The Iron Caged - Questions Unanswered


Rune, Akio (emitter)

Date: August 22, 2016


Rune is able to speak to the prisoner, Murasame Tetsui, to find out a bit more about the Rebel Murasame. The final portion of the unfinished chapter comes to an end, even as the next book rises up.

"The Iron Caged - Questions Unanswered"

Land of Earth - Iwagakure - Dungeons

Among the items that Juudai had not been able to complete, the woman had also left her successor with a prisoner. Tetsui had been give 'just enough' food and water for him to live, but it wasn't exactly the best. Three meals a day that were very simple and tasteless affairs. Upon finding out he actually existed, Rune felt a bit of a headache coming on and she would head towards the dungeon. Honestly, she doubted she was very imposing, so hopefully she could get an assistant to find her a 'bad cop' to her 'good cop'.
Tetsui would hear the door to his cell unlocking before the newest Tsuchikage stepped in. Tetsui would have chakra-binders and a chain attached to his leg to make sure he wasn't a danger to the Hidden Stone's leadership. "Murasame Tetsui?" Rune calls out, peering around the cell.

First of Kaoru would be called over. The assistant decide the Hand of the Kage would be the most acceptable person to grab for multiple reasons. First he is already the number 2 for Rune, and second he is one of the ones that are likely the best at being a bad cop when need be. He was here before she went in, but he stayed back for now. All he did was make a small greeting for Rune.
Tetsui looked up with a frown towards the new Tsuchikage. "Who are you? Don't look like Juudai to me." He looked at the ground. "I am Tetsui. What do you need?" He just asked while he slumped down where he was. He didn't look good. Didnt help he was in here for close to a year now. For this reason it is likely Tetsui's brother Tatsui had fussed some, but he didn't act too pushy about it. He just felt Tetsui earned more than he was getting for at least helping somewhat.

"Juudai-sama decided to retire," Rune replies. "I'm Sasaki Rune, her replacement. And frankly, I have no idea how things were left when she disappeared. So," Rune would move to take a seat. "Why don't you tell me as much as you know," she suggests. "The more you say, the faster you can be let out."

Kaoru coughed a bit before looking at Tetsui from outside the cell. "If we let you out. So watch your words. You are lucky you helped us at all in dealing with them. If it wasn't for that little bit I don't think you would even have a chance of getting out of here." He said with a sorta aura of fear radiating off of him.
Tetsui was about to open his mouth before that but instead frowned a bit to let him finish. He just made a small nod as he did, and looked at Rune. "Nice to meet you Rune-sama. As you obviously know I am Murasame Tetsui. What you might not know is my history. I was with those Rebels at a young age because of just how things turned out. As I grew up I just grew within their forces. Of course this also happens to be known even by some of them that I grew a bit of morals compared to the rest of them. I didn't like the way Tanjiro. It wasn't the way Murasame Youta wanted things to be…. And for once I realized that. Everything that happened those almost 14 years ago prove that Tanjiro wanted the power all along. We killed Youta because of what Tanjiro told us. That he was leading us in the wrong direction. That he was the reason we were kicked from Iwagakure. So we killed him and his wife right after she gave birth to a kid. And then Tanjiro took that kid into our forces. That kid is Murasame Akio. And yes he has had a terrible life for a kid. I regret all of it. Especially taking his parents from him. They were good people. He should at least know that if you can tell him." He eventually finished.

Rune frowns lightly. "I see…" Then she would glance over to Kaoru. "Kaoru-san, keep note of that." Then she looks to Tetsui. "As you know, Iwagakure made an assault on your base. Juudai-sama was unable to catch Tanjiro. Do you know where he could possibly be hiding?" she inquires, keeping most of her own questions and comments minimal. She was glad Tetsui was cooperative.

Kaoru nods to Rune. "Already on it Rune-sama." He actually brought along a younger assistant of his who took notes for everything that happened. It allowed him to focus on the task at hand while someone else focused on everything that was going on and in recording it. He didn't seem to have issue with what was said so far and would let Tetsui and Rune speak for now.
In fact Tetsui would be speaking now. "Yes I know. I remember it. That was when I finally made my decision." He said with a slight frown. "Where he could be hiding… No not really. I expect him to be within The Land of Earth still. Probably near the borders if anything though as they regrow their forces. Give them time to train younger people to fill their ranks. Maybe even recruit mercenaries outta nearby towns. That includes taking young kids around the ages of 14 or so if you hear rumors of that." He pondered a few things. "Sadly I don't know where they could be holding up. Even our last base we didn't know about until we were there. Tanjiro keeps things very secretive. With me betraying them and in your custody I don't doubt they will want to never be at their old bases. I can show you where they are though in case they didn't fully clean them out." Sadly Juudai was never attempting to get this info. "Oh and… There are some of them within Iwagakure still. Spies. I don't know who and they may even have some that aren't Murasame. Though only the Murasame are ones they care about. The rest are likely just shields for them and ones they wouldn't care to see die." He frowned. "But yes. I don't know who are the spies as I wasn't trusted with that information." Which was the truth at least.

"Understood." Rune considers Tetsui for a long moment, then. Morals… "Tetsui-san," she starts. "What is your opinion on Iwagakure? I'm sure it is a bit skewed after your time here, and I apologize for how badly we may have treated you, as well as how long you were made to wait. However, times were … busy… for the village."

Tetsui looked at Rune closely before shrugging lightly. "Indifference right now. My family still lives here. In particular my brother. For these reasons I obviously have loyalty within the village. But not to the village itself. At least not yet." He shrugged lightly. "Why do you ask this of me anyways? To be sure I don't go back to them or to be sure I am safe to keep as a citizen here?"

"Neither, actually. I don't think that far ahead, apparently," Rune says with a small smirk. "I was curious if perhaps you would like to join Iwagakure's ranks. As a guard or as a shinobi, I have no true preference. The choice is up to you." Rune would stand, then. "I can't let you out today, but soon. Your brother will come and pick you up."

Tetsui looked at her with a small frown and before he spoke up Kaoru decided to. "Are you sure you should do that so soon Rune? At the very least a wait until they are officially evaluated as a citizen of Iwagakure." He frowned but wouldn't go against her if she was sure. Tetsui looked at Rune and sighed a bit. "I feel I should take time to think on that offer. If it is that or this prison you know my choice I am sure. But if I can live without it I might choose that. It depends on where my mind goes in the next few days."

"Time is permitted. And no, you do not have to choose this or that. It is… An option should you like it. You can live as a citizen as well, though." Rune offers a light bow. "I must depart. There's a meeting that's rather soon that I need to take care of…" She would choose to depart without another word, feeling as though there was nothing more to be said. "Kaoru-san, see our Archivist and dig up as much information on the Murasame. Also, have him record the information we just learned today."

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