The Legion March - Regrowth


Hinotori, Honto

Date: March 8, 2011


Hinotori is hospitalized thanks to Suzaku Yuri. A wandering Medic-Nin arrives to help him get up and ready to rejoin the fight.

"The Legion March - Regrowth"

Hospital Room - Konohagakure

It's late in the day and the next group of arrivals having made it to the Konoha hospital which was already taxed due to the number of incoming shinobi who have been injured. Any with minor wounds or exhaustion were treated and sent out to keep room for the more crittically injured shinobis. Most rooms were filled to capacity, some found themselves in a hallway on a gurney or benches if the beds were occupied. Medical ninja and personnel are running back and forth in and out of rooms treating as many people as they can. Exhaustion can be seen in the faces of the medical staff, and for all their worth, the medical staff has been doing a commendable job, but not every ninja who comes in is able to make it out.
Uchiha Hinotori is in a room near one of the windows sleep, the wound he suffered during the attack by two of Kirigakure's Seven Swordsmen could have killed him or at least stopped his ninja career if it wasn't for his quick thinking. But now he lay with a sword sized hole in his side and piece kinda there. He was stiched up quickly, but due to the incoming wounded, he had the medical staff leave him, to take care of the more immediate and dangerously dying members of their village. The doctors did what htey could and wrapped his whole mid-section to keep his wound from becoming infected. But the Uchiha is pale, and he has started to cough, but medical care hasn't come and he wasn't going to go look, the others needed to be tended to first.

One man had gone to Kirigakure during a time of peace, hoping to aid in relieving the suffering of others. He wanted to be useful. He wanted to be needed. He wanted to know so much about life itself that he could 'fix' all the flaws that life possesses — globally. Disease? Gone. Aging? Gone. Death? Gone. Pain? Hunger? Thirst? Tiredness? Anger? Sadness? Hate? All gone. All the things that make life a burden rather than the joy that it should be… These are the things that the man named Honto wishes to 'fix' or simply REMOVE from the world.
And how did Kirigakure respond to his attempts to aid them? By going to war. He is not sure who is in charge or ordered the invasion… But he knows the one ultimately responsible is that 'Kei' woman. The crazy one that would sacrifice an ally just to test a viral weapon. She yelled at him and condemned him for SAVING A MAN'S LIFE. It is not surprise that she is behind this entire idiotic war. Now Honto has no choice. To prevent more suffering, he must go to the ones being attacked. He will not aid Kirigakure right now. Not when they are out to make the world worse instead of better. And there are many who need his aid here in Konohagakure.
Though unknown to the Leaf Village, the fact that he is not allied with any given Village is, at least during a time like this, no reason to turn away qualified medical professionals. Perhaps he is being watched carefully, but he has saved at least half a dozen lives since showing up and has gotten a dozen more back on their feet in a fraction of the time it would have taken normally. People who were, days before, looking at months or years of rehabilitation are now ready to head back to the front lines.
Is Honto a 'genius'? Some naturally gifted and brilliant individual? Some think so. Honto thinks he has a long way to go, and every person he heals is a step towards his ultimate objective — thus his sudden entrance into Hinotori's room after knocking on the door. He has what medical information they would provide, but he is accompanied by some of Konoha's own medical staff to make sure that the white-haired man does not somehow make off with any Uchiha blood or similar. The Kekkei Genkai of the Leaf Village are guarded well, even between allies.

Stirring slightly, Hinotori wakes up. He is sweating now, mainly due to it being cramped, but possibly because his bandages needing changed again. Looking around he notices a few ninja near the door and a white haired main approaching him. He's not seen this man before, but right now he wasn't going to allow for anyone to help him except for changing his bandages. There are still others who are worse off then he is. Sitting up slowly, he reaches over to his stand and takes a cup of water and drinks it. Letting the water run down his throat, the Uchiha sighs a little and leans back against the pillows in his bed.
His sleep isn't as restful as he wanted, visions of his screw up during the battle, as well as watching more of his people of Konoha coming in injured, maimed, just starts to take effect on him. He really wishes he was back on his feet, out fighting helping his friends and protecting his village. But he couldn't be selfish, he couldn't get himself placed in front of others who are worse off then he. They needed to get back on their feet, then he will take whatever medical attention he needed.
Reaching up to wipe his head, it's damp, but just a light sweat, nothing serious right. As the group of men start to near him, he wondered who this white haired man is, and they aren't they moving to help the others who are in his room. "Umm…there are a few others who need medical attention before myself. I just need my bandages changed." he says. Granted most of the medical ninjas and staff has heard him say this and has actually helped them get the more critically injured taking care of.

Honto just smiles as he approaches Hinotori's bed. "Not to worry. When I am done here I will be assisting with the others. I am sure the existing medical staff are paying all due attention to those with life-threatening wounds. I helped with the more dire ones, so the rest should be fine." Looking down at the single piece of paper he was given, he says, "Your name is Hinotori. Nice to meet you, Hinotori-san. I'm Honto. I hear you had a large chunk of the right-side of your torso torn out. That sounds very painful. And I'll bet the infection is not helping." Infection?
There's no mention of an infection on the paper, and Honto has not even examined Hinotori's wound yet. But he can tell by the Chuunin's pallor, his breathing, and potentially even the smell produced by the life and death of whatever bacteria may be attacking Hinotori's system that he is infected. Clearly, he is no amateur. "I understand that you want others to be helped first, but the sooner you allow me to get you up and moving again then the sooner I will be able to go help those others."
As he speaks, he retrieves a small black box from inside his medical pouch at his lower back. He undoes a combination lock on it and retrieves one of three pills from within. The pill is oblong, and a bit large, but otherwise nothing special to look at. Plain white. "Do you have any water to take this with?" Honto asks as he looks around for any water that may have been provided. He cannot imagine what sort of hospital would NOT provide water to a bed-ridden patient, but one never knows.

Hinotori didn't tell anyone of any other effects for fear they would try to make him priority, but this man….He was able to see that something was ailing him outside of his wound. Though he seems pleasent enough, and as Hinotori looks to the ninja escorting him, they are there for added protection. "Well first, just as long as the others are being treated, that I will allow myself to be treated." he says. He wouldn't stand in the way of those of his village to get the treatment they needed to help save their lives. But now it is time for him to get treated and back on his feet, "My right side was just impaled and a nice chunk was taking with it. The cord that was attached to it, ripped out the side. I don't think it took any major organs, but hurts like hell." he replies.
He didn't know how the ninja near the doctor would take that, hell most of the group he went with to face the Kiri forces didn't see how he made back, even with the help he got while out. "How did you know an infection set in?" he asks. But Hinotori knows that is a stupid question, this man seems wiser then some of the other doctors he's met. For the fact that he didn't even look at the wound, nor did his papers probably have that information on it due to Hino not telling them anything. A sigh escapes him as he closes his eyes for a momen. As Honto speaks about knowing Hinotori wants the others treated before him. "Alright." is all he says as Honto opens up a black box and produces a pill. "Yes I do have water." he says as he lifts up the cup of water. But looking at the size of that pill, Hinotori reaches over to where the small pitcher is on the stand and pours some more water into the cup. Though as he moves, pain shoots up his side and causes him to grimace and nearly drop both the pitcher and cup. Closing his eyes and setting the pitcher on his bed, the wrappings around him where his wound is begin bleeding a bit mroe now. "Feels like something ripped." he pants.

Honto starts to reach out a hand to stop Hinotori, but it's too late. "Please, just let me do it and relax. No need to injure yourself further." He helps Hinotori with the water, and checks the wound briefly to ascertain the level of damage. "Probably just the stitches. I can fix it." He sounds confident, but he is not dismissing Hinotori's pain or injuries out-of-hand. He knows his patient is suffering. But he also knows he can heal his patient back to full health in short order. He says, "Please hold out one hand — and be careful to do so slowly!" Once Hinotori does so, Honto cracks open the large pill, and deposits two smaller pills that were hidden inside directly onto the Uchiha Chuunin's palm. "The outer casing is to keep the actual medications sterile." He holds up one hand and wiggles his fingers to make it clear he has no gloves on. It would simply be poor doctoring to touch something that is going into a patient's mouth with potentially contaminated hands!
"Those are called 'Regrowth Pills'," he starts to explain, but pauses when one of the non-ninja medics near him makes a noise of surprise. "—Not to worry. I know how to use them properly," he assures the startled medic aide. The others do not seem to know what the problem supposedly is. "As I was saying, Regrowth Pills are a special kind of potent medication that, in the hands of a skilled Medical Shinobi can be used to regrow large amounts of lost tissue. Not just skin, but muscle, organs, or even bones. Infact, a VERY skilled Medic-Nin can even regenerate a lost limb!"
The one that seemed surprised before now scoffs openly. "That's impossible!" he protests. "Human beings can not regrow arms or legs or even fingers! It can't be done!" Honto waits silently for a few seconds after this, and then says neutrally, "Possibly." Then he focuses back on Hinotori, leaving the aide flustered and annoyed. "Please place the pills in your mouth, Hinotori-san." Once this has occurred, Honto holds the water glass carefully to Hinotori's lips to assist the ninja in swallowing the two capsules.
"While we wait for those to kick in and enter your system, I will attend to the infection and the bleeding. I would have done that first, but the sooner the Regrowth Pills activate, the sooner you will be healed."

Relaxing is a luxury Hinotori wishes he had, but it's hard to do when pain is constantly rushing through your system, no matter what you do. But he does as he is told and leans back into his pillows. Nodding to Honto as he explains the ripping is probably from the stitches, which he is probably right. He didn't dispute what doctors told him, they are doctors for a reason. Taking a few breaths and holding his hand out to take the pills that were given to him, Hinotori studies them for a moment. He didn't know what they were, but then again it was answered for him. Taking teh pills and getting help with the water, Hinotori swallows it. As Honto explains what they can do and the Konoha medic scoffs, Hinotori turns to face the main. HIs normal cheerful face is one of annoyance and a slight bit of anger. One is wise not to anger a Uchiha, even one who is injured. "He is helping me. Treat your other patients before I lose my temper." he states allowing his eyes to close slightly. Normally when an Uchiha does this, that means the sharingan is only a second away from being activated. But then again, Hinotori is a prankster who is able to get people to leave him alone if he makes them think he is activating his Kekki Genkai. "Thank you doctor." he says keeping his eyes closed. Pills do take a bit to start, but then again he had no where to go, he lifts up the side of the medical shirt he has own to show Honto the wound.

The threatened medical aide blusters and huffs, but DOES eventually depart without really saying or doing anything. Maybe because of the implied threat or maybe just because he realizes he has no place here. Meanwhile, Honto focuses his Chakra into his hands and holds them about an inch away from Hinotori's wound. Glowing green Chakra that is actually visible to normal vision lights up the area around both Honto's hands and Hinotori's torso. The pain eases gradually, the bleeding stops almost immediately, and soon enough… The wound is closed. It only takes about 60 seconds at the most. It may not be completely healed, but it will not be reopening or continuing to bleed without some sort of strenuous activity to agitate it. And if Honto is correct about those pills, then shortly the young Tokubetsu will be able to perform any activity he wishes without risk!
"There," Honto says finally as the glow fades away. He straightens up and begins gathering more Chakra for the next step of the treatment. "I hope that feels better. The stitches will need to be removed manually at some point, but they appear to be bio-degradable. If they are left in then they will disintegrate on their own without ill-effect."

With the medical aide now gone, Hinotori snickers then winces a little. Opening his eyes, Hinotori looks to Honto for a moment, then down at the glowing green chakra that was on Hontos hands and himself where his wound is. Not moving, but feeling less, and less pain now, Hinotori felt that he was breathing easier then he had since coming here. "What the…" he manages as he keeps still. Truly bewildered at whats happening, he hasn't felt the effects of the pills yet, but just this is enough to give him high hopes for getting back on his feet agian soon. Keeping himself calm and relaxing, he lets Honto continue doing what he is doing, maybe with him here, the medical staff can learn even more to better help everyone here, but Hinotori wonders if this was tiring out the man or not.
Nodding his head to Honto as he finishes, "I will let the stitches disintegrate, and give myself a few days before doing anything else." he says. "Thank you very much. What is your name?" he asks Honto. "I can't thank you enough for what you've done." pausing for a moment, "When will those pills kick in?" he asks.

Honto pauses. He did give his name when he first came into the room… But perhaps Hinotori was not in a good state of mind to remember random names. He looked to be a bit feverish, even! "My name is Honto, Hinotori-san. As for the pills they will kick in very shortly. I need to have enough Chakra ready to direct them when they finish entering your circulatory system. Otherwise it would just waste the ingredients in the capsules."
He leaves unsaid what would happen if he did not even try to use use Chakra to direct the medications in Hinotori's body. That would be… Unpleasant. And probably lethal. But he never even considers that as being possible. He knows exactly what he is capable of, and he has done this dozens of times before, including twice right here in this hospital! The main concern is not having ENOUGH Chakra to do it, not in having no Chakra at all.
He continues building Chakra… Not a lot of it all at once, but just a significant amount gradually. "I am almost ready, Hinotori-san."

Honto did give his name but, Hinotori was slightly feverish, but now he's more clear headed. There are still aches and pains here and there but it's virtually gone. The Uchiha couldn't belive his luck though, he probably would've gotten worse if he kept pushing off medical help, but then again it was always his village before him. He preferred it that way. He helps defend the peace that they and their village is privy to, but now as he sits here letting Honto help him, that even he needs to be at one hundred percent to be able to continue defending their home. He will make note of this man and see about having something good done for him, that is for sure, if he's been helping others here, then he is responsible for taking care of many others.
Continue to keep calm and his body relaxed, Hinotori just hopes that the defenses of the village stays in tact, hopefully he will not be bed ridden for too long. Feeling this good, he wants to get back out on the front lines, but knows the Lady Hokage will force him to rest. It's taken him some time to get the friendship he has with Hashi-sama, and with the rivalry between both their clans it's important that it stays good. Hell Daisuke his best friend would probably knock him out and drag him back here. A chuckle escapes the Tokubetsu at the thought, but then he cringes as the lavender eye Hyuuga Heiress enters his thoughts. He shakes his head, not wanting to think what she would do to him if he left the hospital before he was fully healed and ready.

Honto finishes gathering his Chakra and counts off the seconds until the meds should be in Hinotori's circulatory system. Then he begins applying the Chakra to the wound. It is not visible this time. The young man's glasses turn opaque with reflected light from the window, concealing his eyes as he focuses intently on drawing the medication from where it is scattered all throughout Hinotori's body directly to the site of the injury. Right now there is a rather noticeable 'indentation' in the Uchiha's side, where there used to be flesh and muscle. Maybe the wound is healed over thanks to the use of the Mystical Palm Technique, but that hasn't replaced the lost mass.
The Regrowth Pills begin to fix that. It's an odd sensation… Kind of… 'Itchy', almost, as Hinotori would feel flesh regrowing itself to replace that which was lost. Honto stops exactly at where the flesh SHOULD stop, based on the rest of his patient's dimensions and proportions. If that is more or less than Hinotori had in that particular spot, Honto would not know. But based on a symmetrical body build… It should be perfect.
Finally, Honto eases off and lets out a slow breath as he withdraws his hands. "There. Though your body might still be a bit weaker than normal as the last of the infection is fought off, you should be good to go. The source of the infected tissue has been eliminated, so all that remains is bacteria that your natural immune system can fight off." Patting Hinotori on the shoulder, Honto squints and smiles at the younger man.
"While I wish you the best of luck if you return to active duty, I still hope you manage to avoid any serious injuries from now on."

Hinotori has kept quiet and not moved. Still worried that he may mess up something and the impending doom that would befall him shall he do something stupid keeps the Uchiha where he is. As Honto uses his technique, Hino doesn't notice any glow, but he does feel like something is missing then soon itchyness. 'Hey that itches….a lot…' he thinks to himself as he continues to sit through the regrowth.
Once Honto moves back after finishing his technique Hinotori feels whole again and as he looks at the wound, it's healed. He blinks a few times, "Whoa." he says. "Well I will try not to come back, but hopefully you can pass along what you know to the other Konoha Medics." he says. Grateful now that he's healed. "How long should I give myself before becoming active again Honto-san?" he asks.

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