The Legion March - Stumbling into enemy territory


Haruko, Daomi

Date: March 5, 2011


Daomi was hallucinating and ended up in the Land of Fire. He was met by Haruko, a genin from the Land of Wind that was there to help with the war efforts against the Kirigakure.

"The Legion March - Stumbling into enemy territory"

Land of Fire (Forest Crossroads)

Land of Fire. Again. Haruko wishes to gain more actual combat experience, and what better circumstances than hunting for water ninja, especially when the Kazekage said she could? As such, Land of Fire.
She's currently hidden within a tree, watching the lands, hoping to spot a lone ninja she can fight. Especially one that doesn't look all that powerful. Because, well… Haruko isn't all that powerful, admittedly. So she waits, staying motionless within the trees, watching a path she's seen used by Kiri ninja before.

Daomi has travelled far from the village this time, farther then he would have liked. It isn't something that he meant to do, it just happens on occassion. The fluids that cause the purple bags under his eyes can't be contained for long and the over flow seeps into his eyes. When this happens, he falls under hallucinations more powerful then he can control. Forcing him to decipher what is real and what isn't. Most the time, he can't tell and goes along with the hallucination that is cast on him.
The kiri nin under false realities makes his way on the path often travelled by others of his village, his eyes hugely dilated as he moves upon the area. Oblivious to anything around him, he would have no choice but to ignore them even if he had spotted them.

Haruko does spot Daomi, and draws a few shuriken from beneath the belts that cover her legs. She doesn't quite attack yet, however… preferring to stay in the concealment of the trees while she waits for the Kiri genin to come closer. A smirk does form on her face as she, hopefully, remains hidden. Silently watching, waiting for the opportune moment to strike.

Walking further into the area, Daomi finally comes to a stop and his eyes constrict back to normal. For a moment, he does nothing as he stands there trying to get a feel for the area he is in. "You've really did it this time." He would say to himself, bringing his hands up to rub at his eyes, before looking around the area. "Completely lost." The boy would then put a hand in his pocket and his other to rest inside his opening of his kimono while he thinks about his next step. His kirigakure forhead protector that's used for a belt would reflect the sun light.

A lost Kiri Shinobi. Ooh, Haruko is getting a good vibe out of this. She calculates the distance, throws one shuriken, jumps to another tree, throws another shuriken, and jumps to a final tree, which she then proceeds to use as her private concealment, hiding from the other Ninja… if she did this correctly. She's silent, resisting the urge to chuckle about the whole situation…

Standing there thinking about his next move, he would begin to turn to face the direction of the path that he believes he came from. Doing so, Daomi would just briefly be able to catch sight of a shuriken flying toward him. Knowing he doesn't have the speed to dodge, nor the strength to deflect the attack, he make an attempt at some hand signs. Not being quick enough, the first shuriken thrown cuts into his kimono and through his skin. "What the…" He would try to get out, but manages to spot another shuriken coming his way and attempts once again at hand signs. His fingers stumbling as he does and fails to produce a clone. The second shuriken would find its marking, cutting into him once again. The kiri nin, would peer in the direction of the shuriken, until spotting his attacker. "What the hell is this about? Did I kick your dog or something?" Taking his time, he would make a final hand sign and focus his chakra.

Well, she has been spotted. That means she might just as well close in… drawing a pair of Kunai, she lounges herself from the trees and down to Daomi, "You're the enemy!" She says, oddly cheerful as she aims a jab at Daomi's chest before following it up with a kick and another stab, aimed at leg and hip, respectfully. "I just want some practice, don't worry… I won't kill you, unless I have to!"

Watching as his attacker leaps from the tree and rushes in at him, he has time to perform the hand signs more steadily. As the first attack comes his way, it lands on Daomi, or it would appear to. The boy replaced with a puff of smoke and as it clears a piece of wood is in his place. Daomi would be found just a few feet from it, his speed not allowing him to escape to a further distance. His attacker seems to notice this and sends her next at him. He would once again send up hand signs in a hurried rush, but stumbles through it and is met with a kick that knocks his frail body back. "I don't see how I'm the enemy." He would say, but the attacker ignores it as she sends another attack, that would land on the boy….but then poof, another smoke cloud appears and Daomi replaced with another log.
This time, Daomi would retaliate, "If you want something to practice with, I'll give you something." At first one would see that the boy is doing nothing but standing there, but looking closer they would see several spiders crawling out of his kimono and down his pant legs, across the field and toward Haruko. He would try to send another wave, but as chance would have it, the fluid that fills in his tear sacks have over filled and begun to pour into his eyes, causing another hallucination to over come the kiri nin.

Well, the spiders are dodged rapidly by Haruko… she seems to be unaware, however, that she is being caught in an attempt at Genjutsu… as she is unaware of such, she keeps on her assault at the Kirigakure ninja. Slash, slash, stab. That's the way it goes… once at the shoulder, twice at the chest. "Your spiders won't get me, enemy!" She calls out cheerfully, her voice almost disturbingly so. "Just admit defeat already!"

Daomi blinks himself back into consciousness only to find himself under another swarm of Haruko's stabs and slashes. The boy wouldn't even stand a chance at dodging the first two attacks and decides to takes them, the first cutting into his shoulder and the second making its mark in his chest. The blood beginning to poor out as it soaks into his white kimono…Can you get blood out of white? He makes a hand sign as the third attack comes his way, a cloud of smoke would envelope him and reveal two Daomi's instead of one. With the wrong decision his attacker hits the clone and causes it to go poof. "Give up? Are you gonna get a medal or something for attacking me?" More spiders continue to flow out of the boy as they swarm out of his clothing and toward Haruko and with a quick hand sign, the swarm seems to double in size in an attempt to over come the attacker.

Well, that sucks… Haruko is trying to avoid the spiders, but not having a whole load of success. She's dodging as much as she can, but fails and flails. trying to get rid of the spiders. "Get them off me!" She calls out!

Daomi stands there, watching as Haruko begins to flail around while screaming. He can't help but wonder if that's what he looks like when he is under his own hallucinations. If so, the fluids in his tear sacks are something he should get checked out…He's a growing boy and he doesn't want a reputation of looking like a fool. "Now the real fight begins." He would say as the rest of the spiders begin to leave from under his clothing and the spiders that were already sent out swarm toward Haruko to attack her while she is stunned.

Well, this is going jolly well… those spider bites? They sting. Big time… the big swarm seems to be mostly gone though, so she lunges out again with her Kunai after breaking out of the imaginary webs. Stabbity stab stab! Twice at the chest, once at the shoulder, "You're a weird guy, you know that? With all those spider friends of yours…!"

Daomi quickly makes the hand signs and three clones of himself appear next to him, causing Haruko to decipher which is the real one. However, she seems to focus all three of her attack on just one. What gave him away? Did he forget the blood stains on his shirt, are the clones bald or naked? Whatever it is, it doesn't matter, as he's stabbed several times by the kunai of his attacker. The wounds causing more and more blood to poor out, leaving his frail body very weak. Time to escape from this before he dies. The boy would then reach into his pouch to retrieve a dagger, throwing it half heartedly at Haruko. Using the time it will take her to dodge, for him to get away.

As Haruko steps out of the way of the dagger, and notices the enemy genin run away, she jumps into the trees, making her way towards another place. She has won, that is enough as far as she's concerned. Enough by far… she's got another combat success to add to her sleeve… and has learned something from this fight to boot.

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