The Lost Uchiha - Final Requiem


Naru (as herself and emitter), Arisu

Date: September 4, 2012


With the valiant efforts of a Konoha task force, Naru and Arisu finally are able to reach the last room… The Ring of Heromu in clear sight. It is here that Uchiha Natsuko, Naru's supposedly dead sister reveals herself, and embarks on a path to brain wash the two Kunoichi against their will with the ring… They battle it out for an epic finish making the ultimate sacrifice while the eerie chakra of Heromu's ring brings out an unknown conclusion.

"The Lost Uchiha - Final Requiem"

Kuroimizu Cave System - Land of Earth

Everyone on the mission was doing their part, reaching the final climax of what was going to be the end of the ring of Heromu. With battles taking place within the rooms behind them it was up to the duo of shinobi, Arisu and Naru to finish things off, the final room within the massive cave system. It was higher within the mountain base, the ceiling above was a wide opening which bloomed the night sky above, light from the moon poured down from above onto a platform within the center of the room. A glistening violet ring radiating an immense energy could be visibly seen, along with the feeling of its immense power… Naru blinked slightly, exchanging a quick glance with Arisu giving her an innocent but serious smile. "This…This seems to be it…" Naru whispered softly, her hair slightly fluttering, eyes clearly illuminating a brill ant crimson. Slowly she moved forward, along the stair case which descended down the path.. Her heart was thumping slightly, while there was no sight of anyone just yet, for some reason things seemed to be going way too easily…

Arisu slowed to a crawn next to Naru shortly after their arrival in the final room, her eyes locked on the ring in question as a frown came over her face. She had noticed that it was too easy too. "There is a high probability that heading directly for the ring will result in triggering several traps, Naru-chan." She glances around the room, trying to come up with exactly what those traps might be, if they did indeed exist… "It is highly unlikely that such a powerful… weapon… would be left alone without any protection, and it would be foolish to simply rush in blindly." She looks back up at Naru, "Do you see anything that looks like a trap?"

"There is chakra…everywhere…" Naru responded back simply, the amount of chakra emitting from the ring itself was enough to cloud the room with its presence, but other than that…nothing, there was no other stronger sources of chakra brewing within the room, it only allowed herself to become slightly more alert. With that in mind Naru took a step forward, her sandals lightly clicked against the staircase barely as she moved down hoping for Arisu to follow, she bit her lip, eyes gazing around for anything that might catch her eye, though finally something does… a stream of kunai rained down from above, attempting to cease their movements from going any further, the well trained eye would notice something however…This wasn't just any normal kunai, this was a genjutsu… Casted by a distance figure bodied in a hooded cloak, there wasn't anything noticeable about them, except for the gleaming red eyes beaming back towards them, of course Naru could only whisper one thing… " Nii-san…?"

Arisu calmly follows along behind Naru, trusting in her ability to see any traps… She blinks a little as she notices the incoming Kunai, and for a moment looks ready to leap away, but then stops. It was fake… And the effects of the Genjutsu are lost on her as she sees through it. "…Nii…?" She glances between Naru and then the figure in the cloak, "Your sister…?" She raises a brow, staring forward, directly at the cloaked figure… Trying to see through any efforts to use genjutsu to mask her movements. "I assume that this is the trap." She is still for a moment, then darts forward, attempting to close the distance between herself and the ring… perhaps she could get a hold of it before the cloaked person could… if she was lucky.

Natsuko was a quick Kunoichi, and right before Arisu even had a chance to reach for the ring Natsuko body flickered right in front of Arisu, the hood falling from her head and finally the features of a beautiful womanly form of Naru, the same long locks of jet black hair, shorter however. Her flesh was paler, as if she hadn't seen the sun in days, but it was a fresh milky hue, not at all sickly. "I think you are a little too slow to do something like that…unaided with any sort of chakra…" The woman smirked faintly, and with a single movement of her hand a kunai had become clasped in her hand and she attempted to slash across Arisu's flesh, right across her chest to drive her back. " The both of you picked the perfect time to come visit this sanctuary… Did you know that we were actually planning this?" She asks with a slight grin, her cloak bellowing with the breeze from the ceiling above…

Naru herself had kept a cringing expression, her hand reached for the blade by her side, unsheathing her katana blade, " Look out Arisu-san!" Naru calls out to her love, taking a step forward, Naru's chakra surged. " Nii-san… why are you doing this… You are supposed to be dead?! " It was obvious Naru was already conflicted at this point… Her mission had suddenly boiled down to killing her own sister…

The Kunai passes right through Arisu's chest, not even bringing about a spray of blood, touching only air before the image of Arisu fades away, revealing that Arisu herself had never moved from just behind Naru, "Relax Naru-chan… I am not so easily injured…" She stares towards Natsuko for a few more moments, hesitating before she tries to get at that ring again… "I do not believe that now is the time to be catching up with family however… I know it is difficult, but try to put aside the fact that she is your sister…"

"She is right, are you going to hesitate now just because I stand here before you? Didn't Hokage-sama send you on this mission…To take the ring… TO KILL me?" Natsuko's rage increased slightly, but there was a sneaky grin on that face of hers. Still with a Kunai in hand she had no intention on actually holding back on either of them… No she had a better plan. " The both of you will be perfect for testing to true power of the ring… But I doubt the both of you will be so willing, so perhaps… I will break you both," Natsuko quickly began to move at that point, moving quickly with the heightened speed of the body flicker, his kunai motioned to slice once again into Arisu as she moved away, and then moving close to Naru in a blink of an eye. " You should know as well as I do that you don't belong in that village…" Her voice whispered and Naru could suddenly feel the edge of Natsuko's blade cutting against her side.

Arisu's words were beginning to hit home… Of course the Uchiha hesitated, tears were beginning to fill her eyes… Natsuko wasn't in a genjutsu… Why in the world was she doing this? The thought had crossed her mind, and as Natsuko began to go on her monologue and not having an interest in talking things out, it had sprung Naru's attention and once the attack had come Naru locked blades briefly with Natsuko, blocking the blade and swiping it to the side before taking a leap back.

"My sister… would never want to harm those close to me… I… I don't know who this woman is…" Naru suddenly resolved, clenching her teeth and taking a step forward. " We… Need to get her out of the way Arisu-san… We can do this…together!" It as then Naru began to utilize her genjutsu, it would be apparent to Arisu as Naru began to take a step back, rushing her chakra in the form of black blades attempting to lacerate Natsuko from head to toe.

The blade slides through Arisu, seemingly without purchase once again, though this time it comes away with a sliver of blood… Arisu's Genjutsu was in effect, but that didn't stop her from being hit in reality this time. The ghostly form of Arisu faded away after a couple of moments, soon replaced by not one, but FOUR copies of her, each hovering around Natsuko, each one holding their own ball of blue-green flame, except for one of them… The flames fire off in rapid succession, each one exploding as it impacts the area around Natsuko, the last exploding in blinding flash.

For a moment it seemed like Natsuko was slightly becoming overwhelmed, and in actuality she was… Weighed down by Naru's lashing genjutsu she found herself succumbing to one of the few massive balls of fire Arisu had released, slamming against the Uchiha forcing her to slam into the ground below, she rolled and recoiled, rising back to a stand while brushing off her cloak. " The both of you still.. have a chance to switch sides willingly…For too long these massive villages had caused chaos to rain through, even now we are on the path to another war… A war which will plunge these lands into chaos… Naru-chan…This is the reason why Madara-sama had left us… Will you stay with a nation that holds our clan by the leash? Her eyes then look to Arisu, granted she didn't know much about the genjutsu user. " Will you allow the village to control your destiny?" With that she takes a step back forging a massive ball of fire. "Katon! Goukakyuu no Jutsu!" Towards both Naru and Arisu the burning blaze of fire was heading straight towards them…

"What you have been doing is wrong…and evil…Turning people against their will…" Naru quickly leaped in the way infront of the attack, she couldn't stand to see Arisu possibly taking anymore damage, and with her body in the way she motioned through a pair of hand seals, "Katon! Goukakyuu no Jutsu!" She took in a heath of air, and finally expelling out in a powerful roaring sphere of chakra, attempting to slam into the rival ball, and it did, matching it with a massive explosion which had caused the room to crumble and shake, this wasn't all for Naru however, she began to utilize her ninjutsu, attempting to set the stage for an even greater attack.

" Hit her…with everything you have, Ari-sama…" Naru whispers softly, lightning began to crackle about Naru until she held a ram hand seal. "Lightning Release! Lightning Orb!" She lashes out with a dense orb of chakra, catching the area in a blaze of electricity setting up the foundation for a follow up attack…. "Villages exist for peace…"

Arisu sighs a bit, "Nobody is controlling my destiny, you foolish woman… I see very little 'chaos' in the world, except for what you currently see fit to cause." She waves a hand dismissively, then frowns a little at the sudden onset of fireballs from every direction. One of the fireballs, specifically Naru's, hovers for a moment after it is released, slowly becoming blueish green, not unlike Arisu's foxfire, before a horrified face appears within the flames, and a collection of burning skeletal hands launch themselves from the spectral flames, grasping for Natsuko and trying to draw the woman into the ghost fire, moaning eerily as it does, and opening it's ghostly maw disturbingly wide.

The mission in the Land of Rain had helped the love pairing quite well, just like that their union forced Natsuko into a stand still, Naru's lightning racked and flourished throughout the room, while Natsuko was left to deal with the demons within her mind, the spectral flames and skeletal hands pulling her into a morbid death, it had to be finalized though, and Naru was going to make sure this was going to be over, her sharingan awakened kept close look over her sister, tears were streaming down her cheeks as she looked over her. " I used to trust you…with everything…Until you disappeared so many years ago…" Naru spoke softly under her breath…This seemed to be the end of the line, Naru begun to motion through her hand seals, fire running rampant as she calls out her technique. "Fire Release! Twin Twisting Great Fire Dragon!" A surging massive flame of fire archs up towards the ceiling, finally raining down right on top of Natsuko to pulverize her in a massive explosion…Arisu would be next to hopefully finish this…

The collection of ghost-copies of Arisu hovered around overhead, three of them producing another sphere of foxfire before sending them flying in a spiral toward Natsuko, each of them hovering around the dragon's head before exploding violently, showering the area in foxfire while Naru's dragon burned the ground with REAL fire… And then things begin to clear, "…Is it over…?"

Natsuko seemed to be terribly beaten after that attack, the clothes literally began to melt against her body revealing parts of her under figure… She was managled, broken by the sudden barrage of attacks, for now the Uchiha simply remained in a kneeling position, quite alive with her panting and regaining her composure… "You seem to have quite the synergy… You both are able to work together so well, and you Naru… Have gotten stronger since our last bout…" Natsuko's voice had become a soft whisper…Was she really giving up already?

The battle seem to be concluded…At least in Naru's eyes, her power was starting to deplete though, so much powerful ninjutsu used at one time, a trickle of sweat trickled down her cheek, while she too began to take a knee. " Its… Not over yet… she isn't dead…" Naru spoke, perhaps a little coldly as her Sharingan began to began its genjutsu, attempting to captivate Natsuko, and drain her completely of energy… "We don't have to kill her though… We just need to drain her of energy and bring her back to Konoha…that would be for the best…" She nodded to this idea, and finally her binding genjutsu took place, blades of chakra attempting to stab down into her feet and pin her in place… This was there chance to finally end this and claim that ring.

Arisu nods a bit, "I see… alright then…" She turns back to Natsuko, and starts to concentrate, a collection of ghostly hands reaching up from the ground to tear at the woman… If nothing else, it would be a good idea to wear her out… and if that meant terrifying her by having skeletal hands claw at her face and provide the illusion of tearing flesh… so be it… It was all Arisu had at her disposal anyway!

The Genjutsu would have worked, but there was more going on at that given moment… As soon as the genjutsu had been placed Natsuko's eyes flickered, training back on Naru and reflecting it in a mere instant, it was that moment Naru would realize just how powerful her sister's sharingan truly wave.

The next set of Genjutsu was quite easy to for her to resist, her eyes piercing the ilusion, staring mockingly at Arisu. "Would you like to try that again? Arisu-chan?" Natsuko mocked with a grin, and with that she began to move along, tossing two tags in their wake, one for Arisu and one for Naru, attempting to sap them of their energy as she went for the ring. " You both…fought well..But this will be the end…One of you will crack under "his" genjutsu…

With the genjutsu reflected Naru found herself falling into her own Genjutsu, she found herself bound and then the emerging seal began to sap away at her energy, chakra almost completely depleted and her stamina drained from her wake, she let out a light shriek until collapsing on the ground, her hands pressing against the stone floors. " You…still have fight in you…?" Naru almost mocked, of course she was drawing herself back up, "Don't let her get that ring!" Naru had moved in, drawing her katana while electricity remained on her blade, despite the depletion of her energy she was going through with fighting…. Attempting to slice her blade once across Natsuko's chest…

Arisu glares irritably at Natsuko, before starting to make a couple handseals to try again… to no avail. Suddenly she's hit by the seal and falls to her knees, holding her head as she's sapped of both Stamina, and the last of her chakra.. She grits her teeth and growls a little before standing back up, breathing a bit heavily as she tries to focus… "Naru… You have to stop her from getting the ring… I… I need a moment."

Somehow, the slash managed to hit home, cutting into Natsuko's body as she attempted to swat it away with her Kunai, eventually she does break free though, with Naru tired, her chakra completely used up, even her sharingan began to start fading out of her eyes, allowing Natsuko to reach out and take the ring, adjusting it along her finger. " You know what makes this ring so powerful? When you are broken, and no longer filled with energy… Its presence can overlap your mind, drive you into a new state of realization…You become a slave for Heromu, and the one who wields his power…" Her voice was raspy, and her attention turns towards Naru, the spiritual essence of the ring, leaking and beginning to invade her senses. " The power comes from a real sentient being… a power cultivated for many years… A Master of genjutsu…" Her eyes finally turn towards Arisu, "Join me or she will die…"

The rush of Heromu's chakra had manipulated Naru, almost instantly as her sharingan began to fade in and out… "I…I can't see…" Naru complained, listening to Arisu's voice for her to compel her to stop Natsuko, with her vision suddenly blanky out Naru could feel her body beginning to rise up, controlled as if she was a puppet. " What…what is happening…?" Naru frantically spoke, her body was tense and very machine like, she was fighting the movement… Fighting the hand reaching for her blade as dense electric chakra began to flow through it… " I… I can't move!" Naru exclaims, her body was slow, and her glaring gaze looked towards Arisu, almost menacingly, the chakra continued to pour into her body, her red sharingan almost becoming a potent violet hue… "Ari-san…." There was no way to break out of this genjutsu…

Arisu freezes for a moment, raising a brow… Naru was being threatened… But Arisu couldn't just back down… But then Naru turned toward her, "Wha—…?" She stares at Naru for a moment before glaring daggers at Natsuko, "Whatever you're doing, release her immediately… Or I really will kill you…" She stepped forward, glancing between Naru and Natsuko, before her shoulders lit up in blue flame, glowing brightly, VERY brightly, threatening to blind Natsuko at the very least, since apparently Naru couldn't see anyway.

"Sit still," Natsuko ordered Arisu, another genjutsu began to take place, while the elder Uchiha weighed her options… She was broken, and beaten, but with this ring, if she could at least capture one of them with this brain washing it would be easier…Easier to infiltrate the village once the ring was safe and sound. " One of you will become my pawn, but it seems like you still have energy to resist… So like Naru-chan…I will break you…" her voice was stern, and hopefully with the genjutsu in place Naru would be forced to compel to Natsuko's will, forcing her sister to move forward.

"Ari-chan….Ari-chan!" Naru's voice literally screamed as her body was forced to move forward, she couldn't control it, even with all the fight she gave to her muscles her body would only briefly pause and then follow through with a forceful movement. If Arisu was hunkered down by the genjutsu the raven haired Kunoichi would be standing right before her, a blade of electricity slowly rising above, while the menacing gaze of the sharingan burned through looking down at Arisu. " I… I can't stop it… Nii-ssann! Stop this!" Despite the evil expression on Naru's face tears began to stream down her cheeks, and suddenly the blade sweeps down, not a killing blow but a single slash to slice right across Arisu's face….

Arisu gasps a bit as she is suddenly pulled to her knees by the Genjutsu, growling a little as she tries desparately to escape from it… but to no avail… "S-stop it!" She hisses, struggling valiantly… But soon enough Naru is over her, and as the blade comes down, Arisu freezes up, screeching as the blade cuts into her face, blood splashing across the ground as electricity wracks through her body. After a moment she's back to her feet, stumbling backward, with blood pouring down her face.

Arisu lifts a hand to try and stop the bleeding as she stares at Naru, a look of confusion on her face for a moment, before all emotion suddenly leaves her expression, and she begins to think through things… Naru was being controlled… if Arisu tried to run, there was no doubt that Naru would be used to do Natsuko's will, or worse… No, running would be the same as betraying Naru.

She turned her attention to Natsuko… The ring… The ring had to be taken… but how? She frowns for a moment and reaches into the sleeve of her Kimono, trying to aim as blood poured into her left eye, forcing her to close it as she brandished a trio of kunai and let them fly, clumsily, toward Natsuko… or more specifically, the finger with the ring on it.

The process of dominating the both of them was difficult, however for now Naru was under her control, and she was going to use that as a method of keeping a hold over her, all Natsuko needed to do now was completely break Naru's conscious, and it was then the idea was sprung. Her thoughts were interrupted briefly, as Arisu chucked the kunai at her, the blade managed to snip against the ring and cutting along her hand, blood droping from her finger tips while the ring slightly cracked under pressure, letting off a mysterious glow… "She is important to you, isn't she?" Natsuko asked curiously, most so directed to Arisu, she smirked at this, moving even closer, forcing Naru to raise her blade again with the adjustment of her ring. " It is unfortunate that things had to turn out this way…But I promise you… This will end soon, for the both of you," Natsuko informed, though she was beginning to pant…. Even with the ring her presence was becoming lax-ed, she needed to end this now… So once again Naru was forced to slash against Arisu, while Natsuko inched closer, compelling Naru, controlling her mind with Heromu's power…

Pain and despair was filling up within Naru, her sharingan was spinning intently, circling along her pupil anxious, frantically attempting to break out of the genjutsu. Even the most subtle of details and the precision of her gaze wasn't enough to combat against its power, and just like before her arm raised up, sweltering with forking electricity… Once the ring had cracked slightly did manage to get hold of her arm, her free hand latched against her sword bearing hand, forcing it away, attempting to keep herself from swinging it any further. " Oh…please… Oh my god no!" Her bellows were heart felt, tears streamed down her cheeks, watering pooling within her sharingan which had altering into a pale violet color… She still wasn't able to break the genjutsu it seemed, and as she fought to keep her swing in check, the blade came down twice more, attempting to slice into any flesh it could, fully attempting to deli-bate Arisu….

The first blow seemed to strike home… quite firmly, spraying the ground with blood as an artery was no doubt severed, soaking the blade in Arisu's blood… The second struck something, but seemed to not leave a mark as Arisu's body suddenly wavered and vanished, allowing her to reappear a couple feet back, with a long gash in her upper arm. "Please… Leave her alone…" She grimaces, stumbling back a little further before trying to concentrate on forcing Naru to her knees, to stop her from continuing her assault… A dozen skeletal hands reached from the ground, trying to wrap around her limbs to draw her down, hopefully giving Arisu enough time to throw a few more kunai at Natsuko without being interrupted.

Sustaining the ring of Heromu was become more difficult, and it was noticeable, the ominous ring laced on Natsuko's fingers began to vibrantly flicker with raging chakra, but for now the elder Uchiha didn't realize just what it was that was going on, her mind was focusing on sustaining Naru, breaking her will… There was some ruffle and tussle outside from the room aswell..The battles happening in the other rooms, a strange quake began to shake and churn their current battle field, some rocks falling from the ceiling while the foundation of the cave began to falter…" Finish this!" Natsuko demanded, pouring the last ounce of her chakra into Naru, suddenly causing Naru's eyes to surge with chakra, and her hand again began to raise with much resistance. Natsuko planted the ring hand against Naru's back, increasing the potency, causing Naru to apply the one attack she would regret for the rest of her life…

Resistance was futile… Naru's eyes became so muddled with glistening tears the vision before her had become blurry… Sweat trickled down her neck, blood from of few of her wounds, and the tears collected along the tip of her lip, she couldn't clear away the tears, and finally the blade started to be come guided, this time inching ever so closely into Arisu's chest. Electricity scorched and tracked along the blade as she peered into Arisu's eyes, her menacing gaze ceased and became heart felt… Was she regaining her senses? "A…ari-sama… I… I!" Her voice stuttered, heart pounding as the electric blade began to pierce through the clothing, slightly inching its way into Arisu's body for the final kill. "Nii-saan! Stop it! I will do anything just stop this!! It impossible for her to cease the attack, and slowly Arisu could feel the blade slipping into her flesh…

Arisu's eyes widened as the electricity hit her first, causing her muscles to tense reflexively, pulling her into a rigid position as the electricity arced through her all of a sudden. She was powerless to stop the blade from being pushed into her, and equally powerless to stop her heart from being torn apart by the edge of the kunai. It doesn't take long until her eyes eventually cloud, and her body goes limp, save for a few twitches from the electric surge… It's just before she dies that the strange glow from Natsuko's ring fades, and finally winks out again, leaving the area cast in a dim light Arisu's blood pours over the ground, emptying quickly from her corpse.

While invisible to the naked eye, the sharingan was able to see a magnitude of chakra shift and churn within the room. A flash of light brightly illuminated the room and finally the swirling chakra, riveting and flowing as residue from the ring back to quickly collect… Literally suck back into the ring itself… Interesting enough that wasn't the only chakra source being pulled away… With Arisu's body coming to death, the composition of her chakra began to unbind from her body as well, that too sucked up within the ring, causing the faint flicker and the violet orb to burn out….dim.

Tears of despair continued to trickle down Naru's cheeks, sniffling, bawling, "I….I love you…Arisu-chan, your not dead!" It was at that moment she literally through herself along the blond kunochi, feeling returning back to her body as she wrapped her arms along Arisu's neck and held her close briefly, " Your not dead…" her eyes was burning… perhaps the sweat and blood trickling into her eyes or something else… She knew Arisu had passed… And while despair settled the emotion to come next was rage… "I'm… I'm going to KILL YOU!" Naru exclaims, reaching for the blade, pulling out of from Arisu's chest, she spun and with lightning trickling from her blade with a single motion she sliced at Natsuko's hand, finely slicing off the single ring fingered digit catching the elder kunoichi by surprise…

"Damn it!" Natusko voice rang in a slight raspy tone, with her body depleted and her finger sliced clean off, she dropped back away from Naru, the both of them panting heavily while the room shook and rumbled. " Its already…too late little sister… It looks like we are both going to die here…" With those words the crumbling continued to manifest, and the battles from the other room drew in a series of traps… An explosion was set off and multiplied through out the cave system, shrouding them in a massive beaming white light of death…. The cave was blown to smithereens…

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