The Legion March - Tsun’s Open Invitation to the Rescue Party


Tsun, Meruin, Goh, Daichi

Date: March 1, 2011


Goh leads a rescue on an abducted Hyuga Genin.

"The Legion March - Tsun’s Open Invitation to the Rescue Party"

Somewhere a decent distance outside the Konohagakure gates

A sarcastic intone would ring through the mind of a young Kirigakure kunoichi. 'Oh my, look at all the ninja that came to save her… great plan Tsun-chan, great plan.' Tsun would glare ahead, annoyed with the constant complaining in her head, "Shut up you've been complaining since I've started taking her away. We haven't even given them enough time really to find the note." The girl would then settle into a nice seat, fashioned out of a tree stump, the child not really having much care of the forests of the Land of Fire, cut down one of the great trees.
"Just shut up, I swear you'll get something. Something way better… I'm sure you would've been complaining even more if you just got one sole Genin." When this is said, Tsun would glance over to Ai, who was sitting more or less comfortably. Her ankles and wrists would be locked together via shackle-like, chunks of ice. "Hey… how long does it take your Konoha people to find you? It's almost night time already!" 'Maybe they're just running by it over and over.' Tsun would roll her eyes, "Now you have me complaining. Don't worry, I feel like something is gonna happen soon." Tsun would flash a smile to Ai, "Don't you agree?"

She wouldn't listen to an answer, she'd just look up ahead. Assuming the ninja were going to come this way, her fists tensing occasionally in anticipation. What to do… what to do…

Meruin was about. He wasn't in the clearing with Tsun and her prisoner. Instead, the young boy had chosen to keep himself a bit separate from the two. The reasoning is simple. He'd seen the note himself. Tsun had spent the time to sit outside of Kirigakure's camp lines, writing intimidating missives in blood. And though she was probably powerful enough to have a certain lack of concern in this regards, there was no reason for the Okumo not to find out why she'd been slaughtering widlife and risking herself.
And so, with him reading the note and figuring out what she's doing with the prisoner, he decided that he would help. it was probably more for her… friend than it was for herself, anyways, so it was unlikely that he could persuade her to leave off this idea. So, instead, he'd try to make sure that she survived it, just in case.
While Tsun was the power, he'd be the tactic. His spiders were spread thin in a large circular area around Tsun's clearing. There was a greater chance that someone would get past them this way, but he wanted to get as big a notice on enemy approach as possible, since he wasn't so reliant on the enemy approaching in a straight forward route. To mitigate this chance, though, his mind was partially melded with that of his brood, making their movements and observations more acute.
And so, he sat in a tree and simply… sensed, his gossammer hair floating in a veil about him, hiding unfocused eyes set inside of his child-like face.

Indeed, the note sent to Konoha was one that sent alarm bells ringing. Lots of questions needed to be asked. First. What the heck was a Genin Hyuuga doing getting caught? What happened to the Commander of the squad? Was s/he killed? Or was Ai out by herself in such a time? Had Tsun already plucked the Byakugan out? It seemed … almost odd to send a note like that. Tsun could have quite easily stolen the eyes and be done with it. But instead, THIS has happened. How … odd.
On his way home from a particularly odd case involving Kirin, Kaede and Hisakawa, the ex-Jounin known as Goh was informed about this case. And since it's on the way, why not check it out? He knew the Land of Fire better than most with all of his traveling, and should be able to track them down. Especially with his Salamander friends.
Nearby, on a small rock which itself has just had shadow cast on it from the setting sun, a small lizard scuttles off and buries into the ground. Nothing of significance.
A few moments pass. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" Cries a voice in a sudden instant. POOF! In the setting sun, a large boom of white smoke appears. Followed by the appearance of Wanpo. A six foot long, four foot high Salamander. And standing on top of him is Goh, his arms poised in a dramatic way.
"Whenever the wind chills and babies cry tears of blood … whenever someone needs a vegetable to pickle — I shall appear! THE ALMIGHTY GOOOHHHH-SAMAAAAAA!" His teeth shine in the dimming sunlight, the ex-Jounin throwing a grin out.
He had somehow managed to bypass Meruin's security field completely. This is likely because he came up via Salamander. Through the ground.
The plan had started.

Tsun's reaction would not be… the best. She wasn't straight-faced in a cold and calculated fashion, scared, surprised. Her expression shifted to something between a mixture of being blank and flat out confused. A trickle of sweat would run down her forehead as he makes his very dramatic entrance, leaving her to slowly bring her hands up and… *clap*… *clap*… *clap*…

"Uh… right! Dude, I'm not gonna lie, that was totally weird but… effective, I guess. If this were some sort of distraction to take the girl. Buuuuut, eyes are back on her!" Tsun's attention goes to Ai once more, "She's still here. Looks like everything will be just fine, for me at least." Tsun giggles, chakra gathering at a rapid level, Goh may sense that there was something off about this girl, beyond the fact that she was so dressed and made-up for war. The chakra would not feel entirely right. 'This will do. Didn't you say they would send many?'
Shrugging, Tsun would stand up from her seated position and yawn. "Well I this guy… I don't know, he seems fun enough to be ten people combined doesn't he? Stop complaining." Tsun would raise her hand into the air, as if signaling someone to hold off. "So… here's the rules. You keep me happy, I'll release the girl. Bore me, I'll probably kill her or… maybe even keep her around, in case I end up losing an eye sometime. Cause, hell if I'm gonna pluck my own eye out to look half blind."
A thumbs up would be given with a raised eyebrow, "Sound good?"

Meruin's unfocused gaze snapped, the pupiless orbs looking downwards, the motion hard to notice due to the lack of that distinguishing spot of darkness. He brought himself to a standing position in a single supple motion, gauzy hair shifting as he did so. Through the veil, the shadow of his body revealing a second pair of arms, the thin things unwrapping from his torso.
He turned, looking in the direction of Tsun and company. The man was loud. Meruin hadn't even needed to get the information of his arrival from his spiders. This either meant that he was ridiculously powerful, or only mildly powerful and overconfident. Or stupid, perhaps. He was hoping on one of the latter two. And he would stay exactly where he was, listening and sensing until he figured it out or something happened.

The talking to herself seems to be a little odd, but not TOO unusual. At least for as much as Goh has seen. The ex-Jounin sort of squints, still on top of Wanpo. He does feel the hit in chakra… it definitely feels weird. "If I can take you back as a captive, then it'll be a bonus for Konoha. You definitely feel a little odd, that's for sure."
Oddly enough, Goh had been to Kirigakure a number of times. And during none of those stays had he run into such a figure. She wasn't different just because she was from Kirigakure. She was just … different. He had felt something like this before… but from where?
He shakes his head a little bit, before he casts an idle glance over to Ai. She seemed to be a little worse for ware. It's unlikely she'd be able to handle getting herself out. A number of ideas fly through his head in order to get her out.
And just like that, he's off! As he leaps off of Wanpo's back in a jump-leap aimed right at Tsun, the blonde quickly withdraws a scroll. Unrolling it just as he lands upon the ground (right near Tsun!), he peforms a single seal before stomping on it hard and then jumping once more.
The scroll which he just stepped on erupts into life, with a HEAP of … liquid coming out. It stinks. Stinks of Pickled Vegetables. If Tsun doesn't watch out, it's going to wash over her feet and keep her stuck there! The Pickled Juices are that sticky. Maybe that's why Goh jumped into the air right after he hit it. Oy.

Tsun yawns, "Nah, you wont capture me. Being a prisoner, it's not on my list of things to do soooo ya know, nah." Tsun would yawn and then look between Goh and the girl, "Well all this talk about being a prisoner. It's giving me such.." Tsun's hand would raise lightly to her side, all fingers lazily pointing in Ai's direction. "Boring thoughts… sitting in captivity with a bunch of Leaf ninja just staring."

The coffin would part, water would leak from it, dripping onto the ground and about her feet before it starts to churn, rising up and arcing like a snake in Ai's direction. "Remember, being boring loses the game surely you don't want ot lose…" That would be said and he'd follow up with… something not so boring though, rather gross smelling. Tsun would make note of his movement in her direction, though apparently wouldn't think much of it as her hand simply lowers back to her side again and she watches him land right by without taking action.
"The heck?" The foul odor may of somehow come moments before the liquid… or, Tsun's brain was so distraught by the smell that her smell senses decided to kick sight out of line. 'Do not get touched by that. It may be some sort of acid. Move!' Tsun would not argue with that logic at all, with a quick hand sign, Tsun would disappear in a shroud of red mist and pop up behind the leaping Goh.
"Gross man." Water would then come flying out, whipping it's way towards Goh., not a single seal, Tsun would let her hands slide into her pockets as the crimson coffin water does it's task.

Meruin fell into an inhuman stillness as combat ensued rather than rushing to Tsun's aid. The boy tilted his head back somewhat, his talon-tipped fingers loosening as he stood where he was.

That's … new. With her ability to move so quickly, Tsun is able to catch up with Goh. Who himself is widening his eyes at some water waves heading right for him! Spinning about in the air as best he can, the blonde manages to avoid two of the water strikes. But one catches him, slamming into him hard. He reels slightly from the blow, feeling some of his strength leave him.
Fortunately, he's able to save himself before crashing into the ground! After the tricky moves, Goh lands on the ground with a solid effort. Those techniques were … odd. He needed to end this as quickly as he could. A glance is cast over to Ai, before he looks back. "Alrighty. You use some weird techniques, I'll give you that. But time to finish this off." Performing a single seal, the Akuu clan member sucks in a breath … but nothing happens!
The ground right at Tsun's feet will crack, before … a toungue flies out! It erupts from the ground, hoping to wrap itself around Tsun's ankle /tightly/.
If successful, Tsun will then be SWALLOWED hole by a tiny Salamander, which itself will appear from the cracks in the ground. Either by sucking her in, or by reeling in its toungue and just somehow…swallowing her. Oy. Will she fall into the abyss? Or will she avoid this blow too?

Daichi would arrive sent as back up. Now Daichi had only just met Ai the other day but he would be enraged nonetheless that she haad been taken captive. Daichi would be focused on nothing else but her safety for now he was concerned about nothing else. Daichi would dash through the trees at a break neck pace, he would tire himself out if he didn't slow down soon but he was too hot blooded right now. "Of all times, why now?" he murmurs to himself. The girl was probably targeted due to her Byakugan, Daichi cursed under his breath and would moving faster and faster. Madness's Butcher already at the ready he was iching to cut down whatever stood in between Ai and him. He had heard a skilled Jounin went before him, his mission would be to meet up with him a provide support while securing the captive. His mind still fresh with the run-ins with Kirigakure ninja from the tournament Daichi wondered which one would be responsible for this. He had just hopped that that weird kid that talked to herself or the Spider Kid weren't there, or so he told himself. Actually Daichi wanted to see those two the most, the noisy little imp girl not so much but he doubted she would be there. Coming closer now Daichi can see waves in the distance "Almost there, just a bit longer,"

"One point for Tsun!" Tsun would giggle, making a 'blah blah blah' hand gesture with her right hand as he talks a little duck bill thing going on. She would keep her eyes locked, preparing for what may of been a fire or wind technique. Though knowing the ninja world it could've been something much more wild her chakra would shift into position to create a quick defense aaaaaand…


Nothing? Yes no- The ground would open up beneath her and before she could react properly she would be sucked up. "Damnit! What the hell is this?!" Tsun's arms would part her arms extending to the side as she fights against the air, the girl herself not doing the work. Though instead, it was a rapid outpour of water from the coffin that would be doing the pushing.

Instead of the usual water, it would harden somewhat, becoming gellatinous as it attempts to pry the salamander's mouth open though… to no avail. She was trapped! Though whether Goh knows it or not… this really wasn't a 2-1(If you're counting those freakin salamanders). Tsun would simply smirk as she's gobbled up, unless something dangerous happens in here, she would bide her time before blowing out.

His cue…
Meruin vanished, and when he reappeared, it was not as he had been before. No, the small boy with a veil had sprouted four large, powerful looking spider legs from his shoulder blades, the things twice as long as he was tall, lifting his child's frame from the earth. A second and third pair of eyes had found their way onto his face and a sheen of silken, platinum fur along his body. He looked entirely more bestial.
He reappeared next to Ai, the small salamander getting flipped over as he went by. It was an intentional move, as spiders from the surrounding area sped in, beginning to bite the salamander to death, tearing it to pieces. Unfortunately, Tsun would suffer damage as well — it was impossible to avoid in the tiny salamander. But the creature would soon be dead and Tsun removed, though he hadn't been sure how the tiny thing had swallowed her in the first place. At the very least, the damage should take her out of her fog from the creature's stomach gasses, though it was an inadvertent effect.
"Tsun. Company is approaching. We should leave. Konohagakure ninja; You should do the same. The help is not enough to assure you victory, and if you fail, the captive will die. I will see to it."

Tsun will descend into darkness…darkness…darkness. Before falling into a fleshy area. The ground is made up of various pools of acid, which in turn give off gasses. Gasses so strong that Tsun will feel light-headed and unable to move. At least for the moment. The room that she is now is made up of a floor made of flesh, as with walls. And even the roof! She is literally /inside/ the belly of this Salamander. Before her very form, a host of little tiny Salamanders will appear before her. They sort of fall onto each other and build each other up, forming a very loose clone of Goh himself. It's very loose, with little lizards still falling off. "Well. That was a bit of a let-down." The clone speaks with an earnest shrug. "You have funny chakra and some good ability. But in the end, it's no good." Suddenly, the clones tilt their head a little. And then … FWOOSH!
With Meruin destroying the Salamander, it poofs back of existence and spits Tsun back out! Unfortunately though, she'll still be feeling woozy from inhaling those gasses inside. Good thing Tsun has back-up, huh?
Meanwhile, as soon as Tsun was captured, Goh had booked it over to the captured Hyuga and hoisted her over his shoulder. It's at this moment when Meruin arrives and does his thing, releasing Tsun to the world.
With Ai already on his shoulder, Goh gives a hearty salute.
"Pretty good job noticing the Salamander, kid!" The blonde enthuses. "But we're taking our friend back now. No hard feelings, huh?" Back-up sure would be nice around now.
Without another movement, he tenses his legs to jump high into the trees, using his own speed to hopefully try and flee the area! Goh is no slouch himself.

Daichi arrives to see that Ai was in the arms of a comrade. He would incline his head as he looked to Ai "She's ok? Oh great," Daichi would smile then look on the see a familiar face. Daichi groans and would glare at the spider kid "You again?" he would point his cleaver at the mutant before glancing at Goh "I've keep them busy, or at least try, get her out of here," Daichi would step up his game right here as he has no choice but to defend against two monstrous shinobi, however he wasn't worried. Daichi would close his eyes and release chakra into his muscles allowing maximum output. "So you guys were that bored?" Daichi would ask with a grin. He was almost certain he would be fighting alone and wasn't sure if he would survive this fight but he would do his best to hold them off as long as he could "You're gonna pay for this," he threatened. Daichi took a stance eyeing both of them 'Ok you're up 's creek without a paddle buuuut when life hands you lemons you make lemonade…eck never use and Lemonade in the same thought. I'll never look at it the same now…eeeek ok new topic! Right spider kid and little Ms. Schizoid defend fight all that stuff,' Daichi's focus has now been established.

Ice would gather at the girl's feet and she'd slow her decent just a bit until reaching the ground of… whatever this was. Well, Tsun wasn't entirely happy. It was moist and over time, she'd slowly pick up on the fact that she may just actually be IN a salamander. Yes, she's just about freaking out right now. "Gross gross gross! What is wrong with this dude!?!" Says the girl who walks around with a coffin full of bloody water, guess some things just come along as more natural in Kiri. All she knew was that, she would have to break out of it.
Her conscious would slowly come back to, her ability to perceive what was going on about her would only be clouded by annoyance as Goh would then appear. What he said was ignored, she was concerned more so with what level technique would be necessary to break out. So her chakra would fluctuate rapidly, she was gonna blow this joint! Then… the salamander cuts open? Well, that was a bit odd then she'd then get hit in the second strike, just as the salamander disappears, itself. The girl would find herself full-sized in the land above.

Her eyes would dart left and right, "Ugh ,what a punk! Should've known a Konoha ninja would just go running off!" She was obviously very annoyed, the air around her would begin to become rather frosty. With trembling fists, she would struggle to keep herself from giving chase, just an awkward silence as she does her best to ignore Daichi, probably not as interested in him as he was them.

“Oh.” Tsun would lazily look to Daichi. “You again, you don’t really want to do this.” She’d shake her head slowly as she raises her hand, “At least this wont last too long.” Water would begin to rise up about her as she prepares to engage Daichi only for a series of explosions to go out around her. Many Konohagakure ninja appeared, many of them much higher ranked than Daichi and Tsun herself. “Ugh.” Meruin would call to retreat once more and in a shroud of mist she would disappear.

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