Unholy Alliances - The Informant


Naru, Ataru

Date: January 13, 2013


Narusegawa leads a mission with Ataru acting as her eyes and ears. Their mission is to get information from one of Konoha's usual informants only to be ambushed and stumble upon some perplexing information.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Unholy Alliances - The Informant"

Land of Fire - Border Town

When Naru had stated that there were missions that needed to be done in order to that was more or less special tasks, she definitely wasn't joking. She had pulled Ataru out into the land of fire, close towards the bordering between the land of water and the Land of fire. There had been a few leads about a mysterious organization that had been taking pot shots at Konohagakure, destroying much of the trade taverishing through the region and even a few shinobi deaths. Their job was to meet up with an informant to give them more leads about what the goal of the organzation might be. Narusegawa suprisingly enough began to lead the way towards their destination, her blindness still being a fair weakness she was still getting used to, however her senses began to open up and somehow navigation had suddenly become easier for her. With the winter weather she was heavily cloaked, though not enough to impair her movment. "Do you understand the mission? Ataru-san? It should be as simple as talking and leaving, we also need to pay off our informant…"

Ataru was surprised they were sent out considering that Naru still couldn't exactly see. That would make life a bit difficult, but she seemed to be handling it well. Either way, he was silent for most of the trip, keeping aware of his surroundings the best he could while following Naru's lead. She said he talked too much, thus he was trying to correct it, it seems. When the question came up, he'd shrug slightly, his coat doing well to deny the cold much access to his body. Hands in pockets would ball up. He had that title of genin and she was treating him like that.. the most frustrating part of all. "Yah. Talk, get the info, get out. Give em the payment too. Kinda standard work, surprisin they're even sendin both of us fer it. Although with how far out, I guess I can sorta understand it."

World Notice: You have recovered 255 health by resting.

"While it may seem like standard work, the object of the mission doesn't make this complicated… More so the content of the intelligence we will recieve… I'm putting quite a bit of trust in you to come along with me, Though I believe you won't make me regret it," Naru responded back with a light smile, taking a few steps as she began to move away from the main trail and deeper into the contents of the forest. She was counting her steps, following the lead in such a way she could have moved around with her eye's closed completely, as long as nothing unusual was in her way. " We shouldn't be too far… There is apparently a shed in the middle of this forest, this is where we will meet out informant,"

Ataru tilted his head curiously at Naru, before smiling. "Ahh.. well.. Thanks Naru-san.. I'll do my best, fer sure." Ataru would look around himself, following her lead as quiet steps carried him further into the forest with her. While yes, he wasn't exactly the stealthy type, he did know how to at least not be blatant about his presence. That path that Naru knew followed along behind, with enough space to give them both room if needed. He'd watch and wait, ready for what might happen while they moved to meet the informant. It was going to be interesting to find out exactly what was known.

Little did the two shinobi know was that their parade was going to be rained upon. Someone managed to get here first, locking away the informant within the cells of the shed. All that would be required was simply waiting out the situation, waiting until finally the shinobi who the informant belonged would reveal themselves to be purged. The area was completely laced with sources of chakra, though hidden for the most part so they would be barely noticeable. The puppeteer himself was behind the shadows of the shed, waiting for them to inch closer to let off his explosive barrage.

The sources of chakra wasn't at all visible to naru, it didn't help that her sharingan wasn't activated. Though she did feel like it would have been unecessay especially considering her own condition and they were still in the Land of Fire. " Keep a look out to make sure there are no other passbyers… No need to have any more people attempting to find this safe house right?" Naru eluded with an arch of her eyebrow, she couldn't notice anything else and instead she took a few light steps closer towards the shed.

Ataru would chuckle at that, nodding in response as he'd look about. Yep, completely oblivious. Then again, Ataru wasn't generally brought along for such things. It was more for the muscle and speed he could put into situations. "I don't see anyone else. Although.. the forest is quiet.. is that normal? I mean.. sure, winter.. but.." He'd shrug slightly. Maybe it was just him imagining things now. He did have days like that.

It was right upon those words that there was a thunder of explosion rising before them, the trees and leaves coiled and became hurdled from an impcat of chakra washing throughout the forest. The ties od chakra beneath their feet ignited a series of tags throughout the area, crackling the area with a stream of powerful explosions. After the smoke was clear a single shinobi was visible, hunched along the top of the shed with a blade nested lightly along his hip. "This must be the hsinobi I've been looking for? Only Two though? Too easy…" The main taunted under his breath, waiting to see if the fools would perish through his explosion or not.

The sudden shaking of the earth was enough to kick Narusegawa back into reality. Not having a single clue where the explosions were coming from she buckled down and focused her chakra, suddenign a surging aura of whipping water ribbons about her body in rapid motion, pushign away the explosion remains of the tags from being able to tack against her flesh. It was too late to warn Ataru, but she was sure someone like him would be able to escape away from the massive explosion. She slipped back away lastly, focusing a torrent of chakra while the seal about her body began to spread about like an infection, her sharingan awakening from behind the silk folds… She could see te person before them… His chakra network anyways. " It appears as though we have company… What the heck are you doing here?!" Naru exclaims, preparing herself for confrontation.

Much as Naru figured, Ataru moved at the same time she did. While she had to use the water to deflect the explosions, Ataru dodged. First to one tree, then as the explosions rippled outward, to another, higher up. He'd plant his feet on that trunk, standing there with the tree walking ability as he'd gather chakra. "Ya'll just made a serious mistake mate.. So.. tell ya what.. since it is two on one.. ifn ya give up, we'll let the whole attack thing go, bring ya in nice and easy.." Ataru's network would light up for Naru too, that surge of power being refined into those pistons that he made of pure chakra within arms and legs, his whole body taking on an extra layer of muscle as it were, while he'd wait to see if the man would give up or not.

"You are quite bold to even suggest such a thing, know your place you rat," The main fumes from behind his mask, his body moved swiftly, so quick it would appear as though he was teleporting. A brief after image was left as he tightly tugged back his fist, launching himself at Ataru attempting to impact him right along his jaw line. the single punch carried a lot of weight, coupled with the focus of his chakra and letting out chakra at the moment of impact, his or miss he turned to Narusegawa, giving her to same treatment and hopefully pushing off of Ataru to slam down upon her with a tightly curled fist. " I know my abilities… do you know yours?"

The assilants swift movements had been quickly decoded and analyzed as Naru was able to keep up with the help of her sharingan. The cursed mark continued to eat away at Naru's presence, darkening her chakra as she emit that dark azure hue. " Just take him down Ataru-san, he won't be answering any questions until they are staring at the edge of the blade, that's how they all are," She concluded usin a series of hand seals on her own.. "You're not going any where…" She pointed a single finger at the man, focusing her chakra into a fine point right at her finger tips and releasing a burst of lightning chakra in the form of a spear, attempting to impale the man from afar…

Ataru would nod towards Naru. "Right." Setting, he'd watch the man come at him, going to try and counter that hit with his own, only had him slammed into the tree and kicked off of, although Naru managed to avoid his attack anyways. Grumbling, Ataru would pull himself out of the tree. "Ok.. so.. don't do that again." Glaring at the man, Ataru took a step and was a sudden blur of motion. Even Naru has found it difficult to keep up with Ataru when he comes at the guy, first one, then two, then three different feints, that spear thrown incorporated into his own attack to force the man to defend against it or not, as Ataru would launch him skyward for a continued beat down.

The man was carefully sanctioning his chakra just enough to withstand against the piercing electricity, instead of stabbing through his flesh it literally bounced off of him like a flood of light being his by a barrier, it simply just wasn't enough to keep him down. The follow through of attacks however wasn't expected, for some reason he was expecting a long range technique rather than taijutsu… The man found himself launched up into the air, spining and whirling unable to keep himself from pulling away from inertia. He was launched skyward…

Ataru's launch up had prompted Narusegawa to end this a s quick as possible. " Finish him off…" Naru whispered quietly under her breath while pooling in her resources, chakra and lighting began a unique infusion about her body, tunneling down into the tips of her fingers as razor sharp claws of lightning began to form. forging into a brillant spectacle of bright light, Ataru knew what she was preparing for…But could they hold out? Her chakra spiked with determination…

Watching Naru set up that claw, Ataru gave a nod and suddenly blinked out, launching upward after the man. Giving a beat down was something that Ataru was very good at and with the finish him off order given, Ataru did just that. The flurry of blows was beyond what any normal person could hope to keep up with, as they came from every which direction, trees used to bounce off off as Ataru would go past the man, pummeling him mercilessly. That final shot was a spinning kick into the middle of his chest, sending him to the ground with an impact crater as the results. Even the trees looked a bit worse for wear from Ataru's landing and kicking off with those pistons firing. He'd land off to the side himself, panting softly. Total hits? 98.

The man was definitely worse for work, his body had been impacted by a series of blows, one after the other, slaming and smshing into his flesh and throughout the terrain her was furried against. He was slammed down into the crater of rubble, collecting his his and thoughts while blood bubbled from her lips. "Inf…You data…" the man groaned as he began to rise to a stand, chakra building up i na single limb, he took a sudden leap forward towards Ataru, approaching him with a tight gripe and a single explosive strike aimed straight for his stomach, enough to knock his balance and send him flying back for an instant follow up…

Hang in there….Ataru-san. Narusegawa whispered, building up and forging the lightning claws about her finger tips, the claws begining more dense and solidfied with chakra as it crackled along her slender fingers. If this technique could hit home the man would have been in serious trouble, especially with the beating Ataru had already given him. They both appeared to be serious contenders, she was confident that Ataru wouldn't let her down…

Ataru was facing someone stronger and faster than him. It might not be by much, but it was enough that he was having trouble avoiding those shots it seems. Sent crashing into a tree, it'd fall over on Ataru, leaving him on the ground, coughing as he was completely out of it for a moment. No.. Naru was depending on him.. This was NOT going to end here.. this man was going to go down.. Ataru refused to give up. That chakra spike flared about Ataru, a second wind it seems as he'd shove the tree off of him, eyes coming up to glare towards that foe. "Nice hit.. not enough mate.." One foot planted to get to his feet, Ataru was up and into that blur again, the speed truely on the inhuman level as Ataru would pummel the guy again, coming from all directions at once one more time, those kicks and punches would leave craters anywhere else. Ataru knew Naru was depending on him, he was NOT going to let her down!

It was such a silly strike, and with all the power built up into it, it exploded about the robbed shinobi, only for him to look unwavered and unfazed. " That almost tickled," The man mused with a wide grin from behind his mask, aiming a single punch to slam into his gut while turning his attention to Naru, her charging had suddenly alarmed him, forcing him to aim that same powerful punch to the side of her temple, hopefully knocking her unconcious.

Ataru was struck but just as she knew him he was quick to reovery, " Hit him with everything you got!" Narusegawa shouted out, brandishing her lightning claws as she had finally formed them properly. As Ogi came in for his final blow to her head she merely ducked under the strike and rolled her body to the side, extending a hand of thrashing lightnign chakra like a piercing blade straight into his chest, her aim was to combust his lungs and shock him from the insides out… They were dealing with a powerful shinobi and he needed to be put down. "Forged Lightning Claw!" Narusegawa exclaims, hoping Ataru could provide that second follow up…

Ataru would indeed follow up on Naru's big hit. Dodging away from the strike as those blades potentially hit home, Ataru gritted his teeth. Everything put into that fist, he'd ball it tight, the chakra surge within it double what normally occurred. Immediately after impact from Naru with the forged claws, Ataru would blur into view next to them, that power hit, everything in his body put all into one shot, was aimed towards the man's neck and shoulder, looking to bury him into the ground as there was indeed enough force in it that a serious impact crater would be left from him landing.

An impressive amount of damage was done to the shinobi, first having his heart pierced by the hand of lightning chakra almost for a moment holding him in place well enough for him to be swept in a series of blows one after the other. Each strike pummeled and smashedbreaking his bones and bruising his flesh, he was pummeled into the ground, punch after punch digging him deeper into the earth until the final strike had hit, his body motionless and unable to go any further… With the Shinobi down for the count it wasn't going to be hard for the duo of shinobi to discover the informant trapped within the cell of the shed… and come across some interesting information about a hunt for a mysterious item…

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