The Lost Uchiha - Thwarted Conspiracy


Ryo, Naru, Shizukesa

Date: April 17, 2012


Team 7 Is sent off to destroy a First of the Line flag ship which had been taken over by pirates, though they managed to do the job, almost flawlessly, trickery and deception becomes noted as the pirates are actual members of Konoha's navy, and it seems a sinister Uchiha is pulling the strings…

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"The Lost Uchiha - Thwarted Conspiracy"

Sealine between Land of Fire and Water

Rumor has that the land of Fire's coastal naval guard had suddenly gone rouge, and their main headship had been captured by pirates and had been pillages the oceans from the Key Stone Isles all the way up to the coasts of Kumogakure. It took quite some time, for intelligence to get the location of the ship, but eventually it was found, and both Kumogakure and Konohagakure had dispatched their own breed of shinobi to go to that ship and completely obliterate it, as well as Eliminate the pirate group… Little did they know though was it wasn't necessarily pirates that loomed over the high seas… Naru's group in company was nested in a small crowded boat, Ryo, Shizu, and Naru herself, hopefully Shizu was rowing the boat while Naru and Ryo looked around for anything unusual, after all their eyes worked a little better in this tense mist, with a map in hand Naru looks around vigilantely. " It might take some time to track down that boat…" She says suddenly, trying to see what the rest of them were thinking about.
Ryo scanned all across his section of the water. His sharingan was activated. There were still only two tomoe in each eye. One too many to be lonely and one too little to be complete. It did not bother the boy in the least. At the moment his mind was on more trivial matters, like being pleased not to be the one rowing the boat. He glanced back towards Shizukesa for a moment before returning his eyes to the water. He was unsure of the boy. He knew the boy had a powerful style, but he wondered if the boy had the head to control it. Only time would tell.
The bald Uchiha then turns his head towards Naru for a moment. "So pirates took over a coastal guard vessel? Sounds like they are getting a little big for their briches. They had to know shinobi would be sent out to deal with them."
Shizukesa pulled hard on the rows, it was a good thing that he was already a melee-type fighter or he'd be complaining. No, to him this is a workout. He couldn't see them, as he was facing the rear of the boat as he rowed it. He just knows they're doing his job while he's doing his. It was a good thing though, being on the water. Shizukesa liked the water, but he also knew how troublesome holes are in boats.
"Dad used to say 'For a price, fools will eat their own tongues.' Maybe they really were paid off well, or expecting a payout?"

"Its not just any costal vessel, the mission statement says its actually the captain of the lines Ship… I'm not sure if shinobi actually operate out in the seas like this though… " Naru states, she keeps her eyes peeled as well, her sharingan emitting a brilliant scarlet red, she listened to Shizukesa, this was probably the first time he offered an interesting statement. " You might be right Shizu-kun… But they might be interested in more,, they have been pillaging all across the coasts…" She states, she kneels down as the ship moves along… Shizukesa was going to be vital on this mission… if things worked out and they could find this ship…

"Captain of the line ships. That should not be too hard to find." the boy states sarcastically. There was not a lot to find in the mist. "Yeah, money seems to make people do stupid things. Then again we live a life where money makes us take dangerous risks, so I guess I should not bad mouth it." It was true. The entire shinobi village system operated mostly on money. There were very few donated missions that did not help stabilize the village in order to make more money.
"With this much mist…we should be listening more than looking…"
Shizukesa with an intelligent tip? Yup. The boy even slows the amount of noise he makes with his own paddles, knifing them into the water now. He also draws stronger, pushing the more at a gliding pace. He just keeps staring straight back, no clear reason why, but he's staring blankly.

And Shizukesa was correct, for the most part at least. As soon as their own rowing had stopped they could hear a massive shift in the water, the waves around them seemed to be developing more also, Ryo could see this, the unusual movement wasn't natural, it meant that very large ship was off in the distance. With a further trained eye they could all see it, the rough outline of a massive 1st rate liner, It was one of the newer experimental vessels, made of light durable steel rather than typical wood. " I think…Thats it… Shizu-san can you push us in that direction?" She asks curiously. " We need to figure out a game plan.. I don't think attacking it head on will work that well…"
Ryo had noticed the waves as well. He also was able to see the outline of the vessel. "Chances are that they will have look outs and will be able to spot us as soon as we can spot them. At this distance we should be good, but we would be wise walk across the water or swim under until we are able to climb the ship." The Uchiha boy was unsure if Shizukesa had learned that jutsu yet. If he had not, it would put a slight wrench in the total plan.
"…Walk on water?"
Shizukesa of course began to turn the boat towards the sound's location. He began to paddle faster at this point, unfortunately making quite a bit of noise in doing so. He had no clue what they were talking about now. Well, he did, he just didn't care to be called under-qualified. He makes a low growl either way, just to let them know his displeasure. He just focuses on doing the grunt work, propelling them along.
He was way too quiet, he was letting them talk. Why was he being so quiet?

Naru didn't quite know why Shizu was so quiet, but whatever the case she was liking it, he was far more useful when he wasn't being an idiot. "Well the mission is basically to get ride of the pirates and blow this thing up if we can… We can see if we take them out individually, and maybe even save the ship," She suggests, though she was more comfortable with Ryo's idea. " Ryo you and I can walk and do what we need to do, Shizu…Do you think you can put a dent in the ship with that jutsu of yours?" She asks casually before takign a single leap out of the crammed boat. She howevered over the water for just a moment taking a kneel next to the boat, as they got closer there was a few watch men, though they didn't seem to be moving either… Were they anchored down?
For the most part Ryo glanced upwards towards the ship. He then gets out of the boat at the same time Naru does. "Be careful though, if he puts a hole in that, the water moving into the hull will keep this boat here. Then it might swallow the boat up as the other one sinks. Best bet would be to make the hole higher and get away from the ship before it starts taking on water." Ryo then glanced towards Naru to see if they were to move yet.
'I can do more than dent it…'

"You two better get ready to hide. I have an idea…"
Shizukesa floated there, still sitting in his boat. He wasn't even going to get out if he didn't have to. He just begins to pull his robe up over himself, untying his Konoha headband and hiding it too. His father had been lecturing him, making him read a weird book too about planning ahead. He just makes a low growl.
He gives his mischevious grin, there would be about 10 seconds before he does something drastic…

"You have a plan then?" Naru arched an eyebrow and keeps her eyes on Shizu for the moment, she keeps herself lowered on the side of the boat, hopefully a shark wouldn't come gobble them up, nevertheless she nods and for once decides to give the guy a chance, nodding her head finally. " Alright Shizu-san… Lets see what you want to do and we will go from there…"
Ryo did not like the look on Shizu's face as he seems to want to do one better. It was a look of trouble. He then looks at Naru with a little doubt in his face. "We should get towards the top of the ship. Then when he does whatever he is going to do, we can take some of the pirates by surprise." More or less Ryo was asking to use the explosion as a diversion.
They were warned!

Shizukesa suddenly digs his paddles into the water and begins to row full speed towards the boat. He makes quite a bit of noise, clearly giving away his presence alone. The reason he tugged the robe up was it always has looked so tattered. He waits until he's sure he's close enough…

"Hey! Help! My boat capsized! Is anyone there!?"
THat shrill, shrieking voice pierces the night air, and with a resounding thud…he smashes the rowboat right into the side of the ship with enough force to crack his own bow!
He's glad the mist is in the way, because he's grinning ear to ear with how much fun he's having.

Shizukesa's plan seemed to be working, even if it was a little ridicoulas, the bow had snapped into the steel of the boat, while there was rustling and bustling along the deck of the ship. " We've been hit! Something is in the water!" Voices call out, they seem to be scrambling, giving naru and ryo the perfect distraction to get aboard if they chose to. Naru herself took this as a time to get on, running in the opposite area near the rear of the ship she stepped onto the steel and began to literally walk right up the boat… Tree walking was definitely paying off in this case, she leaps over and slips behind one of the many exhaust cylinders, waiting to see what would happen next to Shizu before she made her move…. Rather than tossing down a line for the boy a few of the pirates leaped off, and landing ontop of the water, focusing chakra into their feet for water walking, were they shinobi? " Hey Boy! You are coming with us," One of them shouts, attempting to grab shizukesa by the arm, and lead him up to the ship's quarters, undoubtly they were going to rough him up and question him, before getting a nice ransome more or less.
Ryo followed suit and moved the opposite way of Naru. He then walked up the front of the ship. He ducked under an emergency boat. This way both the front and the rear were covered. He was a little hesitant about letting Shizukesa be captured, but he left the boy know before to think before he acted. He just hoped the boy learned his lesson. Now he was waiting for a sign before he moved.
"Oh thank you! I thought I'd b-…HEY! THAT HURTS YOU ***!"
Whoops, there came the attitude the moment he was getting dragged by the arm. He flails, trying to pull free. Ok, maybe he was a terrible actor but luckily he still was doing the part of "Hey I am an innocent bystander let me go!" rather than a "I'm gonna blow you up!" He just growls and flails, kicking the whole way as he screams the entire time he's drug below. He makes so much of a racket, Naru and Ryo can easily hear him being drug down beneath the decks…until the screaming and cursing becomes stationary when they take him wherever he is to be placed.

A cage… Locked up, deep within the bowels of the ship, quite a few guards were standing about, jeering at the young shinobi, "Shut up you little runt!" one would demand, while others simply watched and stayed on guard. There were still a few people on deck but not nearly as many as Shizukesa managed to distract, For now it was up to Ryo and Naru to take care of the rest of things on deck, there was about 6 sailors total on deck, 3 on each side of the ship looking around, it seemed like they managed to catch them up guard for the most part. From Ryo's point of view he had a clear shot at the captains quarters, one guard standing right outside the door, while 2 more scavenged along the area. Naru carefully kept herself out of sight, every now and then placing a few explosive tags along the ships cylinders and each path she took, she was trying to get the jump on a few pirates but for now, she was setting her traps.. The most interesting thing about everyone though, was they appeared to be under some sort of genjutsu, not only that but the pirates… Looked like sailors of the line.
This was not the first time Ryo had seen people act like this. There was a really good chance that these pirates were not pirates at all. Now the mission seemed to change for Ryo. It was about finding the source of the genjutsu and severing their tie to everyone else. Honestly Ryo was unsure if these pirates could swim under genjutsu. Instead he attempts to sneak along the side of the ship towards the captain's quarters. He was moving around different obstacles in an attempt to keep out of the line of sight of the sailors.
He'd be growling at this point, and soon sitting down in grump mode. Shizukesa's already lost his composure, but luck was on his side. He's lucky he took off that armband. He would look around though, getting an idea of where he is. He'd then tap the floor three times with his heel, inspecting it…Yup. On the other side was nothing more than plank and ocean. He looked to his right too, then to his left at his guards.
"Who are you, why're you keeping me locked up? My father'll not like this!"

"We need more time…. We can bring more of the lines ships to renedevous with us soon to bring them to our cause…" Ryo could hear a voice speaking out, and older gentleman with a stern voice, he sat along the edge of a meeting table along with a black robed figure, his hair was about chin length and as dark as obsidan. " You will have to hurry Captain, there are still quiet a few things that need to be set in place, failure is most certainly not an option…" The voices could be heard from outside of the cabin, and Naru also found things to be strange, without any means of communicating she kept her tags close to her at this point, the emergency boat was secure enough to get when all things went down. Naru climbed along the exterior of the ship before appearing high ontop of the ships quarters, she looks down at Ryo, she offered him a questionable glance, mostly curious if the way was clear, she would naturally follow his lead depending on whatever he was to do next.

"Someone! Shut this kid up!" One of the guards shouts, another one comes towards the cage, kneeling down with an open jar of a sort until finally it something could be heard. "HiSsSsssSs, " " This outta shut the kid up, you think we care about what your father thinks kid? We are sailors of the line," The man states and suddenly dumps in a single venmous spider for Shizukesa to play with, it hisses once and and quickly begins to go into the attack, snapping at him with its fangs (10) it was a small spider though, hopefully he could get out of the way.
Ryo notices the guard infront of the door is wearing a different uniform. He was about to meet his demise. The boy quickly sneaks to the side of him. He draws his blade and in a swift motion cuts the man's neck. He was hearing the voice of the captain. It seemed like the captain might be under the genjutsu and the man talking to him was likely the one responsible… or knew who was. Ryo was just hoping that he had not yet been caught.
Shizukesa just eyes the spider, then eyes the men watching with the jar. Spider. Jar. Man. Spider. BOOT! He suddenly kicks the thing straight upwards and back at the one who had it captive, sending it right towards his head. Shizukesa lets his own mimicked hiss out in spite. He then points at the men, even if they're panicking or freaking out.
"You can't keep me in here! Any boat I'm on sinks, I am bad luck! If you don't release me this moment the ship will sink too!"
He plops down, sitting. He crosses both arms, but one arm isn't there…inside his robe, Shizukesa's manuvered his right arm behind him and now has his palm flat on the wood of the deck.

"AhhH!!!" The guard shouted in pain, the fang snake latched right onto the side of his cheek pumping its venom into the mans flesh. Things weren't looking so well for down in the bowels, everyone was getting pretty worked up over this annoying kid. "Let me help you!" One the guard shouted out, attempting to pull the snake off of his flesh while more guards closed in the the surroundings of the cage, they were almost about to let him out just to get rid of him. " We aren't playing into any of your tricks you little runt! You are going to rot in here until we say otherwise!"

Naru and Ryo on the other hand didnt have their hands quite full, with the guard Taken out Naru leaped down to Ryo's side and offers him a smile. " You are quite good with a blade aren't you?" She complimented, turning her attenton to the door, her own sharingan was activated and she poked at the door. " We need to see what this is all about.." She speaks, focusing a stream of chakra she leads the way opening the door square on, she peaked inside and then forces the door open, the captain is startled, almost falling out of his chair, " Guar-!" The Captain is silenced with a raise of the robed man's hand, and he takes a look at them both, his eyes also are the same color as theirs, a brillant red with three tomoe, little did they know as soon as they entered they would be caught in his link (49), Naru herself was easily caught in it, she could feel her body begining to shake, her lungs closing up as she gasped for air, the genjutsu was overwhelming powerful, it had been quite some time since she herself had been in one… She was also awe struck… What was an Uchiha doing here? that and she looked so familiar… " You have quite the eyes for someone so young," the woman speaks, she doesn't even bother to move from her seat just yet, her eyes stare down at the two Uchiha looking right back at him, she seemed cocky, or maybe she was just smart… " It looks like things won't be going as planned after all, Its no matter, after all you two will join me right? Or at least you? Uchiha Naru?"

For Naru the choking began to stop, and soon enough her body begins to lift up from the floor, she stares darkly at first to the main sitting in the chair, "Who are you…what is your name..?" Naru wanted to say, but no words came out, and she began to struggle, her movements were like she was being possessed by something," I will…. Join you.." Naru replies back, finally tugging out a single kunai, she looked back to Ryo and began to advance on him… He could see too that now she was under a genjutsu…
"Dinghy." is all Ryo had to say as it became apparent that Naru had fallen under the genjutsu. She was the genjutsu expert but somehow managed to fall under one. There is a sigh as the boy places his blade in it's sheath. He then forms some hand signs before blowing hot air towards Naru. The signs continue except for now, he starts a giant fireball. It is not point at Naru though. Instead it is aimed at the wall of the office. Ryo was setting the ship on fire.
Deep down the boy was hoping Shizukesa would hurry up with his attack. It was a great time for it…
Shizukesa was growling. He just flexes his palm a moment before his face cringes a moment. Well, not good. Despite their surrounding panic and shouting at him, it became rather obvious why Shizukesa's face is all scrunched up. A foul smell fills the room. Whelp, silent but deadly and it's the ONLY way he ever is silent. He just kinda curls his lips up and then coughs twice.
"Sorry…Told you I'm bad luck."
He then just narrows his eyes, and his teeth show a moment.
His palm pushes flat against the wood and in an instant…all the wood beneath him shatters and explodes in a fiery blast. Shizukesa is immediately falling downward into the massive hole he blasted through both the ship and the ocean. As he lands into the water, it's in that moment the force of the explosion subsides and the water rushes into the giant hole…
His cage having been blasted free, Shizukesa literally is being pushed randomly through the hull now, flailing about.
This wasn't planned, and with his Bakuton still active…anything he touches literally explodes again! Three more holes are knocked into the ships hull, right on the opposite side of where the other ship is. Luck? Might be. But for right now there is a flailing Konoha-nin swearing and gurgling as random explosions rock the ship like firecrackers.
To those who can't see, it would seem Shizukesa was doing an excellent job but right now, he's pissed off and wet.

Naru was inching closer and closer to Ryo, her kunai raised as if she was about to slash him though as he sears the air with hot air, she is forced to recover quickly, she squints her eyes and shuts them closed blocking them with her arm, it causes Naru to recoil and quickly come to her senses, at least…. Almost, With Naru failing her attack and is literally thrown back by the massive hole in the captains quarters by Ryo's Goukakyuu, it actually catches everyone on off guard , and as soon as that explosion was off, another was set off right at the heart of the vessel, causing it to shake stir and instantly begin plumenting into the ocean, it was a rapid sink, not only did Shizukesa have to find a way to quickly swim out into the open sea, he had to make sure he wasn't going to be buried alive wit ha ship falling right on top of them.

" Damn it…." The robed Uchiha cringes with a sigh, it was in that instance she pulled out his own kunai, chucking it into the captain's neck causing him to lay out flat dead in an single instance. " Now you kids are just getting in the way, Katon! Goukakyuu no Jutsu!(43)" The woman encantants, summoning out his own massive fire, the ship was going down but if they could be down with the ship it was even better, after the attack he attempts to jump out right from the hole that Ryo made, she was escaping, and she was quick also… As Naru came to she dodged the attack flawlessly, reappear next to the captain who was already die in the quarters… Not only did Ryo's blast knock a hole through the wall, it caught one of Naru's tags on fire, causing one to explode and then the next like a domino effect, blazing the upper exterior and causing the ship to begin to bend in split in half.. " Ryo! Naru shouts out, pointing towards the exit. " We need to get out of here!"

"Briny…" Bad Atsuro. Had Ryo not spent time around the chuunin, he would still be that pure and untainted child that his mother had always desired him to be. Ryo was surprised the jutsu worked on Naru. Even more surprised when the entire ship began to blow up. Unfortunately the captain was dead and now he was slamming himself into a side wall to escape the great fireball of this rogue Uchiha. As he hears Naru's voice he looks over to. "Glad to have you back. Let's go! Look for Shizukesa as we get out there. I will cover you." He then proceeds to follow Naru out. He was hoping as the ship split in half, the boy would be able to escape the hull.

It wasn't until the level he was on was completely flooded that Shizukesa's world finally stopped spinning. He didn't need to know which way was up, he only needed to touch a solid wall before again he blasted clean through it. Luck again was on his side, as when he does detonate it he is pushed out of the hull by a rush of water forcing it's way out due to pressure inside! He flails as he's blasted out into the open ocean, scrambling upwards through the water…

He bobs to the surface some ways away…floating limp on his back with a dizzy look on his face and spits some water out of his mouth.
Yeah…he's never doing that one again!

And so it was done…. The ship itself was in complete shambles, the crew wass mostly buried in the sea with a few others floating up and scrambling around for help, Ryo and Naru managed to sit tight in the only emergency boat, picking up Shizu along the way. " That was… Some pretty intense work you did thre Shizu-san.." Naru compliments though most of her attention is on other things… She was bothered by the recent events… the Rogue uchiha was unseen, either he was gobbled up by the sea or actually managed to get away… things would remain silent, at least from Naru… it was going to be a long row back….

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