The haunted house Part 1


Satomi, Hisoka

Date: March 31, 2013


Hisoka and Satomi go out to take back a rice-manor in the land of rice-paddies

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The haunted house Part 1"

Unknown location

Satomi and Hisoka are on their way to the land of rice paddies, a two man mission. The mission was a kidnapping of a local lord who has taken over a rice-manor from the rightful owner by force. "Okay so, find the owner… Kidnap the bad guy… Bring him back to Konoha." Satomi hisses, arms behind her head. "Such a drag… why can't we just kill him!" She complains, rubbing her nose.

"And no that's not permission to go wild Hisoka!" She says, smirking while bumping his ribs with her Elbow. "We'll use your nose to find the rightful host of the mansion. I have his hairbrush with me, so you'll be able to recognice it." She explains, yawning loudly. "I should be napping right now!"

Hisoka looks to Satomi along with Kurokane at her remark. "Wow, that sounds like something I'd say." Hisoka comments. Kurokane agrees with him with a bark. At Hisoka's side Kurokane keeps his eyes tuned to Satomi and when she warns Hisoka about getting reckless Kurokane barks once again as if scolding Hisoka. "I haven't even done anything yet!" Hisoka remarks. He shakes his head a sighs "One time and it's like I'm a psycho path." Hisoka chuckled. When Satomi shows him the hair brush Hisoka reaches for it. "Let me see it." he states. "You should get more sleep at night. You shouldn't be napping this much during the day."

"And why can't I do both?" Satomi says while yawning yet again. "I just figured there's more efficient ways of travel, it's just cheaper to make us walk!" She says, followed by a nod. She handed him the brush by now, and just continues her firm pace down the road towards the land of rice paddies. "The mission shouldn't be too difficult, go in… search, nab some punk, get out." She says, waving it off like a trivial easy task. Heavily understimating anything they could run into there. "Right Kurokane? We like simple don't we?"

Hisoka shakes his head "You are a Nara after all." Hisoka laughs. Kurokane's tail wags in jovial concurrence but he wouldn't let Satomi see that. Hisoka, once he's finished laughing, takes the brush and gives it a whiff. He blinks then hands it to Kurokane "Distinctive enough right? This should be really simple." Kurokane nods after taking his portion of the scent and returns a bark to Satomi. The young Inuzuka looks back to Satomi "You don't seem as cautious as usual. IT seems easy enough but still you came off as meticulous during our last mission. Maybe you do need that nap eh?" Hisoka questions? Kurokane leaps up now onto Hisoka's shoulder. The ninken is a bit larger though so he rests some of his body on Hisoka' head. "Gah what are you doing Kurokane?" Kurokane barks with a sly tone mixed in. "Hehe…more efficient means of travel what don't tell me you're a Nara too?" Hisoka jokes.

Satomi chuckles, shaking her head. "I'll worry when we're there." She says, indeed seeming far more relaxed. "No reason to sweat it now." She adds, while glaring around. Smiling at Kurokane, petting him as well. "You sure you want to be his dog? If you want you could come live with me!" She says teasingly, poking Hisoka. "Just kidding!"

"Should be a days walk…" She says, while noticing a travelling merchant. "Eh… excuse me!" She yells, while running up to his wagon. "Where are you headed?" She asks the man, who points towards the land of rice paddies.

"Think we can hitch a ride?" She asks, bending over a little to let him gaze into her clevage, to which the elderly merchant blushes crimson red and nods. "I got us transportation guys!" She says, while climbing onto the second wagon, pulled by the first, which is pulled by four horses.

Kurokane was always fond of Satomi's hand. Hisoka was a bit irritated that his partner often got to mix work and pleasure every time they paired up with Satomi. When Satomi offers her little joke about Kurokane coming to stay with her Hisoka coughs. "He's a handful." Kurokane peers down at Hisoka and barks softly. "A day's walk? Think we should high tail it then-where are you going?" he says as Satomi moves up ahead to catch the merchant. Hisoka inclines his head "What is she doing?" he wonders. Before a moment passed she was telling them that she'd gotten them a ride. Hisoka deadpans but Kurokane leaps off him and rushes over to the wagon. Hisoka groans "Gah you know there are people who don't have leg would just be overjoyed to walk for a day!" he speeds up to catch them.

"Well why don't you walk along-side the wagon then?" She says, leaning back and sighing, enjoying her bearings, before starting to cuddle with Kurokane again, closing her eyes and slowly dozing off into a nap. Wow…. now that was fast. And on a moving wobbly cart none the less. "Wake me when we're there.." She muttered a minute before you can hear the soft, peacefull rising and falling of her chest. Her breathing slow and relaxed.

Hisoka's eyes narrow but before he can voice his contempt Satomi is fast asleep with Kurokane. Hisoka looks to the merchant "You picked up a devil. Just so you know." he would state. Hisoka didn't join them in the wagon, it seemed wobbly and uncomfortable, he preferred to walk alongside it like Satomi suggested. With Kurokane down sleeping with her Hisoka was left alone. His senses were peeled but he was only capable of so much without Kurokane, as far as sensory went. He glanced to Satomi as she slept and then met eyes with the merchant who was ogling her chest. Hisoka blushed softly and returned his gaze forward "A whole day….pssh. She can't possible sleep for that long." he murmurs.

He was quite wrong, apart from the occasional twist, turn moan and groan she actually did manage to sleep most of the way. Waking up when they nearly arrived. "Phew!" She says, while stretching. "That was good…" She smiles, rubbing her eyes for a moment, before glacing around. "Eh.. Hisoka?" She says, expecting him inside the cart, being suprised to find the opposite. "Hisoka you already left? We there yet?" She asks him once she spots the Inuzuka, hopping off the merchants wagon, thanking him with a wave before cursing under her breath. "Perv.."

"Come on… I think it's this way." She says, leading Hisoka down paths between big fields of rice, most of them organised around large manors owned by local lords. Servs working on the fields. "There!" She says, while pointing at a large, towering white house with copper decorations. "That's the place!" She says… while poking at Hisoka. "Smell anything yet?"

Hisoka was utterly shocked. "You…actually managed to sleep for the entire time just about." Kurokane couldn't even manage that. The ninken just stayed put so as to not disturb Satomi while she slept. They didn't want another repeat of what happened at the Zen Gardens after all. Hisoka looks back ahead "Yeah we're almost there." When she hops off the wagon Hisoka looks back to the merchant. He still ogled Satomi. Poor guy must be on the road alone…a lot. Hisoka turns back to Kurokane who hops off the wagon next. "Enjoy your nap?" he asked sounding a bit irked. Kurokane ignored it though and returned to HIsoka's side. Letting Satomi lead the way now HIsoka and Kurokane follow her through fields of rice. The smell of rice was bland even though there was a good amount of it. It wouldn't interfere too much with their target scent. With the place in sight HIsoka starts checking for the scent mentioned. He stopped however once Satomi started poking him "Stop that." he says. "Kurokane?" the ninken looks to him and they both close their eyes to concentrate.

"Oh sorry… Focus right." She says, while squiting her own eyes, trying to smell whatever they're smelling. Man that looks silly, though otherwise she'd be the odd one out! There would be no smell of their target near the house, untill they reached the front porch. Where a low smell of the man can be recogniced at the manor. Though it's faint and it's evident that he hasn't been in the house for a couple of days. "Anything?" She asks them again, while knocking on the door.

Hisoka and Kurokane both pick up the scent of their target once they set foot on the porch. "Yeah, he's definitely here. He's been gone for a while though. The smell is scarce." Hisoka states before glancing to Kurokane. The ninken stands at his partner's side waiting for someone to answer the door. "Be careful." Hisoka warns. "Something doesn't smell right. Kurokane feels it too." Hisoka explains a bit. But knowing Satomi he would have guessed that she was already taking precautions.

The door opens to a pink haired maid in a typical french-maid outfit. And boy what a hottie! Blond hair, perfect skin. More a collectors item than a maid. "Welcome.." She says, while gazing at the three. "MI-lord Muraiga isn't expecting visitors." She says, her voice slightly hesitant and trembling while she says it. "Satomi leans forward, gazing into the girl her eyes.

"Hi…" She then says, before walking in. Something's off on that maid. Her movement's a bit weird, her hesitation when she speaks. It's all a bit too much. "I think you're right." Satomi whispers, before the door closes behind them, the maid walking off as if a drooling zombie. "That's - definetly - not normal!" She whispers, the maid disappearing behind a large door with a loud crack. "Wait!" Satomi says, while grabbing Hisoka by his hand and pulling him up the stairs.

Is the Inuzuka going nuts? He could have sworn that the portrait on the other side of the large staircase rolled her eyes. Satomi is starting to see things as well, the house is brightly lit and seems luxurious, though the moment they enter through the door the maid disappeared in things get weird.. very weird.

"This…. is weird." Satomi says, slowly walking through a hallway with doors left and right. One suddenly springs open, a scary demon-clown doll popping out holding a knife. Satomi yelps loudly, falling back onto her ass in total shock. Before throwing a kunai its way, which just sticks into the doll's head, before he goes back through the door and closes it. "What the who!" Satomi says, about to turn around and leave. "THE DOOR!" She yells…. the door they just entered through is just gone!

Hisoka eyes the trembling maid. He glances to Kurokane whose tail is up on high alert. Hisoka looks the maid over, a strange get-up she had on but stranger oddities were to come once they entered the manor. Hisoka follows behind Satomi and turns around sharply when the door closes. Catching the maid's walk Hisoka's eyes narrow "Yeah…sometimes I don't like being right." he mutters. Suddenly his hand is grabbed boy Satomi and he's dragged up the stairs. Kurokane barks following after them. As he's dragged he catches rolling eyes…in a portrait. Zoinks.
Finally they come to a halt at a hallway. Hisoka lets go of Satomi's hand, as he'd need it just in case things got even stranger. "Hey relax. This is strange but we can't get too bent outta shape yet." Hisoka advises. Kurokane starts growling, low and dark. Hisoka peers at his partner then ahead. One of the doors springs open with a strange clown armed with a knife. Hisoka gasps and steps back "What the when?" he was just as startled as Satomi. He turns around with her after the clown retreats. "What about the door?" Hisoka asks before looking to see that it's gone. Kurokane barks now and Hisoka nods "I think you might be right." Hisoka holds out his hand towards Kurokane "Go for it." And without missing a beat Kurokane bites Hisoka's hand drawing blood.

The whole world begins to shake for Hisoka, as if trying to shake something loose, but then it stablizes, putting him back into the scene he was in before. "Genjutsu?" Satomi asks while looking over her shoulder, making a set of seals. "KAI!" She yell, nearly falling over, clearly having to try to keep her bowels in check… "What the where!?" She utters, glaring around.

"Lets see if we can find an exit." She says, while slowly getting up, walking past the door where the clown was behind formally, it swings open, but Satomi kicks it right back closed. "Shup up stupid clown." She says… "If I cant ratonalize it, then it's not real." She just concludes, walking with Hisoka through the maze of hallways.

The artwork only get freakier, and the rooms look weirder and weirder, untill somehow they end up in a large living room with leather sofa's and stuffed animals all over. The most feasome being a large bear in the corner of the room. Satomi flinches, a cold shiver running over her spine. "Please be a gen, please be a gen, please be a gen." She says, while the bear suddenly opens his eyes, looking right at Satomi and then Hisoka, before making whatever sound bears make.

Hisoka closes his eyes from the pain but opens once again when he feels his world start to stabilize. Hisoka looks to Kurokane and pinches his sharply behind the ear. The ninken let's out a yelp but is also freed of the illusion. After seeing Satomi kai herself free Hisoka nods "Looks that way." he says following her through the hallway labyrinth. "I don't like clowns. They're not funny." He mutters as Satomi kicks the thing. The artwork would just get stranger and stranger as they continued. Hisoka couldn't get the image of the portrait's haunting eyes out of his head. Finally they come to a room filled with stuffed animals. "This is….creepy." Hisoka mentions with a shudder. He then starts to hear Satomi chanting. He looks to the bear then back to her. Hisoka takes Satomi's hand "Gimme your hand." he says before bites it. His canines were sharp and would indeed provide enough pain to jolt her out of any genjutsu.

"Ouch!" She says, while she gets bitten by him. Glancing at the bear which is back in its original spot. "Wait you hear that?" Satomi says, while pointing up. The low sound of a piano being played, the vibrations in the ear feel so weird… I think it's sound based g… HEYAYAYAAAAAA" She yells loudly while a furry arm of a bear resides on her shoulder, claws pushed out, the beast opening his mouth and showing off his teeth, drooling on Satomi her shoulder. "Do…..SOMETHING." She says loudly. It's clear that Satomi's stuck in a genjutsu, and that started when she focused on the sound of the oh there is it… The sound of the piano picks up, you can actually feel the air vibrate, and there is the bear.

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