she picked up. She came in, looking completely fresh, hair still even a little damp from just taking the shower in one of the hospital's bathrooms. Despite being late, she was not joking around about this procedure, something that even qualified medic nin knew nothing about. All because of the program she was in.
It had been studied over and over again and when her gloves slap on. She's read the side effects of the drug and what could go wrong if misplaced. She didn't want to be the one to kill a guy who has been laying around 'okay' from ten years. After running through a few checks… she'd begin.
No instructions were given, the doctor just stood there and watched coldly as Iminari went to work as if expecting no mistakes to be made by the newbie he… actually looked tense enough to plan on putting her through a wall if something went wrong but, lucky for her that wouldn't happen! Instead everything went on just fine and now Imi would get to stick around for the part she actually wanted to see, the muscle exercises they had planned for him.

With the medicine injected, Kioshi finally begins to stir after a few moments. He lets out a groan and reaches over to grab a handle on the bed, adjust it to make the bed sit up. He blinks a few times as he glances between the pair in the room, quickly beginning to seem quite awake due to the medicines injected. "This stuff wakes you up like taking a stroll down around a cliff to realize you just stepped off the edge," he says, smirking slightly and shaking his head a little to gather himself. "Who's the new girl, Doc?" he asks, turning his head toward Iminari and giving a light nod as best he can in his condition. At this point, he thinks he's actually about the same age as her, not realizing that, when he was her age, she was still a little girl. Ignorance is bliss, one might say. "I'd introduce myself, but I somehow think you've already seen my name."

Iminari didn't know if she should frown or smile at his casual reaction to waking up, he probably had no idea how much time has gone by, they must be doing a good job of keeping him under the impression that time has not really gone by. Eventually she decides with smile for his own comfort, "Yes I do, Yotsuki Kioshi." She then pauses, placing a hand on her stomach, "I am Iminari. From your cousin clan, Kyokusei." She then heads over to the counter grabbing a cup of water and handing it to him.
"I am working to becoming a medic so I was given this oppurtunity. If I can't administer shots in a tense but, calm environment, I won't do much good out on the field." A giggle follows and she pulls up a clipboard looking over it before peeking up at him. "How are you feeling, any sort of new discomforts? Any former disturbances now gone?"

Kioshi remains stationary as Iminari speaks, smiling just slightly at her introduction of herself. "I suppose that makes sense. Long as you don't make me your personal pincushion, I guess I'm okay with that," he says, perhaps teasing a bit. One has to at least try to find some humor in a bad situation, right? At the round of routine questions, he ponders a bit then shrugs his shoulders. "I'm feeling a bit stronger, though it's hard to say whether that's from the exercise, the drugs, or if I'm actually start to really get better." He looks a bit hopeful at that last bit, probably feeling quite overdue for getting out of this place, though he has no clue just HOW overdue for that he really is.

"Mmhmm. Well actually, don't get too excited. I have news f- oops." Iminari drops her pen and it bounces before easily rolling under the bed. "Ah, excuse me, one moment." News! One needs news but, Iminari is more worried about retrieving that pen. "Hmm no where'd it… ah! It's like that thing is covered im some sort of camo, there we go." Iminari's upper half completely disappear

When the girl says not to get too excited, Kioshi tilts his head slightly then blinks and chuckles a bit as she ends up having to dive under the bed for her pen. "Smooth," he comments then waits for her to continue explaining. As she does, a light smile comes to his face and then a grin. "You mean I wont have to look at grumpy over there every day anymore?" he asks, making a joke, though obviously quite happy about what he's hearing. He pushes himself up to sit up a little better, placing a hand on one of the rails of the bed. "So what's the first exercise today? I'm ready to blow this joint."

"Well you might still be seeing gru-" A grunt is heard, Iminari just casually shifts to, "Grreat doctor here over time. You're actually on an experimental drug, there might be a few side effects that we aren't aware of down the line." Iminari turns about and bows to the doctor, the man then leaves apparently the rest was up to Iminari. "Ah, wait no. I was supposed to be the one leaving." ._.; "Er… lets see." She flips through a few pages on the clipboard. "Oh, odd. Another new test." Imi blinks a few times.
"That actually sounds kind of fun. Hehe." She moves over to his bedside and lowers the railing on the side.
"I guess I'm in charge of this now. I think he got angry at me calling him grumpy too…" Always getting more work tossed on her when she accidentally teases him. "So here's the thing, they're going to hook you up to a few seals. I suppose those are going to help with your muscles, working as some sort of back up muscles or… something." Iminari looked at the complicated words, even for a book worm these medical words were still a bit beyond her. She moves to grab a wheelchair
"While that's under effect a genjutsuist is going to put you in a combat simulation. It's to see how well your brain is functioning in relation to your muscles as there has been a notable… lag time since your hospitalization. If that's improving too…" Well the rest is obvious given how well the other signs were.
"Okey…" She crouches at his bedside and slides an arm under his back. "Okay. Let's see how little of my help you need, hmm?" She smiles and will help just enough, to get him into the wheel chair.

Kioshi snickers a bit as the doctor walks out before looking directly to Iminari and blinking a bit as she gets to the part about the experiment with the seals. "Another experiment?" he asks, lifting an eyebrow. "Maybe they should be the ones paying for me all this," he teases, moving his hand from the rail so she can let it down. He actually has to let people put seals all over him AND Genjutsu him. This rehab shots.
As she goes to help him off the bed, Kioshi places his hands on the lowered rail to brace himself a bit then goes to hoist himself up a little as best he can to move over into the wheelchair. He does end up requiring a bit of assistance in keeping himself elevated as he makes the transition, but it goes pretty smoothly. Practice makes perfect.

Ogo was in an outrage. Or at least he would be if he didn't go all military spec on them. The reason that doctor was probably grumpy, is because very early this morning a patient in the next room over was told he would have to spend another few days here for 'observation'. Ogo gave them an 'observation' or two of hit thoughts on what they could do with it. But he calmed down, and was told he would be moving rooms and could at least wear his own pants and shoes. The bandages over his body were remarkably similiar to ones he had a somewhere around a decade ago when he was- well that's another story. And funny enough, in his new room, there's someone who knows that story.
In Ogo's anaesthetic mood, he walks through the door, and stops just inside, looking over at Iminari and Kioshi. He looks at Kioshi for a minute, and thinking to himself 'They're letting a coma patient wake up and just wheel himself outta here? Oh pill no!'
So, he just looked more angry. The exact same face he had when he was a captain in the Diamyo's forces. Yes. Spitting image of the last time Kioshi would have seen him.
Kio already thinks he's fifteen. Lucky enough, the doctors didn't think Kioshi would recognize Ogo. Luckily for them, he did, and Ogo was just how he was when Kioshi last saw him. They were wrong, but finally it's a good thing!

Iminari was not the strongest of nurses or strongest of anything in particular, so her help at its maximum turned out to be barely enough. "Hnnngh." >_<;;; She manages to get him in the seat. Forcing out some awkward laughter towards his joke while fighting through a bit of exhaustion. "Well when you've been down as long as you have…" Imi freezes, she could feel eyes on her. The doc's eyes, he was watching through the walls somehow, she knew it and she goofed again. "Well uh, a few months isn't that long. Um, so yes maybe they should pay you." Suuuuper smile.
Imi starts to make her move, changing directions. "Okay Kioshi-san it'll just be a short trip, there have been quite a few renovations since… you…eep." Imi stops in her tracks, staring at the raging Ogo. Maybe this was the stare she was getting? Did she do something wrong to Ogo too? But she wasn't even his nurse!
"Ah… Ogo-san. Good morning. H-how are you?"

"Definitely," Kioshi says, grinning a bit at he settles into the chair. "Renovations, huh? At least they're doing something with that bill they're stacking up for me." When an all-too-familiar face steps through the door, Kioshi blinks a few times and snickers a bit. "Well, well, if it isn't the captain himself," the temporarily conscious man says, inspecting the bandaged Ogo a bit. "A few months in here, and the first time I see you is when they have to drag your gown in here too?" he asks, a light smirk tugging at his lips. "To what do I owe the honor of your ugly mug being one of the first ones I see besides the Medical Ninja here? One of the other clans finally get their hands on you?" Yep, Ogo looks exactly the same, so Kioshi assumes they're still in the Clan Wars and Ogo got wounded in battle.

Ogo raises his brows and stormcloud mood to a headtilt and brow furrowed. Slightly confused for a moment, then his eyes widen. He even smirks a bit and shakes his head for a second. He doesn't lookat Imi, or through the wall at the doctor that glares, or was even bound by the same problems that the medical staff was facing by talking to Kioshi. And, again, their fault Ogo was put in here. He'll have his payback to them for moving him yet!
"You've been in a coma for ten years," he out and out tells Kioshi to his face without even moving from in front of the door. Ogo's only problem, he looked like he did ten years ago, so he might be lying in Kioshi's eyes.

Iminari blinks a few times as Ogo tosses all that work out the window. "A-ah…" Imi facefaults, more or less literally the girl passed out from the severe shock of these ten years of work ruined in the few minutes he was under her watch.

Kioshi quirks an eyebrow at Ogo's words, giving him an up and down glance. He pauses a few moments before chuckling a bit and sarcastically saying, "Yeah, and you've found the Fountain of Youth and drunk like crazy to stay the same age." When Iminari kind of just faints behind him, Kioshi blinks and looks over his shoulder at her. "Uh… Hey, Doc, looks like you've got a third patient in here. The nurse seems to have fainted," he calls out, a little confused and wondering if they're playing some elaborate joke on him.

Ogo sighs for a moment, and walks to the far side of the room where there is a large bay window, and pulls back the thin curtain of the window, revealing the city's skyline of taller buildings in the center of the village to the west southwest. "Kumogakure. Founded seven years ago, three years after the fight-" he lowes his head and just closes his eyes for a moment, still fresh in his head the images. Talking about it just opened the door to them again. "The fight with the other Captain who sent us on that mission to Anjei Village where you were knocked unconcious." Ogo was talking while he moved the partition out of the way, sliding back the curtain within and with Imi unconcious, yes, he leaves her there for now and steps over her to the back of the wheelchair, pushing Kioshi over to the window, finishing his explanation and thereby yes, ruining the last ten years of work. But he didn't know they were being all clandestine about Kioshi's knowledge of what day it was.

Watching Ogo walk over to the window and pull the curtain back, Kioshi raises his eyebrows then blinks a few times. He goes silent for a bit, half listening to Ogo and half in shock at what he's seeing and hearing. Ten years… To him, it seemed only a few months, but there's no way all of this could have been built in that time. He stares out the window for a long few moments, seeming like an eternity as he tries to wrap his mind around the fact that ten years have passed since the last time he saw the light of day. "So… The war ended? The Clans finally banded together?" he asks, his tone and expression seeming as if he is trying to decide as if this is real or not as well as trying to figure out how much of his memory since then has been a dream and how much has been real. "… Tell me at least the memory of you killing that orderly wasn't a dream?" The dragging away of Imi is pretty much just flat out ignored. She'll be okay, he's sure.

Ogo moves to sit in the chair next to where he had put Kioshi in the wheelchair, putting his elbows on the arms and clasping his hands together. "Yes. That was real. And him killing Yunanari in front of us. That was real. So was the club you caught to the temple or whatever after I killed him, and everything kinda went haywire. We were discharged- whoever was left alive in the platoon." He goes through names of those who -did- make it back from the mission, which was a rather short list, and to exclude the two in this room, four were still alive at that time. "Maybe even less now since then are surviving. I haven't heard anything about it. But we can't serve for a Diamyo in the Land of Lightning unless we get a new one who overturns that tiny policy, and they probably all overlook it anyway and just leave it as it is. Not that I really want to go back." Ogo just stares out the window for a minute more, then looks at Kioshi. "Saito, Reizei, and Yotsuki, all under one village 'roof'. Can you believe it? Oh, I'm sure your father would love to hear you're awake."

"… Well, at least one part of that is good news," Kioshi says, letting out a sigh as he continues to stare out the window at the village. He continues to listen to Ogo explain what happened silently, pondering over the events. This really just flat out sterilizes… He's missed a lot. The end of the wars. The joining together of the clans. "Oh, what a pity. We can't serve a self-righteous therapist who lets his family do whatever they want to his soldiers. Ten years, and no one's assassinated him?" When Ogo looks at him, Kioshi looks up at him and smirks slightly. "It's hard to believe. I bet most of them are still ready to kill each other half the time, though… And I'm only awake artificially. They're giving me some kind of drugs to wake me up for rehabilitation so I can at least be semi-functional by the time I wake up naturally. I learned that much before the nurse passed out."

The white-haired Chuunin just sits there listening while the Yotsuki talks about how he'll have to wait for some medicine to do the work for him, and just sitting there waiting for someone else to help him with drugs, and antidotes, and accepting the fact he can't do something on his own with that same willpower that made him such a powerful part of the platoon.
Ogo looks out the window again, his face going stern once again, "Doesn't sound like the soldier -I- knew. Maybe they switched you and his charts. Because I'm -sure- I didn't just hear you say you were waiting on drugs or medicine to fix you." Ogo had stood while talking, now looking down at Kioshi in the wheelchair when he finished talking.
Ogo then moves around to behind the wheelchair, starting to pull and maneuver to get Kioshi out of the room apparently, aiming for the door. "Guess I'll just have to wait till my reliable ally wakes up." Good ol' Odo-Taichou's speech patterns then. Make you feel like a pile of placebo because you're giving up on yourself, and therfore the team.

As Ogo speaks, Kioshi lifts an eyebrow at him again and blinks. "Actually, I was just telling you how they have me awake currently. I'm getting the MRI out of this place as soon as possible," he replies, blinking again as Odo actually moves to wheel him out of the room. "Some things never change, huh, Odo?" he asks as they move out into the hall. A brief glance is cast toward the nurse that is currently being fanned. "Now I'm really glad I didn't have time to try to charm that one. She would have been, what… five when we were chopping heads together?"

Odo just chuckles as he wheels past the door, grabbing Kioshi's chart, setting it in his lap. He walks over to his clothes, and puts on his white-pearl undervest, then his jacket, and getting his weapon situated. He -almost- could be mistaken for medical personnel in all white and cream colored clothing. He then grabs the handles to Kioshi's wheelchair, and before they walk out the door, "That was my plan, too." Things never change, "No, not really, so ten years isn't that bad, is it, if things never change?" Iminari would have been five, "Uhh, yeah, about that. Now imagine how -I- feel, in the body of my sixteen year old self, but still in the mindset of twenties." Odo thinks for a moment on another girl he knows, then just shakes his head, "Guess my situation is a little better. I can be that gross old man, you can't." And past the doctors… office.. they go? Ogo was headed right for the front door. "Soon as possible, neh?"

"Guess not." Kioshi chuckles a bit at Odo's predicament of being trapped in a sixteen year old body, shrugging his shoulders as he says, "Well, maybe your social skills have finally caught up enough that you can pass for sixteen." When it seems they are headed right for the door, he smirks slightly and casts a glance toward a nurse that is charging their way attempting to make them stop and at least sign an AMA form. "Here," he says, lifting up his hand to point his fingers at the paper and sending needles of lightning to burn straight through the clipboard. "I believe that concludes our observation period," he calls back to some rather confounded and bewildered Medical Ninja just as they would be going out the door. Whatever the conditions, he knows he definitely doesn't want to be stuck in this place any longer.

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