The Lost Inuzuka - The Search Begins


Hige, Shugo, Kurome

Date: December 9, 2015


Hige brings Kurome and Shugo to try and find his sister.

"The Lost Inuzuka - The Search Begins"

Land of Fire

It had been well over a month now since Hige's brother had been convicted of the heinous crimes against Kumogakure, allies of Konoha and many of which Hige had a close friendship with. After the hubub was out of the way the 'information extraction' had begun on the Chuunin who had absolutely no regret for the crimes and slaughter he committed and sanctioned. Some of that information had helped locate other small cells of people that had been passed on to the respective Shinobi Villages with offers of help or even taking care of it for them should that be requested. In the end it was Konoha's mess. They simply didn't want to step on any toes.
Some new information had been given recently however that had caught the intention of the 'interrogators' enough to inform Hige himself, and he had immediately gathered a small group together to go on a hunt. Now he waited for said team at the gates of Konoha, Konsho at his side while the teen was in one of his rare states of forced emotionless-ness.

Shugo was going to leave a bad impression on people if he kept doing this but he arrived almost as quickly as he could once Hige had told him to report. There was a little something about Hige that made even the lazy Nara feel like getting a move on. The only reason he was ten minutes behind Hige was because of the cedar scent that now followed the Nara wherever he went. He had to bathe before he went running or Hige would have a bit too much fun with tormenting him on the way to the gates. Once he arrived however, Shugo would tilt his head to one side and tuck his hands into his pockets while looking at the Inuzuka duo. "If anyone asks tell them I got here late.."

Kurome eyes the mission that appeared on her desk not too long ago. Konoha sometimes likes to give her very little warning when it comes to missions, huh? … The woman arrives on time, of course, but she's looking a bit irritated. Likely because she didn't have enough time to grab every possible tool she could ever need and ended up throwing together a very sparse 'pack', if it could be called that. "Hige-kun," she greets simply, dark eyes examining the Inuzuka briefly before she just nods in greeting to Shugo.

Late notice and no information is the order of the day it seems. Hige looks to Shugo, the mask of neutrality remaining firmly in place as he simply nods to the Nara. No words, no promises of saying he arrived late. Nope! He'll just have to ponder whether Hige will say he was late or not! Muwhahaha! Kurome gets a similar nod before he motions for them to move out. He turns and takes to the trees, Konsho following last to play rear guard. And for now there is nothing said on the mission but obviously Hige is not in a very spectacular mood.

RP: Hige transforms into KONSHO.
COMBAT: Hige focuses 4664 stamina to turn it into 6000 usable chakra!

The woman would get a tip of Shugo's imaginary hat before he turned about and caught sight of that stony expression Hige wore rather than sharing what he would usualy say. A slight smile showed on the Nara's face at Hige's reaction before he stepped forward and kicked off to race after the Inuzuka and keep pace with him as well as he could. As the Nara followed after Hige, he'd flick through a few simple hand seals, maintaining the rat seal while gathering up his chakra for whatever might come during this mission. A blind mission was the most fun.. but at least Hige's better half was about to keep the mood oh so joyful.

COMBAT: Shugo focuses 3598 stamina to turn it into 4000 usable chakra!

Kurome would follow, figuring that Hige would tell them what they needed to know when they needed to know. Frankly, it was maddening to be in the dark on all this, but Kurome had a feeling that she shouldn't pry for the time being. Her eyes remained the dark black as they traveled, though the slightest hint of danger would make the clan head send chakra through her eyes. Speaking of chakra, she also focuses for any upcoming travel…

COMBAT: Kurome focuses 7019 stamina to turn it into 9000 usable chakra!

They were heading north-west now as they went through the forest, Hige keeping them at a pretty quick pace though he held back enough to keep anyone from being exhausted before they got there. Hours pass before Hige calls a halt for a break, pulling the small pack off his back that he'd brought and pulling out some nutritious bars of compressed nuts and fruit and tossing one to the others. His face remains neutral and for a few moments he remains silent as he takes a bite of his own bar. Eventually, however, he does have to tell them what they're doing.
"My brother finally gave some information that my sister had been against his plans to begin attacking the shinobi of the world. He's had her under guard ever since then in a small cottage at the edge of the Land of Fire. While I don't entirely trust his word, even under duress, I can't take the chance that he's telling the truth and that something may happen to her. She may also have more information on the group itself which makes it a priority for the Leaf. We're going to proceed there, with caution once we arrive, and see how much of it was truth. If she is there we're to bring her back to Konoha. Anyone that tries to stop us is expendable. Questions?" Konsho is his normal mostly upbeat self though he's a little more reserved than he generally is. He eats at his own protein filled snack while his tail wags idly behind him.

Shugo would catch hold of the offered food and lean against a tree to begin nipping at the treat slowly. Compared to how quickly he would eat full meals, this bit of a snack seemed to be something he wanted to eat at a slow pace while Hige was talking. More and more of the inuzuka's siblings were coming to light but at the least this one seemed to possibly be someone they could get along with to an extent. "You answered everything I had to ask. I'll leave finding her to you since her scent should be similar to your own or your brother's in some way." Shugo explained before he'd flick open the pouch at the front of his waist and check the contents to be sure he had everything that he needed.

Kurome catches the treat in a hand and examines it before unwrapping and biting into the snack. As she eats, she listens to Hige's explanation, and she can only nod. "Sounds simple. Hopefully it goes as easily as it's made out. Do we expect much resistance?" she wonders with a light tilt of her head. That was the only question she had, really.

"I don't take anything for granted. It could be a ruse and there's a pretty decent chance that it'll be a trap of some sort. So just be prepared. It's why I plan to go in quiet. Kurome, if you see any adverse or strong signatures let me know. Shugo, you're going to be our eyes. Perhaps your shadows can help as well in gathering information on numbers. Konsho and I will be focusing on the scents. It's been eight years since I've seen my sister." Meaning that Hige may not be able to easily distinguish her scent. It'll take a little work. He leaves it at that for now as he finishes his own snack, giving everyone a good ten minutes to rest and ask any last questions before they depart once again.

Shugo would nod gently as he closed his eyes for the remainder of their break. If he was to be their eyes he'd have to try his hardest which… honestly wasn't much to his tastes but it was something Hige wanted him to do. With a sigh, the Nara would open his eys and watch Hige. "I'll keep an eye out for anything that seems off. Give a signal if you smell something off." Shugo would finally respond though as he did he glanced toward the one named Kurome for the moment. He'd have to think of a name for the woman if he was to spend long durations with her on missions in the future.

Hige nods to Shugo, "I will." With that the break was over and it was time for the group to continue onwards. The signal given, Hige takes the lead once more while Konsho once again brings up the rear, being mindful of their surroundings as they travel as well as when they start to close in on the location.
A large open space lay between the single cabin and the tree line, the tree line which Hige pauses behind to look carefully over the area to try and detect…anything.

RPCOMBAT: Hige defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES-II…66

RPCOMBAT: Shugo defends against with a PERCEPTION…19

The Nara would press the last of the treat into his mouth along with a deep gulp of water so he could easily swallow that power bar of a meal on their way to their final destination. Shugo would come to a stop a few trees to Hige's right and crouch in the branches while peering past the leaves to take in what he could see. He was sure Hige could sense far more than he could but the Inuzuka had entrusted him with being the eyes of the team so he had little choice but to try taking in what he could.

Hige and Konsho work on the scents around the house while leaving the visuals to Shugo. Kurome had gone off elsewhere to do her part of the viewing. Hige takes a little time to try and sort through the freshest of the scents, a faint frown of concentration appearing as he goes through them. After a short time he moves to Shugo's side. "There's a lot of scents coming and going. It's kind of hard to tell who might be here. You see anything?"
Did Shugo see anything? Well there's movement in the house but the windows are partially blocked with curtains so it wouldn't be easy to tell how many people might be in there or even what they looked like. It could be a horde or just one person pacing back and forth…

Shugo was watching closely while stirring at the shadows at his feet with a building impatience. When Hige came the Nara didn't even spare him a glance and instead continued watching the figure moving about before his eyes. There was a delay before Shugo reported. "There's at least one person inside though there's no telling if it's one impatient person or a group of those scents that you commented on. They could be patrolling which would mean they're guarding something indeed; I can't think of other reasons for the steady motion in such a remote location." The Nara would explain as he thought over what he should do about proceeding. "Be cautious, but you can approach quietly to get a better trail on the recent scents… if I find out it's only one person I'll remove the scent binding seal on Konsho's treats, if there's more than one I'll crush some of the leaves of this tree to give you scent-based warnings."

COMBAT: Kurome focuses 6801 stamina to turn it into 9000 usable chakra!
RP: Kurome transforms into SHARINGAN-III-MASTERED.
RPCOMBAT: Kurome defends against with a PERCEPTION-II…35

Kurome would have slipped off to try and find any signs of anything in the vicinity that might tip off the team. Another patrol, maybe, or a nearby small village or something…. Well, anything of that sort and more would be sought out. With that not seen nearby, she would return to Shugo's side and peer through the window as well. "Hmm… It looks like there are … Well, there's more than one person, I can say that much. But the range isn't all that promising. The signals I'm getting can be anywhere from four to ten people in there." She frowns a bit and wonders if she should use just a bit more chakra…

Hige considers for a few moments as he hears Shugo's report, and then Kurome adds her own details. "Well, it sounds like it's not just some random cottage at least. There's too few farm animals and no crops so they're being supported some other way. Come on, let's try and get a closer look." He looks over the other two for a moment before adding "Try not to get sighted. If you come across an Inuzuka call out for me." With that he and Konsho vanish in a burst of speed to close the gap to the cottage.

COMBAT: Hige attacks target 1 with WOLF-QUICK-STEP with a roll of: 53
COMBAT: Shugo attacks target 1 with STEALTH with a roll of: 10
COMBAT: Shugo attacks target 1 with CLOAK-OF-SHADOWS with a roll of: 28

Shugo would consider simply following suit with Hige but had a bit of a better idea and flicked through a few hand seals before dropping from the branch. Before he'd touched the ground, his shadows and those around him had reached out and warped until the Nara was gone from glancing views. Once he touched the ground he'd keep to a low profile and begin rushing along the perimeter while circling about the cottage. He wasn't going for just another position but moving toward the cast shadow of the cottage so he could close the gap without much issue and soon press against the darkened wall of the building.

COMBAT: Kurome attacks target 1 with STEALTH with a roll of: 19

Kurome is probably worse at stealth than she should be. Well, that's an understatement, too… The Uchiha's stealth skills were next to abysmal. Regardless, she would do what she could to try and stay out of sight. The woman kept to the edges of the area and tried not to rustle up much of anything, relying on no jutsu… Which could just be her downfall!

[NPC System]: ??? roll(s) Perception from 20 to 55 and get(s) a 28. - Rolled by: Hige
[NPC System]: ??? roll(s) Perception from 10 to 30 and get(s) a 19. - Rolled by: Hige
[NPC System]: ??? roll(s) Perception from 10 to 30 and get(s) a 21. - Rolled by: Hige

Hige and Konsho have made it to the cottage in record time and are pressed against it, working on the scents as they hide out of sight of the windows. Shugo is equally able to sneak on through using the shadows to blend in to the trees, then the cottage itself. It's the rather bland non-chakra-using Kurome that throws a wrench in the works. A face peeks out the window when she starts moving and a few shouts echo in surprise before peopel begin piling out of the door. What with the sharingan active they don't even need to ask anything. They just attack, a number of them charging forward with various weapons to slash/stab/beat at the Uchiha.
Hige leaves Kurome to deal with the trash for the moment as he moves to a window to carefully peek in and try to see if his sister might be in there…

[NPC System]: Baddie 1 roll(s) Attack vs Kurome from 15 to 50 and get(s) a 26. - Rolled by: Hige
[NPC System]: Baddie 2 roll(s) Attack vs Kurome from 15 to 50 and get(s) a 47. - Rolled by: Hige
[NPC System]: Baddie 3 roll(s) Attack vs Kurome from 15 to 50 and get(s) a 44. - Rolled by: Hige

Shugo would follow Hige's lead for now of remaining out of the ordeal involving the people charging at Kurome and chose instead, to use the chance and ease toward the door way so he could peer within the building and try getting a glimpse as to if the coast was clear. If the main hall leading into the building wasn't being watched closely, the Nara would ease his way into the doorway while if it was being watched by others from within the house he'd get a bit more accurate of a count on those people within the building.

RPCOMBAT: Kurome defends against with a INTUITIVE-DODGE…34
RP: Kurome transforms into SHARINGAN-III.
RPCOMBAT: Kurome defends against with a INTUITIVE-DODGE…64
RPCOMBAT: Kurome defends against with a INTUITIVE-DODGE…54

Well, at least she knows she can make for a good distraction or something lame like that -.-;;
Kurome sighed inwardly as she heard the shouting begin, avoiding some of the weapons that were thrown. As she moves, her sharingan turns an even brighter red than before, the color only interrupted by three black tomoe, and the woman is just able to avoid the rest of the attacks with minimal effort. With a few handseals, the three bandits would hopefully find themselves confronting the huge fiery death that comes from the Great Fireball Technique, which is a specialty of the Uchiha clan. Sadly for them (?), Kurome wasn't so kind to kill them right away. The illusion of death is the only thing that takes place, and that would hopefully buy her companions some time.

COMBAT: Kurome attacks target 1 with FALSE-DEATH-TECHNIQUE with a roll of: 53
COMBAT: Kurome attacks target 2 with FALSE-DEATH-TECHNIQUE with a roll of: 59
COMBAT: Kurome attacks target 3 with FALSE-DEATH-TECHNIQUE with a roll of: 56
[NPC System]: Baddie 1 roll(s) Def vs Kurome from 15 to 60 and get(s) a 54. - Rolled by: Hige
[NPC System]: Baddie 2 roll(s) Def vs Kurome from 15 to 60 and get(s) a 26. - Rolled by: Hige
[NPC System]: Baddie 3 roll(s) Def vs Kurome from 15 to 60 and get(s) a 29. - Rolled by: Hige

Two of the baddies get caught up in the genjutsu and fall over while their mind envisions horrific deaths as Kurome comes at them with a clown mask and butcher knives. Everyone's worst nightmare. The third one doesn't fall for it however, apparently his natural genjutsu perception keeping him safe enough that he can swing a giant spiked flail at Kurome. Inside the main door is a type of guard station set up. Thick wooden slabs protect eyes peeking from behind it from most thrown objects and such.
Hige himself slipes around the back of the house with Konsho, continuing their investigation into whether or not his sister is there while letting the other two deal with the trouble. They wouldn't be here if he didn't think they could handle themselves.

[NPC System]: Baddie 1 roll(s) Attack Kurome from 20 to 60 and get(s) a 29. - Rolled by: Hige

Ohh the overconfidence of his captain… Shugo had every expectation that he could not, in fact, handle himself. Still, with the guard station in place, the Nara would keep low and continue easing his way inside of the building. His last sight of the outside would be seeing the two grunts stop their attack which left the Uchiha with only one to deal with. Much nicer odds if she could keep that pace up. There would be a quiet search of the area if things went well for the Nara.

RPCOMBAT: Shugo defends against with a PERCEPTION…13
COMBAT: Shugo attacks target 1 with CLOAK-OF-SHADOWS with a roll of: 23
RPCOMBAT: Kurome counters with PREDICTIVE-STRIKE…79
COMBAT: Kurome attacks target 1 with GREAT-FIREBALL-TECHNIQUE with a roll of: 57
COMBAT: Kurome attacks target 2 with GREAT-FIREBALL-TECHNIQUE with a roll of: 59
COMBAT: Kurome attacks target 3 with GREAT-FIREBALL-TECHNIQUE with a roll of: 67

Kurome is quick to duck down a bit and suddenly strike out at the lone man's gut to keep him out of commission for a few moments so that the three who initially attacked her would end up as they had in that visioN: as crispy fries. And now the player is hungry… Kurome waits for the flames to die down a bit and makes sure that the bodies are only bodies before she would start trying to knock down any doors.

[NPC System]: GUARDBOTS! roll(s) Perception from 5 to 25 and get(s) a 10. - Rolled by: Hige

Luckily for Shugo the men inside the building are too busy watching their buddies burn out of one of the windows to take notice of the Nara sneaking his way in. Inside are three more all around that beefed up area. They become even more distracted when a sound like a wrecking ball comes from a room futher back in the house. Probably Hige making his own way into the building to begin his search as well. Hey, it leaves backs turned to the Nara at least!

If the three inside were anything like the ones outside, Shugo didn't want to go getting himself into too much of a scuffle. He'd creep past the guards and begin searching for where that Inuzuka woman would be held. If they were trying to keep her someone it would be up or down from the floor they were on and with the upper floor not seeing to be one one with the hoards of guards, the Nara was checking the floor of the cottage for a trapdoor while also checking the doors to see if he could see under them for a way into a basement or even just someone locked up on the first floor.

Kurome casually wanders into the building now that the whole guard business is done, her red eyes looking around the room for any victims that might be inside. They all seemed to be behind some wooden barriers, and wood burns pretty easily… A few handseals later, Kurome is privately hoping the whole house doesn't burn down while they're inside.

COMBAT: Kurome attacks target 1 with GREAT-FIREBALL-TECHNIQUE with a roll of: 46
COMBAT: Kurome attacks target 2 with GREAT-FIREBALL-TECHNIQUE with a roll of: 64
COMBAT: Kurome attacks target 3 with GREAT-FIREBALL-TECHNIQUE with a roll of: 66
COMBAT: Kurome attacks target 1 with GREAT-FIREBALL-TECHNIQUE with a roll of: 47
COMBAT: Kurome attacks target 2 with GREAT-FIREBALL-TECHNIQUE with a roll of: 75
COMBAT: Kurome attacks target 3 with GREAT-FIREBALL-TECHNIQUE with a roll of: 60

Yes, yes fire does burn wood. Quite well really! And since the whole house is made of wood not only do the barriers and the men catch ablaze but so do the walls and the ceiling. In fact the fire quickly begins spreading throughout the cottage while smoke fills the hallways and rooms in record time. Hope they weren't trying to save anyone inside…
Shugo won't find any Inuzuka from his cursory examination but then he rather quickly finds himself being chased by fire as the whole cottage becomes engulfed. It may be time for a hasty retreat.

"Sweet gods WHY?!" Well.. that was the sound of the Nara, fleeing for dear life, from a Haori who's edges were on fire as Shugo ran and formed hand seals rapidly to begin cloaking himself in a layer of hardened shadows. By the time his entire body was wrapped in blackness, the Nara's Haori was mostly saved though the extinguished fire did still leave a wide trail of smoke wisping up along his back. Rather than leaving immediately however, The Nara would try to finish checking the first floor while making his way toward where Hige had broken in. It would be no good if they didn't finish the search for the rescue mission!

Well, oops. Kurome should give up on covert ops, it seems, as it seems the only thing that she's good for is burning things that she isn't supposed to burn. The woman makes a hasty retreat from the building, only turning once she's clear of the intense heat to make sure that Hige, Konsho, and Shugo were all A-OK.

RPCOMBAT: Kurome defends against with a PERCEPTION-II…53

The building burns quickly but there seems to be no sign of another Inuzuka. There is a Konsho however as he practically bowls Shugo over, forcefully flipping the other teen onto his back before the ninken pushes them out of the house in a burst of speed. Behind the fast burning cottage is Hige who just finished doing a bit of interrogation with the last survivor when Konsho and Shugo arrives. The last survivor doesn't stay that was long as the hand already around his neck crushes and Hige simply rips out the mans throat, ignoring the blood that sprays everywhere from the move. A fire of a different kind is in Hige's eyes yet he's mostly maintaining his mask of neutrality. "She wasn't here," he says, a low growl accompanying the words as he moves back around the house with Konsho and Shugo to meet up with Kurome. "They moved her a week ago but he didn't know exactly where. Only that she and her companion were taken somewhere in the Land of Lightning via a covered carriage." To mask her scent, of course…

Shugo wasn't expecting the canine to come charging at him and especially not through the flames but as Konsho did just that, Shugo would let his shadows expand their protective layer onto the ninken. When they were safely beyond the flame and Shugo had dropped off, he'd let his shadows melt and flow back to his feet where they could gather into a neat pool and take on its natural state. Shugo would watch the last few moments of that man's life before nodding at Hige's commentary and moving along with him around the house back to where Kurome was at while watching Hige for a moment. "So we're going to take a trip to the land of lightning soon then? I wouldn't mind being able to get outside of the village without the mission involving small woodland creatures trying to kill me for once." Shugo chimed, giving as much of a cheerful tone as he could manage considering Hige's neutral face and tone.

Kurome sighs faintly when she hears Hige's news, but nods a bit. "Well, let me know if I can be of any service, Hige-kun." She might not be the best for the task, after all! *eyes the destruction* Speaking of eyes, Kurome's eyes fade from their bright red to a normal black as she wipes a bit of soot from her clothes.

RP: Kurome reverts to her normal state.

"Very soon," Hige says to Shugo in agreement to his statement. Only then does he turn away to look at the cottage, then look towards Kurome. He doesn't say anything though. He seems to care very little about it really, except that she might have destroyed anything he could've used to help track. He was going to have to do it the hard way. "Let's get back and file the report," he says simply, tone still neutral as he turns to start heading back towards Konoha at a quick pace.

"Well, we won't need to clean up the bodies tis way so that's a plus." The Nara would offer before moving off at a moderately quick pace of his own. He couldn't let Hige lose him on the way home after having worked to keep up all the way over here. The Nara did find enough time as they ran to strip off his Haori and check the edges.. A little darkened but nothing that was screaming 'I'm melting!' to the teen. "Let's hit the baths when we get back to Konoha, Hige. As much as I like smelling barbecue I'm not a fan of smelling like one."

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