The Hard Stuff: Part One


Hanpa, Hinotori

Date: March 4, 2015


The people of the Land of Rivers need to know that they are free to forge their own destinies. That they have choices that can lead to hope that can then lead to solutions to their problems. Hanpa as an organization has set in motion the events to attempt to make this happen and now it is time to start convincing the people it is possible.

"The Hard Stuff: Part One"

Upon village the river, Land of Rivers

While the Land of Rivers did not have many places that could be considered a vista to observe the land itself from, the top of the great river valley would allow one to see just why this country is named after its rivers. Today, Hanpa would be sharing this view with Hinotori. It was a bright, beautiful day with not a cloud in sight and the water glistened as if it were glittered with gold. The land was green and lush in many ways as well… but what you would not see even in the most densely populated areas… was a city or even a truly large village. All of the establishments were quite small, scattered about the great river and its tributaries. Everything was disjointed, unconnected even as it was literally connected by the flowing water source. Life passed by each village every day for eons… and yet some how they were stunted and unable to take life in to their own hands and drink of it until they were satisfied. They were afraid, beaten, without hope, and lost.
"Hinotori… this is the land that I fight for. It is where I was born and it is the place that I was trying to make whole before. I dream of it thriving one day. Stabilized… industrious. Capable of using its abundant natural resources and the resilience and cunning of its people to truly be a place worth living. But before that can happen… they have to be freed from the shackles of despair. Their suffering serves no purpose and stunts their growth. I would like for you to help me. Do you accept?" Hanpa would offer to Hinotori as he would face the great river valley, unable to truly see it with his impaired sight.

Hinotori has finally allowed himself to leave Konoha, it was time for a new journey something to change in his life. As he is brought here with Hanpa, the younger Uchiha walks along side him. Hinotori looks out over the horizon looking down at the Land of Rivers. He was amazed at the view and the look of the land. Hinotori moves to the edge of where they are standing and he crouches down and looks out over the rivers. With the sun casting down it's lights, Hino could see something more now as he loks over the land. There are a number of other places in Konoha he would sit and watch as well as places he's journeyed quite a bit, but there is something else about this place, something that has more personality. Still as Hanpa speaks to him about the land and why he is fighting for it, he nods his head as he listens to Hanpa. "I see." he says as he looks up to Hanpa for a moment studying him, than looking back out over the land.

"I will help." he says simply. "Sounds like this place didn't have anyone to help them until you." he says as he stands up and stretches out, "If we are going to help the Land of Rivers, what all will we be doing?" he asks. "Because we don't want ot start wars or bring trouble back here if we are trying to get the people to stand up fully and show what they are worth and allow them to surge forward."

"The first time I was here…. I deposed the Daimyo and created opportunities and largely allowed people to pursue their fates freely. Unfortunately, I was not here long enough for many of them to start making better choices on their own. So things became destabilized quickly when I was gone and the seat of power left with me. The nature and topography of this country has seen been abused. Illegal activities and trade are what the roads and rivers have come to. We have taken care of some of the issues with the roads, and some of the issues with the river… but now it is time to act against the influences that come from outside of the country. On my last trip to Fuuma alley, where i picked up a young woman named Yuko, she assisted me in stage one of this effort… drawing them out. They have been amassing a response since. Our task however is far more difficult than merely crushing them." Hanpa would explain, though he would begin to move, leaping from the cliff side and gracefully fluttering down to land in a crouch, waiting for Hinotori to follow him before he'd start to sprint along the river. "Our task today… is to visit the villages along the river, and convince them to organize.. and to resist. To see a better future and take it in to their own hands with our support. I want to allow them a sight of victory that they earned themselves to inspire them to see past themselves."

Hinotori follows suit, having taken in the information, Hinotori seems to free fall downwards only to flip and land in a crouch just behind Hanpa and and sprint along with him. Holding back his own speed to keep in step with the leader, "So because you left all of this has happened. ANd now that your back your wanting people to have somewhat of a equal responsibility in righting the wrongs that happened here and not just have all of us clean it up and in a way save the day?" he asks as he looks forward as they run. He uses his peripheral to scan the area as they run, "Sounds like a good idea, but a land does need those to help guide it, so will that be another part of your plan?" he asks.

Hanpa was silent for quite some time after that question. They would take to the trees to move a bit faster when there were trees, but would have to some times cross small rivers or continue on land. Eventually however, he would reply in his calm tone, "That all depends…. on if they forgive me for abandoning them…" There was a small village up ahead that seemed to have about 10 shanty houses and some sort of pub or gathering place. There were a couple of canoes docked as well, empty and perhaps for personal use. Hanpa would take his time slowing up, reading what he could tell of the area. Exhaling slowly, Hanpa would warn, "Expect a few bandits or pirates… it is possible the boats here do not actually belong to this village."

Hino knows it will take him some time to map the area, but he does pay a lot of close attention to where they are going. His eyes scan the way the water moves the trees move, how teh wind feels against him. With the silence between himself and Hanpa, Hino does have time to think about the last few weeks, and what all he has done in coming here. It was the right decision for him, he ducks under a branch and launch himself sideways onto another tree branch as they run. As Hanpa speaks again, Hino moves up along side him so that their voices aren't carrying, "I see." he says simply. WHen they arrive, he does slow down. A lot sooner than Hanpa, ANBU training taking over. He nods his head when told about the bandits, "Who are we here to see or is it the bandits we want?" he asks as he too sees the canoes and the shanty homes. He frowns a bit, "We can make this better, all of us and the people here." he says to Hanpa before going quiet.

"We will engage the whole village… and in that we will be approached by those who "like the way it is" because they are benefiting from it in some way. When they expose themselves, I will explain how everyone can get even more than they are getting now. They will likely resist, as it means that they have to actually put forth effort instead of stealing from another man or woman's work. But this will put them on the spot. It is one thing to prey on the weak when everyone is weak. It is natural.. it can make sense and be reasoned. But when you are willing to put yourself before all others… you become a threat to their life and their future instead of merely an annoying parasite. Then we simply allow things to unfold… and try to keep casualties to a minimum. Of course… situations may differ from town to town and there are always wild cards." Hanpa explained how he saw it going down.

Hinotori quirks a brow when he is told they will be engaging the whole village, but as it's further explained, he shakes his head a little. "Why not call a meeting and have everyone come out that way?" he asks as they continue to walk. Hino doesn't look too phased by the situation at all, but there are always other ways to accomplish the same goal…..sometimes. As Hanpa continues to explain, Hino gives a slight nod. "So our main focus and objective is to engage the village, keep casualties to a minimum. Explain how everyone can benefit if they are able to put aside their differences and work together. To become a village who is able to sustain itself instead of preying upon one another and slowly killing themselves off?" he asks. "Seems like a good idea, but also we should have members of your group who are good at talking and organizing to speak more with each small town, or have those who are able to speak from within the villages to help in that regard as well. Let the people choose who would be the best qualified to help that area and sort of form their own council."

"That is the hope Hinotori yes… to get them to see they are not powerless. Though getting Hanpa to mobilize on this can be… difficult at times." Hanpa would admit. "There is still a lot of growing we need to do as a team, and there are a lot of concerns everyone has for their own current situations. But with time it will come. Let's get started." Hanpa would say as he'd lead the way in to the village.
Two strangers were far from a welcome sight, but it wasn't exactly new either. Several eyes fell upon the two as they would approach, some already considering angles with which to take from them, others going about their business trying not to be noticed. Some tough guys would step up though… not really to protect the town so much as to keep up appearances as wanna be alphas. "'Ey! Who the 'ell are you two suppossed to be eh?" One of them would cajole with a bit of laughter from the few others. Hanpa would simply motion towards the man as he faced his reflective mask at him. "Who do you see?" he would state calmly then, confusing the man a bit. "Well since ya got a mirror for a head I see the most 'andsome man in this whole country right 'bout now!" more laughing would ensure at that as a few snide remarks would be entwined within them, causing the man to bristle a bit. "Alright, handsome. I assume you know the people around here… if I were to speak to anyone, who should it be?" Before the man would claim himself as the sole voice, a woman sitting on her porch would say, "The elder 'o course but… he'd be deep in the drink this mornin'… AGAIN!" she'd yell loud enough likely for whom ever it is to hear.

Hinotori places his hands in his pockets as he and Hanpa walk up, "Well hopefully we can pull this off." he says to him. Pretty much answering for all of what Hanpa said they all needed to do. He stretches out a bit and lets out a yawn when they are greeted by the wannabe alphas. Though eh looks bored, HInotori is already glancing about seeing who all is around, those trying to keep from being seen, others looking at ways to take on him and Hanpa if it came down to it. He does smile when he sees people just wanting to be left alone, it comforted him in a way, but also sadden him. THey should be walking within their own village with their heads held high. When they are greeted, he lets Hanpa deal with the man, but when the elderly woman speaks up, he smiles and offers her a bow of his head showing respect to her, "THank you. I'm pretty sure he heard you."

Heard perhaps… but he didn't really seem to respond. Not a word came from the little dive of a bar that was in this village. Though one man did eventually come out. Certainly not an elder though. He was a large man, muscled, calm and focused. It was actually strange to see a man like this here What was even worse was that the villagers all seemed to scatter a bit, moving along with their own business… even the wanna-bes. Hanpa would direct his posture towards the presence. "He's a dealer… Hinotori. An enforcer more than likely." Hanpa explained with just that. It seemed that the cartel had already made its move… they may already be too late.

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