The Legion March - Dear Weak Leafers


Tsun, Ai

Date: March 1, 2011


Ai gets captured by Tsun after a brief and onesided combat.

"The Legion March - Dear Weak Leafers"

Forests outside Konoha Village

Hidden in a tree just outside the Konoha village is one of the
village's young Genin. The Hyuga branch family member known as Ai, in
fact. She doesn't have her byakugan active quite yet, but she is
definitely looking around for intruders while she's hidden within
those branches.

Decked out with several shuriken and a good set of knives, she's
ready for combat, even if she hopes she won't spot any intruders.
After all, this is her first war in which she participates as an
actual ninja. This is different.

And yet, she knows that if an intruder comes, she'll be ready for it.
She might not win, but she'll be ready.

Tsun was, not fond of scouting it was something she felt was better
off for people with, you know, scouting capabilities. Light-footed,
ninjutsu techniques to meld into the ground, you know the works. As
for Tsun, her only stealth techniques are much less efficient if the
person doesn't know you exist already. So it would more or less be
Tsun stomping through the woods, actually trying to draw attention to
herself after the hours of boredom.
A soft humming would resonate through the forests of the Land of Fire
as Tsun takes in what seems to be a relatively new environment, her
last battle with Konoha went no further than the land of waves. On top
of that, the girl was heavy due to her gear, the coffin on her back
doing it's part to make her weight high enough to easily snap even the
thicker of fallen twigs.

One of these twigs, happened to be near Ai's location. Tsun would
crack it and look down, sighing somewhat, pondering if she could be
better at stealth if she put some effort into it. A light shrug would
be given. 'Poor poor Tsun-chan. Disappointed you weren't here for the
initial fireworks?' The thought would resonate through her head, her
facial expression would switch to something of annoyance.
Though that would be all, the voice in her head would be ignored as
she continues to walk down the path, just waiting out for her shift to
be over. She had enough information to call it a day anyway.

When she spots the water-nin coming her way, Ai concentrates briefly,
her eyes transforming into the Byakugan, complete with engorged eye
veins. She draws a pair of shuriken, smirking faintly to herself as
she looks at the obnoxious one. She gets up from her position within
the branches, leaps to another tree, throws a pair of shuriken at her
target, and then…

Then she lands in another tree, and attempts to hide within the
leaves yet again. She's not going to face the enemy in direct combat
for as long as she can avoid doing that. Nope. Not at all.

Tsun would be completely unaware of her assailant's approach. In
fact, as the projectiles come sailing her way she'd pop her bubblegum,
momentarily blocking out the sound of the 'singing' shuriken. It
appeared Tsun would be a dead ninja in just a moment as the shuriken
go right for the neck until…

The coffin would creep open, the crimson liquid dazzling in the
afternoon sunlight. It would quickly wrap about Tsun's side, taking a
more gelatinous form as the shuriken sink into it and come to a sudden
halt. With a delayed effect, Tsun's eyes would widen in surprise,
looking over to the captured shuriken suspended in the liquid.

"Huh… well look at that." Tsun's eyes would go up, to the location
of the Hyuuga, her small frown set on her face. "You really shouldn't
of done that. I was in such a good mood." Tsun would say casually as
she approaches, getting closer to the tree Ai was within at a rather
slow pace. Her hands would simply slide into her jacket pockets as
chakra begins to rapidly gather about the child.
"How about you just show yourself. I like to see the what I'm going
to feed to the waters while they were alive… think of it as a much
better mental momento as opposed to the battered and mangled form
you'll be soon enough. I'm Tsun by the way." Tsun would raise her
right hand, smiling pleasantly and waving up into the trees.

Well, that didn't quite go as planned. The smirk is gone, especially
as Tsun has taken notice of her, and made that abundantly clear. "Hi."
She says softly, almost defiantly. Three more shuriken are drawn, "I
shall not die here today."

That statement is far, far braver than the young Hyuuga actually
feels at this moment in time. Still, showing fear is showing weakness,
and she shall not show weakness. That is quite simply not going to
happen. As such, the first of the three shuriken is thrown.

She hops to another tree, and while doing so, the other two shuriken
are thrown, one after another, flying at Tsun from multiple angles.
It's probably not going to work… but Ai prefers to at least be able
to say that she tried…

… if she can say anything at all after this is over.

Tsun's smile would widen as the greeting was returned. "Oh good, sort
of friendly! Another kunoichi at that… hrm I'd feel terrible if you
were the first one. There's so few of us!" Tsun's smile would fade and
turn into a frown as she watches more projectiles come her way. "I
guess you don't entirely feel the same." Tsun's hands would not budge
from her pockets, yet the aquatic defense would rush to the rescue
again, the first two simply batted away.
Though for the last, Tsun's hands would slip out and she'd form a
hand, Ram, to be exact. A shroud of mist would gather and as the
shuriken slices through it she'd find that Tsun was gone from the
position. Where was she?
Tsun's voice would call out from behind, the girl still keeping
herself on the ground below. "Not even a name? I'm not really fond of
sharp objects… at least when they're pointing at me." The water,
would just spit out the shuriken behind the girl. "So then, maybe I
was being waaaay too informal with my introduction. From what I saw of
the others that look like you… Hyuuga was it? You seem rather
formal! Well then, I am Kaguya Tsun, student of the Mizukage… well
former Mizukage."
She then gives a rather, girly flick of her hair, "Also probably the
most beautiful kunoichi you'll ever lay your eyes on… actually…"
Tsun pauses, "I phrased that wrong, the most beautiful person you'll
ever meet, ever!" Giggling, Tsun would blow another large pink bubble.
'Kill her already?' The voice in Tsun's mind would come up again.
"Oh, jeez you just don't think do you. She's a part of Konoha, in a
clan even. If I take her, more are sure to come. Besides, she wont be
much too delicious anyway… she's not that strong." Tsun would, come
off as crazy, just talking to herself at the moment. 'Hmph, fine…
we'll go with your plan this time Tsun-chan~ You seem to be in a good
mood for once. Best not spoil it.' "Sweet! Now, Konoha-chick. This is
probably the part where you run. I mean, I'm gonna catch you and all
but, I might have to break your legs!"

Not good… not good at all. "Hey… Tsun did you say it was?" Ai
mentions nervously, her eyes flickering around like a trapped rat
looking for an exit. "I'm… uh, Ai. Hyuuga Ai." She makes a minor
bow, and keeps her head down. In fact, it appears that she's not
planning to run. Her eyes even revert back to normal as she sighs

"I'd prefer you not to break my legs, I'll come along…" She's not
happy about this, but being captured is … hopefully … better than
being killed. Ai is much too young to die yet. "So, take me wherever
you planned to take me… I don't think I have the right to be picky
right now."

"Oh, wow… how awesome is that I didn't even really have to do
anything." Tsun would raise a finger, indicating for Ai to wait a
moment. Whipping out a piece of paper, Tsun would look up to the trees
above. A bird singing merrily despite the events, it has cooled down a
bit within this last hour. Maybe that sole bird was the only one silly
enough to think everything was going to be fine now! Sadly for him, he
was out of luck… along with a few other animals.
Tsun's hand would extend to the bird, her right hand crushing down
while the left points elsewhere, making the same motion. As if they
were an external part of her arms, water would shoot out of her
coffin, crushing the animals. She'd make use of this and write down a
note in red. Eventually she'd run out of ink and have to take
advantage of more animals.

Dear Weak Leafers,

I heard you suck so, I want to just you know, get you all at once.
Maybe it wouldn't be too terrible if there were a hundred of you, you
know? Combined suck may turn into okay! WEll, I have your precious Ai,
she's precious right? I'd hope so… Regardless, it turns out she has
a doujutsu! You know, I've alwayts wanted one of those. I'm sure any
Kirigakure ninja would be fine with something like that we're already
crazy awesome as is… well, anyway I'll just doodle a little map of
where I am here and you can come get me. Don't worry, you have time! I
haven't really told anyone yet, who knows maybe they wont let me get
my hands on those eyes myself if I did. So… hurry it up.

Love, Tsun.

"Sooo yeah, let's get going. Tsun would toss the piece of paper on
the ground. "Wait, why'd I put so much effort into the blood effect,
they'd realize it's animal blood in two seconds." Sighing, Tsun would
just toss her hands up in the air, defeated. "Stay close, anything
suspicious and off with your… something." Tsun shrugs and continues
to move along.

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