The Lover's Return


Kurome, Kiji, Kenta, Hige, Daichi, Kyuketsuki

Date: March 26, 2016


A team of Konoha shinobi go after Kyuketsuki to bring him back to the Hidden Leaf. Hopefully they won’t run into issues.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Lover's Return"

Land of Water

Despite the fast movements of the Delta Clan led by Hige, it still took time to organize the shinobi. They were forced to actually enter the Land of Water to get Kyu back, which is why so many precautions were taken and why it had taken a length of time to truly have everyone present. Kurome was technically running this show, and so she stood with Hige, Kenta, and surprisingly Daichi. Likely because he's a member of Team Lunar… They were many miles outside of Kirigakure, hidden by a barrier of Kenta's own making (seals) as a precaution. Kyuketsuki was located in a village/house that was entirely run by Okami, and no others were really around.
"Remember, we need to take him without a trace when he's alone. I don't like the idea of fighting near Kiri, so we're avoiding conflict at all costs." She eyes Hige … Pointedly… "Kyuketsuki-san is reported to be in this area. We're quite far from civilization, so the only ones around are likely the kidnappers. Everyone understand what we're doing?" She pauses and waits for people to say yes or something.

Hige says…nothing. A slight nod is all Kurome will really get in reply while Hige's senses remain widely open to the area, as they had been for a time now. He could tell exactly where Kyu was at this distance but as much as he would like to just kill those nearby and take the Uchiha home he'd already been warned to not start a war without a good reason. It's really one of the few times he'll actually listen to Daisuke and Atsuro.

Goosebumps are forming on Kenta's skin. They're so close to enemy lands. The medic-nin doesn't really want to be where he is now, but he -has- to be for his student's sake. Once Konoha's tracking teams finally traced Kyu's whereabouts, there's no way that Kenta would not be part of the group to mount a rescue, no matter where that led him. If he's not there for his student, what kind of sensei would he be?
Thankfully, just because he's -here- doesn't mean that he has to be -seen-. All the cloaking seals that Kenta put up to hide the group renders them the next best thing to invisible, unscentable and inaudible from the outside while they discuss what's going on. Those with exceptional senses or sensory prowess might be able to pierce the barrier, but they're safer from detection than they would be otherwise.
"Understood, Kurome-sama. The important thing is to get Kyu back. If we don't do it here…" Kenta's lips tighten into a line for a second. No need to say aloud that Kyu would be doomed. "Once we start moving again, I'll set up a telepathic link, so that we can communicate without speaking out loud. My barrier muffles sounds a -lot-, but doesn't completely stop it. Also, we could get separated, so this will help as long as we're within a mile of each other."

Daichi just nods and waits. He was mostly looking around the area and watching the area. It looked like a nice play overall, and this was the furthest away from Konoha he had ever even been. "What if we are forced into conflict Kurome? What do we do then? And if Kiri shinobi show up here? What then?" He asked all the questions and waited for his own answer as he stayed closer to Kenta.

The group would be waiting quite some time for Kyuketsuki to be caught alone. The sun would go down and it would be partway into the night before somewhere in the house, a window opens. Someone climbs out of the window, and stands on the wall, clearly using tree walking. He lowers the window so that it's still slightly opened, and then hops to the ground below. It appears to match Kyuketsuki, and Hige's scent detection would definitely show it is him, though he appears to be wearing a different cloak. The cloak was a solid spring green, and his hood was up. He casually looks around before quietly walking a little ways away from the house. He seems a little nervous, as if he isn't supposed to be outside the house. And likely, he wasn't. His unclear intention was to have a quick look around, before quickly returning to the house he was being held in. He always was impulsive, after all.

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Kiji had been put on guard, though Kyuketsuki wouldn't know of it, nor would Okami really. Kiji was a sensor and a good one, she didnt have to be within Okami's range with her spiders in order to know where Kyuketsuki — the Uchiha — was. She'd had a few glimpses of soemthing… on the ship. Something that put her int he trees a ways out from the house, reaching with her mind, scanning…. Ad then she sat up, the wood she'd been slicing at slipped into her pocket with her blood knife about her wrist as she sensed… how many… and strangers but certainly formidible. She stood ad moved. One thing Kiji had was speed. One thing she didnot.. was stealth. Almost instantly her chakra would light up, gathering enough to announce to the group she was definitely of Jounin level.
And then she dropped down from the trees a few yards in front of Kyuketsuki. "You were told to remain inside, boy." She growled…. "Stay there. Don't. Move. Unless I tell you to." Her golden eyes promised not just retaliation for insubordination btu plenty of unnecessary pain along with it should he disobey…. Then she turned, blood crawling around her ankles and wrists like vines. She stood directly in thier path.. and waited.

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"Then just focus on staying alive," Kurome would tell Daichi. "We are here to extract Kyuketsuki-san." Then their attention would have to turn to the Uchiha (or at least where he was staying). They waited and waited for him to show up alone, and when he did, she would indicate for everyone to move out. That was likely when Kiji spotted them… The Clan Head's eyes would be pale red by the time she started to move, and she could both see and sense the intense chakra that she knew was not her clan mate's. ~Trouble~ she says through the Link Kenta established. ~Be alert… I don't think we can dodge this bullet.~

Hige simply remains watching until Kyu is outside of the building. ~That's him.~ But then he felt it too. Not only that, but he could /smell/ it. And then he was gone, having pushed ahead with Konsho and Kizoku on either side before sliding to a stop a good twenty feet from Kiji and Kyu. "You have taken someone that does not belong to you. Return him now and we will leave peacefully." His words are peaceful enough, but everything else about him bristles. His eyes, fangs, claws, even his hair seems to stand on end (more than usual…). However he doesn't attack first. Have to give him that right?

RP: Kenta uses TELEPATHY-II.

Kenta stiffens when chakra's flared close enough that even he can feel it. The telepathic network that he's maintaining carries his uneasy through it to brush the edges of everyone's mind. It take a second before discipline helps him focus enough to dampen the amount of emotion that he's bleeding into the network. He follows the team cautiously towards the dangerous looking woman. «What do we do, Kurome-sama?» the medic-nin asks silently. The feelings of unease might no longer be carried to the team, but his mental "voice" is still full of unease. «If we get into a physical confrontation, the chance of it escalating…» And he shuts up momentarily when Hige takes action, which thankfully doesn't include attempts at clawing the woman's face off.

Daichi nods slowly to Kurome. "Okay then." He waited for the others to take off and only then would follow along. He watched the others act like Hige who questioned right away. The other thing was Kenta seemed to be uneasy. Even Daichi felt off from this little display of chakra, but he wasn't smart enough to get worried from it. He was still being normally brave.

Kyu seems significantly alarmed by Kiji's sudden appearance, unable to sense chakra without his Sharingan. His skin crawls a bit at the order. Was someone here that was causing Kiji to act like this? He doesn't move from his place, but begins to look around. He spots Hige appearing now, threatening her. He seems even more alarmed now. He still doesn't move yet. But he does flare up his own chakra instinctively, activating his two tomoe Sharingan to look around and likely spot the rest of the group. All people he know. Konoha. He wasn't sure how he felt about this… And it showed. He gets a poker-face kind of look about him, and simply watches, silently.

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Kiji waited , looking quite relaxed, as they moved in. Hige came out first, sure to scent her blood. Her golden eyes tainted just a little with purple as the two dogs came into view. She didn't seem bothered.. perhaps curious. "Huh." She mumbled then turned and tilted her head toward the others still concealed eve a bit. She cated a hip, her skirt and top marked with the Okumo clan symbol. However, unlike most Okumo (if anyone would know this) she only faintly smelled like spider. Specificly spider venom, and on top of tht.. Okumo could not control their own blood…
Kyuketsuki raising his chakra got a glance from her but nothing more. She turned toward the forest and called out to those still within. "You can come out now. I know you are there. I know your 'scent' I WILL find you."
Then she turned to look back at Hige and grinned evilly just to see his reaction. But his ninken would not sense agression, she was poking the bear so to speak. "I would love to take you all on. I relly would, But I'm ot allowed to declare war." She turned back to the forest and in Daichi's general direction called out, "So you're safe for now little one!" She grinned as if that was a great joke before getting more serious her eyes visibly shifting into a blood red crimson of her own. "As for you….Inuzuka? The boy came on his own will. Or do you think we'd let him roam around if he was a prisoner? Is that what you do in Konoha? It would explain things…"

Kurome would sigh to herself and step towards Kiji, revealing her presence. She took in Kiji's appearance, not recognizing the Jounin at all. Shame. Maybe something could have been accomplished if they were familiar. ~We may as well come out. Daichi-kun, be sure to keep back a bit just in case we need to run…~ She knew he was fast, but… Well, better safe than sorry. "Oh? He came of his own accord?" she asks Kiji with a raised brow. "I'm admittedly hard-pressed to believe that… I didn't think Kyuketsuki-san isn't the kind of person to abandon his friends and village."

A low growl escapes Hige at Kiji's words but he doesn't attack her at this point. How unfortunate he can't start a war either. "Kyu, what is she talking about?" he asks instead, his tone still with that growl beneath it. Konsho and Kizoku are still ready as well, but they look like they would never attack first no matter what anyways. It all hinges on Hige.

A heavy scowl appears on Kenta's face, looking as unnatural there as wings on a kitten. He steps out into the open to stand with the rest of the Jounin, but only after palming and swallowing a few pills from various pockets of his vest. The medic-nin comes to a stop with his arms hanging loosely at his side. This keeps his fingers within easy reach of equipment holders nearby. Kenta digs his heels slightly into the ground to brace himself for potential aggression. "I doubt that my student agreed to this of his own free will without some trick at play. Umm… And whether that's true or not is irrelevant. He's a shinobi of Konoha."
While Kenta speaks aloud, he also sends a private message to Daichi. «Stay near me, Daichi. I don't want you too far for us to cover you if anything happens. This woman feels dangerous. Who knows how many others like her are around.» The medic-nin shifts slightly, turning his left heel and shoulders few degrees outwards in a subtle indication of where Daichi can stand. The motion includes with it a quick scan of the surroundings with alert eyes, although that's unlikely to be nearly as efficient as what the Inuzuka of the team can sense.

Daichi followed more and looked once at Kyuketsuki. His eyes shifted to Kiji though as she continued and spoke more. He didn't seem scared any by her words actually. And he still moved forwards though he wasn't stupid and stayed behind Hige. "Kyu came on his own? Why would he do that? Because if….If he did that…"Daichi frowned slightly and looked at Kyuketsuki. "Did you really come here on your own? You left Konoha behind? Your friends behind? For what?" He would move to Kenta's side then. Might as well right. He asked him to, and it didn't seem like a bad thing. "Kyu. You wouldn't just run away… So why are you out here?"

Kyu listens and watches. He hears his willingness come up and jumps a bit, before looking away, more towards the ground. He never looks back up as he keeps listening, as they question him. Doubt he'd come willingly. He remains quiet. He glances up at Kiji, before looking back away. "Fine. It's true. I came willingly. I was kidnapped at first but after the situation was explained, I went along." He gives a look to Hige specifically, knowing the name would only ring a bell for him. "Okami convinced me to go. I wanted to be with her but seeing as you're here…" Kyu looks away again. "It would've been better if you hadn't found me."

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Kiji looked over toward Kurome and smirked faintly. She was a threat. Her words made Kiji shrug. The girl didn't care if this woman believed it or not really. However, Kiji's orders were clear when it came to Kyuketsuki. Hige speaking to Kyuketsuki got no real response from Kiji. Instead she kept her eyes on Kurome, apparently the leader here. Kenta got a glance then Daichi.
The questions thrown at Kyuketsuki made Kiji's eyes darken. She looked annoyed perhaps. But she did indicate Kyuketsiki could answer.
The boy's answer, however made Kiji's eyes narrow and her chakra spike. She had sensed something off on the boat.. Now… He …. did not seem to be lyig and KIji's eyes wend from red to black, a black that covered eve the whites of her eyes, an expression of pure wrath on her face.. though only for a few moments. She closed her eyes and took a breath then walked over to Kyuketsuki and put her hands on her hips, eyes now showig ice blue irises inside the black. Blood crept out from various pores on her body as if it just couldnot be held inside her veins and she made Kyuketsuki look at her inthose cold eyes, even if she would have to grab his chi and yank his head up she would make him look at her.
"Boy. You will speak to me the truth of the matter. Now. You were hesitant on the boat. WHY Exactly did you go with Okami?" She was using a tone that insisted on an answer but instead of thret, he would see fairness. "No matter the answer You will not be killed. I need the truth from you. "Why did you go with her and do you wish to stay?" Leaning down to his ear she spoke softly. "If you wish to stay I will kill them all and we can be done with them. No one will know what happened. Just tell me the truth. I will know if you are lying."

… Kurome raises a brow at Kiji's words, and Kyu's as well, as she listens. ~Don't do anything yet,~ she would tell the others. ~Stay quiet for a bit… We're listening to what Kyu says.~ She would cross her arms a bit as she stood there, waiting to hear what Kyu had to say in regards to Kiji's question. Of course, her hearing was awful, so she didn't know what Kiji whispered to Kyu.

Hige is not very pleased by Kyu's words, but there was a part of it yet that didn't make sense, and even more so there was the matter at hand. Yet before he could begin to say it himself someone beats him to it. Someone…rather unexpected really. Hige straightens up some, no longer having the appearance that he might go into a rage at any moment but instead considers this odd Kiri nin. He even smirks a bit at something unsaid that he seems to pick up from the two ninken beside him. But then of course there's Kiji's final whisper which exacts total revenge! An eyeroll and a snort from the teen Inuzuka as he folds his arms over his chest. "I'd like to see you try, bloodied one." It's not said loudly, but loudly enough for Kiji and Kyu to hear, though maybe not as easily for those behind him.

Kenta takes a step forward when Kiji advances on his student. He stops himself before he does anything that could be considered threatening. Then, Kenta's brows furrow as Kyu's explanation reaches him. There's something about the whole situation that's smelling fishier and fishier. Once again, the edges of his emotions leak into the network. The thoughts behind it aren't coherent enough to the others to be truly decipherable, but there's a sense that Kenta's unhappiness has grown several fold. At least some of that it is aimed at Kyu this time. Kenta's fingers flex slightly, but he obeys Kurome's command to stay silent… for now.

Daichi just stood there for a moment. Listening in on everything said, and he shook his head. Before Kurome could say for them to stay quiet he was speaking. "Kyu. You ran off without letting anyone know what was going on. You followed them blindly into a place where for all you know you were being played and tricked. You likely could've been killed rather than standing here able to talk now. Is that what you—" Suddenly he noticed what Kurome had said and sighed. He would listen, and actually he didn't seem angry. He seemed dissapointed. Saddened. Upset… And it was likely the others over the link could tell.

Kyu continues to frown and look away until letting a small sound of being startled out, as he's forced to look into Kiji's eyes with his Sharingan eyes. He hesitates a moment, and seems panicked at the last part. "I-I don't want anyone to die…" He mumbles quietly before speaking his response. "I… She." He sighs. "No one else has shown me affection quite the way she has. I agree. I could've been walking into death but that was a risk I was willing to take." Kyu hesitates again. "I… Just wanted to be with her but I knew that wasn't going to happen. Not while she was part of Kirigakure, and I was part of Konohagakure. I knew we would have to be a secret. Apparently she didn't want us to just be a secret anymore, and gave me the chance to be with her through this."

Kiji was aware of the others and the level of gression they showed. It was as if they considered this a hostage sitution. They all seemed ready to defend him against her. It was curious. But then Hige muttered that challenge and she chuckled softly to herself. But she turned back to Kyuketsuki. Her eyes seemed to soften for just a moment and then she was back to the snake inthe grass, face hard. "Boy you make a choice right now. Either I kill them to keep you here or I kill you." Her eyes narrowed. "/Somene/ is dying today."

Kurome narrows her eyes slightly when she hears Kyu speak. He ended up coming here… Because this 'Okami' treated him nicely. The emotions that Kurome felt in that moment were complicated, but suffice to say disbelief was one that she felt. ~Please tell me I didn't hear him correctly…~ she asks of her teammates. ~I will strangle him personally if I heard what he just said correctly.~ Not actually, but that reason …

"Then that someone better be the one who did the kidnapping," Hige says, his voice suddenly rather strong and, while he's still angry, it doesn't show through. In fact he looks far more mature than he ever has, which is a bit frightening in and of itself. "If you want to hurt someone then do it elsewhere. If you hurt any one of us I promise nothing but pain for you." Perhaps he'd caught that earlier…"However Kyu you need to tell the truth now. She kidnapped you, then you decided to go with her. Only because she was nice to you? How far did she take you and what exactly did she offer you?" Even his feral eyes are more piercing than they've ever been as they settle on Kyu, looking through him and into his soooooul!

Kenta couldn't believe his ears. "How could you be so… -stupid-, Kyu. I thought I knew you better than this!" the medic-nin exclaims before he can stop himself. He compresses his lips into a thin line again and breathes out through flared nostrils. He takes a few deep breathes in and out. At this point, Kenta's hands have clenched into fists at his side. "Go ahead and answer her, Kyu. I want to hear exactly what you're going to say now. I want to see if there's more about you that I didn't realize." Kenta's eyes bore into Kyu as he waits for him to speak. He doesn't seem too concerned about dying right now, despite the possibility of that.

Daichi looked up at Kyu. His fists were clenched tightly as he looked at him with what looked to be anger now in his eyes. "So what do you call how Shinobu looked up to you huh? You were like an older brother to her. You act like she never cared about you? THat she never showed you affection? What about me. I know I looked up to you. And if this affection you speak of happens to just be someone acting like they love you than you are just stupid. You didn't even tell anyone of us. Just in case you were being tricked. You don't risk death for someone you love if you don't expect the same from them. Because if they won't die for you then they don't care about you. And something tells me she would've never agreed to you doing what she did." To Kyu the only time he would've seen anger matching this wwould've been when Zori attacked Shinobu and them. "If..if you…" He didn't continue speaking though. He turned away and looked at Kenta who seemed much more calm than Daichi was. Likely just because he was much more disciplined.

Kyu's expression dulled at the question of who should die, him or his friends. And hearing them all become frustrated with his response. All the anger directed at him. Even Kenta had an outburst. He slowly starts to look towards the ground. His mind flipped back and forth as he felt anger and confusion rising up within him as well. 'Who should die.' The question kept ringing in his head. He felt something click. He felt something change. He felt more chakra begin to surge towards his eyes. Somehow, he knew what this was.
He made his decision. He looks up at Kiji before immediately jumping back, away from her. "I choose me. But I'm not going down without a fight." The stress had managed to activate the third tomoe of the Sharingan. "Love… Maybe it wasn't love it was infatuation. Maybe I am stupid." Kyu drops his henge. He never took off the cloak. It returns to it's true appearance, the black exterior, the Konohagakure leaf over his heart. Kyu gives a serious, focused look to Kiji and readies himself, "but I won't just let you hurt the friends that have been there for me through so much."

RP: Kyuketsuki transforms into SHARINGAN-III.

Kiji quirked a brow as Kyuketsuki leapt away from her. She would start for him,pausing as he spoke, as if his answer made her freeze just for a moment. She let him speak his peace then shiftedher stance. She had been prepared to rip something apart. And brutally. But Kyuketsuki's answer had her dropping her hands to her sides and straightening up. Her eyes remained the same, black and pale blue but she did not seem like she was going to take him up on his offer.
Instead, theKiri nin smiled.
Twice she backstepped then turned, looking at the gathered Jounin. It ws her turn for a bit of speaking. "I am Okumo Kiji, Jounin of Kirigakure. I was sent to smuggle this defector into the Land of Water safely. I did. But there was something wrong about the whole thing." She held up her hands one to Kyu and the other to the Leaf shinobi. "Please allow me to speak. This boy did come with us willingly, however. I could see into his heart as I can see into yours. Perhaps he did not understand the gravity of what he was doing and perhaps Okami used a chemical or toxin. I do not know. I do not particularly care. I was sent for a defector not a captive and not a child confused about his own feelings."
"We are not after a war. As a Jounin and close friend to the Okumo Clan Head, I declare that this boy was tricked in some fashion. He does not wish to be here."
She motioned sharply at Kyu, telling him to move to the group. "Go. Take him. I will see to it Okami is punished. If she gets off with 30 lashes she will be postage lucky." She looked directly into Kenta's eyes then. "But I will have to request tht you allow me or a small squad to escort you out of the Land of Water. If you were found by a patrol you could be attacked."

Kurome would glance to Hige to see what he thought. He was easiest able to detect any malice towards the group and all. If he gave the all clear sign, and assuming he had, Kurome would look to Kiji. Then Kyu. "Kyuketsuki-san, we will be meeting when we return to Konoha… Come over here please." Then Kurome looks to Kiji. "Thank you for returning him. You are free to escort us to the border. We don't want any trouble."

Hige's hands flex, then close into fists as he prepares for a battle, but then Kyu jumps away from Kiji. When she starts towards Kyu Hige's muscles tense but he doesn't move immediately and for an apparent reason as she stops when Kyu speaks. Now then this is interesting. After Hige hears what Kiji says he glances sideways at Konsho to see if the ninken can smell something he can't. But no, things seem okay. A nod to Kurome to signal all was well. As well as could be. Only then would his gaze return to Kiji. "Inuzuka Hige. I haven't met many Kiri shinobi, but your honor in this instance proves that my thoughts about them may be misaligned. I'm glad we were able to solve this." A…peaceful Hige? Was Kizoku really rubbing off on him /that/ much? For sure now that things are calmed down Kizoku is sitting quite regally and just…surveying the area as if he owns it.

Some of the tension bleeds away from Kenta, but it's quickly replaced by something else. His fists unclench, so that they're once more free to reach for tags or perform hand seals at a moment's notice. Kyu has chosen and it's clear from the young man's expression that the choice made has assailed at least some of his anger towards his student. His fingers twitch again, going for a pouch when Kiji suddenly moves. He stops with the tips laying on the flap and slowly pulls the hand away again when Kiji seemingly offers to let Kyu leave with them.
Kenta cautiously steps forward towards Kyu. The medic-nin's steps are measured and light, his body held at ready for quick action. He interpose himself bodily between Kiji and Kyu. "Go ahead, Kyu. Do as they say," he urges softly without taking his eyes away from the Kiri kunochi. Trust only goes so far when facing a shinobi from a hostile land.
Kenta gravely addresses Kiji. "Thank you for returning him to us. Umm… it's unfortunate that such a misunderstanding occurred, but I'm also glad we're able to get this resolved peacefully. I appreciate your willingness to work with us regarding this matter."

Daichi just stared for a moment, but he didn't seem any changed. His emotions still seemed a bit angry. His eyes shifted to Kiji though. "Yes. Thank you." He then turned and didn't pay any mind to anyone else at the moment. Simple would get in positon to follow one of the others as he wasn't in the mood to rush home or talk any. "So. Ready to leave then?" He said to no one in particular.

Kyu blinks with surprise. She's just… Letting him go? No way. There's a trick to this. She didn't drop her weird blood stuff. He doesn't take his Sharingan eyes off her as he hesitates. He begins to make his way to the group, never looking away. He expected her to rush at him and attack at any moment. He speaks to the group as he walks over, still not looking away. "I know I will be punished. And I know I deserve it. Kurome-sama, Kenta-sensei, Hige, and Daichi-san. All of you, I apologize."

Kiji glanced toward Kurome when she spoke, ordering Kyuketsuki to her side. The funny part wasKiji was fully prepared to pick the boy up with her blood and deliver him herself. But she simply stod still. Then she turned her eyes on Hige then as he introduced himself. She inclined her head politely. "Perhaps." Was all she had to say to him on the matter. Of course they would have a few days to study eachother on the road.

Kenta's actions madeher fold her arms and wait. His words.. either he was nervous as address or he was unsure ofher. Possibly both. "We have no need of a war right now, Leafer-san. " She wasn't going to insist that they introduce themselves. Let them do as they pleased.. As long as they were 'pleased' to leave the Landof Water she was glad to babysit for a few days.

Daichi made her remember something and she turned her back on Kenta rather deliberately and reached out with one hand. A thin tendril of blood snaked out and whipped into the woods, returing with a satchel in hand which Kiji then put on her back. The blood formed itself into little beads and she floated them up near her hair. Little purple things reached out and pulled the blood drops into her braid.

Kyuketsuki would be glanced at for a moment as he stared at her in disbelief and she shrugged. "My orders werenot to steal you and not to protect you. You did not come entirely of your own will, you can go home. Orders are orders." She looked directly at Kurome. "And with two of you in this group you NEED me to ensure you're not attacked. This is a one time thing. Do not mistake this and think that nothing will happen if Konoha comes in again unofficially." It wasn't a threat just a warning. But we may leave whenever you are ready."

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