The Lost Uchiha - Possessed Nobleman


Naru, Ryo, Kuroji, Shizukesa

Date: March 20, 2012


Temporary Team 603 is sent on a mission to investigate why a local nobleman has been going crazy and his sudden shift in personality. After confronting his guards and stoping them fom burning down a local villagers house they enclose on the nobleman to discover he was under the control of a genjutsu… The mission is concluded but they are faced with the questions… Who and why?

"The Lost Uchiha - Possessed Nobleman"

Local Land of Fire Village

A full team of Konoha shinobi was assembled for this rather odd mission. To put things quite simply, a nobleman of one of the local daimyo's seemed to have been going crazy… From becoming a peaceful old man to one that had become belligerent, cheating on his wife, hanging out at a local brothel and spending his wealth on things that completely go against his character. Not only that, but for some reason he also had a sowing discontent with how things were running in Konohgakure and the Land of Fire… Without any idea on how the change the mans mind, he summoned a team of shinobi to snoop his household, and just interrogate the man to see what was going on.

The team is currently being lead by Kuroji, right at the brink of noon heading into the small village where this nobleman arrived, it was a rather peaceful village, far out near the connecting lands of Grass, but still easily under Konoha's control. "So we have to find some old guy and figure out whats wrong with him…?" Naru finally spoke up, looking around at the group, two people she was teamed up with she had never seen before, hopefully to get pretty well aquainted with them. " What do you think about this Ryo? Not too bad finally right?" She questions with a grin, she walked with her hands behind her back…. They were nearing the village with each step, it was almost visible at this point…

Kuroji was walking slowly, his head tilted up slightly as if he was staring at the sky through his blue shades. His cloth covered feet, softly hitting the ground below. The scent of the seasons, entering his nostril causing a small grin on his face as his right hand slowly moves up and a small kikaichu lands on his finger, his gaze slowly moves towards it as he tilts his head slightly as if listening to it before it flies off. Then the question comes from Naru, he tilts his head slight and states "Indeed, it appears that way." he says slowly before nodding and holding a finger up "Rule one of Temporary Team." he stops suddenly and his hand moves up and rubs his goatee slowly, "Hmmm, Temporary Team Six Hundred and Three." he nods slowly and offers them a thumbs up, "Enjoy every mission, even if it is chasing after crazy old people." his gaze moves across the team looking for their approval, a small smirk on his face.

Ryo followed behind the Aburame and remained fairly quiet. Of all the clans these guys seemed to be nerds in general. Most of them were quiet and very… very perceptive. Not that Ryo would pigeon hole every member of a clan into some generalization like that. It just seemed that the Aburame were to being nerds as the Akimichi were to being extremely big boned… or fat. "Yeah. Sounds almost like fun. I just hope this guy does not have some old person disease. You know that one that makes them forgetful. Probably got those hemroids too. That would account for the irritability. So the old guy just wants to have some fun before he goes. All of this seems to make sense. Not sure why they would send a team in. The guy just had a change of heart." His tone was slightly sarcastic. He was not sure if it was natural or unnatural causes for the elderly man in this mission.
Then after the Aburame speaks, Ryo nods his head. He glances back towards the other member of the group. He had never met them before. He was not even sure what type of jutsu the boy excelled in.

"Enjoy it my tail! I got a rock in my shoe!"
Complaints come from the almost shrieking tone. A hopping sound, three times before a soft thud. Shizukesa landed square on his tail, he had been trying to get his shoe off while keeping up. The shaggy boy didn't care about catching up at this point, it hurt. His hair was even getting in his eyes as well as he finally tugged his boot off. He shook a pebble the size of a pea out…
"Why're we all the way out here again? I've never been out of the village before!"
He protested, despite the fact he knew the mission, the goal, the fact it was his first team. Who cared? He had a blister and he was going to whine for right now.
He just glared up at the backs that were facing him, honestly expecting to be waited on. If they didn't wait, he'd be back on his feet in about two minutes and dashing after them full speed just to keep up.

It was about then each individual shinobi could get a wiff of something in the air, smoke… Something burning off in the distance. Fire, all of things seemed to be bellowing from out of the village and with further investigation, a group of men brandishing blades were completely torching a smaller house, an older woman screaming and shouting as she buckled to the floor. "" This is my home! Why are you doing this?!" She shouts out to the men, who simply hung loosely near the house to make sure the fire wouldn't stop. " All my belongings are in there!" One of the men simply grimanced and shrugged her shoulders. " This is by Hiyashi-sama's Orders… It doesn't really matter what you think at this point," the man simply spat back… "Your following orders from that crazy crooked bastard?! He needs to get out of here!" One of the villagers shouted out, while many others began to shout out in rage as well, however none of them would lift a finger, if a nobleman could openly suggest burning someones house down they wouldn't dare challenge his power…

Naru sighed softly at the one catching up to him… he seemed new, perhaps just about the same age as ryo but with that annoying personality she always tried to get away from… if this was his first mission he was going to be in for some excitment. " You're not really being held up by one little pebble are you?" She asked casually, while turning her eyes to the Aburame… he seemed interesting actually. " Have fun? thats a different change… I'm use to the whole, focus on the mission and make sure you do this this and this…" However suddenly her attention changes, pointing ahead.. " Do you guys smell that…. Something is going on…" It wasn't long until they were right in the middle of the action, for right now Naru didnt lift a finger…after all werent those… Konoha villagers.. They definitely didn't look like bandits.

Kuroji waved his hand slightly in the air as he listened to Shizukesa. "Now now, Team Six Hundred and Three, is no place for rocks in shoes, next time I expect you to kill that rock with your crazy Ninja skills." as he finishes that sentence he stops and makes a loud whining noise as he snapes into a corny ninja pose, making a very slow choping motion with his right hand, his head turned and staring at Shizukesa, slowly saying "Hi…Yah." over and over again, til the Genin catches up.
A soft smile forms across his face as Naru inquires about his methods, "Rule Number Two, of Temporary Team Six Hundred and Three, know when to focus and when to have fun." he says this slowly with a small nod as his hand slowly snaked up and his pointed towards the smell of smoke, where the house was burning. "That would be a focus point." he says slowly with a small nod. "I will allow you three, outstanding Genin to decided the course of action we will take and offer insightful information and recomendations, however this is your mission, as a Ninja you must start to learn to make decisions, not just as a indvidual but as a Team." he says nodding slowly, before pointing quickly to the burning, "Forward!" he yells starting to march rather stiffly towards the whole ordeal.
Almost on the verge of making a bully-like action, Ryo turns his attention away from Shizukesa. He looks towards the screaming woman and the fire. "Naru, take out the guards with your genjutsu. We need them unharmed." The boy draws his shin gunto from his side. "If either of you have a way to put out fire, now would be a good time to use it. Otherwise we need to find a source of water and quick!" The boy then runs forward towards the burning hut. He stops just short of the woman. "Miss, please evacuate the home. We will do our best to save your belongings…" He then looks towards the portions on fire. If they could not manage a source of water, the boy was preparing to cut them out. After all, the temporary team leader did tell them to decide a course of action…
"It hurt…Hey!"
That was the shout that came when he realized what was going on. The familiar smell of smoke in his nose, he was keeping close though to Ryo for some odd reason. The reason? Clueless on what to do. When the boy runs towards the hut, he follows to give aide, barrelling inside next to him and looking around all the same.
First thought definitely was not an option. Second thought was obvious, as he looked right to Ryo.
"What do we do? I don't see water! I don't know Ninjutsu!"
He takes a couple steps back before eyeing the guards, then looking towards the leader. His lips purse, hesitation…
He just makes a soft murmuring sound before looking over then towards Naru. He's expecting the genjutsu. Someone with his talents has to obviously wait at this point…
His leg starts jittering for some odd reason.
"Come on! Come on, come on, come on!"

"So we get to run the show? Naru questioned Ku with a slight grin, turning her eyes to Ryo briefly… They were an amazing team and had been working on their team work for quite sometime, if anything she was worried about the other too not being able to keep up with their synnergy. Suddenly though she finally sprang into action. "Already on it…" Naru spoke to Ryo, giving him an opprotunity to move as he needed to, suddenly as her genjutsu began to flourish the guards began to doubel over and fall to their knees, choking and gasping for air as they each held their throats. "Please do what you can… Everything my family owns is in there…" The woman explains to Ryo.

There wasn't a large source of water, a well off in the distance, and even further along the coast of the village would be the boarding river, they would have to act quickly if they wanted to put the fire out. " There is a well over there! How about pickign up a few buckets and getting this fire out? EVERYONE!" Naru shouts out, villagers included… They seemed excited happy, and fearful of their lives as well… If everyone went for a bucket of water this fire would be out in no time…

Kuroji followed behind his team, curiously watching as Ryo took charge almost right away, giving orders and attempting to find solutions. Shizukesa, seemed a little bit out of his element, which caused Kuroji to slowly stroke his goatee in thought. Naru quickly sprung to action following Ryo's command, his gaze moved to the two gaurds caught in the genjutsu. Kuroji took everything in and swayed back and forth for a moment and Naru made note of the well and started to instruct people to grab buckets. His head tilted from right to left for a moment before his hands quickly formed a few seals and a sudden large gust of wind shot off towards the burning home, blowing the fire out. He offers a quick thumbs up to the team. "Very good Team Six Hundred and Three, I am very impressed with all of you, quick thinking and quick actions. Good choices and good calls." he says slowly in a soft tone.
His hand quickly points towards Ryo, then slowly drifts, Shizukesa then stops, a small smirk forming on his face. "For the rest of the mission, Genin Shizukesa will be acting Team Leader, he will give the commands and make the inital calls." he says with a quick nod. Before looking at the lady who owns the home, "Go ahead Shizukesa." he says offering a small thumbs up.

Ryo felt the wind come through and extinguish the fire. He was slightly surprised as he looked back to see the wind came from the Aburame. He offers a slight bow to the lady and then returns to the group. He then grimaces as he finds out that Shizukesa is to be calling the shots from there out. At least the fire was out and the ladies things were saved. "I bet those guards know where we can find our target…" It was a definite hint for Shizukesa.

The wind putting the flames out solved his problem fast. Shizukesa was looking relieved when it ended. He instantly was rigid though the moment he was called out. Why would he do that!? He's a complete rookie! He immediately glares at the team leader…or rather ex-team leader. He looked then to Ryo, then Naru, then the guards…Specifically the one closest to him. Well, Ryo was right after all.
Naru was a Genjutsuist. His father always told him what they could do. Immediately he looked at Naru, pointing at the nearby guard.
"Can you use those Genjutsu things to get him to give us a better reason for doing this other than orders?"
He was trying to sound smart…he had no clue if he was.

"Um… Most of my Genjutsu typically resolves around torturing someone… That would be the only way…" Suddenly she was cut off by the man sturggling to get out of her genjutsu, turning on her side and rolling on the ground he cringed and attempted to shake his head. " No please! No torturing! I know what you shinobi are capable of! We were just following orders.. That man holds our jobs! Without him we are back to shoveling dirt and selling it on the market!" The man shouts out, suddenly Naru's genjutsu wears off and he points towards the mansion, far down the street.

" He lives there! You can find him and solve this once for all but please don't tell him what happened… We don't want to lose our jobs!" With that she collpased with a giant sigh, hoping to Kami that they wouldn't proceede to gain information from them, The villagers were still gathered, awe struck that the oldest shinobi took out the fire in one swoop, they gathered together and surrounded the shinobi. " Please you have to do something…!" One of the men cried out, " Just talk to him and straighten things out!" Another shouted out, they were really intent on kicking out that nobleman…
Straighten things out? Shizukesa just stared at the panicked guard. Well, that was easy, and he assumed it was actually Naru's doing. He would look towards the mansion. At least they had a heading, and he would look back towards the guards with an idea.
It was honestly more of a prank than an idea. He'd give a grin, and snap his fingers once before looking over towards Ryo.
"Hey hey, punch me in the nose!"
Why? It was made clear a moment later as he would then point at Kuroji.
"Kuroji-sensei too! Then you and Naru should transform into these two guards and 'drag' us back! It'd be such a funny trick, and we might get in and catch them snoozing."
…Kuroji gave a match to a pyro…

Kuroji curiously tilted his head, stroking his goatee clearly lost in thought. Talking to himself softly, ifone listened closely could hear, "I wonder how much dirt is going for now a days…" before his attention is grabbed by the villagers. His head tilts slowly as he looks at them through his blue shades, before turning and looking at Shizukesa, "Team Leader, Sir! Looks like they want you to do something, maybe… I am not sure….Sir" he says slowly before looking off into the distance, as if staring at something rather intently, his hand comes up and a small Kikaichu lands on his finger, he stares at if for a moment before dismissing it. He could tell the team was a bit, nervous but they would be fine. He thinks slowly to himself before offering a thumbs up, looking towards the mansion.
Then the order came to punch him in the nose. He looked right then looked left then pointed at himself. His head bounced around for a second, as if in deep thought. "Well I suppose." he says with a small shrug looking at Ryo and pointing at his nose, "Becareful it was gift from my mother." he says with a small smirk.
Ryo raised an eyebrow. He looked towards Shizukesa and then with lightning fast reflexes, smashed the hilt of his shin gunto into the nose of the boy. It was fairly hard, hard enough to break the boy's nose. He then turns to Kuroji. "We'll henge into the guards. You can henge your own bruise sensei…" He then glances back towards the boy in charge. Yep… he just smashed him in the nose though he could have just used the henge jutsu for the wound. Soon Ryo's blade is placed away and he is forming hand signs to henge into a guard.
At this point Naru could only sweat drop, the situation was awkward.. It was a good idea but at this moment she didnt see a point in it… This was no time to be weird and do thigns too much out of the norm. Nevertheless she followed orders from their dear leader. " A henge…? You got it," She merely replies, formign a simple hand seal until finally her body explodes into a puff of smoke and she returns as a middle edged scruffy guardsman, reaching out she takes Kuroji by the collar if he allowed. " Shall we get going then… Your going to be okay…right..?" She asked… she wasn't even sure of his name. " Um…whats your name again?" She questions…. Perhaps breaking one of the temporary teams rules somewhere down the line… Make sure you know your teammates names. " Thats…rather uncalled for…Ryo-kun…"

Well, it was as hard as Shizukesa wanted it. The thing is, it was too hard. The boy fell like a rock square on his back and almost looked knocked out. The good thing was, he gave them instructions on what to do prior to him being slammed so well. The boy laid flat on his back, eyes rolled up and a bit of an embarrassing look on his face. What a smack! The blood already was coating his mouth and neck at this point.
A subtle foot twitch, and he was good and out for now…

Kuroji winced as Ryo smashed the other genin's nose, he simply watched for a moment. Before shruging and a few seals later looked rather bruised and beaten, his cheek swollen, nose broken and ear hanging off the side of his head barely attached. He offered a quick thumbs up, allowing Naru to grab his collar, "Let the dragging commence." a smile still on Kuroji's face, he was enjoying watching everyone learn to work together, Ryo had a bit of a temper, but that was something for another time, today was all about team work and team building and adjusting to new and unexpected changes and team members.
He looked over at Shizukesa who passed out, and sighed "Rule Number Three, of Tempoary Team Six Hundred and Three, Do not knock out your teammates." he said slowly before, gesturing towards Shizukesa. "Now lets continue, Naru, you are in charge until the tempoary team leader wakes back up." he says slowly with a small nod, looking over at Ryo to gauge his reaction.
Ryo gave Kuroji a shrug with one of those 'What?' expressions. He then reaches down and grabs the boy. "… he said hit him… I wanted to make it look real. Next time he'll think about what he says." Then he drags the boy towards the mansion. "Hope he wakes up soon." he mumbled.
As Ryo approached the mansion, he opened the door. It was unlocked. He dragged the boy in before activating his sharingan. Two tomoes glancing around. "We have one person under a genjutsu and another source of chakra in the mansion." He points off to the left. "Down the hall that way is the old man. The chakra source is further forward." The two sources were not in the same room. That much Ryo could tell. He simply waits for instructions from the new temporary leader.

Naru sweat dropped as Shizukesa simply fell out, of course it caused her to grimance even more about Ryo over doing it, but this Uchiha was all about adaptablity, as soon as she was given command she nodded and listened to Ryo's input. " If he is under a genjutsu… We are dealing with something else here…" Naru states, her own sharingan activating as she continued to tug along Kuroji's collar… It seemed rather useless to her though, she no longer wanted to go ahead with the sneaking, since they could see exactly where the people were.. " Lets isolate whoever is under that genjutsu… Maybe this nobleman knows some techniques as well… We will go in..Isolate him and then go for the nobleman himself," Naru suggested, finally they began to reach the mansion… She had no idea what to do with Shizu… Right now he was a hinderance. " Um… Can someone carry him with us… it shouldn't be hard… We can jump up along the window and just sneak in…"

Kuroji simply shrugged and gestured to take Shizukesa, a small puff of smoke and he was back to his normal self. "Tempoary Team Leader, if perhaps it would be useful I posses a Temporary Paralysis Jutsu." he says simply a small smile on his face. The team was doing well as far as he was concerned, well aside from being one man down.

Naru couldn't help but to chuckle slightly, though she nods to Kuroki and follows after Ryo who enters the mansion, she looks around and keeps quite, motioning for Ryo to go ahead and lead to way… It was going to be necessary to see who exactly was under the genjutsu and maybe why.. Naru couldn't solve genjutsu or more or less undo them at this point… But perhaps they could take them back to Konohagakure when this mission was wrapped up.

Ryo does as instructed. He lets his henge fade. He moves down the hall and opens a door leading to the old man. He glances towards Naru waiting for an order. "From the looks of it, the other is probably outside in the courtyard. Seems thats the direction of the chakra." he states. He then moves a hand to the hilt of his blade. He was simply waiting for the order to go capture the guy.

"Lets get to it then…" Naru suggests, giving him the go ahead. As long as Kuroji didnt have any problems with it, she rose her chakra levels just a little to react to things anything went sour… Beyond the other room was just a man sitting in his chair, oblivious to the world and working throughly at a desk… Most likely going throw business papers or what have him. Naru merely nodded and waited, Ryo could get the drop on him faster than she could make hand seals.. it only seemed accurate. " I'll make my own link as soon as possible…"

Ryo nodded his head and busted through a window into the courtyard behind them. He used his sharingan to follow the chakra of the shinobi causing the genjutsu. As he lunged for him, the man began to make some signs. The boy swung his shin gunto blade across his hand severing the pointer fingers on both hands. He then followed it up with a spin and a hilt to the face. It looked very similar to what happened to his fellow squadmate earlier. "I really did over do it a little bit. You know, if you continue be a shinobi, they will call you… well whatever your name is… the taijutist." He was pretty sure without those fingers the man was done with genjutsu. He watches him for a few moments to make sure he is out. "Hey Naru, the genjutsu over?" he asks.

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