Fallen Skies - The Hunt Begins


Miyo (emitter), Satomi, Hinotori, Ataru, Soren

Date: March 9, 2013


Satomi, Hinotori, Ataru, and Soren, all members or allies of Konohagakure, have departed the village in search of fallen meteorites in the countryside under the guidance of Uzumaki Masashi. The relative location of the meteorites is known, however, they must investigate the exact location in order to find each of the four meteorites.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Fallen Skies - The Hunt Begins"

Land of Fire (non-specific location)

Five people had been called together, all four of them shinobi with ties to Konohagakure. Ataru, a gennin, and Satomi, a chuunin, had been informed that they would be participating in the mission to get some experience while Soren and Hinotori, more experienced Shinobi would be along to make sure that things got done. The mission was not labeled as dangerous, but it was important. Failure would not be an option.

The fifth member of the mission was a shinobi who did specialist work for Konoha by the name of Uzumaki Masashi. He was a very average man with long, shaggy, platinum-blonde hair, blue eyes, and wearing a black shirt and pants beneath a crème-colored overcoat that fell to his knees. His role in the mission was made apparent by the massive scroll he had hanging from a harness and slung across his lower back. It was not the only one he carried, however, as there were three or four smaller ones with it.

When everyone had arrived and gathered up, he was seated on a stump just outside of Konoha's gates waiting for them. "Alright guys, this mission is important to some people. To us it might seem irrelevant, but in the last few days, as you might have known, several meteorites struck the country side near a small village called Chibaki. We're instructed to collect them by any means necessary since they may contain valuable resources or research material. It's likely that other people will be after them, but we're not to cause any trouble that can be avoided. The chances that others have already picked up and acquired the meteorites are very likely, and we are to do our best to get them back. Any questions?"

Satomi raises her hand gingerly, smiling while waiting for her to get a turn: "Are you taking point on this?" She asks, while looking around her. "And shouldn't we like do an introduction round so we all know each other a bit better?" She says, while gliding her own shadow over her back seamlessly; leaning back on it as if it's a perfectly comfortable slumped wall. She crosses her arms under her breasts, emphasizing them non-intentionally. "And who else is likely to be after the meteorites?" She asks, clearly she likes to be informed.

"So.. uh.. dun kill no one.. get the funky rocks.. and bring em back ta Konoha?" Ataru would shrug, hands slipping into that red coat's pockets. "Sure. Ain't gonna be no sweat at all, fer sure.. We'll be able ta get em and smush the people tryin ta stop us gettin em back!" He'd chuckle, shrugging, looking to the others, a small nod was given and he'd look to the guy leading it. "So.. we gonna get started?" Ataru would glance over at Satomi, a thumbs up was given. "I'm Ataru! Nice ta meetcha! I'll probably be the one stoppin em 'fore they even try ta bother rest ya'll.."

Having been out earlier enjoying his day, Hinotori saw the black crow caaaing as he was returning home. Knowing what that meant, he quickly headed off to where he normally does for assignment. Upon getting instructions and meeting up with the team he was to be on, Hinotori doesn't really ask many questions at all. Having looked at the group assembled then heading off with them to the outside gates of the village, he regards the man waiting on them with a bit of bewilderment.

As Uzumaki Masashi begins to speak about the meteorites, Hinotori just begins filing away information mentally, taking in all aspects of the mission briefing. "I see." he says when Masashi concludes the quick briefing. "Would you like for us to move stealthily and pick up what we can so as to minimize contact with others which will limit the amount of confrontations we have or if we do have a confrontation go for quick take downs and knockouts?" he asks. Something in his voice and demeanor when he speaks and asks his question has signs of experience and protocol behind them.

Masashi lets out a laugh at Satomi's question. "I sometimes for that we don't all know each other. I'm so used to working with the same people over and over. Yes, you should probably all introduce yourself. I am Uzumaki Masashi, an expert with fuuinjutsu and summoning jutsus. I am along to make sure we can carry all the meteorites back with us." When he mentions carrying them, he taps a hand against the large scroll he is carrying, indicating he would be sealing them all away in the scroll for easy transportation.

"To answer the rest of the questions, I don't actually think we'll need to do any fighting. Farmer's, hunters, and other civilians probably picked up the stones if anything. They are unusual rocks and having fallen from the sky makes them instantly a source of value to a villager who believes they can sell them to the right people, which they probably can. We may have to do some haggling, bribing, and in the worst case, some infiltration and recovery. But let's try to remain civil. Likewise, I don't believe it will be necessary to remain undercover. Making it obvious that we're looking for the meteorites will have these people wanting to pawn them off come to us, hopefully."

Masashi nods and pushes himself to his feet, straightening out his clothes and adjusting the straps holding his scrolls in place. "Anyway, we had best be moving unless there are any other major concerns. It will take us at least twenty minutes to get there by foot."

Satomi nods in bewilderment as each of the members introduce themselves. She's clearly slightly annoyed by the Genin with the accent, though she's come a long way with her conservativeness, nothing frightens her more than someone who rushes into something without giving it initial thought.

She nods at Masashi while bracing and then following Masashi where he's planning on going. Satomi glances at the group, nodding at everyone. "I'm Nara Satomi… ehr; shadow-manipulation is my forte, but I'm decent at genjutsu as well." She says, as she bounces off a couple of trees to gain some speed. "Though don't expect me to pack much of a punch in Taijutsu, never been too good at that." She grins, while looking at the Uchiha jounin. "But having a jounin here will probably mean I'm fine right?" She says, while reaching into her pouch, checking her equipment once and very quickly before focusing on movement.

Soren was told about the mission last night, and had taken his time preparing this morning. Mostly by sharpening his weapons, but hey, that's still preparation. But when he arrives, he's wearing his normal clothes. Seems he's skipped the mission outfit today.

Waiting for Uzumaki Masashi to finish, he sets off with the rest of the group. Soren follows the group very closely, keeping up pretty effortlessly. "The name's Asano Soren. I'm pretty good with Ninjutsu, better with Taijutsu. And I can manipulate weapons and objects to a limited degree using my Kugutsu style Ninjutsu." he says, following closely behind the group. "Oh, and while I use Kugutsu style Ninjutsu, I don't use puppets like most Kugutsu Ninjutsu users do." he says, with a shrug, dash stepping between tree branches.

As the others ask their questions, Hinotori regards each person before looking back to Masashi as he introduces himself. Nodding his head slightly, the Uchiha merely flexes his hand and fingers. As the answers come, he nods again quite happy that there may not be any fighting to be done, but then again things are never as simple as they hope it will be.

When Satomi introduces herself and states her specialty, Hinotori turns to her and bows his head. "Uchiha Hinotori, taijutsu specialist, among a few other things." he says. "Well we got work to do, so let’s get to it." he says as he stretches out a bit. "Also before I forget, nice meeting you all, some of you I know of, some I don't but still let’s complete this mission and once it's over dinner on me."

Satomi grins at Hinotori after his statement: "An Uchiha without a sandy stick up his metroid… I didn't know those existed!" She dashes off a thin twig, anyone would see she would have fallen, but she seems very apt at using her jutsu on the fly, her shadows supporting the twig she used effortlessly, allowing it to hold her weight untill she jumps again. She didn't even look. "I mentor this Uchiha genin, you should see the look on his face when I tell him - not - to burn the zen gardens down with his fire style, he seems to use that everytime he's orbited!" She giggles while scanning the group, looking at the Genin with the funny accent.

Ataru would keep up with the others, mostly quiet as he mused about the situation coming up. Then he'd notice that Satomi keeps looking at him. That of cours,e got his michevious streak going. With each leap from one branch to the next as they moved along, he'd launch himself a different way, yes, posing in the air between each tree. The first few may of been simple fumbles, the next a fluke, but as they kept moving on, he kept flawlessly pulling off different poses, mayhap revealing there was a bit more to his ability than genin said? Indeed, one of the poses was him reclined on his side, as if laying on a couch, while flying between trees. It'd be at the branch that a hand was planted, launching him to the next one, all without losing any speed at all while maintaining with the group. Of course, all of this going on, he didn't actually say anything else. Just along for the ride, as it were.

Mashashi merely listened to their conversation as they made their way towards the village. They'd have a few minutes to exchange jibes and such before they arrived, at least. He did, however, shake his head at the comment Satomi made about the Uchihas. Rather rude of her to say something like that, and not really all that true either. He had heard a lot of good and bad about the Uchiha, just like any other group of people.

"When we arrive at the village, Satomi, you can take charge and come up with a plan for figuring out how to find the meteorites, and since you are a chuunin now, it will be a good opportunity to get some real leadership experience in."

Satomi nods after Mashashi, by her smiling and light-hearted demeanor it's pretty clear the thing about the Uchiha's was a joke. Regardless you can see that she regretted saying it that way. "Okay, once we're close enough we'll split up into two teams. I'll go with Uchiha Hinotori to the nearby village to see if we can nonchalantly gather intelligence on meteorites that were already salvaged. The rest head to the impact-site, secure any left-over meteors. We then rendezvous at the edge of the village after two hours. If anything happens we're close enough to see a skyward fireball jutsu, so that'll be our emergency signal.

She pauses for a moment before slowing down near the split in the woods. "Don't engage unless you have to." She says as she looks at Mashashi for his approval.

Soren grins, raising his brow a bit. "Oooh, someone got recently promoted? 'Grats." he grins, nodding as he heard the plan. "One problem with that. I know I don't have any elemental styles, I don't think Ataru does either although it's been a while eince I've seen him, and I don't know about Mashashi-san, here, but I'm willing to put money on us not being that lucky. So unless a skyward explosive seal works just as well, we have a hole in our plan. I assume Mashashi-san has explosive tags re-" *headsmack* "-Nevermind. If we send a signal, look for a blue fireball." he says, shaking his head. He can't believe he forgot about that. "Alright then. Got it. Good luck to you both on your part of the mission." he says with a small smile, and a nod towards the other two.

Hinotori laughs, "Sandy stick up their metroid…" he really is laughing enjoying the joke. "No worries, I've heard worse and believe me, I'm a rarity within our village." he tells them all not seeming phased at all. As everyone is getting along, he looks to Masashi studying him for a moment then to the others as Satomi lays out a plan for them, "Sounds good, and if you…." he stops when Soren speaks up about having a way to contact if there is an emergency. "Sounds good to me." he says then looking to Satomi and smirks a bit. "Well I'm ready." he says as he looks to the others to see if they were also ready to head out. As they move out, Hinotori keeps up a leisurely pace, not moving all that fast but his leaps do keep him with the rest of the group.

Ataru would chuckle, rubbing the back of his head. "yah, that's fer sure mate. I definitely ain't gonna be able ta throw no fireballs.. but, frick, I can probably run ta ya'll and back faster then us throwin a fireball could be goin anyways.." He'd shrug slightly, hands in his pockets as he'd start walking the direction they said to split off to. "Either way.. Soren'll cover it, he gots tricks plenty, ta be sure. Time ta go rock the block and really get this thing done.. 'specially if we ain't gonna be fightin no one.. means this is gonna be easy.."

As Ataru begins wandering off, Masashi lands on the ground in the split and crouches down, holding a hand out to him. “Hold up there, hot shot.” He then stands up and looks to the others. “Satomi, your plan is a good one; however, we have one problem. While we know that the four meteorites fell in this region, we don’t know where their impact sites are. It could take us days to effectively comb the region. We should probably check in town with some of the locals to see if they have any ideas where they may have landed.”

He then looks back to the group again, one by one. “How about it? Do you agree? If you want, we can go try and find one of them right now, but we are unlikely to turn up anything even with all of us searching.”

She just shuts up for a moment and stares ahead, taking a minute before looking at Masashi, smirking. "It five of us go rampaging through town we'll attract unwarranted attention. Especially with that hotspot bouncing around." She says, as she reaches into her pouch, pulling out a container that sort of looks like an ashtray. "I thought ahead.." She says with a smirk, before pulling out a pin from her pouch and snagging Soren his water bottle from him with a wink, filling the bottom of the small metal container with water, before putting the needle (with a red tip) inside the middle. "The red tip is magnetized." She says, while looking at it, waiting a moment before it twitches slightly. "It'll point directly at the meteors… last one we found was magnetized as well, I did some reading." She smiles while handing the small, quite sensitive contraption to Masashi. "I tried this last night, normally it points north, I don't know why… But close to a meteor it should point you right at it." She claims while nodding further away. "Ask some locals on the road as well, you should be able to find at least one impact site within the first hour."

"We'll rendezvous in two hours at the village entrance. Team two; your team leader will be Masashi-san." She looks at Masashi with a huge smirk on her face. Clearly this girl revels in outsmarting someone. Explains why you can find her playing shogi at every oppertunity. "Sounds good?"

Ataru would stop at being told to stop. Any sense of amusement or happiness about him gone as Satomi calls him a hot spot. Frowning he'd eye her, then look to Soren with a raised brow. "Wow.. some people listen ta ya talk a bit.. watch ya play 'round when yer movin ta the mission as slow as they are.. then call ya good fer nothin, huh? Go fig.." Shaking his head, he'd sigh. "Whateva. Where we goin mate?" He'd look to Masashi curiously. Obviously not amused.

Yawning a little bit, as they come to a stop. Crouching low, then slowly rising to his feet, Hinotori stretches out a bit, and then rubs his belly. "I think I should've ate." he frowns a bit to himself, but it shows up on his face. It's then that Masashi speaks up about Satomis plan and that they should go into the village to find out what they can about the crash sites.

Having thought of that earlier, it would pose a bit of a problem unless they split into groups and asked in different areas of the village which would possibly be ok. But when Satomi comes up with a way of tracking the meteors, Hinotori quirks a brow at the meteor finder, "Hmmm…." he says as he looks to her for a moment. As she explains this is how she found the last one. Looking to Masashi then to Ataru, chuckling a little bit. "I don't think she was being mean Ataru-san." he says to him then to have Soren speak up about Ataru being a bit of a pain from time to time, "So this is a normal occurrence then?" he asks. "Well looks like we got a plan in affect so let’s go." he says with a big smile.

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