The Lost Uchiha - Battle With The Twin Duo


Naru (emitter), Madarobi, Ryuunosuke

Date: September 4, 2012


The battle wages on! Ryuunosuke following the reinforcement of Madarobi head forth into the second corridor, finding that the entrance further into the cave system was blocked off, they intercept to keep them from moving forward and securing Narusegawa's lead towards the Ring of Heromu.

"The Lost Uchiha - Battle With The Twin Duo"

Kuorimizu Cave System - Land of Earth

Things were all going according to plan, the battle within the first common room within the cave had started. With Ryo coming back to help fight against Taikeru, Reinforcements had arrived to push forward into the next room to secure their success. Madarobi was the main individual tasked to reinforce the initial task force, and with Ryuu revitalized after his first battle the duo for now had the chance at catching up with Uchiha Narusegawa, who inevitably began to move further with her own back up. Ryuu and Madarobi at this point would be deep within the cave system, rushing water collected at their feet, it was a well lit tunnel which seemed to stretch on for ages until finally they 2 of them would notice an opening, revealing a area which resembles something like an underground jail, though the main path which lead forward was blocked off with freshly charred rocks.

"Damn it! I can't believe they did something so stupid like that!" A young teenager spoke, kicking a foot against the rock structure, while a young girl simply sat along the edge of the arch where the path would have continued on. " It was unexpected, I was hoping for a good fight… Not some run simply run and move on tactics…" Of course they were referring to Naru and her backup…Apparently they managed to get through and seal of the entrance for others to follow…

Taikeru was more trouble that Ryuu thought but he knew the man wouldn't be able to hold them there. Ryuu along with Madarobi would carry on catching up to Naru. Ryuu was cautious about the water at his feet. He couldn't walk on trees let alone water yet. But his attention comes up when he sees a teen muttering some stuff to herself. Ryuu halts looking to the girl then the blocked off path beyond her. "I don't see Naru anywhere. I think she's further up ahead." Ryuu glances to Madarobi, "This probably is going to get a little hectic. These guys don't seem to be too happy about this." Ryuu states moving forward. As he walks he charges chakra "Oi! Did we miss something?" he asks with a smirk.

Slowly pacing through the high water surrounding them, Madarobi followed at Ryuu's heels waiting for the unexpected. Unsure of what had occurred before his arrival, he was not going to allow himself to get caught off guard. Hoping to catch up to Naru at any point, he acknowledged Ryuu's comments with silent gestures such as nodding. This was Madarobi's first mission, and he was no going to take it lightly. A stern look upon his face, he looked around the cave for any signs of where to head next. "Not a clue Ryuu." He stated as he spoke for the first time. "Not a clue…"

The thing about cave system was it was quite easy to pick up voices. The echoes carried forth throughout the cave, until eventually alerting the female Kunoichi along the arc. "Kin-san… I will be right back, I think I heard something," With that she launches herself from off the arc, taking a stand along the water and moving along the surface. Her caramel locks slightly licked against her face obscuring her hazel gaze, and like many of the others in her group, she was adorned in a black cloak obscuring much of her features. " Are you two lost?" She suddenly asks the two of them, hopefully to catch them both off guard, of course there was a smirk along her face… "Two little boys? Konoha is really making this easy for us…"

Another appeared and to Ryuu's surprise she spotted them. "Oh there's two of them?" he looks to Madarobi then back to Kin. "Nope we know where we're going." Ryuu answers with a smile. He continues forward towards the girl. "You gonna let us through? That would make it easiest for you." Ryuu retorts as he slips into his pockets retrieving his trench knives. He figured this was going to breakout into a bit of a scuffle. Still no sign of Naru either. Hopefully nothing ill became of her. Naru was strong as far as Ryuu was concerned. "No? Too bad…." Ryuu sighs before picking up pace gradually.

Caught off guard by the aggression Ryuu was presenting, he felt no other option but to follow his ally. The feeling of the cold water on his bare feet seemed to disappear as his chakra began to raise. Whispering closely to Ryuu as he too began to pick up his pace, "Your move friend, I'll be more useful from farther back." Madarobi's eagerness began to sore. He had never been in a scrap that was nothing more than training or to test one's strength against an ally. It was time for him to truly test his abilities.

"A way through?" Rin smirked slightly and just shook her head. " Unfortunately your friends knocked down the only entrance, If we mess with the rocks too much this entire cave system might collapse on itself, so you are stuck her, with us…With no return…" She smirked and with a single handseal stomped lightly on the ground the earth beneath them began to crackle and surge until rocks from above began to rain down on Ryuu and Madarobi. " Its already too late, they are trapped and once we are done with them you two will be next, so how about some preparation?" Rin smirked, waiting for those rocks to fall on top of the group, Kin for now just say back and watched… it wasn't necessary for such an interference.

Ryuu fans out channeling wind chakra through his arms as he tries to cushion and deflect the blows. He isn't successfully in defending all of them and suffers a blow to his right shoulder. He winces "Alright the, you asked for it." He says balling up a fist and rushing Rin. Ryuu wasn't going to go easy on her after hearing what she said he was convinced that Naru was ok and was even more driven to get past these two and find her. His first attack was a swinging slice aimed to cut her using wind chakra to extend the reach of his blade. He followed up with two straights enhanced with wind chakra trying to beat her back and give Madarobi an opening. It sounded like he was saying he's a long range fighter.

Much to Rin's dismay, her earth style attack was aimed towards an illusion created by Madarobi. The rocks fall upon the illusion of the miniscule 13 year old. Standing many feet farther back smirking at Rin, Madarobi raises his voice a little to gloat a bit. "I told you I work better from far away. I can't take many hits, so try to distract them a bit will ya?" He exclaimed as he continued to smile.

Taking a deep breath, Madarobi raises his hands and begins to channel is chakra towards Rin's direction. "Demonic Growth Jutsu." He whispers as he begins to try and infiltrate Rin's mind.

Rin was smart, and very diligent whenever it came to her own defenses, the wind was forced to slam into wall of rocks, moving in the way of Ryuu so he wasn't able to lay a hit on the Kunoichi, however Madarobi was able to somehow bypass her defenses…Genjutsu was something she was never used to, and she found herself suddenly lashed at, the attacks hitting home and it looks like she simply dodges and falls to the ground from an unknown source… " Kin! He knows genjutsu!" Rin shouted out loud, the male finally moves forward, a slight grin on his face. " I'll handle him… Move out of the way! Katon! Goukakyuu no Jutsu!" His ninjutsu sets of, directly towards Madarobi while Rin turned her attention on Ryuu, from the ground a massive hammer began to take form to slam him into the ground, it was a slow technique however.

Though the hammer was slow in this kind of battle environment Ryuu was at a disadvantage against an earth user. He could hardly find the footing, thanks to the rushing water, to evade. He was slammed into the ground by the earth hammer but he was far from being vanquished. He lifts himself off the ground and push the hammer to the side. Ryuu exhales once as blood drops down from his forehead. Once he's done so he sees the other one has joined the battle. Madarobi seemed to be able to handle himself for the time being. Ryuu would focus on Rin. He charges her and attack with a sweeping kick then followed with two slashes trying to cut her down. His attacks are also made to drive Rin back so Ryuu can get into a better battle position.

Once again, Madarobi's prepares for an upcoming attack from Rin's partner and preemptively infilitrates Kin's mind using his phantom defense allowing him to project a false illusion of himself away from his actual location. Using this chance to raise his chakra, Madarobi begins to focus as he prepares for what seems to be a rough battle. Worried about the well-being of his comrade, Madarobi shouts toward Ryuu. "You ok up there Ryuu!? We need to concentrate on one of them, we can't allow them to split us up."

Rin moved step and step with Ryuu, a menacing almost mocking grin was spread across her lips. " Is that all you got? You move so slow! This is what Konoha shinobi have to offer?" She literally spat in his face, switching up her game in a full attempt to mock him further. " I will show you how to punch someone in the face!" And she did just that, pivoting her feet she launched herself forward to square a punch right into his stomach, following up by another right across the side of his face, the genjutsu suer however was still subject to Kin, and he was quite annoyed. "Turn off that damned genjutsu!" She shouted, sending a burning surge of chakra back in his direction in the form of a flaming bullet.

Rin was besting Ryuu so far. Even without her earth manipulation he couldn't land a single hit. These two seemed even tougher than Taikeru. Madarobi was right. They have to fight as one if they hope to stand a chance. Ryuu has no choice but to retreat back and regroup with Madarobi but he was badly wounded by this point. Still he wasn't giving up yet. "I might need a little help with this one. Think we should trade off?" Ryuu says looking between Kin and Rin. His body ached with old wounds and new ones, Ryuu was definitely pushing himself this time. "

As the flame bullet flies wide of Madarobi's true location due to his phantom continuing to overcome Kin's mind, he begins to force the chakra he had previously focused towards Rin. Nodding towards Ryuu, he decides to bring out his full arsenal on Rin. "Alright, I need to end this as quickly as possible, I don't know how much more Ryuu can take." Focusing his abilities, he narrows his vision towards Rin and begins to use his Infestation Genjutsu. Hoping that the illusion works, he waits to see how Rin reacts to being overcome by arachnids and bugs.

Rin was the weaker one when it came to genjutsu and it was apparent… With Rin's attacks hitting home she smirked despite the shinobi's efforts, however the sudden infestation surprises her, bugs crawling all over her and under her skin, she screams violently, her fingers digging into her flesh to get the bugs off of her but it didn't quite work. "Get a hold of yourself!" Kin attempts to persuade his partner, though suddenly the cave system is rocked with a massive quake…. It seemed like the cave was beginning to collapse onto of itself. "Looks like we are a little too late… You guys have fun now!" Rin took by Kin's side and utilized a single hand seal, and just like that they seemed to dive and disappear into the rocks… the duo of Konoha shinobi…They were faced with getting the heck out of the cave as soon as possible, every part of it began to crumble before them.

Ryuu was ready to take on Kin when the ground began to quake. This looked as though it would put a halt on the fight. The two escaped and Madarobi and Ryuu should do the same. "Let's get out of here." he says fanning a few falling rocks from Madarobi. He pants slightly and looks forward "Only one way out of these caves now." he turns and runs for it hoping Madarobi was following close behind.

Thankful for the presence of Ryuu, Madarobi couldn't help but feel his Genjutsu abilities would not work on the falling earth around him. Taking note of Ryuu's haste, Madarobi once again follows the fighter as they elude falling stones as they flee for the entrance of the cave. He couldn't help but wonder if this quake was in favor of them or for their opponents. Either way he felt as if he should be grateful that both Ryuu and himself might make it out alive. "Thanks again friend." He exclaims to Ryuu as a light begins to shine on the walls of the cave. The exit seemed to be near.

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