The Legion March - Blood and Power


Maikeru, Meruin, Nori, Takehiko, Yuuka

Date: March 10, 2011


Captured by the Land of Fire, Kiri dispatches a team to rescue their fellow comrade Yuuka, not knowing what is ahead of them.

"The Legion March - Blood and Power"

Unspecific location within Konohagakure

Warning: This scene contains graphic descriptions of carnage and gore and should not be read if reader has a weak stomach. No Konoha Uchiha PCs were injured in the making of this rp.

Poster's note: First part of scene, detailing Yuuka's treatment at the hands of Uchiha researchers in a secret laboratory, omitted for excessive lewdness and violence. Above warning still applies to rest of scene.

It has been several full days since the last known location of one of Kirigakure's shinobi, Kaguya Yuuka. During one of the many bouts against their opposing force, Konoha, she was taken, put under Genjutsu to make her believe she was stabbed in the gut, stunned from the sheer pain. Last that was seen was Fuyu grabbing the collapsing body of Yuuka before speeding off, clones confusing the Kiri forces as they disappear into the woods. After that, the Land of Water dispatched a few sensor shinobi, eventually finding where she could have possibly been taken. If at all.

Unknown to Konohagakure, the Uchiha clan had built an underground research facility. Researching what is unknown, but one could possibly assume that it isn't good it it's hidden from Konoha's own eyes. And Kiri has a rough guess where it is now. Meruin, Takehiko, Maikeru, and Nori are assigned the task of retrieving her now, a map given them of the general area that Kirigakure assumes the underground research facility is. If blood needs to be spilled, so be it.

The mission was a clear one. Search and retrieve the prisoner, Kaguya Yuuka. There was little to explain on that note. So, Meruin made very little comment to the team that he was leading once this, and the extenuating circumstances around it, were made obvious.

The first thing to do was locate the underground facility. Due to them having the map, this should actually prove to be a relatively easy feat. They have the general vicinity. So, Meruin set them up in a grid search, each of them systematically searching a strip of land until the whole area was covered or they found what they were looking for. In addition, the Okumo's spiders were spread out and searching as well, their viewpoint on the ground an entirely separate one. And of course, Nori and Takehiko both had spiders on their clothing that would be used to let them know when something had been found and to return.

Takehiko had been told his sister was captured when he couldn’t find her and talked to the last people who saw her. Due to his own nightmares, as well as his inability to have been there for her, he has been acting a bit more aggressive than normal. His normally stoic calm face had a more silent anger to it as he didn’t let it cloud his judgment. When told of this mission, he volunteered it without hesitation. He now continues look in the general area, not content to simply let the spiders look for him.

War was something Nori enjoyed, something he breathed as easily as the mists of his home. There were truths to it that the rest of society could see little beauty in, but for Nori they were easier to grasp than nonsensical things like wiping your feet before entering a domicile, or using chopsticks rather than your fingers. These truths were wrapped up simply in a neat word: Survive. Glorifying in this simple thing, in the sheer struggle to be the last one standing amongst his enemies, he had little care for the lives of his fellow Kiri-nin. Nay, he had none at all, for if they died at least they would die in their own way, hopefully fighting against impossible odds. When he was called back from the front lines for this mission, though, he was greatly displeased. A seek and retrieve mission, and likely the girl was dead already. He had argued against it until a Jounin had struck him across the face and pointed out that there would likely be many enemies all in one place. Nori laughed, of course, and then agreed. Now he finds himself here, searching, and seeking the place where the Konoichi had been taken… Hoping that the promise of a good fight would not ring hollow.

In the dead of night, the shadows make it all the more difficult to find the entrance of this supposed underground facility, the trees dark and looming overhead while the Kiri group searches for their missing comrade. The spiders scatter far as they scurry across the forest floor, the minutes passing as they eventually find what seems to be an unnatural slope in the ground, not shaped by the natural run of water. It was about this time that Nori sees the same, the subtle incline of the earth leading to a hidden doorway. One that would be easily missed if one wasn't looking for it.

Abruptly, all of the spiders in Meruin's control in the area began converging on the area where the hidden doorway could be found. Spread out as they were, they'd were unlikely to draw attention. If you'd been told to pay attention to them, however, as Takehiko and Nori would have been, they'd provide a clear trail to where he wanted them to be.

Meruin soon arrived, leaping down from the branch of a tree near the dip in the earth. "The entrance. This appears to be the only one that we could locate. If Takehiko does not report sighting a separate one, then this is where we'll enter." Spiders began climbing his leg, vanishing into his body.

Takehiko had been paying attention and when they provided the trail, he would follow it and arrive by Meruin. "I couldn't find any entrances. Let’s go get Yuuka out of there." Takehiko says as he begins to go forward, his body tense and alert as he begins to move closer to the entrance.

Nori pauses as he sees the entrance, and then his white teeth flash in a dangerous smile. Sharp eyes would look in the direction of spiders for a moment, the Kaguya aware of Meruin's presence, but his mind was soon focused only on the battle ahead. Nori's fists clench as he spreads his feet apart, his teeth gritted as he forces chakra into his body. The high energy of the electric chakra fills him, and causes his blue-grey eye to pulse slightly with energy. As the pain passes, Nori moves to join Takehiko and Meruin? where they stand. "I get first crack at them. You guys can find the girl, or whatever is left of her." He laughs lightly and then lopes off towards the entrance, eyes sharp for traps, his shadowy form nigh impossible to follow as he flickers from shadow to shadow.

Coming out of the shadows after not spotting any Konohagakure shinobi or the entrance to the cave, Maikeru walks up to the gathering Kirigakure shinobi. Meruin seems to have found the entrance. "Good job, Meruin," the Jounin says with a nod. Despite Meruin's age, it is obvious that from their encounters Maikeru has come to respect the boy as an adult shinobi. He is past his years in what he has become. At Nori's comment about 'whatever's left', he gives a slight glance. He shakes his head before looking to the entrance. "Shall we then?" he asks as the red glow of the possessed arm begins to grow a bit more fierce.

From the outside, the door is unguarded and still as the small group of Kiri shinobi stand outside of it. The quiet of the night enveloping them with only the slightest sounds of the forest in the background. Nothing moves, nothing stirs for several moments as they melt into one another. The quiet of the night is suddenly pierced with a woman's scream, muffled through the earth, though heard through the door itself as it travels through the underground facility. Lasting and never-ending, it doesn't seem to break for even a breath for several moments before suddenly stopping.

"Do not kill them all. Once I find Yuuka, I intend to make them wish they would be dead." Takehiko says with a rather dark tone, anger seen in his eyes despite the calm facial expression, before beginning to move in, nodding to Maikeru once he shows up, hand resting on his sword as he draws it, waiting now. When the scream comes, he loses focus completely. He moves to the door and doesn’t even bother trying to open it, raising a foot to kick it completely through if able to.

Nori comes up near the door, and pauses. Sharp eyes study the entrance carefully for toxic needles, stringed traps, or any number of things he might not like. He glances back a smile on his face. "Well lets see abo-," he begins, but is cut off by a scream. The other Kaguya boy storms through and bursts the door. With a grin, Nori follows him in, seals forming as he storms into the halls. Electra flickers around his body as his chakra spills out and forms in his hands. Whoever is on the other side of that door was about to get a big surprise.

Eyeing the door, pondering the possibility of it being trapped or not, Maikeru points his possessed hand at it. When the scream rings forth, he expression suddenly becomes much more serious. When Takehiko moves to kick it, the Jounin blinks. Well, that's another way to do it. "Maybe the kid didn't just blow himself up," the growling voice of Jigoku says from the arm. The Jounin walks in behind the other two, looking around for any sign of life and listening for where the scream came from.

The door is easily kicked in, breaking off its hinges and flying inwards into a hall. An empty hall. Completely clean, smooth stone that goes deeper into the earth as further downwards, it appears to turn into other different hallways as well. Otherwise, it seems eerily void of human life. It was at that moment that alarms start to go off within the underground research facility, though whether or not its because of the unexpected company its difficult to determine. Within minutes after, the sound of several feet running hard through the hallway, fast approaching the intruders as several Uchiha dressed in dark clothing rush to reach the other end. At the sight of the door crumpled in pieces in the hall, the one in the lead struggles to come to a halt, two more behind him running into him from behind as they all look up at Takehiko, Nori and Maikeru. In honest surprise. Clearly they weren't expecting them.

Takehiko simply runs in, moving as fast as he can. As the Uchiha come running by, he simply runs past them, slashing them as he goes as he seems more intent on finding Yuuka, then dealing with the people. "YUUKA!" He calls out as loud as he can as he runs along.

Nori's face is split with a hungry grin, and fire burns in his eyes. The seals finish, and lightning electricity fills the corridor. Unlike the Kaguya before him, Nori's soul intent is the destruction of the Uchiha around him. Weapons and lightning flash out from the Kaguya chuunin, his merriment evident in his reveling laugh as he slaughters those foolish enough to challenge him… or simply be in his way.

As the Uchiha come to meet them at the door, Maikeru chuckles a bit. "Sorry, guys, but it seems you've found the ones that are going to end your lives by coming to meet us." With that, he draws the sword he seldom uses with his possessed hand and literally vanished into thin air, intending to go straight through them as he flickers at blinding speed as he goes to swing the blade straight through the intestines of those unlucky enough to be in his path. "Yuuka, where are you?" he calls out, though not as frantically as Takehiko. He's just adding another familiar voice to what he hopes she will hear.

There are other cells/medical rooms in this stretch of halls, many filled with yet other prisoners as the alarm sounds loudly, followed by the sound of even more running footsteps further down the hallway. As hard as Takehiko runs, he manages to partially wound the first Uchiha before running past him. This is easily corrected as all three are slaughtered; between Nori and Maikeru they stood no chance. They all collapse, frantically trying to keep their insides from spilling out as blood splatters out and coats their fronts. As Takehiko runs, he will hear the pained sounds of many shinobi, of liquid squishing and deep repeated thudding after. The closer the three come to the source of the fighting, the more thick crimson pour through the hall, being pulled to gravity to pass into the drains. Then, silence.

Takehiko continues running about, noting finally his surroundings and he would simply try to run harder into the area, following the sounds and when the silence occurs. He thought about the previous night when he dreamed and the thought of those nightmares drive him to run harder, wanting to get to the cause of the sounds as fast as possible, not focusing on anything else for now.

Bodies falling, Nori stops to grab the eyes from a dying Uchiha. "These are mine," he says as his claw-like nails plunge into the still living skull of the guard. The guard screams in agony, but Nori is already gone, the next Uchiha victim to the same. Should the bodies be found, none would have eyes in the morning. When the patter of feet from distant corridors ceases for a moment and no guards are in sight, Nori begins strolling down the cell block, following the other two Kiri-nin at a leisurely pace. He occasionally stops to glance in the cells to see who, or in some cases what, might be residing there. "Woah, no wonder they locked you in a cell," he would say, backing away from one as a hand reaches out towards his face. With a chuckle, he continues walking, a confident grin on his blood-stained face.

As the screams and blood fill the hallway, Maikeru looks around, trying to decipher if any happen to be Yuuka's. When the sounds of fighting grow louder, the Jounin flickers ahead to swing his possessed head forward, sending an enormous form of it to crash into the door and send it flying off its hinges. "Is this girl really important enough for you all to be willing to spill so much blood?" the growling voice of Jigoku comes from the arm. "We don't believe in an eye for an eye. We believe in an eye for an army."

The blood flows from what appears to be a prepared medical room at the end of the hall, the air thick with the metallic stench of blood from the open door littered with bodies and pieces of flesh and limbs. The only sound is the thick glop of liquid falling to splatter on the already blood covered floor. Standing in the middle of the gore is one lone woman, her pale skin naked from beneath the thick coat of blood splattered over every part of her as her chest heaves deeply from labored breathing, the curve of her bare back is towards the door. And across her arms, her legs, from her torso several sharp spines of pure white bone protrude from her flesh, in her right hand her slender fingers tighten the grip of a long, hiltless bone blade as it still drips with the blood of her now deceased enemies.

In the corner cowers a scientist in a labcoat, shivering and cradling a broken hand against him as his front is stained with a mixture of blood and urine. Yuuka doesn't move. Her chin down and long, stained locks of snow white covering her features as somehow, on their own accord several pieces of her spindle bones break away, though not to fall away from her, but lift to levitate around her. The shard tips of bone float in midair as the remaining Uchiha in the corner widens his eyes in horror. He doesn't see the needles with they impale him, embedding deep into his limbs, his chest, across his stomach as more thick red, almost black blood spills and coats his front. His eyes soon losing their focus before the last falls to his knees before falling to a heap.

Takehiko stops when he arrives looking to the woman his eyes not taking in the fact she was naked first, but rather the bones, then he would notice she wore no clothes. He looks as she somehow makes the bone float away from her, floating around and then impale the scientist, his eyes widening at the action. He seems to be in somewhat shock for a moment before he snaps out of it, looking around and pulling off his cloak and moves to the woman to wrap it around her.

At the sight of Yuuka massacring the doctors here with bones, Maikeru blinks. Well, this is unexpected. At her current state of attire, he quirks an eyebrow. Apparently the doctors don't care to work on clothed experiments. He is actually moving to remove his coat to give it to her when he sees Takehiko doing so before him. With a shrug of his shoulders, he puts the coat back on fully. "So, I see you've finally mastered that technique you were practicing for so long," he says with a smirk, examining her face to try to judge whether any large amount of this blood might be hers. "Congratulations." Though a bit worried about Yuuka, he keeps his calm composure.

Nori wanders in, a moment after the scientist is dead, Takehiko's cloak already in place upon Yuuka. His eyes glance around the room, the blood smearing the ceiling, the bodies, the havoc, the fact that the surgical tools appear spilled and not used. He chuckles lightly, and shakes his head. "See, I said coming here was a waste of time. That cats got claws, she was just didn't know it." He laughs again, and pokes at one of the bodies with a bare toe. "Alright, I'm hungry." He turns around and wanders back down the hallway.

Breathing hard still, her fingers relax before the bladed bone falls from her grip, clanging on the floor next to her. The sound behind her was sudden, but Yuuka turns slightly to glance over her shoulder, seeing the Kirigakure ninjas she had come to know. Her hands flex faintly at her sides as the bone begins to retreat and disappear into her flesh, leaving her skin unmarred and stained with dark crimson blood. With one last deep breath, her eyes become heavy as she begins to fall forward, passing out into the cloak that Takehiko attempts to wrap around her. The crimson colors blur in her vision before melting into darkness altogether.

Takehiko catches her as she passes out, picking her up and instantly his demeanor changes to a more calm and stoic one, carrying her while keeping her wrapped and covered in his cloak. "What are your orders, Maikeru-san." He asks as he turns, looking to the jounin and awaits his orders calmly now.

As Yuuka passes out on Takehiko, Maikeru turns to Nori and chuckles a bit. "Yeah, maybe we should've come a little earlier so we'd have had more of these tools to kill. Perhaps we should see how many of them we can use for decoration somewhere. Might be a nice little message for them." He looks around the area as he ponders for a moment. At Takehiko's question, the Jounin turns back to him. "Get her out of here and back to camp as quickly as you can. She needs to be attended to by a Medical Ninja just to be certain these bastards didn't do anything that will harm her physically in the long run. I fear what it will do to her mentally, but we shall deal with that another time." After a moment's pause, he continues, "Nori and I will ensure your safe passage. I'll return later to… gather a few things for a statement."

Nori chuckles as he heads down the hall. "Looks like she decorated that room pretty well with them already." He pauses outside of a cell, and murmurs under his breath, "Experimenting on children. These bastards should all die." He opens the cell and comes back out with a couple of kids, a boy and a girl, thrown over his shoulder and carried under an arm. "I've gotta make a stop, on the way back to camp. Maybe I can trade these kids for some rice," he says in his usual careless tone, obviously trying to hide the fact that he might care what happens to the children. Before a response can be made by his companions, he flickers and disappears from the corridor.

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