The Iron Caged - Treachery Unleashed


Kaneko (emitter), Juudai, Hiei, Hotaru, Nendo, Mitsue, Akio (as Pozumeru)

Date: December 27, 2015


Juudai leads a team to try and find her missing Murasame genin.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Iron Caged - Treachery Unleashed"

Land of Earth

Murasame Zora had told Juudai, after a lot of mental debating, that 'No, I don't know where the base is. But I can probably retrace the path.' Of course, that isn't to say he could actually deliver, but he could maybe follow help out a bit. He was only blindfolded when they got to the starting point, so maybe bad weather didn't completely erase the trail left behind? Maybe?! Regardless, he'd be helping to lead the team to the right spot. And since there are two Kage here, there's little doubt he could be killed should he try anything suspicious. The good news: it's wonderful weather for a mission! The sky is clear, the sun is shining, and the war drums are banging c.c;

COMBAT: Juudai focuses 7599 stamina to turn it into 10150 usable chakra!

Calling out to Hiei, Juudai also put out missives to those involved in this situation to have them come along as well as those who might be of use for other reasons. Even as she follows this Zora to the location, she gives him a nudge along here and there. Making sure he realizes clearly that, as she had told him previously, 'He is buying himself more time and life from her.' Even as they move near to the spot, Juudai states, "We are here for recon." She nods her head, "We are to find the place where they are being held. If we can save them, we act, but be aware this may just be one step in a long process so don't get your hopes up."

COMBAT: Hiei focuses 3552 stamina to turn it into 5000 usable chakra!

Hiei is moving along with Juudai while atop his coal black warhorse Snake Eyes. He's leaned over in the saddle, elbow propped up while looking over at Juudai. "Sure. I've invested myself already. I'd hate to come all this way and not see it out until the end. So even if this is only recon, I'm happy to be along." He uses his foot to shove Zora along every so often, if nothing more than to remind the coward that he is indeed still around.

Hotaru was not playing around. This slim sliver of hope that her team was not dead was not going to be wasted on girly outfits. The lizard made sure to wear tight black shinobi clothing, with only the bare necessities equipped upon her person. Among them was Hotaru's cane, to which she had resting against her back like one would if they were carrying a blade. She was also not pulling any punches either. The young Watanabe had released her Kekkei Genkai far more full than likely anyone had seen up to this point. She was likely nearly fully covered in scales, save for the front of her body, and the insides of her arms and legs. The lines of scales that were off-colored from the rest of her black scales glowed a rather bright yellow, almost providing illumination if it were dark. Even her eyes constantly dilated and reached out to find that familiar chakra resonance that was Kaneko and Akio. It might be noted that Hotaru was almost crawling around on all fours, or at least hunched down most of the time as she arrived at the mission location area. This was likely due to a tail that had sprouted from her, an extension of her spinal column. The cute little Watanabe had become a little more monstrous than she was before hand.
Suffice to say, she used every available sense she had as she constantly pinged the air as she moved far faster than one would expect. It seemed as if her bloodline was repressing her disorder at the moment, allowing her to keep up without additional help. "I'm going to kill you…" She whispered to herself, as she continually looked over to Zora with a certain rage-filled state of mind that was fueled by the transformation she had undergone. At the moment, she was crawling up a tree rather skillfully as if she truly was half gecko. She would leap between the sparse tree cover trees, keeping within speaking distance of the Tsuchikage.

COMBAT: Nendo focuses 4571 stamina to turn it into 6000 usable chakra!

Nendo had come along for, if nothing else, the recovery of his ex-student and the strange boy that arrived in the village. With them gone the place would be a bit too quiet for his liking and while the change in Hotaru was a welcomed difference, the person riding the horse was a far different story… A strange sight to say the least… Garbed in his usual attire of his deep red shirt bearing only a single long sleeve covering his right arm, and the black cargo pants with the red lapel draped over his left leg, the Toujitakumi was taking his time in following after the others and somewhat enjoying the mutterings of the little dragon. It reminded him of the time he was annoyed by a Kamizuru for causing trouble but all the same would reach out and ruffle at the dragon's head without hesitation. "Don't go killing him before he's all used up. You milk the resource for their information, let them beg, and then kill them anyway, Hotaru." Nendo would explain in a calm tone of voice while moving along at the pace set by their Tsuchikage.
There was little need to get up in arms but even so, Nendo did form the hand seal of confrontation to let his chakra begin building up within his network so that he had plenty to work with on hand when the time came.

COMBAT: Mitsue focuses 3378 stamina to turn it into 4000 usable chakra!

Mitsue had heard about what had happened of course, at least so much that there was a chance AKio and Kaneko weren't dead but had been kidnapped none the less. He didn't know any details however. He's just happy to be able to help albeit likely not that much. Still, he'll do what he can! He dressed in his normal cloak, hood pulled up to cover his pale features while his violet eyes stare out from underneath and seem to burn with a bit of a rage.

Tanjiro sat at his desk inside this base of his. Across from him was none other than Pozumeru. "So. You seem to have done a horrible job with keeping the blame away from us. Even if you bought yourself more time." Pozumeru was silent, and the expression on his face seemed to be horrified. "I got another job for you Pozu. That kid Zora… he isn't stupid even if he is a coward. So if he isn't dead yet…. I need you to kill him for me." Pozumeru just nods his head slowly before standing up. "Good. Now either you come back with Zora's head, so I can have a new mantle piece on the all over there or you can be the new piece on the wall instead." Pozumeru just quickly nodded before making his way out of the base that scared look never leaving his face.

Zora clamps down on his fear and anger at the two Kage that are nudging him forward. "I'm not a horse…" he mutters under his breath, taking a moment to look around where he is. "I think we're getting close to it. The beginning of the trail or whatever," he tells the group. "I'm not sure which direction we travelled in from there, though. So…" he shrugs lightly. "We traveled for a while, though. Soon…" he shrugs lightly and gestures. "Feel free to look around."

A look to Nendo and Hotaru and she shakes her head. Juudai looks to Hiei with a nod, "Then I'm happy to have you along." She looks forward at Zora next and blinks, "I do apologize, you are not a horse." She shakes her head, "You are a corpse that is coming back to life. A man on death row who is communing his sentence." She looks at him carefully and then around the area, "Remember, we find my shinobi and your life is your own again and not mine." She nods her head as she walks around the area, "You ehard him, look around for clues."

Hiei dismounts from his horse and comments to Zora in a low tone as he passes by him. "She might not kill you, but if you're screwing with us, I most certainly will." Hiei begins a thorough search of the area, he's looking for breaks in the brush, tracks, wagon tracks since Zora stated that he was in a cart, and of course, things like horse droppings and hoof prints..things that would indicate the way has been traveled relatively recently." Putting his Kamen training to good use.

RPCOMBAT: Hiei defends against with a MASTERED-PERCEPTION…84
COMBAT: Hotaru focuses 4648 stamina to turn it into 6000 usable chakra!
RP: Hotaru transforms into LINES-OF-CONFLICT.
RPCOMBAT: Hotaru defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSING-TECHNIQUE…59

The subtle shake of Juudai's head was clear that she indeed was not a fan of Hotaru's plans for Zora. Yet, she did incidentally win him in an auction and he did betray the village. Betrayed his clan. Was a part of wrenching someone important to her away. Hotaru was still staring at Juudai's expression when Nendo came along to pat ruffle her hair, hair that was singed at the tips from where she was burned nearly to a crisp by the Murasame that had taken Kaneko. "There are so many things I want to do to him before the end. There are just… 'Rules' I have to follow. Ethics." What good business man or woman follows ethics anyways? No one else seemed to follow ethics. Every last situation she has ever dealt with saw the death of children, and for a time her friends were assumed dead because of those who cared little for 'ethics' or 'rules and laws'. Doesn't mean she can't take out her bloodline fueled aggression on someone else. Iwa's Lizard continues to make a habit out of pinging the air to see if she can't find Kaneko or Akio's signatures… Or anyone at all for that matter. If they didn't have a shiny stone forehead protector, they were possible targets. "I still don't sense anything. There is nothing around here that needs to die, other than Zora."

RPCOMBAT: Nendo defends against with a TREMOR-SENSE…29

Nendo wouldn't show much of a response to the fact Hotaru's hair was singed, maybe someone taught her a lesson of how painful it was to be set on fire. The thought helped soothe of the ache lingering in his burned arm and allowed Nendo to move off without comment as he made his way a fair distance from the group. Rather than trying to escape from the complaints of the young girl however, it had to do with the Toujitakumi's ability. As he leaned down and closed his eyes, Nendo began focusing chakra into the tip of his right finger and then, with a touch to the ground began releasing it. Several dull pulses would start leaving from Nendo's fingertip once he heard Hotaru's report on not sensing anything, no need to disrupt her chakra sensing after all. The pulses would rebound off some of the smallest things, letting Nendo take in the responses and build up a mental map of the area. He was doing much the same as Hiei's eyes were, seeing if his pulses could pick up on changes in the terrain that seemed unnatural and perhaps movement of any onlookers that weren't far off from their current location as well.

Mitsue looked over to the kid that everyone continued to threaten in various ways. He'd seen him before and knew he was trouble, but exactly how much trouble was the brat that he was being threatened by two Kage? The teen could only shake his head and remain silent. Because that's what he was. The only one he had even touched mentally yet was Nendo but that connection was always there when the two were near each other. When told to begin exploring around for signs he does just that even if he isn't as skilled as all the others.

RPCOMBAT: Mitsue defends against with a PERCEPTION…19

[NPC System]: Pozumeru roll(s) Tremor Sense from 25 to 45 and get(s) a 42. - Rolled by: Akio
[NPC System]: Pozumeru roll(s) Underground FIsh Projection from 25 to 45 and get(s) a 36. - Rolled by: Akio

Pozumeru was moving along sending waves of chakra into the ground. Tanjiro had someone in the village alert them when the search party had left, so he knew that they were out here. Honestly even if Pozumeru died here trying to kill Zora with two kage around it would be better then what would happen if Tanjiro knew he failed. He saw what was done to Akio all that time, and knew that plus more would be done to him. That chakra that Pozumeru was sending into the ground could probably be sensed by at least Hotaru.

Pozumeru was traveling along the ground, but the members of the search party were all quite high-ranking. Because of that, it'd be all too easy for Hiei and Juudai to notice Pozumeru. Hotaru and Nendo also had a bit of an advantage, as the tremors from the moving earth and the use of chakra. There's very little signs of things going on with the base and kidnappers, though.

Watching as the others work, Juudai remains calm. Eerily so. She considers the work that is happening around her and the words spoken. She considers the area a moment before lifting up her hand with a kunai in it. A quick series of seals and she throws it right into the ground nearby which explodes…right in front of where Pozumeru was moving under the ground. Juudai then states, "Come out quietly and perhaps you, too can be of use to me." She states, "If you are just here to fight, then you're likely going to die quickly and this whole thing will be rather boring. I'd much rather take you alive. At least for now. Whoever you are." Juudai seems as non-plussed as ever, even going so far as to pull out a cigar and place it to her lips.

Hiei looks around the area for a bit and then goes to climb back up onto his horse. He settles himself in the saddle and then turns to Juudai. "Three things. First, the trail leads off to the west, which tells me that's the direction that the base lies. Two, I hope that guy who's approaching doesn't really think he's sneaking up on us..and three, you should really consider cutting back on the cigars. They're not healthy for you." He then turns his attention to where the kunai was thrown and goes back to watching the scene passively. He knew someone was there, but he didn't know who. His sensory powers weren't that detailed.

Hotaru recognized this signature. She has met Pozumeru before. A bit strange he was here. He wasn't on the kill list as far as she knew. It unsettled her that Juudai openly attacked the sneaker. The Lizard would move out from around where Nendo was standing to move behind where Pozumeru was, cutting off his escape. Certainly not in range of explosives though. "I guess there really is only one Murasame that I can truly trust…" Hotaru would gather her hand in a seal as if waiting for Juudai to order her to restrain Pozumeru…

Nendo was busy trying to identify what was moving about beneath the surface but before he could, the feed back from Juudai's explosion nearly erased a quarter of his map before the Toujitakumi snapped open his eyes and with a few hand seals, had stomped the ground in preparation for any resistance that might come. As the two Kage's spoke, Nendo blinked and started back on his way toward the group though without managing to hear Hotaru's mutterings. Instead, Nendo would reach out to lightly tap Mitsue's robes as he forged his connection to the other teen and sent his message to Mitsue silently.

The explosion surprises the fairly blind Mitsue and he looks up quickly when it happens, eyes moving to Nendo first…but it doesn't appear to have been him. So then he looks to the Tsuchikage, and finally where the explosion had been. HEr words quickly shine light on the situation and he stops to see what this strange person is going to do. He's not stupid enough to challenge the Kage is he?

Pozumeru rose from the ground hands at his side. "I apologize Tsuchikage. I didn't mean to make you think someone planned to attack." Hopefully his thinking would be enough. "As you may know the Murasame sent some of their own scouts to look around because they wanted there younger generation to be saved even if only two of them were taken. Now using information we gathered we also….knowing you had that chat with Zora we wanted to make sure he was trustworthy, and based on his past actions we did not expect him to be. What we found was plans for an ambush….that is where I suspect he is taking you now. I came here to warn you." Expecting something to be brought up from him not coming from the village side he adds. "I kind of got lost along the way…. reason I was this way instead of that way." He seemed calm though his gaze stayed straight not looking anyone in the face, and his posture stayed straight as if to show respect to the Kage he spoke to.

"You … You RAT," Zora accuses, his black eyes glaring balefully at Pozumeru. "Bunco, the things people accuse me for… I don't even know…" He shakes his head a bit. "Wait, no. Rats are much higher than you. I know I'm a coward, but at least I'm not a /liar/ too!" Then the Murasame would make a few handseals, but he wouldn't release any jutsu yet. He figured that maybe Juudai and Hiei could do the dirty work for him.

A step closer to Zora and Juudai holds out a hand before looking to Pozumeru, "What is that?" She asks and hmms as she looks at him, "Problems with that story abound. I didn't hear anything from the Murasame about that. If you are out looking around then why did you fail to spot us till I nearly blasted you from the ground? Further, it seems Zora thinks you are a liar. Now, I'm disinclined to believe him but then again, he is bartering for his life and men who barter for their lives tend to be more truthful." She shrugs, "I believe now is the time for you to tell me the truth. Or else." And with htat a burst of chakra will come from Juudai as she steps forward and her power flows out like a cold death over Pozumeru, "Speak up now, I am short on patience."

COMBAT: Juudai attacks target 1 with PREDATORY-GLARE with a roll of: 57
[NPC System]: Pozumeru roll(s) Chakra Pinch iii from 40 to 70 and get(s) a 63. - Rolled by: Akio

Hiei continues sitting in the saddle, looking between Zora, Pozumeru and Juudai. He glances over at Hotaru, and the two new guys he hasn't met before. Mainly, Nendo and Mitsue. He clears his throat. "Well, I do know two things. I know that Pozumeru-san lied to my face the other day when I was questioning him about the kids. Of course, I decided to give him just enough rope to hang himself. Good job on that, Pozumeru-san. Cause I checked. The Murasame clan was in the dark just like everyone else. I've shared my findings with only two people, Hotaru and Juudai." He holds up two fingers. "Two, Zora is a shifty shinobi, but he's the kind of man who would cover his flimflam with both hands when it comes to him living or dying. Which means that he's telling the truth. Afterall, he led us to this spot, and I found a path leading towards the base…the same direction you just came from. So..if it walks like a goat..eats like a goat..odds are it's a goat. So I only ask a single question." He looks over at Juudai. "Do you want to kill him, or shall I?"

The Watanabe hadn't the whole story, but she had enough of it to know - along with the words that she hears from the two Kage - that Pozumeru was a threat and someone whom was directly related to her team's cature. The lizard wouldn't outright attack Pozumeru, but instead serve his head on a platter. She created six seals and closed her eyes as groundwater burst from the dirt around Pomuzeru's feet. It now sought to entangle the Murasame. Tendrils of water would begin to make their way around his angles, torso, arms… The final tendril wrapped about his neck, giving her superiors a clear neck to strike at. Only by loud angry orders from Juudai would she desist. Yep. She will -never- trust a Murasame other than Kaneko ever again. Ever… again.

COMBAT: Hotaru attacks target 1 with WATER-CHAINS with a roll of: 52
[NPC System]: Pozumeru roll(s) Earth Dome from 35 to 65 and get(s) a 37. - Rolled by: Akio

Nendo was a bit surprised as Hotaru stepped into the interrogation of the two Kage's and worked to bind the Murasame with those flowing swirls of water. It was an interesting technique to see of course though Nendo was a bit more passive about it and simply left his technique lingering at bay as he did the last time he used it. Lingering near Mitsue, Nendo watched the pair of Kage's as well as Hotaru and Zora to be sure that not only did Zora stay put, but that Hotaru didn't take things too far in her eagerness. Still, with this Pozu person arriving, the young Toujitakumi would begin focusing his own chakra flow to charge a bit more toward its volatile nature.. No use just watching and not being prepared after all.

Mitsue watches as the other rises from the ground and then tries to blame the one that was leading them and…well, that's just a lot of stuff going on. He doesn't interfere for multiple reasons, the main which is that he can't talk. So instead he just continues to watch, letting his violet eyes move around the area and try to make sure that no one else is sneaking up on them. Chances are he wouldn't know anyways but he can try. There isn't much else he can really do.

Pozumeru stared down Juudai with confidence not allowing the genjutsu to scare him. "You wanna know the truth? The person who kidnapped those kids. He isn't sane. I would rather be killed here then left to him… I was forced into doing these things….forced to lead those kids to the start of the forest. I have kids down in that base of theirs….kids that are in danger. A wife in danger. What do you expect me to do when anyone around me could be someone above me who is working for him. He may know more then you do about your own village. I regret the decision made twelve years ago. Akio… one of the kids that was kidnapped. His father was a better man who just used the wrong methods." The chains began to wrap around him as he was too slow to try to stop it. "I won't help you find that base, but I won't stop you either…not like I could. I was only sent out here to kill him anyways." He gestured to Zora with his head. "Kill me or don't, but I leave this message either way. The kids down there…. they aren't bad. Just everyone that was banished twelve years ago." His eyes gleamed with hatred, but not hatred for the Kages that idly chatted about killing him.

Zora just stares at Pozumeru for a few moments. "You're about as cowardly as I am," he says after a moment. "Wanting to die here rather than get tortured for not completing your job… Though I suppose you having something to lose makes it all the more forgivable." he shakes his head a bit, and unless someone tries to stop him, a number of metal tendrils would snake out from the ground and start stabbing Pozumeru and try to kill the older Murasame.

[NPC System]: Zora roll(s) Garden of Metal Thorns vs. Pozumeru from 30 to 60 and get(s) a 34. - Rolled by: Kaneko
COMBAT: Juudai attacks target 1 with INTERRUPT with a roll of: 31

Shaking her head, Juudai watches as Pozumeru speaks and then she spots on the ground, "You instead put others in the same boat and increased your captor's leverage and power. foolish." She then blinks at Zora and rushes him suddenly to try to stop him but not in time. She then basically sends out a wave of electricity through him, "You act when I say."

COMBAT: Juudai attacks target 1 with STATIC-CLOUD with a roll of: 40
[NPC System]: Zora roll(s) Block vs. Juudai (40) from 10 to 30 and get(s) a 21. - Rolled by: Kaneko

Hiei dismounts his horse again. "I have two pet peeves. Genjutsu is one of them. Disloyalty is the other. I have a twin sister. She was taken by enemy shinobi when we were six years old. Over the years, she grew up as the daughter of an ex leaf shinobi..who's single goal was the destruction of Kumogakure and the Yotsuki clan. When I was sixteen, we found my sister and recovered her. She carried no memory of her true family and was acting to hurt us of her own free will. Even though we discovered that she had been brainwashed via genjutsu, she still had to pay for her crimes. Instead of executing her, the Raikage at the time took pity on her. She now sits in a prison cell in Raiun City while trusting me to raise her only son as my own." Ice blue eyes stare at Pozumeru. "/She/ had no choice. But you did. You chose to back the wrong people. You should have gone to the one person you could trust." He points at Juudai. "Her."
He reaches behind his back and withdraws one of the two chakra blades that are sheathed there. "I have no empathy or sympathy for you. You are a coward and a liar. And you deserve to die." Hiei runs the tip of his finger along the blade of his sword, causing it to glow a neon blue color. "Of course, this is if you had been born in Kumogakure." However as Zora eliminates Pozumeru first, Hiei cuts his eyes over to the man, a growl forming in his throat as his hand tightens on the grip of his sword. "You're just as guilty as he is. Both of you work for these rogue Murasame. Perhaps you deserve the same fate that you delivered to him, yes?" His foot slides forwards as his sword flashes upwards. He aims for the right arm of the man, seeking to sever it at the elbow instead of killing him outright. "Shut up until spoken to."

COMBAT: Hiei attacks target 1 with STEEL-CUTTING-SWORD with a roll of: 54
[NPC System]: Zora roll(s) Metal Barrier vs. Hiei (54) from 30 to 60 and get(s) a 30. - Rolled by: Kaneko

Nendo was watching the events of Zora and the Kages, watching the goings on without much to say on the matter. As they severed the arm of that Murasame, Nendo tilted his head slightly and started walking toward them to see the damage that had been done to the two Murasame. Pozu was done for, but at the least Zora had a chance of living… for perhaps ten more minutes if Juudai was forgiving. Still, the Toujitakumi unpacked his kit to walk a bit closer incase Juudai suggested he do what he could to stop the bleeding that resulted.

Some scary spoof going down here! As if he didn't feel outclassed before hand Mitsue kind of…steps behind a rock for a moment while all the death is dealt. Not that he minded death per se, but to put down someone so much weaker in such a way…it just was not something he felt like watching. ~This isn't getting us any closer to our goal,~ he tells Nendo, the mental connection through the genjutsu only allowing the other teen to hear it.

Hotaru would clench her teeth rather tightly as the arm of -her- property is cut and thrown into the air. That was absolutely enraging. Her eyes tracked the arm in the air as she created those same series of six seals, which caused water tendrils to rise up from the puddle of her previous technique and grab the arm. "No, no, no… That's -my- property. Fifty thousand ryo down the drain… He was going to make a wonderful worker in the deep mines…" A few moments later that arm is quickly placed back against Zora's body tightly so that the medic-nin can re-attach it later. It might cause immense pain to Zora, and there would still be a lot of blood… That arm was definitely gone, likely limp. "If Kaneko was here, she might be able to save the arm… How am I supposed to use an armless worker?" Zora was the worst investment she ever had. Father is going to be so disappointed. v.v

COMBAT: Hotaru attacks target 1 with WATER-CHAINS with a roll of: 39

Pozumeru can't even defend himself because he's stuck in Hotaru's jutsu. So he ends up dying a horribly painful death from his own clan mate. What's left of the body is very hole-y… And there's very little possibility that he's alive. Zora would be unable to block the strike from Juudai, so he fell to the ground as if tasered, only to end up getting his arm cut off. This would cease his chakra flow almost completely, and the metal spikes that appeared earlier would collapse. The arm itself ended up getting smashed right up against the stump that used to be attached, and the teen nearly passes out.

A sigh escapes Juudai, shakes her head at what is happening even as she gestures idly to Zora, "Someone make sure he doesn't die for now. He is alive at least till tomorrow." She then looks to Hotaru before she gestures to Hiei, "Well, this is a mess but the dead one left a trail. We need to find it and find the base so we can plan an attack."

Hiei flicks his wrist, ridding his blade of the blood before he sheathes it as an afterthought. He climbs back up onto his horse and turns it west before using his heels to urge the animal on. "We already know that the base lies in this direction. So let's go do some recon…or you know, assault the thing and get your people out of there." He pats Snake Eyes on the neck and the horse moves in the direction Hiei put him in.

Nendo would move in with a nod and begin applying a bit of a salve to the bleeding wounds of both the stump and severed arm to keep the cells alive before he wrapped that arm tightly in a bandage. ~Everyone's just wound up and venting some of their anger, from the way he talked nothing too horrible will happen and things could become chaos for us if someone tries running in wildly so this might be best.~ Nendo replied to Mitsue though the auditory genjutsu before he knotted the bandage a bit tightly and nodded. "I've patched it but this is the best I can do until I get some proper training on the medic's style of ninjutsu." Nendo explained before moving back from Zora's form, he didn't bother with the other's body. It looked fairly trashed as it was… "He'll probably start bleeding again in two to three hours so if we want to keep the arm we should move quickly."

Mitsue just kind of continues to hang out. There's not much he can do in this exact situation besides watch, listen, and learn.

Hotaru wasn't going to waste time here any longer, but… Certainly Nendo did fine work in her eyes patching her property up… He isn't so bad after all. "I am going to scout ahead… In the direction that the once-Pomazeru lead us along…" Hotaru released her jutsu, and turned towards that direction. Truly, they've wasted valuable time dealing with Pomazeru and Zora. Hotaru would begin to move her feet in that direction, as she closed her eyes and rapidly pinged for any sign of life. "I can't believe that… I can't believe that our entire operation is going to fail because of one Murasame that decided to buy his enclave time to escape… No… No I don't want that happening."

RPCOMBAT: Hotaru defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSING-TECHNIQUE…50

Zora grits his teeth as Nendo adds salve. That just stings x.x; The boy gets up and starts walking to follow after both Kage, mentally cursing every god that he ever knew. Then the two Kage and Hotaru and the list goes on and on… He sort of stumbles along, sometimes feeling dizzy from blood loss, but otherwise is able to keep up @_@
The team of shinobi can continue along for however long they wish, but the path never seems to deviate. The sharp eyes of the Kage and the senses of Nendo would see that they didn't lose the trail, at least. Eventually they would come to an area that seemed completely dead. There was no sense of chakra around. There was no sense of… well… life. No movement. No chakra. It was as if the area was a dead zone. The only thing that anyone could see around would be rocks, rocks, and more rocks.

"OK, we will be looking over this area and we will be calling in back up."Juudai shakes her head and then walks over to Hiei and says, "Could you be so kind as to not remove the limbs of my prisoners before I'm done with them thanks." She then approaches Nendo and Mitsue, "You two, make haste back to the village and call in back up,." She nods and shakes her head as she looks around.

Hiei waves a hand at Juudai. "Yea, yea, but you said I could do with them as I wanted. Besides, he doesn't need a hand to work in the mine, or whatever. Honestly, he's better off dead. This isn't like you, Juudai. Why are you being so nice to these guys?" Since it looks like they weren't going anywhere until the backup got here, he makes himself comfortable and even considers taking a nap, just to he'll be refreshed when it was time.

An order to head home now that they were there… Interesting. "I won't be long. I'll make sure that those I bring with me aren't going to get in the way." The Toujitakumi would nod slightly all the same however and focus briefly to release his chakra from the creations in the area before turning about and giving Mitsue a bit of a tug on the Gansao's cloak as he passed. ~Come on, we're going to be running so don't fall behind unless you want the embarrassment of being carried like a princess through Iwa.~ Nendo would 'say' to Mitsue through the genjutsu before kicking off firmly and starting his rapid trek back toward Iwagakure so he could call in on the assistance of those he knew well enough in the village to cover the backs of others.

The words from Nendo bring a faint blush to the pale cheeks but luckily it's hidden by the cloak. Instead he just bows quickly to the Tsuchikage before he takes off after Nendo. He'd been working on his speed and stamina and now was his chance to show it off. The place had seemed odd to him, not like somewhere he would've expected people to be actively held…but oh well. He was doing what he was told to do! ~Try not to get left behind Nendo!~

Hotaru would -almost- pick up a faint signature, but, then it was gone. Just like that. Nothing to go on at all. Hotaru was no closer than she was before to finding her friend… "Next time…" She says as she turns away and starts looking in an area that is totally not where they were. What a worthlessly useless mission. Not a thing was found and Hotaru? Well… She was left feeling empty inside once more, and Zora was not going to be around for her amusement for a while thanks to his missing arm… This entire event really was… twisting her. It won't be long until she becomes a little more cruel in order to cope with the loss of her team…

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