Once Upon A Time - The Lion And The Thorn



Date: August 15, 2011


A spin on Aesop's Fable.

"Once Upon A Time - The Lion And The Thorn"

A Cave - The Woods

Within the shadows lurked a giant beast, its form all but unseen. Its black fur shined and its white teeth gleamed, and its red eyes burned with hate. "If you come within my cave, Son of Man, than I shall dine upon your flesh."
Nori smiled, a grin to match the beast's. "Oi, oi," he says, "what do I have to fear from a beast that weeps?"
The beast snorted, contempt thick in its voice, "As if a man could understand the frustrations of a beast, and yet to continue believing I've cried is a fallacy and an insult. You are tried my patience, so perhaps I shall eat you now." The beast swiped its great paw.
As the claws came within a breath of Nori, he narrowed his eyes in speculation. Something had gleamed with a metallic sheen. "Tell me beast," the young man said. "Surely you don't decorate yourself with blades?"
The beast was silent a moment, its own eyes narrowing in turn, though with . The creature exhaled a hot breath of steam and rot out of the cave, blowing Nori's long hair about. "No," it said with consternation, "I do not indulge in such a habit, but it seems I have been given this annoying gift by a man much like yourself. It is too small for me to draw out by tooth or claw."
Nori laughed. "I will make a deal with you, creature. Allow me to assist you, and in return do not hunt me while I stay within your forrest."
The beast laughed, its booming loud enough to shake the earth. "I see, and what is to stop me from eating you the moment you draw it free? Take your life into your own hands, child of Man. Come hither and take this blade from my paw, and we shall see your fate." The beast chuckled lightly, and extending its paw to just within the entrance.
Nori grinned, and stepped within, unflinching and unafraid. As the beast's maw dripped saliva around him as he reached into the paw. Firmly he gripped the hilt, and drew forth the bloody blade. The beasts maw closed around Nori as soon as the blade was free.
Nori, however, was already gone, walking away from the cave, the laughter of the beast echoing behind him.

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