What if? Bingo! - The Head of a Secretary


Michiko, Naoya

Date: January 10, 2015


Naoya, as a mission for the Kiri Head Hunters, has been sent to take the head of Michiko with little information on her abilities. Though she was unaware, she managed to barely stay alive by the end of the battle.

"What if? Bingo! - The Head of a Secretary"

Land of Lightning

It was late into the evening by the time the young Okumo manages to come close to the fringes of Kumogakure. Wrapped in a pale gray cloak, the skin that was exposed to the winter air was wrapped in a intricate layer of silk. 'Iwata Michiko.. female.. young.. Begin the search..' was mumbled to himself softly before letting a hand rest against a cliff face. It would only be a few moments before dozen after dozen of spider crawl from under the cloak and flow outwards, skittering towards the village as a mass before rapidly dispersing. Each of the small creatures were task bound with a clan, and a weak description but they had a scent of their target which they sought.

Being a member of Kumogakure has its risks. Those risks are even greater if one is an assistant to the Raikage. Michiko is always on the look out for assassins, even when she's doing things like paperwork or reading, the girl sending chakra through the ground to sense various things like people, movement, and … bugs. There are a large number of spiders in the area, she notices. The girl is sort of familiar with the Okumo, but not the individuals. She frowns a bit, pausing in her paperwork. The girl is in her office.

It would take some time before the Okumo could locate his target, though she would sense that the swarm of spider broke off, only a smaller selection would begin to wrap around and scale her building, many others re-positioned into stationary positions. 'There..' With a light nod, the young man would flicker between hops, rapidly growing closer to the building that Michiko had been working. Not waiting to get within a direct line of sight, he allows his brood to aim for him. The silk around his limbs pulses and tightens when chakra is ran through it only to have him fetch out a pair of shuriken before rapidly hurling them. A silken cord attached to the flying blades causes them to take a sharp turn, rather than impacting the ceiling, the hook downwards aiming at the woman's chest.

Michiko isn't sure why, but something compels her to raise a dome around her. A half one, though, which results in the kunai sticking in the earth. She narrows her eyes, and the dome shifts to earth, deflecting the next kunai so it merely hits her arm. Of course, the next hit she's not as lucky and gets injured. "Dang it.." she mutters, chakra flaring up around her as she looks around. Eventually she decides to just wing it, making the hand seals to trap surrounding enemies in a whirlpool of earth. Then she sends firebolt out the window to incinerate any spiders nearby.

Hopping from his perch to move closer proves to be a mistake, leaving him flat footed not once, but twice. The building itself soon begins to turn into a boggy mess, something he didn't anticipate, and when he moves to collect his brood, flames bath his arm from his sluggish movement, leaving his seething, though it does cause him now to realize the true threat of the target. 'Must press further..'

Michiko goes outside to see who she caught, but doesn't recognize the Okumo stuck in the ground. She frowns a bit more, seals forming as she uses the threads attached to the Kunai to lead her fire right to the boy. It's a raging inferno that is likely going to cause a lot of pain, especially with him stuck. "I didn't think Kiri would try this, of all places," she comments with a blink.

While he was still trapped, the first kunai cuts into his shoulder with hardly a reaction though the torrent of flames which followed causes the young Okumo's body to shutter as he bit down hard, trying to keep silent, though it causes blood to slowly fill his mouth. When the second bout of flames surges, Naoya was simply.. gone. With little held back, he moves closer, charging at the woman's throat, with two? left hand, while three right ones grasp at her tunic before trying to hurl to down downwards between a pair of web coated building.

Michiko quickly replaces herself with the lingering flames of her last attack to avoid some of the snares, but she isn't fast enough to avoid the next round. What the heck is up with the kid's appearance, anyway? She narrows her eyes, struggling in the trap with a grumble as she just glares at Naoya for the time being. Whatever is coming is gonna hurt, and she knows it.

Breathing out slowly, the young Okumo stood on the side of the building, aiming himself for a second before kicking off, his lowest right fist tensing to level a blow at her lower stomach after the descent. Not pausing with the first blow, a second and a third would be hurled, each aiming at the woman's kidneys or lower ribs, trying to weaken her even if she managed to escape from the first web, though looking around, almost a dozen more were scattered about, ready to be used.

Michiko pulls out the stops. If someone's trying to kill her, then she might as well go all out, right? She takes the blow to her stomach, but is finally able to escape and just blocks the rest of the rest by surrounding herself with metal. "You're getting to be a nuisance…" she comments, hand-seals forming to have metal snake around Naoya as she tries to trap him again. The barrier she created earlier morphs itself into a copy of her and charges right at the Okumo.

At the sight of the metal snakes curling around him, the young Okumo rapidly begins to move again, leaving a briefly trail of after images away from them. When the clone appears, he raises his guard, though he only then finds out the flaw of this, the burning a hole through his webbing that coats his skin, singing his flesh beneath. Once the clone begins to fade, he jumps onto it's shoulder and kicks forward, using a mix of his unnatural speed and too many hands, trying to simply overwhelm Michiko from defending all of the strikes before kicking at her, trying to launch her into yet another web he had planned out before to use.

Naoya's plan is successful, for the most part. For all the parts. Michiko's surrounded by insects and isn't able to raise a complete dome, which means they can get around her barrier with ease, which also means…. Trapped. Great. Again. Michiko takes a moment and a breath to calm down and waits for Naoya to attack again.

Moving a hand into a pouch, it would pass some sort of ointment from one hand to another before slipping it within the cloak he wore and into several of his wounds before pulsing faintly with chakra. 'They didn't tell me she would be this much of a danger.. I need to scout more next time.. seems like they wanted me to die out here.' What was unseen was rather than just numbing his pain, the young man's body was already beginning to heal over from the boils and burns.

Michiko continues to struggle in the bindings, but is unable to escape. It's amazingly frustrating, especially when she can tell that Naoya is just preparing for the next round. So frustrating…

Nodding his head slightly after he feels the ointments taking effect, soon drawing a blade with one of his right hands before gripping it firmly and dropping down. Looking at the woman's left ribs, he slashes once, before cutting once again upwards harshly. Another right hand reaches behind him and grasps for a shorter, curved blade, drawing it out rapidly, soon attempting to slash at the woman's face before bounding away.

Michiko takes the different slashes, using them to cut her free from the bindings. It also means she gets a lot of nasty wounds because swords are extremely painful. To make things worse, she can't even move. The girl, now free, heals herself, hand glowing with chakra so at least she isn't anywhere close to death. The wounds are all barely closed.

Breathing some what more heavily, the young Okumo swallows hard when the webbing collapses below Michiko. Watching her for a moment, he's quick to realize what /what/ she was doing.. 'Healing jutsu..' Charging forward, the boy's stance changes faintly, swapping the curved sword to his left hands while holding onto the other with his right yet both swords were held with two hands. A slash is made at the young woman's before rotating to slash at her hip with the second sword, only to finish with a third strike at her collar bone with the longer blade.

Michiko watches Naoya carefully. It's easier to see his movements compared to as Reizei, that's for sure. The girl makes a hand-seal, and a clone appears from the ground, taking the cut from curved sword for her and coming in nice and close for a good punch. The rest of the cuts slice through fire so Michiko can buy some time, hand-seals forming quickly. The final one, snake, leads to an earthen hand shooting out and grabbing the Okumo to try and drag him into a demonic grave that would enclose the boy with stone ribs.

When the metal clone appears and takes his slash while striking at him, the young Okumo seems to phase through the punch only to continue to the side, looking annoyed but also surprised that all he cut into was flame. Looking around briefly, he tries to jump away when the ground began to swallow everything in the area whole but couldn't find any footing nor could he stand on top of the shifting and churning mass, quickly sinking down into the muck.

Michiko eyes Naoya stuck in the grave, taking in the entirety of his appearance. "How troublesome…" she murmurs, chakra no longer flickering along her skin. She internalizes it, preparing her chakra to strike at the Okumo boy to end the fight completely. Finally. Maybe not death, but something close to it.
Michiko forms the hand-seals. If Naoya was paying attention earlier, he might recognize them. It ends on the tiger hand-seal, indicating the use of fire. And then flames roar right in front of Naoya's face with all the intensity of a dragon's breath.

Once again while he was snared, the young Okumo brings his arms up to defend himself fruitlessly though his gasps could be heard now loudly, desperate to breath as well as being literally cooked alive. The flames, oddly aided in his escape, cooking not only him but the earth, allowing him to gain a footing and disappear before being utterly consumed by the flames. This time, he didn't retreat to tend to himself, but charges forward, quickly hopping into the air, a blade aiming at her throat though when he sails over her, a pair of hands grasp at her collar, soon trying to quickly hurl her to the side and against a wall, the flames manage to melt quite a few of his webs, but not all of them.

Michiko attempts to block Naoya with a barrier of metal, but it fails and she ends up getting another cut as well as trapped in webbing. What luck. The girl sighs inwardly, thinking she had underestimated that last move, and just waits again, straining lightly against the bindings for the time being. Getting stuck is a pain…

'…' The young Okumo made several sounds but they were more akin to hisses than words by any stretch of the imagination. Moving one of his hands to his should, thickening webbing begins to wrap around where he was burned, similar to a gauze wrapping though this didn't slow him down though he does charge forward and slash at the trapped woman rapidly, each slash rather purposeful though they at times seem to lack the strength of his initial punches.

Michiko takes the slashes again, injured beyond belief by this point. Somehow, more by sheer force of will than anything. And likely thanks to her chakra boost, she's able to stand up and heal herself a bit so that she can take another round of attacks if pressed. It's likely this is her last round, in all honesty.

A snarl crosses the young Okumo's lips as the woman manages to withstand the barrage of slashes and strikes only to begin the process of slashing taking more time, cutting at the woman's thighs, aiming for her tendons. Unlike the first two strikes, it was easy to see the third blow was hardly clean or efficient, resorting to hacking at his target viciously.

Michiko just takes the attacks as well as one can, struggling a bit to keep up with the barrage. Definitely on her last leg, but she stores up chakra anyway for the likely final round.

Unable to tell just what she was doing, the young Okumo charges forward once again, three strikes, no larger aiming to wound the woman but aiming to sever her head from her body with several blows, at the least aiming to sever her windpipe. Looking at the young man, he was near the edge of his limits, most of his tricks were laid bare, his movements were becoming increasingly predictable in turn.

Michiko is barely standing at this point. She tries to form a metal clone, but it doesn't worsen the damage for her. The rest of the cuts ring out, though, as they strike another shield of hers. She starts to faze out a bit, using a majority of her chakra to make another demonic grave rise out of the ground and trap the Okumo for the time being. Better safe than sorry, and maybe she can heal herself just a bit? Possibly? Hopefully.

Once again, he found himself sinking no matter where or how he moved, he was sinking and sinking rapidly no matter how fast he propelled himself. Moving the blade from his lower hands, the young Okumo began to dig himself from the pit, though he was also seeming to panic.. he knew what attack was going to follow after the swamp.

Michiko takes a few breaths to try and recover enough energy. She was on her last legs, but she still had enough energy to perform jutsu. Her massive chakra build-up was also supporting her. The girl makes several handseals, staring at the Okumo. "Well, I'm assuming you were here to kill me… So I'll have to return the favor…" she manages, finalizing the combination and landing on the 'tiger' seal. "Fire Style: Dragon Fire technique" she says just as she breathes an extremely hot stream of fire that heads straight towards Naoya, turning his body into a heap of ash and dust by the end of it, most likely, as the heat is that intense.

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