The Legion March - Defend the broken village


Hiroshi, Tsukiko, Taiki, Eremi

Date: March 4, 2011


Village in the north needs evacuation. The villagers, the elder, the population in general. A Golem along with severla unamed Kiri Ninja are in Route. Hiroshi, Taiki, Eremi, And Tsukiko are there to evacauate the villagers and defend them against all attackers.

"The Legion March - Defend the broken village"

A small village in the east.

Once more War has broken out in the land of fire. Terror and destruction now at the hands of powerful clay
destroyers, the Golems. These large clay beast destroy everything in their path, with little hope for their own
destruction. These beast appear to be able to take a lot of damage before they themselves go down. Hiroshi, Tsukiko,
Yuzuna, Taiki, and Eremi would be dispatched to a single village in the east that required an evacuation. A trio of
Clay Golems were enroute to the village, moving at a slow yet deadly pace, the earth shattering stomp and march of
the clay monsters could be felt even though the distance between them and the village was great. The Hyuuga teens
squad would have arrived at the village.
Injured and misplaced villagers un a muck in this village, the majority of the village itself is destroyed,
discarded ninja tools, broken and ruined houses surround this area, panic fills the streets as the many villagers
attempt to find shelter for the up coming events. "We have very little time before the Golems touch down with
whatever forces they have backing them up. Our mandate, defend the village until Evacuation is complete. The northern
path into the forest leads to the hidden tree village. Evacuate everyone there and away from here. From that point we
will regroup with our convoy and move to Konoha." Would be said by Hiroshi, the teen hyuuga turns to face his team,
extending his right hand out to them, "Orders understood?"
Once again, Eremi has managed to land an opening spot on another mission for Konoha. His second mission to
be correct, but with a few familiar faces. He was assigned to 'team Hiroshi' and was glad to be a part of it, to be
with team mates he has worked with before. Though not a permanent member, it still makes Eremi feel a little less
timid to be around those he can call allies and companions. He had heard there would be others he had never met
before, so he'd have to keep an eye on them, as well as keep his distance. Just in case they try something fishy.
The group having already met at the village entrance before departing on the mission, Eremi decided to stay
near the back until they reached their destination. He was wearing his normal attire of all black and had restocked
his supply of kunai in case the team met with any danger. Which in most cases is a likely scenario. Upon reaching the
village, the team is immediately given their orders. "Yes." Eremi would respond with as he knew what was expected of
him, but didn't like it. To actually have to walk up to a person and have them listen to him. It would be hard, but
he would give it a shot. The genin then ran over toward a few villagers that appeared to be disoriented in which
direction they would go and he promptly pointed in the direction of the north, "Go that way."
RP: Eremi joins the roleplay.

Tsukiko nods, listening carefully to the orders. She holds a mirror out that holds the reflection of the map
of the area, studying it. "We'll be in two goups, I assume. one to delay the Kiri, and one to assist the evacuation
itself, Correct?" The full length mirror hovering in mid air with only one finger from the kunoichi touching it. The
map, of course, is a reflection and is backwards in the reflection.
Having recently released from the hospital after going down in the same battle that hurt Hyuuga Ai, Taiki felt he had
something to prove. Yes, he was just out of the academy, but damn it, a 66 percent casualty rate just wasn't good. So
Taiki went to request a mission and wound up on Hiroshi's team. The now hairless genin did not want to look Ai's
relative in the eyes from the shame, but at the same time he was an Inuzuka. Thus he came along and tried to act like
the Shinobi he was trained to be.
Once the group had arrived, he listened carefully to the Chunnin's orders and then nodded once. "Come on
Shinobu, let's go a bit up to the north side to continue guiding the civilians." The dog barked once and the scarred
genin made his way up north, guiding people as he went. He smiled as best he could to the villagers in an attempt to
both put them at ease and get them to move, while Shinobu "played" a game of chase with the smaller children to get
them to more willingly follow them north.
Hiroshi would give a brief nod to his team, before heading off into the village. Meanwhile the Golems were
making way to the village. A single Golem split off from the others, lead by three water soldiers and one young Kiri
nin. The Large clay beast moves at a slow pace, being lead by its masters. Meanwhile in the village an Elderly woman
would be attempting to evacuate out of her home before the roof cave sin, the straw and wooden material fall upon the
womans head, her grandchild outside the door, in peer tears as she begins to call for help. "Help Help, my Gan-ma!"
On the other end of the area, an old elderly man is injured, crawling basically as he attempts to make way towards
his wagon, but this ends only in panic, his horses buck, and take off into the distance without him, leaving him at
the mercy of the bystanders. "Help HelpMommy!" would be heard echoing about the chaos filled area, a young boy crying
for his mother, though she is nowhere in sight, "Mommy! Mommy!" would be shouted repeatedly.
After pointing a few villagers to the north, Eremi makes his way over toward the next group of people that appear to
be in need of being shown the way to evacuate. As he makes his way, he is forced to stop as he hears the screams of a
child calling out for his grandma. Eremi would then turn and sprint in the direction of the child, only to see her
standing outside of a house, where the roof has caved. Immediately understanding that the girls grandmother is inside
the house, he runs in, with little disregard for himself and begins to toss the straw and what wooden material he can
lift aside, hoping to rescue the villager before its too late.
Tsukiko looks up as the chaos breaks out anew. She looks to Eremi, nodding at his instincts to help. She looks to
Taiki and offers out, "you two find the boys mother." SHe wipes the map's reflection cler from the mirror, leaving a
reflection of heself. She forms a quick series of seals and hre reflection steps out of the mirror and becomes solid.
One of the Tsukiko's dashes to the old man, the other chases down the wagon, wrapping a sheath of wind around
herself, speeding her even further.
Taiki hears a little boy crying as he is moving the people along the path, and calls out "Shinobu!" He then
nods to Tsukiko as he makes his way over to the little boy he leans down on one knee. "What's the problem little
one?" Shinobu starts sniffing the boy and tugging on his shirt, careful not to actually bite.
"I lost my mommy!" the little boy cries out, while trying to push the nin-dog off of him. "I want my mommy!"
Taiki sighs and gestures for Shinobu to sniff the boy to track the mother. "What does your mommy look like?"
Shinobu in the meantime is sniffing around the boys shirt while wagging his tail and barking at him.
"She tall… pretty… and has wed ban.. ba.. banana! Like you oni'san!" The boy has stopped swatting at
Shinobu, but is now pointing at Taiki's head where he has a dark grey bandana covering it, to avoid problems in the
Taiki smiles and turns around, motioning for the boy to climb on his back. Once the boy is secured he shouts,
"Yosh! Let's find the mother Shinobu!" The dog barks lively as it starts a search by scent patter for the woman.
"March Forward my Soldiers!" the Kiri ninja would say from the safety of his Golem mount. The Golem itself
is a slow moving one, marching through the forest it would bend tree's like twigs, uprooting many of them only to
toss them into the path ahead. On the ground, three water puddles would push forward, the Kiri water clones in their
liquid state obviously. Meanwhile in the village or turmoil and destruction. Hiroshi would meet with the Elder who
was inside of his home, simply watching the chaos befall his village. "I am Hiroshi Hyuuga, leader of the Konoha
Rescue team, I am sent here under orders from the Hidden leaf Hokage to see that you and your family are safely
brought to the designated point. My team in itself are gathering your people and assisting in leading them towards
the meeting point. I believe we will be getting visitors soon, so I advise you to move out now sir. Would be said,
though the old elder only turns to peer at Hiroshi, shaking his head, "A village leader always goes down with his
village, and is the last to leave. My people matter more than my own life. " Mean while,
As Eremi continues to toss the hay and wood aside, he finally manages to reach the old lady. However, she is pinned
by a large wooden beam. The grandma doesn't appear to be heavily injured, but there is no way she could get out of
this herself. The genin moves over to position himself next to the beam and begins to lift it. At first, it seems as
if he could toss it aside with ease, but as he continues to lift, it just feels heavier and heavier. The weight of
the beam being to much for the boy it slips from his hands and pins the old lady back again. Embarrassed and
frustrated, Eremi tries once again as he lifts the wood with all his might. His muscles and veins beginning to bulge
while his hands and arms shake from the weight. If he can't get it this time, he's going to kick it across the room.

Tsukiko-1 kneels at the old man's side. "I'm afraid I'm not a medical ninja, but I can help some." She lays
down a mirror holding a reflection of medical supplies. She draws them out and begins to apply rudimentart first aid.
Tsukiko-2, meanwhile, has caught up to the wagon and hopped to the drivers seat. She takes ahold of the reins and
pulls back, "Whoah.. Whoah!… Stop!…." Though the verbal commands don't help, drawing back the reins get the
horses back under control. The second Tsukiko turns the wagon back towards the first, hopefully keeping the horses
under control.
Shinobu leads his master through the crouds, barking frequently to help his master keep track of him. The
little boy seems to be looking as well as Taiki tries to find out more information about the mother. Suddenly he sees
a woman with a red bandana and looks up toward the boy. "Hey there, is that her?" The little boy shakes his head and
screams for his mommy more.
Then Taiki hears the Kiri ninja call out grimaces briefly before smiling for the boy's sake. "We have to
hurry now," he says as Shinobu starts to dart through the crowd again. They almost find the mother, but upon closer
inspection it isn't her, so on and on he goes, still searching for the kid's O'kasa.
RP: Taiki makes a Int roll and got 9.
Eremi is struggling with the log, but in a single burst he is able to force it off the old woman, freeing
her from her the wooden foe. Meanwhile Tsukiko-2 would have gained control over the horses, at first some resistance,
but the quickly concede to the one who is faster than them. Now being lead back to the original the horses can only
neigh and trot forward. Shinobu and Taiki didn't have much luck, the duo located those who fit the description,
though neither were the woman they were looking for. Meanwhile the Kiri group was half way there. The Golem can
easily be seen towering over the tree's. A large black Golem, a single eye in the center of its head followed by two
large arms connected to large powerful hands. Above his head a single Kiri Ninja, the master controlling the Golem.
"MARCH MARCH MARRRRRRCH!" he would shout as he orders his troops forward. Meanwhile Hiroshi would be before the
Elder, the teen hyuuga could only sigh, as he moves next to the old man, nodding lightly. "My orders were to follow
you and see to your safety. So I have no choice but to stay here I suppose."

Tsukiko-1 finishes her quick bandage job on the old man. "roll over and lay on top of the mirror. I can't carry you
normally but I can lift you like this" Once she has done this, she raises the mirror up and onto the wagon, helping
the old man off of it again. The Tsukiko driving the wagon turns and heads off after the rest of the refugies. The
other Tsukiko looks up at the invading golems before she turns back to a mirror and falls back, shatering on the

Taiki finally looks around and sees a red bandana in the distance. The little boy sees the mother and yells
out "MOMMY!" just about the same time, putting a strain on the Inuzuka's ears. "Shinobu! She's over there!" he says,
pointing toward the woman. The nin dog gives out a bark and starts to navigate the panicking villagers in an effort
to lead his master to the woman. It's a slight struggle, but he manages to get through to the woman.
"Keitaro!" the woman calls as Taiki finally arrives in front of the obviously distraught mother. Taiki leans
forward so the woman can touch the kid for comfort's sake before saying, "Come on lady, this isn't a very safe place
right now." So, still carrying the child, he starts to make his way northward while calling out to the panicking
villagers to follow him.

It would not be long before the giant Golem made its way at the villages Entrance. A loud battle can be
heard as the kiri nin sends his water soldiers forward, each one scattering out through out the area, but each with
the same destination. The village exit. Tsukiko would find herself being trailed by a moving puddle of water, that
soon takes form into a soldier, lashing at the Kunoichi (20). Eremi would also find himself with water soldier
issues. The water rises from the ground, taking form followed by a devilish laughter. Spikes would protrude from its
hand which it extends toward Eremi sending 2 senbons in his direction (15). The Dynamic Inuzuka duo would also meet
there match. "Dad!" the boy would call out. "Run Its here, Its here!" the father would shout, behind him a large
golem which has yet to enter the village, and a pursuing water soldier, perfect prey for Taiki and Shinobu. Meanwhile
Hiroshi could only star in disbelief at the size of the Golem. "Seems I will have to protect you from a distance."
The teen would say, a single sigh before his eyes bloom into the terrible power of his blood line. "BYAKUGAN!" he
would shout.
Exiting the home, Hiroshi would rush head first towards the Golem, scanning over the area to see his team
having trouble of their own with water Soldiers. Gathering a small amount of chakra into his feet, the teen would
push forward, arriving at the villages entrance, only to sigh in disbelief at the terror he faces. Meanwhile the
Soldier lashes out at Taiki (15) attempting to drown the boy in his body.
Eremi would continue to help the remaining villagers out of the village before turning to spot the large golem that
had finally reached the entrance of the village. This is definitely a bad idea, he would thimk to himself as he
prepared to run over toward Hiroshi to see what the plans were. However, the boy ends up being stopped as the form of
the water nin appears before him. At first he isn't sure what to do, but the laughter of the enemy sends a chill up
his spine that lets him know that he needs to prepare himself. When the senbon come flying at Eremi, he jumps to the
side avoiding the first. As the seconds one comes at him, he continues with his momentum rolling on the ground, while
reaching behind his sleevless cloak and retrieving a kunai which he quickly tosses at the water nin
Tsukiko draws a mirror from her mack, shielding herself from the water ninja's attack. She looks back to the
old man, "can you manage the horses?" She stops the wagon to hand over the reins. She draws her kunai and launches a
handful of explosive tags towards her opponent.
The soldier casts his jutsu, and for a moment it appears that Taiki stops in mid step, grabbing his throat.
Then both the genin and the boy disappear in a puff of smoke, leaving a piece of wreckage in his place. "Hey Lady,
take him and get out of here! I'll take care of the riff-raff." While the mother was thanking every diety she knew
the Inuzuka glared at the soldier. "Big mistake pal," he called out as he sprinted off toward the soldier, Shinobu
right behind. Taiki lets out a volley of shuriken about halfway to the soldier even as he drags out his academy kunai
to follow that up with a slash at the soldier.
ItAs Eremi throws the Kunai the water soldier could only laugh, the Kunai passes right through it. Of course, he is
made of pure water, Sharp attacks are not going to work on him. "Listen Eremi, your enemy was given very little
chakra. He is made of the element water itself, meaning certain tai jutsu and physical attack wont hurt it. BUT he
does not have much chakra, so I would guess after he takes a good beating even being water he will not be able to
restore himself. After all he is just a clone." Hiroshi would say. Looking up towards the Golem, the teen hyuuga
could only smirk, "So this is what has been causing so much trouble." He would say. Shaking his head lightly Hiroshi
would enter his clans signature juuken stance. "Come on." He would say, beckoning for the Golem to make a move.
Meanwhile Tsukiko would find her tactics more, useful against the water soldier. As the tags are sent towards
the water enemy, he would quickly explode bursting into millions of water droplets compliments of the explosion. But
soon, he would begin to reform, although he appears more damaged and beaten now, he would taunt the girl, beckoning
for her to do more. Taiki would also find his kunai uneffective against the watery foe, something that seems to be
going around a lot now. Hiroshi on the other hand would be faced with the giant Golem, the chuunin hyuuga takes out a
single Kunai.tossing it in the air as he leaps up. Attempting to climb the Golem only to have it try and swat him
away (25,35,30) Eremi's opponent would shake the sharp assault off, and persist forward an attempt to strike at the
Genin with a water fist punch (25). Tsukiko would find her opponent doing the same, onlt his punch would be much
weaker and slower, as a matter of fact, that explosion appeared to have taken a great dela out of the water soldier
(20). And finally the Dynamic Duo are doing battle with their foe, who attempts to strike back with water senbons
Wasting little time, Eremi would rise to his feet as he retrieves another kunai from behind his cloak. He can tell
with each mission, with each battle, he becomes a little more experienced and it shows. The thrill of battle is
something that he seems to enjoy. When it comes with interacting with others, it seems to be the easiest way to deal
with it. Your skills versus theirs, no need to communicate and worrying about offending someone. The lines already
been crossed, all you can do from there is deal with it.
The boy watches as his kunai passes through the water nin and his looks in confusion. But the throw was
perfect, he couldn't have done it any better. He would then look to Hiroshi for answers, listening as he is told to
just keep at it. Nodding, he then turns to face the water nin who has begun to charge at him. Eremi makes an attempt
to side step, but the water nin is just quicker and the punch lands, connecting with his face. With his free hand,
the genin would rub at his cheek, knowing that there is going to be some serious swelling later. Angered, Eremi
begins to swing wildly at the water nin who is in range for a few cuts of his kunai.
Tsukiko lashes out with a blast of wind, catching the water ninja as it rushes forward. She focuses her wind chakra
into her hands, swirling it before splitting it in two. She launches one each at the opponents of her allies. She
calls out, "Eremi.. blades won't work. Think.. the bigger the splash the more the damage.. get a flat board or
something, not a blade."

"Kuso!" Taiki calls out at his shuriken and kunai have no effect on the soldier. "Bunshin no Jutsu!" A
shimmery clone pops into being, but the soldier manages to wing the genin anyway even as the clone takes the main
brunt of the attack and disappers. "Damn water clones! I wish I had more time with pops…" he growls. He then makes
a couple of quick handsigns and says, "This will have to do instead, but Kami this is embarrassing." With this he
murmurs something as his hands glows orange and he takes two swipes at the soldier. Each time the hands connect the
orange glow seems to splash before going through the man. It must be some training technique of his clan.
Eremi's rapid slashing would be met with laughter, as if the soldier was mocking the boy or so he thought he was
until he looked at himself. Though the water soldier had been focusing on recovering itself, it would soon run out of
chakra, and after a flurry of lunges and slashes, it would be reduced to nothing more than a puddle on the ground.
The same could be said for Tsukikos opponent, the water soldier overwhelmed by the kunoichis skills, it is also soon
reduced to nothing more than a dehydrating puddle on the ground. And finally the Taiki Shinobu duo had taken down
there opponent as well, this strange technique I in itself seemed to slash away at the water soldiers chakra reserve.
Minewhile, Hiroshi has made his way towards the head of the Golem, lunging forward at the head mounted Kirin in,
slashing at him once, before pulling his right palm back, charging a set amount of chakra into it, "Eight Trigram,
Dragon Dance." He would say, lunging forward as he releases a burst of chakra knocking the Nin from his Golem. Though
his master is dismounted, the Golem is not reduced to mud, instead it slowly begins to move forward, breaking past
the villages entrance, obviously enraged its master was forced off. "Team Focus all force upon the Golem, Now!"
Hiroshi would shout as he falls to the ground.
Eremi would continue to swing wildly at the water nin with kunai in hand, each attack seeming to be in vein however.
He hasn't learned any other attacks and the kunai so far has been his best friend. If he was stronger, he would use
the wooden beam that he had removed from the old lady. But that took all he had just to lift, so the genin would just
keep swinging at the water clone with his kunai. Each slash cutting through it, until finally the clone was nothing
more then a puddle. Eremi definitely needs to train harder when the mission is over as fighting just the one clone
felt like attacking the tree at the genin area.
As his opponent was finally stopped, Eremi then ran toward the golem that was making its way into the
village, while hoping Tsukiko and Taiki were following behind. The boy would then reach behind his cloak to retrieve
another kunai, then throwing them both at the golem, before retrieving another.

Tsukiko would watch as the water-being fell away. She was relieved, but not ready for a long batle. She
crouches low and focuses her chakra carefully, unable to assist in the attacks for now and cursing herself for being
caught unprepared.

As the clone disappears Taiki sighs and shakes his head. "I'd never thought I'd thank a heating jutsu for
defeating my foe," he grumbles before turning around at the team commander's voice. "Hai!" he calls as he sprints and
jumps, coming close then stoping. "Ooh boy," he calls out before realizing he needs more chakra. So quickly he forms
another hand sign as he focuses his energy.

The Golem would continue to march forward, unphased by the kunai assault, the large monster really doesn't
seem to have a mind of its own, other than destruction. Turning to tear down, and homes, slamming his fist upon the
ground, shaking the general area. "Hold it off as long as you can. We have to give the villagers more time to
evacuate!" hiroshi would shout out, landing upon his feet as he peers up at the large clay Golem. Hiroshi would get
into a strange stance, peering at his enemy "8 trigrams, bleeding palms!" he would shout out, moving forward to
attack the golems legs, jumping up even as to go as far to attack its chest, but the Golem itself appears unphased
completely, just what is this one made out of. "It has a large concentration of chakra mounted in its head!" Hiro
would shout, shaking his head angrily as his palms appear rather uneffective.
Eremi would continue to rush at the Golem, watching as his kunai seemed to not unphase it. If they were
anything like the water clones, Eremi just doesn't have the stamina to slash wildly at it until the golem turned into
a puddle itself. As the boy finally reached the golem, he would retrieve his last kunai from its pouch behind his
back and begin to climb the golems leg. Eremi, not knowing how to focus his chakra at his feet to just easily climb
it like a tree or propel himself up as Hiroshi would. He would instead have to use the kunai as hand holders that
would dig into the golem itself.
Tsukiko looks up, reenergized. She draws a large mirror from her pack and leaps high into the air. She focuses the
mirror down on to the ground, locking the reflection into place in her mirror. She shifts the mirror and rips a huge
chunk of the earth out of the ground. The chunk ot dirt moves as she moves the mirror, becoming an airborne battering
ram against the golem before it disintegrates and falls away,
Taiki breaths a sigh of relief, thankful the Golem hasn't attacked yet. "I really need to get pops to teach some
battle jutsu, not to mentiong Tsuga," he mutters as he forms another couple of hand signs and concentrates his energy
into it. His hands seem to switch from the orange glow to yellow. "At least he taught me how to harder to kill
insects off our dogs…" With this he runs up and punches the Galem once with the glowing hand, causing it to
discharge while he follows it up with a spinning kick.

The Golem would take the more blunt force of the shinobis attacks. Though the Golem is not really damage, it
is however pushed back. Motionless now, the Golem remains unmoving, un phased by further assaults . The villagers
however would have found themselves a safe haven in the underground pathway. "Squad, consider this mission complete.
We cant defeat this enemy nor do we have time to. We have held it back as long as we could, now regroup with the
villagers and lead them to safety. We cannot risk them becoming killed. I repeat, move out and lead the villagers to
safety." Meanwhile the Kiri Nin Hiroshi had stunned struggles to get back up to his feet, Only to receive a strike to
his spine by the hyuuga, "You wont be following us, I promise you that." He would say, as the teen Hyuuga proceeds to
kick the nin in the head, stomping his face into the ground really, a behavior unlike Hiroshi for those who knew him.
Eremi would continue to climb the golem, getting higher and higher, stabbing it each time. The toll this was
taking on him was too much for him to continue. Using kunai to try to climb the golem was harder then he thought it
would be. Something he should have tried in training before using it in combat. However, as luck would have it,
Hiroshi has signaled the retreat. Relieved, Eremi would free his hands from the kunai, leaving them where they stuck
as he fell from the golem, before landing on the ground with a thud. The boy would then rush over toward where the
team was gathering to make sure the villagers are lead to safety
Tsukiko would wait to the end, making sure the others had gotten out ahead of her. She leaves behind a few tags and
mirror shards as traps to those that might pursue, but leaves again, catching up to the others. She keeps watch
behind them for as long as she can, watching for followers. "we should have gotten here faster.. this was too close."
Taiki retreats at Hiroshi's order, then goes with Shinobu to make sure there's no one left behind for the
general retreat. As they move on and Tsukiko speaks he looks up at Tsukiko and says, "Yeah, you're probably right.
But at least we managed to save everyone we could, which was the majority of the village. I'd call that good," he
responds to her. "And no one is laid up in the hospital again…" That last is said slightly down as he continues to
walk on.

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