The Matatabi chakra cloak!


Misaki, Hiei, Hiroyasu, Hinotori

Date: April 27, 2013


Misaki was getting into trouble again, this time.. with the Uchiha! Note: ~ ~ = Bijuu talking

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Matatabi chakra cloak!"

Land of fire

Misaki was crawling through an alley in the Uchiha village on hands and feet, poking her head out to check things out. She managed to stay under the radar for now, mainly because they Uchiha would never expect someone to be foolish enough to waddle through their village as if it's a tourist attraction. "This is the place that Fudo is from right?" She says slowly. ~ Misaki-kun this is - not - a good idea. The Uchiha aren't known for their hospitality. ~ Misaki wants to retort to Matatabi who has been whining about everything she did since she got here, not that it wasn't justified. She's too curious for her own good. Ofcourse, when she curls around a corner she bumps into Hinotori's leg, looking up at him, smiling widely. "Hi…" She says, before slowly getting up, and without warning, trying to sprint off (much like bugs bunny would..)

Well things aren't going all that well for little miss Kumo-nin that is Misaki. Having heard something about someone sneaking around the village again, Hinotori leaves from the village proper to head into his own village. While he makes his way to the village, a group of Uchiha appears behind the Kumo-nin, this group isn't one known to be all that gentle, and as Misaki peers out from the alley, she is quickly and quietly apprehended. Her hands and arms bound and quickly escorted out of the village, "We don't like people sneaking around." a woman with long dark hair says, she has fierce green eyes and she seems to be leading the three others that are with her.

As Hinotori arrives as the village gates to the Uchiha, he smirks when he sees a girl being brought to the entrance. "Uchiha Mia, whats going on?" he asks. "I found her snooping around, instead of just visiting. She could be a spy for Kumogakure here to gather intelligence." Mia says. Shaking his head, "No, I think she is with a group here that working with us." he tells her. "But Hinotori-kun…." raising up a hand. "Come on, we can't do this without proof, I will escort her out to the other area of the village and get her with her team. I will keep an eye out for her." Sighing and shaking her head and pushing Misaki towards Hinotori. Taking the binds off of Misaki, "Come with me." he tells her as he escorts Misaki to the park.

"Ummm…now you will have eyes on you until you decide to sneak around again." he tells her. Hinotori looks at her curiously for a l ong moment, "If you want to explore, there are some areas where you can go and others you can't. By sneaking around your making yourself look guilty as well as bringing suspicion to you and your team." he says as he looks to her. "So what were you doing?"

Having trained the entire day previously, first with Misaki and then later on with Hiroyasu, Hiei finds himself taking a walk in Toshiba Forest. He's unarmed at the moment and doesn't seem to be dressed for anything other than just hanging out. However, he spots Hinotori, the guy he met the other day. Ogo-Sensei called him an Uchiha. And he seems to be with Misaki. Running a hand through his white hair, he exhales softly. This couldn't be good. He lifts a hand in greeting as he approaches. "Uchiha-san. Misaki-san. What are you two doing out towards this way?"

Misaki struggled when apprehended. She actually managed to kick one of the younger Uchiha's there in the nuts, but it was in the middle of her kicking around, and Hinotori was in time to keep that from turning very ugly. Misaki just looks at the Uchiha and squints her eyes. ~ Stop resisting Misaki-kun ~ Misaki closes her eyes for a moment. And finally relaxes, not long after that she's pushed into Hinotori. His time with Misaki didn't go as easy as he expected to, not at first. When he says 'come with me' she crosses her and and stays where she is. "Says who?" ~ Says he, now do as he says Misaki-kun. ~

Misaki sighs and slowly moves her feet to follow alongside Hinotori. When he talks about raising suspicion to her and her team she sighs. She's been suspected of things all her life, with and without sneaking around. She downright ignores Hinotori, just walking alongside him for now. "None of your business." She responds to his inquiry as to what she was doing. She was slightly worried that she dragged her team into this as well. That wasn't her intention.

"My team has nothing to do with this…" She then adds firmly, giving Hinotori a look. "And if you think otherwise, I'll kill you." She sounds dead serious… Frankly she doesn't know Hinotori his ability, and she simply believes she can. When Hinotori looks at her her auburn eyes which were wide and friendly before morphed. The pupils were like slits, thicker gold-ish lines branching off the pupil to the side. She then blinks… and it's gone.

When they arrive in the clearing she spots Hiei…. - coat -

~ Apologize to the Uchiha Misaki-kun, he likely saved your life. ~ She looks at Hinotori. Closing her eyes while responding to the Matatabi with a single thought: No.. She then opens her eyes and shrugs. Not even giving Hiei a second look. She's completely silent, and… well… grumpy and angry, but that's nothing new.

Squinting an eye at Misaki as her eyes change, though to him it's possibly a Kekki Genkai, but her defiance just causes Hinotori to chuckle a little bit. The Uchiha isn't worried, but when threatend, he snorts. "Oh really?" he asks her as he studies her for a long moment. He glances up when Hiei comes into view and greets them, "Hello." he says to the young man, "I take it you know her?" he gestures to Misaki.

"Now as far as what I think and what you tell me are two different things my young friend. But I will break it down for you so that you understand that I'm not trying to accuse you or your team of anything." In that moment there is a brief stare, one that shows that he can be serious too, one that only those who have lived a life of war and violence is only capable of. "Those you've encountered could've killed you if they wanted. Then brought up charges against you and your team and possibly caused a incident between our two villages." he states. "It doesn't matter what you say you were doing because you are guests within the village that your allowed to move around freely." he tells her. His deamenor goes slack then back to being easy going, "The Uchiha aren't the most trusting of the clans, out side of me, but even that can be a bit different. So if this was all on you, it wouldn't matter because for instance. What if I was caught just sneaking around in your village while my team was visiting, regardless of what I was doing and what I said, do you think the Raikage would be pleased with me or my team?" he asks the girl.

Waiting for a moment, he sighs and offers her a smile, "If you were curious cool, no biggie, you don't have to sneak around just wander around, you get lost let someone know. But threating someone who's helped you isn't a good thing, I could've left you with Mia, but then again." he brings his hand to his chin and shakes his head, "She has a short fuse no matter whats going on. Nevermind." Quirking his head to teh side, "Also, you have some awesome looking eyes, they look like that of a cat." he smiles. "I like cats." he chuckles to her and holds out his hand to her, "I'm Uchiha Hinotori and you are?" he asks even though he's heard her name, it's always polite to ask for yourself.

Hiei listens to Hinotori lecture Misaki and from that, he gets an idea of what's going on. He sighs heavily and runs a hand over his face. "Hai, Uchiha-san. I know her. She's one of my teammates. I didn't introduce myself the last time we spoke. I'm Yotsuki Hiei." He places his hands in front of his chest and bows respectfully. "Please excuse Misaki-san. She's always angry and always doing things she shouldn't because she either doesn't know or doesn't care how this ambassador to Konohagakure works just yet." He looks at Misaki. "Stop threatening to kill everyone you meet before some gung-ho shinobi decides to test you and kill you. You are not invincible." Now Hiei starts to lecture her a little too. He sighs and rubs his forehead, which is without his normal Kumo headband. "Now I know what Hiro goes through…"

Misaki looks at Hiei after Hinotori speaks to him. "He knows me.." She answers in unison with Hiei's answer. She looks at Hinotori when he says he doesn't accuse her or her team of anything. "I doubt they could kill me even if they wanted to." She says at Hinotori… She was probably right. She then shrugs. "I think my village would think of it as good riddance." Again, she sounds dead serious. She loves Kumo, but she feels that isn't mutual. In truth, if she would be killed there, an incident would be an understatement. The Raikage would probably personally launch an assault, not that he cares so much about her. Rather, about what's in her. "I don't have a village, and if you're talking about Kumo…" She shrugs.

"I don't care what the Raikage would thinks.. Nor if he would be pleased with you or your team." She looks at him and perks an eyebrow as he mentions cat eyes. She wasn't aware her eyes went funky if she got mad, simply because she never got this angry before… And funnily enough, it was when he mentioned blame falling on her team. She ignores him when he concludes she was curious. "I didn't threaten you, I merely stated a fact. If you even dare to point a finger at my team or Kumogakure…" She's stopped by Hiei's lecture. Giving him a gaze. She goes back to contemplating on he eyes, he's the second who pointed at them, sure they were unique, but not so much that she'd call them cat eyes or anything. She however turns away when he offers his hand. ~ What did I teach you… ~ She sighs and without looking at him shakes his hand. "Misaki…" She says, no family name mentioned anywhere. She shakes his hand as a small child would under pressure of their parents, with someone who they really don't want to shake hands with. She then looks at up Hiei.

"I'm NOT always angry!" She says angrily. Seeing him has calmed her down a little, that and Hinotori's reassurance no one is accused of anything. "And I don't threaten." She says simply… to her it was simply stating facts… Or at least, in her mind. ~ You do Misaki… He's smarter than you in this respect. ~ She eyes Hiei. She wants to get mad at him for what Matatabi just said, but manages to suspress it. Instead she just gives him a cold glare. Instead an indifferent: "So?!" Blurts out, as if she doesn't care if she gets killed. She hasn't decided if she cares yet.

Hiroyasu darts about between the tree's, a playful frolic amongst the giant foliage. "A bird in the willow sings a shallow song" he says in a singsong tone he continues humming the rest in a careful tone. He pauses here and there to collect a plant, or prune a leaf, harvest some roots. subsiding off the land was his plan and he would buy his mother a beautiful new kimono, the likes they could never had afforded "hmm is it going to be second breakfast or first lunch" as he tosses things into the boulder before hearing a loud shout on the wind, "I'm afraid to even ask.." he mutters slapping his hand on his face, before picking up his pace and running towards the clearing where he heard the shout, only to find what he always does, a team member causing an international incident. "Hiei! Misaki!" he shouts making his way to them cautiously, the tension in the air was thick.

HInotori bows his head to Hiei, "Nice to meet you Yotsuki Hiei." he smiles, but as Hiei speaks to Misaki. "Hey it's alright." he tells Hiei. Pain is what Misaki has been dealing with, loneliness, he sees that in her. It's something that isn't hard to see but hard to bare honestly, but as he allows himself to watch and listen to her it's there just under the surface.

"Stop threatening people, it's not worth it." he tells her. "Why do all of this and for what?" he asks Misaki. The clearing is pretty large and moving back and sitting down on the ground and gesturing for Misaki and Hiei to do so as well. It's when Hiro makes his presence known that Hinotori turns to wave to her. "Hello Hiroyasu-san." he says to him. "Everything is going alright, no one is in trouble, just getting to know your other team mate Misaki-san."

Hiei eyes Misaki. "Were you born an idiot or did you work really hard to gain the position? You keep talking like that and someone will take you up on it. We don't want to see you dead. But at the same time, we can't work with someone with attitude. You need to change it. Yes, you're angry all the time. You calm down after awhile, and become almost pleasant. I like that. But it seems like when you sleep you turn into queen shawl again." He grabs a fist-full of her dress. "I have two goals in my life. To bring honor to my clan, and to perform any mission I'm assigned to the best of my ability. You are hindering both. Sensei is not around to say this, so I'll say it for him. Shape-up! The world doesn't revolve around you and you better start treating people how you want to be treated!" He takes a breath, the anger leaving him as he takes a step back. "That being said, I consider you an asset to this team, and I genuinely like having you around. I just want you to get your head out of your butt and stop being an idiot."

Misaki doesn't sit down, nor does she tense up a bit, her arms are handing down, and so is her head. She seems exausted, her face obscured by a hair. A single tear drops onto the grass. ~ What are you… Misaki! ~ "I… Don't sleep.." She says with a gloomy, almost sinister undertone. Her voice sounds double, as if someone else talks with her. A harsh grit behind it. When he mentions his goals she cringes slightly, Hinotori might not be sensory, but he might have seen Daisuke get like this (?) … her arms tens up, her fists clench. Her veins pop out and become visible while a soft yet visible blue hue surrounds her.

~ Misaki, contain your chakra! ~ It's of no use, Misaki is camouflaged and even Matatabi can't reach her. Her chakra leaking into hers. When he mentions for her to shape up she looks up at him. "Treat… people how I want to be treated?" Images racing through her mind… treat people… How I want to be treated. She doesn't know what she wants. She pushes everyone, and for a reason. The threats, the attitude…. "And asset… Yes…" She says again, her orange eyes turning bright blue, her pupil so thin it's barely visible." ~ MISAKI! HE IS YOUR COMRAD! ~ An asset… just like what the Raikage calls her… she heard it a few times, when she was sneaking and skulking around.

If Hinotori doesn't stop her she would fly off towards Hiei at speeds to would almost match his sensei, with a fist raised. Hinotori is probably the only one here who could physically stop her, and even he would have to put effort into it. Her chakra is churning and brewing. She even left a little burning grass where her foot braced. But when she almost smashes into Hiei she flinches and manages to fly past him (unless Hinotori stopped her earlier) … Instead flying straight through one… two full grown trees… before coming to a full stop, arms dangling… exhaling and inhaling deeply. Something snapped…

If Hinotori did stop her and physically made a real effort to hold her back she would be in this same state. Arms dangling, nothing reaching her. Not even her caretaker on the inside. Who's doing the best he can not to drip chakra into her system. She would remain this blinded by whatever it is for a good two minutes, before she collapses. Eyes closed… Unconsious…

Hiroyasu bows his head "Uchiha-Sempai", before looking at the other two who seem so caught up in their own angers that they are oblivious to his arrival. "Please forgive them, I will restitution any problems that they may have caused. It's what I seem to do most" before the drama fully starts and something starts to happen. "MISAKI-CHAN! Please contain yourself, we are guests here" he tries to say, a hand still instantly reaching into his seal pouch.

"Oh boy." is all he says as looks between Hiei and Misaki, this is not good. He looks towards Misaki as her chakra flares up, this doesn't look good at all. He's seen Daisuke go at it but he's not lost control like Misaki is now, but she is younger then Daisuke and as he listens to her. She is lonely, she is lashing out, shaking his head and as she begins to dart towards Hiei, HInotori's own chakra flares up rapidly and he quickly is behind Misaki, or well in front of her? What the wrap, "Calm yourself Misaki-san." he says while another Hinotori moves in front of Hiei and another in front of Hiro.

"They are your friends, and I'm jsut getting to know you." he tells her. His voice is calm but stern, "Fighting is only going to push those who are trying to get to know you away."

The clone next to Hiei pushes Hiei back a little bit more, and the one near Hiro does the same, both not takign their eyes off Misaki, but for now they are keeping the others guarded. "Calm down……it's alright, your with friends." he tells her trying to sooth her down a bit, trying to get her to relax, "Hiei-san wasn't saying anything bad about you, just telling you what he wants to do. We all must find a balance, but we can't go around threatening everyone just because we are mad or upset about what we are." he smiles to her. "From what I see your a strong girl." he smiles, "But even our strength can be our weakness, can cause people to shy away from us or use us and not have any dealings with us. Your young and probably going through a lot right now. At least allow someone to reach you." he tells her.

Hinotori looks to Hiro as he speaks up, "It's fine, but if he can't reach her, then we will act but let me see if I can calm her." Hinotori says next to Hiro. The Hinotori who is talking to Misaki smiles and walks closer as the other lets her go, he places a hand on her shoulder if allowed, "Calm down, it's alright."

Hiei looks over at Hiroyasu. "I'm only telling her that slinking around the Uchiha village hinders our efforts here. She needs to understand that her actions reflect on us all, not just her. The shinobi here won't see it the way she thinks they will." When Hinotori's clone moves to stand in front of him, he moves it to the side. "I'm not afraid of her. That's what she wants because she wants to push me away. It's not happening." He walks over to Misaki, standing in front of her even though she's lost control and obviously angry. "From the day we met, the only thing I have ever wanted from you was your friendship. I freely offered mine, even after figuring out what you are. I can't understand what you've been through, all I can do is offer you company and promise you that as long as you're a member of this team, I will watch your back and fight alongside you as I would anyone else." His gaze shifts off to the side. "I don't know what else to say to prove to you my sincerity." He shrugs and then just stands there to see how she reacts.

<Konohagakure> Greased lightning Misaki says, "IC Sensitive sensory nin would feel a strong chakra emitting from Toshiba forest's direction. Note: Only sensory nin who can pick up chakra at that range. End IC"

Hinotori's fast moves are what kept Misaki from charging. She's just standing there, chakra still rolling over her, a clear light-blue color. The hue is faint. But it seems to slowly pull back. Like her chakra is playing tug of war. When Hinotori places his hand on her shoulder she slumps, the Words just deflect off of her, she can't even hear them. Or maybe she does on a deeply subconscious level. Because… well she didn't charge. The blue hue leaves her. When her eyes snap back to her own, her shoulder drops first, then her knee bends. Before she collapses all together, eyes closed. She's still breathing, but it's as if she was knocked down by a hammer. Slumped onto her side, her head on her right shoulder and partially on the ground. ~ Sorry, Misaki-kun… I pulled the plug.. ~ Says a weak and tired voice. Matatabi has forcibly drawn back his chakra, and dragged back her mingled chakra with that. Just part of it, but it was enough to knock her out. All systems are turned off, when she finds herself seated back in her minds garden. Though she doesn't speak. She just stares at her hands, while what happened plays in front of her like a movie. A tear falling from her eyes, also outside of her mind, physically, a tear rolls out of her closed eye.

Hiroyasu rubs the front of his face with his free hand, it's apparent to him now that his ancestors must have also cursed him, "I swear I'm going to do better, please just a reprieve" he mutters into his hand talking to himself before coming back to situation "Welcome to my everyday, Uchiha-sempai." he says with the seal from his pouch pressed between his forefingers. "She was doing WHAT?!" he says at Hiei when he reveals why what is happening, is happening. "Can we forgo, international debacles for a single day!" he shouts huffing around in a circle. Before watching her drop, "Should I revive her?" he asks those present.

The blue chakra moves along him as he keeps her near by, but as she suddenly starts to drop, he smiles. Looking over to Hiei as he moves from his clone to coem to stand with him with Misaki, he catches her Misaki and picks her up. THe clones dissapates and he gestures for both Hiei and Hiro to follow him. He takes them through a few short cuts until they come to the Zen Gardens and he lays Misaki down near the fountain. "Let her sleep." he says to them, he wipes teh tears from her eyes, "Seems like she is giong through a lot and Hiei-san, I'm glad to hear what you said, a friend will do just that for her. She needs you all." he states as he looks to Hiro. "Nothing happened, she was caught sneaking around the Uchiha village, some of the Uchiha can be uptight. No harm no foul." he says. "I need to go for a bit, but I will be back, if your not here I will catch up with you some other time." he says as he begins to head off.

Hiei sits with Hiroyasu in the garden. He's sitting on one of the wooden benches in the lotus position. He watches Misaki while she's unconcious and looks over at Hiro. "Sensei is not going to like this. I may have a tendency to spar people without permission sometimes, but Misaki-san is going around telling Konoha nin that she's going to kill them. I think that's a little more severe than what I've done so far. But as long as Sensei allows her to do it, she's going to continue doing it. I just know that we're going to get blamed for this somehow."

Hiroyasu looks up from a book in he was reading, "To be honest, I'm not exactly in a caring mood for this stuff. I've been covering up for your every mis-deed since we arrived and I'm tired Hiei. I can only beg and plead so much in a given amount of time. I've probably used every boom and hammer in town fixing everything you have broken." he looks at the sleeping Misaki "And now, I have another. I think it's good I'm bald, I think maybe father is a fortune teller. I would have pulled it all out by now." he says looking back at his book, his mood was not typical.

After sneaking into the Uchiha village, being escorted out by Hinotori and snapping due to the emotion overload Misaki is knocked out cold. She's having a conversation with Matatabi in her mind. But physically she's recuperating. She took a good blow to her chakra, and while her healing is very fast, it will take her a short while to wake up. Meanwhile she's sleeping… one of the only rare moments she actually sleeps. The rest of the time here has been laying down with eyes wide open. Also a reason why she just snapped, she was exhausted.

Meanwhile in her mind: ~ See, do you call this protecting people? ~ "But I don't wan to hurt them!" Misaki says, crying still. Her tears flowing, though this time it doesn't also physically manifest. ~ You're hurting them by pushing them away. Accept the hand they're reaching out with! ~ She sighs. "But I can't!" She says… It's not that she physically can't… It just mentally feels like she's running up against a wall. ~ Why!? ~ Matatabi urges, with Misaki again pushing out a tear. "I don't know!" ~ You do.. ~ She clenches her fist and gets up. "If you know so well why don't you tell me then!" She jumps up and ends up punching Matatabi in the face, who just takes it, snapping his head back after Misaki looks at him, panting. The struggle on the inside is visible on the outside. She's not resting easy, she's sweating, curling up and then relaxing before again tensing up. Flailing around at one point even… If this is how every night goes …

"Sorry.." Misaki says, Matatabi only giving a firm nod. ~ I know you are, I understand you need time. But, give them that chance. You already opened up, you can do it! You just need to realize that and keep it going. Don't let yourself snap shut like that every time you think about it! ~ She swallows, her tears drying up, followed by a nod. She doesn't know if she can… But she wants to try… She slowly walks back to her own half… and her body physically also stopped tensing. A few minutes later she blinks, slowly sliding her arm around a bit, looking at their feet. Though she doesn't move too much, nor say anything. It feels like she just got beaten up bad.

Hiei continues his conversation with Hiroyasu. "Look, man. I know you've covered my butt more than you should since we got here. And I'm sorry that it took me so long to get with the program, but today, I got a real taste of what it must be like for you to have to clean up behind my mistakes." He glances over at Misaki. "The path she's on leads to destruction. Her destruction. All of us have problems. I know that I do, but it's how we deal with them that's important. I don't understand why she's lashing out at the people that actually want her around." He shrugs at Hiro again. "I can't really blame you for not wanting to deal with her. But I'll take up the slack on this one. But I can't keep her out of trouble for long. Sensei really needs to have a talk with her. And not one of those grunting noises talks, but a real one."

Hiroyasu licks a finger and flips a page before closing it on his thumb to hold his place, "People like to think themselves these infinitely unique and complex things. But your not, she's not, I'm not. Reading someone is easier than reading a book. Think about it like this, if she was an abused animal kicked and punched by it's former owners, shunned and spurned. Have you ever seen an abused animal before? People are no different. She is having trouble adjusting and understanding why we are not like what she has known. Life is more simple than you think" before opening the book back and continuing his studies while they wait for her awake or the coming of a turbulent wind.

Misaki slowly pushes herself up to sit, grabbing her forehead. She's having a terrible migraine, but at least she's revitalized. The sleep, however short did do her good. And without the churning chakra it allowed her some actual rest. A rare commodity for her. She slowly gets up on her knees, facing Hiei and Hiro. "Sorry!" She urges, placing her hands down in front of her and bowing down deeply. Her head on the back of her hands. "Please forgive me…" She hasn't heard Hiro… But only now she realized what she had done in the forest. How she responded. While she does push her team away, it was the last thing she wanted to do. "If you want me gone I'll leave, never return…" She sighs… ~ You're not.. ~ Matatabi responds to her, which caused her to open an eye. When she wanted to add the sentence: I'm a monster… She leaves it out, instead she remains perfectly still. Her eyes watery with tears. Though she doesn't let them go this time.

Hiei nods at Hiro. "Perhaps. I never really considered the wounded animal angle, Hiro. When did you become so insightful, eh?" Once Misaki awakens, Hiei looks at her and listens to her apology. He frowns, leans over, and lightly smacks her in the back of the head. NCIS style. "Baka. We don't want you gone. That would be too easy. What we do want is for you to act with a level of maturity befitting your station. You're a Kumogakure Genin on a mission of peace. These temper tantrums have to stop, Misaki-chan. Hiroyasu can't keep covering for us. He's the only one that's been doing what he's supposed to." He inclines his head to Hiroyasu respectfully, paying the other shinobi a compliment.

Hiroyasu says "How I think and how I act are purposely different, it's the ultimate defense against any opponent." Before sliding a paper seal into his book as a bookmark and sliding it back into his shirt pocket. "I agree with Hiei completely. We are Kumogakure after all!" before taking a moment to look at her gestures and demeanor "And we never run from a difficult situation. I believe in you Misaki-chan! But it seems you don't believe. No one of this land even knows you, if you wanted to be a princess, they wouldn't know any better. So long as what you tell them is what you believe and through your actions make them believe. Trust me on this, I know" he says with a waggle of his brow.

Misaki doesn't really get the message. But pretends she does. (Maybe that's evidence that she does get the message…) She slowly gets up on her feet, reaching up with her right hand to slide away a tear, before she steps up. She seems slightly hesitant, and when she finally does move, it feels to her as if she jumped … Jumped off a very high cliff, with the trust that the bungee-jump-instructor has tied her up properly. Her arms move around both Hiei and Hiro, pulling them both in tightly in a hug. A grouphug… She feels utterly uncomfortable, but at least it's better than half trying to kill everyone. She keeps hold of them for a good minute unless anyone protests, before she sighs and sits down between them, closing her eyes and sitting back, not saying a word… Letting it all just slowly hit her and be processed. It's going to be a while before she can be considered normal… Or maybe she'll never reach that point. But this is a step in the right direction. Here goes to hoping sensei doesn't botch it all up. Him and his attitude is the last thing she needs. Nor does she know if she can take it without snapping again. At least she'll have two friends she can hang on to.

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