The Hyper Cat Experiment


Mika, Shuuren

Date: July 4, 2015


Shuuren checks to see how Mika has been learning his lessons, and an experiment with Catnip tea leads to a napping kitty…

"The Hyper Cat Experiment"

The Dining Hall of Tea Palace

Well, its been a few weeks/months since Mika has been in Tea. And yet, she still hasn't gotten any lessons, and only been on one mission. So the woman is bored, and is just walking around the palace until she sniffs the air. Food! The woman starts to follow the smell, tracking it…Animal senses….

As luck would have it, Mika chose a rather busy time for Shuuren to get herself hurt and ask for lessons in being a ruler. On top of helping shinobi from the other villages who've been gravely injured and having to make special trips, he's also dealing with yakuza, rebuilding parts of the country that were destroyed in war, and many, many other things. Still, things have to get done sooner or later. Sitting at the dining hall table with a rather elaborate spread, Shuuren sits sipping a glass of tea as he waits to see how long it takes Mika to catch onto it and come.

It doesn't take long before Mika finds her way into the dining hall. Her mouth waters, and one can see those eyes get big. Her nose is in hyperdrive right now, as she looks around. She keeps sniffing a bit before pausing. "Hello, Ruler Shuuren.", she says. "May I accompany you?", she asks. Her manners have improved a bit, especially with most of the caravan having been sent back to Moon.

Watching Mika's approach, Shuuren smirks slightly, curious as to what she'll do. "Much better… You may sit and eat with me," he says with a nod, gesturing to a nearby seat. He doesn't pick up anything to eat just yet himself, curiously observing her. Probably critiquing.

Mika moves over to one of the chairs, and carefully takes off her robe. She's likely been told that she doesn't have to wear the robe, but the woman still does unless she's in combat. Mika hangs it lightly on the back of the chair, before pulling it out, and carefully sitting down. She waits now.

"Good so far, but I'm going to have one of my personal seamstresses come by your room and fit you for something more suited to your position," Shuuren says as she sits back and gestures to the enormous spread before them. "Eat," he instructs her simply, taking a few samples himself, but this is more about observing her than a meal.

Now dispite everything, this is the one part she can't match the elder. She starts going after the food, filling her plate, and eating quickly. Its almost like a vaccum. Though, Shuuren likely suspects compared to the elder, Mika is probably much more active in the problem solving issues of the village, and teh strain of constantly transforming various parts of her body into animal limbs. She must burn through a ton of calories. After one plate disappears, another is filled up just as quickly. Its not long before a third plate is gone…

Shuuren watches as Mika goes from doing well to inhaling her food, shaking his head. A moment later Mika would feel something wrap around her leg and CHOMP! A small snake seems to have coiled around her and taken a bite. Before she can hit it back, it vanishes with a puff of smoke. "That is not how to conduct yourself at a diplomatic lunch."

Mika yipes, and looks down. Her hands and feet instinctively become claws, and try to go for the snake, but its gone. There's a whimper and a small whine before she settles back down. She brings her leg up to her lap, and rubs it gently. There's a small nod of her head. She's gotten very used to snake bites…At least he hasn't used the poisonious ones yet…

Yet… quite correct. Gesturing again at the spread, Shuuren instructs her simply, "Eat." He watches again, gauging to see if she conducts herself any better this time around or if she winds up going animalistic again.

Mika whimpers a bit, and puts her foot back down. She carefully grabs just a few pieces of food, and brings them to her plate. She eats them lightly, eyeing the other food….

"It's about restraint, and it's also about keeping your eyes open," Shuuren points out as he takes a few bites of his own food. "Being polite is not only about good manners. It's a tactical advantage. By the time those around you are too stuffed or too drunk to be paying attention, your eyes are still wide open. For instance, if you were too busy stuffing your face endlessly to notice what was going on, I could easily poison the next thing you eat with something potent enough that even your metabolism wouldn't help. You'd simply die. It's the sort of thought you'll have to get used to as a leader."

Mika nods her head lightly. She glares down at the floor, and starts sniffing the air. "I don't smell any poison either…", she says. THe woman pokes at the food a little bit. She starts looking around a little more.

"You're assuming that all poisons have taste and smell," Shuuren says, lifting an eyebrow at her. "That is certainly not the case. But, if it were a poison I designed as such, you'd already be out."

"I think it depends on how much torture you want to put somebody in…", Mika says, eyeing Shuuren. She takes a deep breath, and keeps eating smaller poritions. She even uses the fork and knife…The woman looks around, and eyes the wine. She sniffs it, and tries not to make a face, but the taste of wine…A very sour face in rememberance of it…

"Right, but you'd already be incapacitated either way. Torturing someone at the dinner table is in bad taste," Shuuren says, smirking slightly before he takes a few more sips of his drink. "You'll learn soon enough. Being a leader takes a lot of things. You have to know how to show your strength while still remaining graceful. It takes years to build up that kind of skillset, but its power is undisiputable. I've seen Jounin who could take on Kage swallow cyanide pills before I could get to them simply because of how I handle things."

Mika nods her head. She picks up the wine, and takes a deep breath. She takes a drink before she makes a face, and hisses. She can't help it. Wine is too sour for her. Her animal like abilities and senses still can't take anything sour.

"Try this instead," Shuuren says, smirking slightly again as a clone brings in what seems to be a fresh kettle of tea, setting an already-poured glass in front of the cat girl.

Mika takes a deep breath, and sniffs the tea. She takes a moment to adjust herself, and drinks the tea. It has already cooled down a bit, so it doesn't burn her sensitive tongue. The woman smiles a bit as she purrs a bit. She shakes her head. "It…has a calming effect. What drug is this?"

"Interesting," Shuuren says, noting that mentally before he takes a few more samples of the food to eat. "Basically… it's catnip tea," he responds as he settles back to his chair and takes a few bites.

Mika looks at Shuuren. "So either I go insanely crazy or I go…*yawn…* very sleepy?", she asks. The woman rubs her eyes, and gets very mellow as she sips more tea. She starts to purr a bit as she paws the food with her hand….

"Basically," Shuuren says, shrugging his shoulders. "If you're not bright enough to keep control on how much you consume. I could rather easily make a tincture of this that would send you into a rather predatorial mode or other things, but taking too much would make the effects extreme."

Mika purrs a bit. An orange rolls past her. She starts batting at it. After a few bats, she growls, and starts smacking it a bit more until it gets out of her reach. She starts to get up, and hop up on the table. "Mrrrrrr…..", she growls….

Shuuren blinks as Mika seems to have already gone past what she can handle, though for now he simply waits to see how crazy it makes her act. He sips on his tea, lifting an eyebrow as she climbs up on the table.

Mika starts chasing the orange before her hand changes into a claw. The orange bounces into the air…Next thing Shuuren sees is small little bits of orange hitting the table, and Mika sticking to the wall, growling a bit, and her hands and feet in claws as she's almost attached to the wall. She's breathing heavily, as juice rolls off her claw. There's claw marks all over the table, and a few on the walls. But just juice on one claw…

"You clearly aren't that good at pacing yourself," Shuuren says before he'd flicker to appear beside Mika, placing a pair of fingers on her neck to finish knocking her out. His other arm moves to rather easily catch her before he steps out to hand her off to a white-haired maid who's more muscular than the others. She takes the cat girl and easily enough carries her to an empty maid's quarters to sleep it off.

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