The Hard Stuff: Part Two


Hanpa, Hinotori

Date: March 5, 2015


Upon reaching the first village, they find that the natives are more than restless as a battle begins between the shinobi and the drug cartel. But is everything what it seems to be?

"The Hard Stuff: Part Two"

Upon village the river, Land of Rivers

Turning to look towards the dive, the younger Uchiha watches as a large man comes out, this isn't an elder at all. But Hinotori knows how to asses a situation and this didn't look like something that would be easy. He watches as people start scattering, even the thugs. Hino looks to the old woman, "Please go inside." he tells her if she is still outside. Hinotori nods to Hanpa having heard him, "Let's see how this plays out." he says to him. HInotori gives a slightly bored look and yawns. As he does, he looks around for a moment, looking to see if there are any cronies hiding about now. He turns slowly back to look at the enforcer, "I got your back." he says in a low voice. The cartels are a fucking pain in the ass, but it's never too late to kick them out and save a town, just gotta make sure you hit them hard.

The man would stare at both Hinotori and Hanpa for a long moment, gazing between them in silence for a moment. He would then move his hand behind his back in order to procure a piece of paper from his pocket. Unfolding and uncrumpling it, he would look to it and then the two men again before tightening his fist around the paper and tossing it aside. He'd crack his knuckles, roll his neck, and settle in to a tight fighting posture, his gaze concentrated on Hanpa himself. Hanpa didn't change his position nor his stance, standing calmly in his silence in return. People gathered a bit for the fight that looked like it was about to ensue. The old woman… she wasn't about to leave her porch. the daylight was good and she was still knitting, screw the young'ns.
The large man shifted a step closer before Hanpa raised a finger stating. "Hold on a moment, if you will." The man tilted his head just barely as Hanpa would slip his hands behind his back and straighten his posture even more. "You do realize how… pointless this is don't you? You were sent here, probably to insure some shipment or another.. convince the town to play by your rules and take care of anything that may get in the way. You have information about me due to my pre-emptive action which led you here in the first place. And now due to the pittance you have been paid… you are willing to through your life away against two shinobi class opponents?" The main raised a brow for a moment at that before shifting forward again. Hanpa sighed deeply. "The things people do for money. Hinotori… do you happen to have the skill not to make this man explode or be crippled for life? I'd like for him to be concious and still capable of hearing for the conversation we are to have after this…"

Things can never be simple nor can they be easy with some people. Hinotori looks at the man as he pulls the paper from behind him than throws it down, he cracks a smile at the old woman who didn't bother to listen to him. He liked her, and as Hanpa tries to reason with the big man, it seems that isn't working either. Hey at least Hanpa tried to speak with him first, which is always a good first move. Diplomacy no matter what should be tried in hopes you have those who don't want to fight. But in this case as Hinotori watches, wasn't goin to be the case. "Yeah, he will be hurt quite a bit, but if you want I can face him." he says simply as he walks over to where Hanpa is. "Hello, you have a decent stance." he says to the man. "You may wanna grab that paper he just crumpled up while I face him, see who signed it." he suggest to Hanpa.

"By all means." Hanpa offered. The reality was, Hanpa rarely ever saw a need to fight. He did so when it was necessary and almost never bothered when it was not. It was always that way. In the past… the people who chose to follow him understood that implicitly and would be the ones to handle such situations. There was power in that… not because they appeared like flunkies or servants, but because it displayed that what he represented was important to others, not just himself. If Hinotori was willing to put himself in to… well not even harms way… but in to a scrap for this to work, that was progress. Hanpa would smile a smile no one could see. Hanpa would start walking towards the crumpled up piece of paper as the man would start in on him, ignoring HInotori entirely and going for his target. At the very least he seemed quite disciplined. His stance remained tight, efficient… he had experience in martial arts of some form that was for certain.

Hinotori down to his core didn't like to fight, he trained to be a shinobi, because that is what the Uchiha were, they protected their own and allies. But not all were die hard fighters and wanted nothing but power, Hinotori was one of them. Power didn't mean much to him because he never craved it. He's seen what people do for power even among the Uchiha. He tried hard to change Fuyu though she was trying to change him, but slowly he saw her change and even came to love her but that was taken from him, but still he didn't fall into darkness, he had others who kept him from falling and the power he has comes from the love he has for people in general and the need to protect. Even as this runs through his mind, Hinotori doesn't miss a step as the man moves to intercept Hanpa, "No." he says in a soft voice though strong enough for his opponent to hear him. HInotori is fast, even when not using chakra, his natural speed is scary and he appears in front of the man aiming a knee right towards the man's groin. One thing any fighter would know, not to discredit other fighters when yoru facing more than one, and even as Hinotori attacks, he keeps his awareness up.

A knee is raised against Hinotori's own knee, defending the tender area swiftly… though Hino's power is able to lift the large man off of the ground, causing him to grunt slightly in pain. However, this did not stop the man. He'd twist his body swiftly while i nthe air, coming down towards Hinotori with a heavy kick… though it was a feint as both his arms shot out with curled back fingers like claws as he rolled forward. It was like a purely taijutsu form of Fang Over Fang improvised from a defensive manuver. Hanpa paid attention to what he could sense and hear of the battle as he'd move towards the paper still, able to get a bit further as the large man would furrow his brow and attempt to disengage from Hinotori at the earliest chance.

Hinotori isn't impressed often when it comes to people using taijutsu, there have been a few occasions and this isn't one of them. "Good reflexes." he says almost absently, though a smile does play along his lips. The only ones who know of Hino's love of a good fight is Naru or now Soubi who isn't with them right now. But the smile fades as he sees the attack, for someone who's sparred with quite a few Inuzuka, this wans't anything new, but to be used by non-Inuzuka does grant the guy a half a brownie point if he uses it right. Hinotori brings one of his hands out of his pockets and as he doesn't go for the feint, Hinotori charges towards him. Knowing the range, but because this opponent is bigger, he may have more range than others he's fought, Hinotori slides under the man, as he does he jabs his fingers towards the man's solar plexus, then upon getting beneath him, kips up, and throws a back spin kick towards the back of the man's head. His shirt is ripped and a bit of blood does show on Hino's chest. He had to get closer then he wanted, but if his first strike hits, the big man would be stunned and the kick would send him crashing hard.

And so it does as Hinotori is easily able to string together his combination of blows while the large man is not only distracted, but simply not able to keep up with Hinotori's bodily capabilities and his experience. Hitting the ground hard and rolling a few feet before clawing at the ground to stop, the man coughs haggardly, shortly expelling all of the air in his lungs in order to regain control of his diaphram. Obviously injured, the man seemed to have quite a bit of will power still. Hanpa on the other hand had gotten the piece of paper and raised it up as he'd remove his mask, not fearing his face being truly recognized here. He glanced at the paper, a bit surprised at what is on it.

"Go for the shiny one."

Was all that it said. Hanpa raised a brow at first before smirking a bit at this. However… he'd not say or do anything about it for now, neatly folding the paper up and watching Hinotori work. As the man stood up, he'd lock his legs as not to allow them to shake, his focus was now on Hinotori completely. He would lengthen his stance, drawing out his arms and legs, baring his "clawed" hands and baring his teeth in a guttural growl as strange chakra would pour from him. The flow of it was different… not quite the circulation of normal chakra. Something more… volatile. The man would finally speak, a snarl in his voice as he'd say with great pride: "Confrontation Beast Wolf-Fist Style Aku Gata!" He states as if it were his name. Hanpa would simply nod at that. "That's what I thought…it seems I was wrong, Hinotori." Was all he would get out before the man would charge Hinotori, moving on all fours in to a high leap as he rolled in to the air and swung a chakra empowered kick down like the lash of a wolf's tail.

Quirking his head to the side, Hinotori watches as the man crashes. But the fact that he wasn't giving up was slightly impressive, he is apart of the cartel, he can't make himself look bad in front of those watching him now can he? Still Hinotori knows to watch his opponents closely, and when the man lets out his guttural howl and his chakra spikes, it's than that Hinotori sees that things just got stepped up a notch. ANd upon hearing Hanapa, "Oh no, don't help I got it." he says to Hanpa. Hanpa would see a child like smile grow on Hinotori's face as he brings his other hand out and also feel his chakra ramp up a bit. "Alright big guy lets dance." he says as the larger man is already coming after him. One thing of note, Hanpa would recognize, that Hinotori hasn't engaged his Sharingan at all yet.

Letting out a breath, seeming to take all the time he wanted, this would be a pretty dangrous fight, but Hinotori hasn't really gotten to stretch out in a a good fight in a while. His eyes snap open, "Katon: Shoryuken!" Hinotori times his strike and throws a flaming jumping uppercut towards the big brute as he is coming down, aiming the strike for his chin to knock him upwards and engulf him in flames.

"I wouldn't dream of interrupting you. But I do believe… I am going to go grab a drink." Hanpa would state as he'd slip in to the run down tavern while Hinotori continues his battle. The chakra powered leg whiffs as the fiery upper cut would take its toll on the fighter, launching him in to the air with quite a few burns as his reward for continued confrontation. But he was not entirely knocked out. He landed hard on the ground, rolled around a bit with great effort, putting himself out, and then rolled on to his back, out of breath and clenching his wounds. No… Hinotori wouldn't need Sharingan for this fight, fortunately for the man who lacked a considerable amount of flame resistance. Within the tavern however could be heard… laughter?

Hinotori spins in mid-air and lands on one foot, than the other. He hops from foot to foot in anticipation but could already see that his opponent is down. He shook his head at Hanpa who left to get a drink, that's so not right at all. Still Hinotori looks at his opponent, he didn't feel sorry for the man. He brought this all on himself, Hinotori stretches and yawns a bit as he waits to see if the guy ws going to keep fighting, he kinda hoped he didn't want to, their objective was met and completed, but for now he would wait to see if the big guy would leave or not.

The crowd had watched on at the whole thing, eyes sparkling at the wonder that is chakra being unleashed before them. They were used to fighting.. lots of it… but nothing like that. Though there weren't many kids around, it was hard to tell with all the enamoured adult faces. But some of them looked a bit grim. SOme of them looked utterly distrustful of this power… afraid of it for good reason. The old woman however would say, "Come on now Tsushino. That stranger whooped ya good. Come get some water and let me treat yer wounds dear." She kept her eyes on Hinotori a bit, smiling slightly. "I think ya should join yer friend young'n. Ain't nothing left out here to squabble over 'less ya like a lot a dirt covered nothin'."

Hinotori does take a moment to look out at those who were watching, and is surprised a little of the looks of the fight and what it brought. He pushed his chakra down deep to the point of if someone was trying to scan him, they wouldn't find a lot within him even though his display showed he knew how to use chakra. Still he sighs and looks back to the man, "Tsushino." he murmurs to himself. Good, the name would come in handy and it seems there is a relationship of some kind with the old woman. He bows his head to her, "Alright, you take care ma'am." he says and bows to her and his opponent. See you can be nice even if your opponent was a jerk, still Hino makes his way to the pub, his hands in his pockets and a bored expression on his face. He walks in looking for Hanpa.

"And so I told the man… "I'll send you right to the 17 hells if you don't give me back my sake!" and he tossed the bottle right back to me right away. All I had to do was look him in the eye… well and threaten his life to hellish oblivion but that's trivial nonsense!" An old man with a mane of shaggy, shoulder length silver hair would roar with laughter as Hanpa, unmasked and sipping a saucer of what ever the old man had it seemed would chuckle along with him. "There are 17 hells? I've been gone for longer than I thought…." Hanpa murmured before the old man would pat his shoulder roughly. "There is a hell for each and every one of my ex-wives boy. You better believe it and act straight or you'll find yourself in one of em! I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy to tell ya the truth…" Hanpa would side glance the man. "How in the world did /you/ get married 17 times??" he'd ask before the man would say to him, "No no… 16 times… the 17th level of hell is where all of them gossip about how they are gonna snip me bits in full moon light and get what's left over fitted for new purses to spend all my money from!" Hanpa would simply shake his head and look towards Hinotori as he would enter the very small little dive.
"Ah this is my travelling companion I told you about. Grand Master… meet Hinotori. Hinotori…. I would like for you to meet the Grand Master of the Wolf-Style Confrontation Fist, Garou the Hungry Wolf." Garou would wave his hand dismissively. "I'm retired, young lord. Ever since that mess with Higure… something like that'll take even the wind out of this old wolf's lungs…" Garou would sombrely admit before losing himself with a long few gulps of his sake. Hanpa gazed at the man with a slow nod. "I understand how you feel… but there has to be more than this, and that is what Hinotori and myself are here to discuss."

It doesn't take long to find what all the commotion going on is about, he chuckles a bit as he finds Hanpa and he sits down near him and the old man. When introductions are made he quirks a brow and smiles, "The Grand Master of the Wolf Style Confrontation Fist, a pleasure to meet you." HInotori gives a proper taijutsu greeting, and using the traditional Wolf-Style Confrontation Fist bow and salute. Again he learned from some pretty impressive Inuzaka's. He sits down when the old man dismisses them. He smiles and looks around as he gains his bearings a bit, Still as he listens, Hinotori quirks a brow up at Garou, and lets Hanpa handle the discussions.

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