The Lost Hayato - The Sandstorm Falls


Hiroto, Arika, Jiro, Ayumu

Date: October 24, 2016


Another investigation of the mysterious 'sandstorm' yields more mutated Hayato to question on the goings-on within this particular tribe. Also, Suna finally gets the sandstorm to stop!

"The Lost Hayato - The Sandstorm Falls"

Land of Wind

The last time Suna shinobi were out here they encountered two weird ..'people?' The first was this guy who was pretty not human like. His whole body was bigger and he was hunched over needing to use an arm to actually keep himself up while moving. The arm which itself was gigantic in size compared to a normal arm. His normal features were also all… Hard to take notice of and he was pretty unable to speak. His friend though could speak. The only thing with them seemed to be that one of their arms had become a sorta spear of sorts. The end was talons that they could bring together enough to where it can pierce right through someone. Both were taken back to Sunagakure to be talked to if able and possibly tested on to figure out more.
Hiroto was now supposed to lead a team of shinobi out to the same area where a sandstorm was still raging. Except it had visibly moved. Not too far but enough to be an obvious movement from it. He was already moving that way with his team as he spoke to them to prepare things. "Alright. So our job this time is to quickly move into the sandstorm and we are to try to find and eliminate the ones making it. At any costs. We have learned from our last prisoners that it is one of their clan that it is some of their own controlling winds to make this sandstorm exist. The sand shouldn't actually be an issue though and the amount of focus they put into doing this means the wind will have to stop for them to actually attack us. Another team is also moving from the other side. So good luck to us all."
More things came up though that wasn't said here. Like the prisoners and this whole clan being Hayato. And in fact the things they notied from testing were that they were similar to Hiroto. Very similar. Besides the mutated side of these new ones. And that gave Hiroto a thought. What if these were his people… What if they didn't all die.. A reason for him to make sure he was involved. As a lasting note it is around 8PM and the weather is as expected for the desert.

"Hai, Taichou~" Ayumu singsongs out, much to perhaps Hiroto's personal chagrin. This of course did not matter much to the Iga. If he was gonna assist Sunagakure, then at least some small liberaties were gonna be taken in the process! It also made it that much easier to keep up the nonchalant smile, seeing as the alternative meant spiraling into a sour mood over the day's mission. And such feelings would only better serve their enemies.
Whether it is at the tail end or closer to the front, the Iga moved with about the same amount of haste as the others. The higher speeds would limit his sensory abilities a little. But then, they had a Hayato up front, and hopefully keeping track of the developing situation! Speaking of which…
"Yo, taicho! Anything else we should know?"

Arika is on this mission! The girl had actually gone on the mission that initially discovered the weird mutant people, though she didn't get to know much of the science that was behind them. For one, she was too young. And second, she just wasn't interested in such matters. Arika was just here to help Hiroto! Also, it was a mission. Who doesn't like exciting missions? ~I dunno, I'd like to be curled up in bed…~ 'You dun even have t' do anything, though!!' ~So? Watching you just makes me tired.~ 'Then go t' sleep.' ~You'll poke me awake before I even get settled.~ '*HUFF*'
This internal debate was going on throughout the journey, so Arika looked very grumpy as they traveled, only perking up a bit when they seem to have finally arrived. "Hnn… Sounds easy enough. C'n I just blast it, or do I have t' be careful?" she asks Hiroto. Technically she and Hiroto were equals because they were both Chuunin, but he was the Senior Chuunin and in charge of the mission, so she would defer to him for now. "Also also Ne, Hiro-kun… D'you think we should try t' scout things out, or are we just gonna barge in on these people?" Untrue to her nature, Arika was sorta ignoring Ayumu right now. Of course, back when they first met up with him, she probably tried to climb onto his back or something, but she gave up when they started to move.

Jiro arrives, better late than never, with his hands in their normal resting place flopped atop his head. The boy saunters lazily over to the rest of the group and looks them over curiously, eyes pausing on Ayumu and squinting a bit at him. He hadn't seen that one in quite a while. Huh. "S'what're we doin'?" he asks finally, a yawn coming even as he speaks. Just full of energy he is!

Hiroto first took a moment to let Tenshi search around as he looked back at Ayumu. "I don't exactly feel you need to use that to address me. Could just use my name." He sighed a bit before shaking his head. "Anywho. When it comes to your question I believe that… Anything else you may need to know. These are supposedly all Hayato. So I don't doubt their ability to see when folks are coming is… Rather good." At about that time Tenshi would return basically saying the coast is clear for another advance. The storm was very much within sight now. "Once at the storm we must move quickly. Any abilities you have to find our targets should be put to use."
Hiroto's eyes shifted to Arika and he paused before hmming just a little bit. "I think you should be careful… Chances are not all of them are bad. I would rather not risk innocent casualties." Especially if….. A sigh would escape Hiroto before he looked back at her. "Well as a lasting note. Any that choose to fight us. You are allowed to not hold back if need be. I would rather prisoners or at least one but I won't be mad if we lose all of the attacker ones." He stated quickly. "And.. Your scouts are probably going to be useful. So if you can get some to search for the people that would be great. Probably try to form an animal that could get through the storm." He stated. He wanted to move quick but they did have to be smart about it…. "Any suggestions you have Arika?" He would at least ask her. They were both Chuunin of course.
Of course a last minute addition being Jiro caught Hiroto's eyes. "Well we are going to find the people controlling the winds that are making a false sandstorm and then we are going to move fast to strike each of them down. If we eliminate them then it will make any future fights with them easier and it will make it harder for them to stop any trade moving through this area." Hiroto started moving though the whole time an eye was being kept out for any signs of the people doing this. As well as Tenshi being high in the sky and keeping an eye on things from above. It wouldn't be much longer before the attack began.

"Haaiii~ Taichou!" Ayumu flashes a foxy grin, then turns to glance over at the new arrival. After offering a polite wave the Iga refocus fully on Hiroto. If he caught any hint of relunctance or the like in the Hayato, Ayumu did not appear to notice, or perhaps better yet, for once failed point it out. The grin falters as Hiroto turns to Arika for suggesions. But soon enough, whatever misplaced feelings of agitation are shrugged off both literally and otherwise.
Unwilling to risk the over displacement of organs, Ayumu chose to follow in the others wake, and rely on the more 'mundane' senses for the time being.

Arika hmms as she considers what Hiro said, mulling it over for what may seem like too long a time, especially after she replies with a, "I can't think of anything." Arika makes a single handseal, and then a number of small ink creatures would skitter outwards from her and towards the sandstorm ahead. Most of them were smaller creatures similar to mice and lizards, though others were long like snakes. All of them seemed to move with ease across the sand. Another handseal forms a second Arika, and the real copy would turn to Jiro.
"Jiro-kun, if you dun wake up, I'll shake you!" she threatens. The girl would peer a bit at her friend, then she spins on a heel and stares intently at the sandstorm. "Le's head that way. I think the wind is… less… in that direction," she states.

Jiro listened to the details as he eyed the sand storm, then shrugged a bit after a few moments. "'kay," he replies simply enough. As they near the storm he pulls a length of cloth out of one of his pouches and wraps it around his head a few times so that only his eyes are visible, and even thouse are partially covered. Best way to keep the sand from invading his lungs and semi-protecting his eyes. "Who'r these people anyways?" he asks, voice muffled slightly by the cloth. He hadn't been on the last mission, so he doesn't really know all the gritty details. He searches the area with his eyes as they go, squinting into the sand to look for any signs of life. "If ya try'n shake me 'm gonna knock ya inta the san'," the boy retorts at Arika, hmphing softly.

Hiroto looked closely at each of them. Tenshi would be back swiftly and he simply confirmed what Arika had stated. His eyes shifted to Jiro in specific when he asked his question though. "They are Hayato. And if things are as they seem then these are the same Hayato I was with before I showed up in Sunagakure. It seems that something has caused then to mutate a bit. That is basically what we know." He frowned a bit as he admits the part about them being his old group. "And by the way. You two focus your taunting at the enemy." He stated with a slight shake of his head. Though it wasn't an annoyed shake. "Anyways all three of you follow me. We are striking now." He then rushed towards the sand. They were a good bit away still but if they moved quick then it wouldn't matter. They weren't far into the sand and the sand was simply a wall. The wind was holding the wall up but it wasn't pushing any so it would be easy to move through. Just on the other side there would likely be enough of an opening to see each of their targets. There were five in total for this group. The details were not very good yet though. "You each have full permission to strike the ones you see controlling the winds."

A soft sigh escapes the Iga's lips, but he refrains from stepping in personally. Hiroto was the one in charge, after all. Still, a wary eye is kept on the two (3 technically) until made the Hiroto made his confession. "Oh my! The plot thickens." Ayumu smirks. "Well, you heard the lad. Let's hop to it." He would turn to add if anyone hung back, then take off himself.
All traces of a carefree air begins to fade a little once the man is on the move. Between his own rust and the severity of the mission, Ayumu knew he could ill-afford the old comfort of whimsy to guide his actions. The same line of thought eventually drove him to even 'wake-up' a few sensory organs that laid dormant in the tangled folds of his hair. An added precaution as much as they were necessary to better take the measure of their targets along the way.

Arika peers intently at the sandstorm. As they get closer, she finds herself having to tie a cloth around her nose and mouth so she doesn't end up breathing in sand 80% of the time. Once that was done, she would squint harder. 'See anything?' ~Nothing of note. Just a few blobs. I could try and catch them…~ 'That's a good idea!' ~Why am I doing the work..?~ 'You volunteered. Gogogo!' Arika hears a bit of grumbling in her, but the ink creatures would act when they neared their targets. They try to leap at one or two of the figures that can be 'seen', binding them and wrapping them up in ink so they can't move if successful.

Jiro glowers a bit at Hiroto but ends up not saying anything. Arika was the one who started it after all! (This time…) Besides he can be serious when he has to be! They did make him and Arika Chuunin after all! He has to be at least semi-decent at acting like an old person. "Le's jus' go," he mutters, turning his attention back into the sand storm as he loosens the sash around his waist to prepare to fight. As he pushes through the sand wall he spots some peoples in the thick of it and doesn't hesitate. While Arika goes after some of them he runs towards a couple of others, bursts of speed causing him to momentarily vanish before he reappears behind one and then the other, lashing out at both to try and pull their legs out from under them with his cloth.

Hiroto was right behind them and honestly he was probably the slowest one. He didn't aim to be quick on his feet. He aimed to be smart and quick with his hands to use his bow. He would aim at the one that wasn't being targetted by the two younger Chuunin. A quick arrow was launched at his target. The arrow would be a bola one to hopefully catch one of his targets. Sadly it seemed that he would miss this guy. The one he shot at would then try to run in the other direction and Hiroto had to make a quick decision. "I am going to follow this one. Ayumu just back the two of them up alright?" Since with him it would be 3v4. Hiroto would then chase his target.
The ones Arika and Jiro attacked would have 1 get hit while the other avoided the attacks. The loss of concentration would suddenly have all the wind stop though and in that moment all the sand dropped as well. The sand all dropping at once caused it to spread out and possibly form a real sand storm. The two that were still standing would use that to their advantage and try to send blasts of wind at both Jiro and Arika to knock them into the sand. Ayumu was left alone for the moment.

Beyond a small frown Ayumu made no other move to acknowledge Hiroto's command. Even if he had wanted to, the Hayato is gone within a few short seconds anyhow. He hesitated for a moment more before releasing another sigh, and then formed a single seal. A second Ayumu 'poofs' into existence next to him, and without verbal orders took off. While it made a point of hunting down any hostages, the original sought to assist Jiro with a barrage of long range wind bullets. All of which were aimed and timed to fill in the gaps between the Amaro's assault.

Arika and her clone would avoid the incoming wind bullets, though the wind itself was a bit of a surprise. It's not often you she has to fight wind users… The girl frowns slightly and gathers wind to herself, a bit of a breeze seeming to flow from her as she keeps her chakra in check. Then she would leap up and use a powerful kick to try and do the same to the Hayato attacking her, which means she tries to knock them backwards into the sand so that they can't move temporarily.

Jiro wrinkles his nose beneath his mask of cloth when one of the wind makers manages to escape his ensnaring cloth. When the blast of wind kicks up sand coming his way it gives him plenty of time to move, so move he does! A burst of speed puts him far to the side of the attack and gives him a chance to send off his own. He charges the wind user, his cloth circling and bunching up around his hand as he nears. Once he's within range he punches towards his victim, the cloth springing forward as if it came to life as it tries to impale the sandy folk.

Hiroto was chasing the guy still and after a moment he felt like he was being lead somewhere. This lead to Hiroto stopping and checking the area around him. It was oddly empty and quiet actually. As he kept moving a bit slowly he noticed tha there actually was a little campsite off into the distance. But there were also 4 of the Hayato chasing him. Of course all of these are mutated at least a little bit. Hiroto was not going to face all of them alone though so he simply turned and bolted. He was obviously being chased now.
The others would come to realize the ones they were fighting weren't actual threats. Their combat ability was basically avoiding attacks until their enemies ran out of energy and blasting them with wind the whole time. All of them were quickly hit and at least taken out of action for a bit. Though the one Jiro impaled will probably not live unless someone healed him. Hiroto for sure wasn't going to ask for it. The wind bullest truthfully seemed to be the biggest issue of theirs. They are used to seeing everything and when an attack they don't see comes at high speeds well… Taken down they are.
Luckily that gives them all time to notice Hiroto running back with actual combatives following him. The first one was the guy he was chasing and he used wind to boost past Hiroto and tripped him up until he fell right onto the ground. Hiroto had the air knocked out of him but he would spin around and jabbed an arrow into the guys leg. Though the guy moved enough to avoid a severe injury from it. "I found where their little camping spot was located. If we take these ones out we can quickly assault there little camp."

Dip. Jump. Attack. Repeat. It took awhile for a pattern to emerge, but inevitably Ayumu found and adjusted to it. A savage grin began to play at the corner of his lips. However, upon seeing one get put down in a rather vicious fashion, the hint of joy quickly fades away. Ayumu never pauses in his assault despite the change. If anything, he grew more careful about his attack, always making sure to knock them out or off balance with his bullets.
Upon noting Hiroto's return — and that of the enemy along with him — Ayumu flicks a wrist, sending a barrage of 'borrowed' shuriken at the enemy. A distraction, if nothing else, as the Iga meant to give Hiroto more breathing room to explain things. "Guess we better finish up quickly." Ayumu rises to his full height, and lets out a sharp but brief whistle. Immediatly after, he rushes over to join Hiroto and act as a forward guard.

Arika huffs softly as it turns out her enemies aren't all that tough. They get knocked down so easily… There wasn't much fun in that. Ink would bind them up and keep them held in place so that they could be taken in for questioning later. Then Arika would look over to where Hiroto was running towards them. "Sounds easy enough." The girl nods just a bit, then she rushes two of the men that were closest together, using a blade made of wind chakra so that she could try and slice and dice them a bit.

Jiro withdraws his cloth and gives it a flick, sending the blood spraying off of it and cleaning it a bit. Of course it'll have to be washed later to get all of the blood that'd soaked in, but at least the excess was gone. The whistle from Ayumu pulls the boy's attention away and he blinks in surprise when he sees Hiroto being chased. When he gets tripped up Jiro again vanishes in a burst of speed, appearing between the man and the grounded Hiroto. "You 'kay?" he asks over his shoulder while his blue eyes stare daggers into the bad man. He plays defensive for now though, prepared to protect himself and Hiroto until the latter was back on his feet again.

The Hayato that were charging after Hiroto were mostly slowed by the Shuriken but not injured at all. The one leading this group quickly pulled that arrow out of his leg and as Jiro charged forwards they used wind to slam the arrow towards Jiro's chest. It was quick, but the goal of it was to keep him away rather than damage. It was enough of a distraction to give Hiroto room to stand up at least. He was breathing heavily but he did speak up. "I saw a camp. I figure it is their camp. At least a side one." The leader of these Hayato heard him though and chuckled. "I didn't expect the lady to be right. You really are clueless to genjutsu. The whole time you were chasing me was us putting you under kid. Anything you saw was us making you see it."
Arika during this time would find these few were not nearly as weak. They weren't strong enough to win if this was drawn out but they weren't pushovers. One avoided her attack while the other while cut through a bit seemed mostly unharmed. His clothing being torn apart revealed the mutation for that one being a feathered over armored chest. The arms and legs being covered as well meant they were likely just as armored. They countered quickly though in a combo attack as the armored one tried to grab Arika for the second one to pull out what seems to be a fine dagger to stab her.
The one that was not being attacked yet decided he would keep Ayumu busy and in one swift motion he was aiming a short blade right at Ayumu's chest. A boost of speed came from wind but besides that it was a normal blade strike. Surely something predictable by almost every shinobi alive. The leader stepped away now and looked first at Jiro and then Hiroto. "Not now. It isn't time. We will see if you are truly one of us another day young Hayato." Then he would attempt to flee and it seemed he was leaving the others to their fate. Of course they didn't act like they were angry… They accepted such an act. Hiroto on the other hand would finally feel the effect of the genjutsu on his body. He was more tired than he should've been and he quickly fell to a knee because of it. "End…this…" He didn't try to speak more yet as he caught his breath.

'An illusion? But…' Ayumu thought, only to be put back on guard by a charging foe. Although armed after a fashion, it is no blade the man draws to defend himself. His hand instead is swept up, clashing and holding its ground against the weapon as if it were metal. If there is a window of surprise that results from this, the clone nearby is quick to rush forth and send a chakra infused fist into the attacker's sternum.
Hit or miss, it would create the opening needed to disengage, spy the leader, and fire a wad of flesh at the man's back, clinging to it. With any luck, the runner wouldn't pay no more mind to the 'ineffectual' attack than he would a gust of wind. And even if he did, well…

Either way, Ayumu is quick to return his focus on assisting his clone in quickly dispatching their original attacker through a contest of taijutsu.

Arika is barely able to avoid the blade that was coming at her, but in the process of moving, she also was able to dodge the grab. Slippery little girl that she be. She would dodge out of the way, frowning slightly and gathering a more demonic chakra … She didn't feel like giving these guys much of a chance, suffice to say. She seemed to get that much faster as she disappeared in a burst of wind, using the purple cloak surrounding her as extensions of herself to grab and hold the two Hayato attacking her.

Jiro mutters under his breath when one of the men tries to stab him with an arrow. Just before the sharpened point is about to strike that cloth appears between boy and arrow, causing the point to smash into the suddenly steel-like fabric. The arrow itself would shatter thanks to the cloth and the speed the attacker had put into it. Jiro leaves no time for the man to recover however as yet another cloth is in his other hand. It rather quickly seeks to surround the man, trying to wrap him up with his arms pinned to his side before it would be hardened, making it impossible to escape. "Where's yer bir'?" he asks Hiroto over his shoulder, trying to make sure they are all in one piece.

The man Ayumu was fighting was completely caught off guard by the hand stopping his blade. That left him very open for the coming attak and he quickly fell to the ground once the assault continued. The man was able to attempt one last stab towards Ayumu but it was unlikely to be any danger. The leader on the other hand would get that little piece of flesh attached to his back and he didn't seem to notice as he flees.
Jiro and Arika at least are able to quickly sweep their men up once the leader left and luckily they didn't seem willing to fight much more. Besides what seemed to be false attempts of escaping they stayed very still. One spoke up at one point but only long enough to say 'get it over with' as if they were to be killed.
Hiroto during this didn't actually know where Tenshi was. He had dissapeared basically… And Jiro asking such made him suddenly look around with a very worried look. "I… Don't know." The look on his face was enough to show how worried he was. "Tenshi!" He called out quickly. There was no sight of the bird but he didn't have any memory of him getting hurt either. He was in the skies the last he saw of him… "Please still be up there." Though of course when he looked no bird was spotted. It seemed Tenshi was gone… "I… Just take the ones we have…. Bring them back with us. We should leave…. Arika take charge on our travels back please." He was tired and Tenshi being gone was upsetting. He didn't think or didn't want to think he was dead but he was still gone.

Wether due to overconfidence or pure dumb luck, the desperate stab slips right past the Iga's guard, piercing flesh. A little at least, for the same reinforcement to his hands halted the blade. Rather than smile cockily as others might, the twin of the Iga pair stepped up to the put an end to the struggle with one final blow to the head. This left the original to free to briefly examine the wound. Very briefly, in fact, seeing as how as soon as he sensed the cloak take shape, Arika has his undivided attention.
Trusting the clone to bind the mutated Hayato, Ayumu kept watch over Arika until the battle fully drew to a close. At which point calls for tenshi lead him back to Hiroto. "Hmm… I wouldn't worry too much, taichou. Chances are your partner took off in pursuit of their leader, and'll come back with an interesting story for us later, eh? THough… either way…" Ayumu trails off from there to aid in the round up from that point on. For a guy with apparently only the clothes on his back, the man sure had plenty of ninja suppressing bindings on hands.
Throwbacks from his bounty hunting perhaps?

Arika is fully in control of herself, so there's nooooothing to worry about, of course! The girl would truss up the mutated Hayato in inky bonds unless someone had some handier rope on them. Otherwise, they'll just get dragged around by ink-hands and the like. Sorta silly looking, but it works. Arika wanders over to Ayumu and Hiroto. "Me 'n Jiro-kun caught these guys!" she says cheerfully, pointing to them. Of course, when Jiro points out Tenshi's missing, Arika frowns a bit and peers up. Even Hiroto was worried! ~Serves the bird right!~ '*thump* meanie' ~Whaaat??~ Arika huffs. "'m sure it'll be okie," she tells Hiroto with a small nod. "Ten-kun c'n take care of himself!" The girl offers a smile that hopefully is reassuring. At the orders, though, she gives a small nod. "Ne, Jiro-kun! Keep 'n eye on these guys. Ayumu-san, make sure yer scouts are on high 'lert!" she orders. "We should move quick!" Hopefully they don't mind running, because Arika dashes out with little warning, dragging the prisoners behind her if no one stops her. At least the chakra cloak from Gyuki is gone… Now she just looks like there are ink-ropes extending from her >.>

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