Land of Despair - The Meek and the 'Hero'


Rune (emitter), Nendo, Akio, Obukuen, Kiyoshi (as Yoshi)

Date: August 23, 2016


A patrol has been sent out to investigate an area less-examined.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Land of Despair - The Meek and the 'Hero'"

Land of Earth - Northeastern Border

Not too long ago, Rune had a meeting with a pair of Sunagakure shinobi. They were an interesting duo that came to warn Iwa about 'bad men in black cloaks and lotsa zapzap and waves'. Suffice to say, that wasn't much to go on, but a standard patrol was set up to travel along the northeastern border nearer the sea. Nendo was to lead this mission, and he was given special instructions to search for some people, as well. The descriptions on these people were a bit vague thanks to the source not recalling a great deal of detail, but there were supposedly 14 missing teenagers from one of the Land of Earth's villages.

Nendo was at the meeting site for the mission, the gates of the village making a easy place for those of his team to find their way to by the designated time. With a scroll in his hands being examined for any clues of information that might be critical to the mission, the newly appointed chuunin had plenty to keep himself busy. Honestly, he didn't expect there to be anything secretive that wasn't already made clear in the briefing of the mission but it never hurt to use the time granted prior to a mission. Periodically the teen would look up from his scroll and scan the village to see where the members of this team were at the moment but left most of it to his steadily tapping foot when it came to alerting him of incoming people. Since he was leading the mission today and since it would be a mission with someone he wasn't familiar with just yet, the Toujitakumi chose to wear the odd flack jacket that he'd been granted, if for nothing more than to let himself get used to how the item felt on his person.

Akio was assigned onto this mission and was quickly made his way to the gates. He looked over Nendo for a moment before speaking. "So is there anything we should know?" He noticed the vest designating him as a chuunin before just shrugging and walking just outside the gates to look outwards with eyes and through the ground. "Either way I hope this goes well…" Mostly he was worried about recent things including somewhat those rogue Murasame.

Although he has worked for Iwagakure in the past, today marked Yoshi's first mission as an official Iwagakure shinobi. The self-awareness of this fact left him agitated, to say the least. That said, Yoshi made a point of limiting his initial interaction with the team to curt and nonverbal greetings upon arriving at the meet point. An a timely arrival it was seeing as the others did not have to wait more than a couple of minutes before the minature behemoth strode into view.
While awaiting for any other stragglers to show up (or make their presence known belatedly), the newly-minted Iwa-shinobi kept his distance, and chose to passively study the others. Of things to note, he never lets a hand stray too far away from the hilt of his chosen weapon for the mission: An o-katana.

Obukuen was nervous as he made his way to the front gate. His first real mission after becoming a shinobi. Sure, he'd done some patrols and such but this was his first real thing. He hoped he did well enough. He wasn't sure of what, but…well anyway if there were bad guys and missing teens he would do all he could to help out. So there he was at the meeting spot with his small pack of supplies and his shield strapped to his arm ready to go. He looks over at the others, Akio being the only one he recognized so to him he waved, "Hey there Akio. Are you ready for this?"

Nendo glanced at Akio and then at the oddity that he could only assume was the Yoshi listed in the scroll, that left the shield bearer as the one known as Obukuen. So many new faces and facts to learn. Nodding his head and rolling the sheet of paper once more, he tucked the document away into one of the pouches hanging from his belt before tucked his hands down into the clay carriers on his hips and looked between the two of them. "We're going to be doing a routine patrol of sorts in a less than routine territory. It will be out toward the border toward the sea rather than the village wall so I want both of you to be alert and communicate on anything you notice. I won't mind if it's a small animal in the end but I want you three to be sure you're not missing anything as much as possible." The Toujitakumi said while drawing his hands from the pouches and investigating them for a moment, seemingly being satisfied with whatever he saw before continuing with his briefing.
"I haven't worked with you three very much if at all so I'll need a light briefing on anything about your abilities that I should need to know when working with you." Nendo explained before glancing to Akio. "I know some of your old tricks but it's been a while so a refresher course on the way won't hurt. Just don't tell too much, we never know who's listening." Nendo spelled out as he moved toward the gates of the village and started off at a fairly quick pace from the village, glancing back to ensure the pair that were his temporary team would be keeping up with the pace easily enough.

Akio personally paid no mind for Yoshi. Nothing much to talk of there for him. Obukuen though he could talk with. "Oh. I guess. Never really prepared but you just gotta know that no matter what we can adjust right?" He looked at Nendo when they asked questions and he gave a quick nod. "I do more support things. I mean I can fight on my own but my abilities are probably better for setting up the rest of you for the major hitting." And then he would be be preparing to follow Nendo's lead.

Yoshi's eyes narrow ever so slightly as they met Nendo for a brief moment. But beyond this, however, the man remained as stoic as ever. Having been sent out on similiar missions in the past, the mercernary turned shinobi truly had nothing to add or inquiry into that couldn't be infered or learned of along the way. The question posed by Nendo on the other hand does elicit a "hmm", and an extensive enough silence on the man's part for others to go ahead of him.
"Give me a target to break, and this one will break it. Arm me however you wish, and I'll probably break things better." He states vaguely, ire and nervousness abating as a small, amused smile plays at the edge of his lips. "Other than that…" Yoshi trails off there, and just plainly shrugs. Unless prodded further the man follows at a comfortable position towards the tail end of the group, keeping watch.

Obukuen nods to Akio's comments as he listens to Nendo, "Sure thing sir." He takes off with the rest of the group, ending up more around the middle. After a minute he speaks up again, "Well right now I'm afraid I'm not very…knowledgable when it comes to jutsus, but my skills focus on defense. I wont harm my opponents, preferring a more peaceful method of subduing. But I also am a hard worker and will do what I can."

When the team heads out, they would have to exit Iwagakure and do a bit of a roundabout to start heading to their true destination. It would take a couple hours to get to the coastal part of the Land of Earth, as small as it was, but it was thankfully not a terrible journey as far as attacks go. Once in a while, the group might notice a squirrel or disturb a great cat or large bird of prey, but overall the trip was quiet.

Nendo listened to their answers and thought of how best to position and use them in the event of an attack though the trip to their route wasn't too exciting all things considered. The Toujitakumi focused some of his chakra into his feet and sent out the pulses for perception but found very little to actually take note of. The most interesting being some odd vibrations of the cliffs that could be the waters below. Still, Nendo would keep up the pulses, using them to try getting a better glimpse of what might be going on as he slowed his pace to a light sprint and then a walking pace. He'd keep an eye on the order the trio moved in and smiled a bit at the organization. "This line-up works well. Akio, stay toward the back in the event of an attack. Yoshi and Obukuen can be at the front due to their more physical style for the time being. If Obukuen needs help in subduing someone, or Yoshi needs some assistance against others you can assist them both with your techniques. Keep that formation in mind in case I get separated from you temporarily but don't be afraid to break from it when needed." Nendo would explain, reaching to scratch at his jaw as He thought over what more might need to be done. "The order you ran in will work well for our patrol as well, as I said before, don't be shy about calling out what you notice, especially if it seems odd." Nendo said, waiting to see if there were any questions or comments on his orders. If not, he'd turn to begin walking the path of your mission.

Akio kept his pace behind the others then. His own senses also going to be keeping him knowledgeable about his surroundings. "Alright. Sounds like a plan." His eyes kept towards the other two to make sure if anything happened he could keep them safe. "Alright. Hoe long until me make it to our planned destination?" He asked quickly. He really wanted to be done. Mainly to see how Hotaru and Kaneko were doing, but for now he had to focus.

An odd look is thrown in Obukuen's direction, but only for a brief second. Yoshi is quick to focus back on the mission. While the rest might be familiar with the general area, the same couldn't be said for Yoshi. Because of this, he kept an exceptionally sharp eye and nose out from the get go, noting mostly privately anything of interest until they reached their actual route.
"Hmm… Place feels kinda empty doesn't it?" Yoshi asks the others off-handidly. His eyes, however, remain fixatedon their surroundings.

Obukuen listens intently to Nendo, glancing at Yoshi when his name is mentioned and nods a little, "Okay, will do." He continues moving along where he's been, making sure to look around and keep his ears open for any signs of disturbance. Just about all he can do right now. The only thing really to note was the ground beneath his feet. Strangely it was just fine sand, lacking most of the signs of a beach like shells, rocks, and the like. Odd, though guess it's probably not that big a deal. He hadn't been this way before, so maybe the beach was just like this.

With everyone paying close attention, they might notice how odd this beach really was. The shinobi were hanging around, really. For a lot longer than someone would like. Rather suddenly, a number of senbon would spring up from the ground to try and impale the shinobi. It would probably be little more than a distraction and nuisance, but it would hopefully drive them away.

Nendo didn't need to move much, a simple hand seal being enough to gather and shape his chakra against the senbon aimed for his most…. 'vital' areas, and made short work of flickering out of the line of fire of the other attacks that were coming. His first action was to distance himself from the genin a short few meters, close enough to examine all three of them easily while his hands burrowed down into the clay at his hips and began working to quickly shape the material to his will while he scanned the area. The teen wouldn't repeat himself so easily to the trio, waiting and watching to see how they handled the assault as well as how the enemy might take the situation. Closing his eyes, the Toujitakumi sank slightly into the sand before releasing a stronger pulse of his chakra into the area and focus on the feedback for where the enemies may be coming from or hiding at.

The first wave was blocked with metal, but as it fell so did he. It was funny as he sunk into the sandy ground. He was calling himself a support and that is what he would do. From the ground he could hopefully avoid being attacked directly and he could try to find them. He would be moving around within the sand at least to avoid detection as his chakra was flaring somewhat now. Now where could the attackers be…

Instinctively, Yoshi leapt into the air the moment the sand began shifting beneath their feet. The act spares him by the narrowest of margins. Although the trap doesn't turn out quite as he expected, the distance proves helpful in granting him enough blade swinging room. He lands again seconds later within an island of sand surrounded by deflected senbon a few feet away from his start point. Once passively weary and wary eyes have a glint of steel to them as they comb the beach for any signs of the trapper.
"Any sign of-…" The rest following his angry sounding growl dies in his throat. Akio had gone missing. Whether or not this was apart of some jutsu of the young man's making, or the machinations of the enemy… he couldn't be certian quite yet. WIth such thoughts in mind, Yoshi made a point of keeping the others that remained in view within his peripheral.

Obukuen was going along, peering around. He was going to ask if it was odd for the beach to be so clear, though felt a bit silly asking, when the trap was sprung and that didn't matter. As the needles fly he reacts by focusing his chakra and raising a barrier of earth for the first assault to bury into. He turns, repeating the move once again to block another wave. The third one though proves a bit much for him, as he turns to try and raise another barrier he's too slow and ends up taking them in his side and upper arm. He winces with the pain, but it was expected. Gritting his teeth he looks around, in case there are any more surprises. He also begins plucking the needles out unhappily.

Interestingly, no matter where the group looks, there is no sight of any kind of enemy. There were a few traps here and there that the group might be able to see, though, now that one was triggered and a lot of movement had stirred up the sand. Akio might actually bump into one, considering he's traveling through the ground on a shallow level. Yoshi would be able to see a few glints of metal, indicating various traps that should probably be avoided. They're scattered along the beach, of course, in no particular pattern or order. Purposefully lacking a pattern… But very widespread in nature.

Burying his hands deep into his clay, the Toujitakumi let his chaotic chakra flare slightly before small creatures began pouring from within the pouches on his hips, centipedes, butterflies, and small spiders skittering from within the pouches to begin rushing along the sands and spreading out, some burrowing down into the ground at Nendo's feet for the time being. On the surface, the Toujitakumi wasnt doing much of anything beyond examining how his team reacted to the sudden attack. Akio and Yoshi seemed like they were well enough and Obu catching a most of the attacks coming his way was promising enough with Akio there to play support in the possible conflict to come. As the ground told him of the activity taking place not too terribly far off, the chuunin withdrew his little tricks back into his pouches, letting them return to inactivity for the time being.
Moving toward Obu while reaching for his medical pouch, Nendo drew out a bandage roll and some simple medications to keep simple infections from trying to set in on Obukuens wounds. As he started work on the youngers arm and side, he spoke to each of the three about what was on his mind. "Nice responses from all three of you Akio, you can come out for now, weve got more patrolling to do. Seems like we have some unwanted surprises along the way so Ill be trusting each of you to be on guard and on the lookout for any more surprises as we go." The teen stated as he focused mostly on his simple medical work before starting off along the beach once again.

Akio frowned and he knew he had bumped into something. Either way he just traced his steps back to the others and popped up some. Was that a trap? Most likely. "Ummm. So I think we are surrounded by a lot of traps." He said quickly. "If anyone has a way to disarm them that would be great." He said quickly. "I can try to point them out if you need me to do so." And then he would quickly sink back into the ground to look around without being spotted himself hopefully." Oh and his chakra was flaring at least… So probably a good way to spot him if able. He looked around just a tiny bit more before he popped up for the final time because of Nendo. "Yeah. Them being random is going to be annoying. Should probably stay in a straight line and just follow in each others footsteps. The one in front keep out for anything." He suggested though he didn't actually follow up on that unless it was agreed to.

Yoshi continued to scan for enemies, but to no avail. Even so, in the process he picks out the other mines making up the foreseeable path ahead. None of which had any obvious pattern to them. Upon realizing this, the mummified warrior had to grind his teeth behind close lips just to keep a growl from escaping them. There is at least one good thing the man spies, judging by the a sight of eyes widening in recognition. As quickly as the motion is made it vanishes from his visage.
"Hai." Yoshi bobs his head in a curt nod to Nedo. At Akio suggestion the swordsman eyes grow distant for a moment before snapping to the present. "Makes sense, but… if we're being watched, the moment we may be playing into the enemy's hands that way." He adds somewhat relunctantly. Despite such misgivings, Yoshi would offer no future compliants should Nendo decide to take up Akio's suggestions; simply make a point of keeping a closer eye out for trouble. He reposition himself closer to the forefront with such in mind, adjusting only as necessary due to any change in plans.

Obukuen paused when Nendo came over to treat him. "Thank you, sorry about that. Wasn't quick enough for that last bit. Um…do we have any idea why this beach was booby trapped?" Once Nendo finishes he resumes his spot, listening to the discussion of tactics for where he needs to be. He's really not sure right now what else to do, so just waits.

Nendo listened to Akio's thoughts though what Yoshi had to say was a fair point as well. "We're here to patrol the area so what we'll do is leave it as it is, showing the signs of the traps we came across for others that might pass through the area after us. Our priority for now is to continue the patrol and keep an eye out for any reported issues that might exist." Nendo explained, giving Obukuen's apologies a light shake of his head in response. "It's not needed, you did just fine in the face of the surprise attack, better than I did the first time I ran into one." The teen explained as he moved along, paying mind to the area but keeping his focus on that area ahead of them that he'd been able to feel shifting. "For the time being remember your formation I mentioned and let's keep moving. We've got a lot more ground to cover and most likely, more than a few surprises in store for us as well. There's been reports of some problems in the area that we might be able to resolve as well. There was the matter of the children to be concerned about, but there was no reason to get their hopes up if it turned out to be nothing in the area that they could find.

"Alright I suppose. Just I assume it is dangerous to leave the traps as such in case civilians ever come through this area no matter how unlikely." Akio just said as a last minute addition before following along. He didn't have much more to say honestly. Truthfully he felt they should resolve the present issue considering they were attacked. Though maybe moving on would lure them out. "Sure thing." Well… He would keep an eye out.

Yoshi listened closely to Nendo with eyes narrowing at the end over the last point. Curious though he was, the ex-mercernary wisely remain silent upon coming to his own conclusions. Soon after, Yoshi looks to Akio out of temptation to speak up on behalf of their leader. Ultimately, his sights are set back on managing the path ahead, and on retaining some semblance of the old formation. Anything else was a luxury, or outright insubordination at this point.
Still, every now and then the others might catch a grumble from the mummified shinobi, if not an idle curse. The latter however seeming to do more with nearly walking into another trap than any concern over the previous exchange of words. In time, Yoshi slips into a mind set fit more combat than idle navigation. His footfalls become more intentful and quiet, eyes more sharply scan their surroundings, and mind runs over a multitude of scenarios regarding even the simpliest changes.
It is a stressful mind set, yet one he does not shake off upon realizing it.

Obukuen watches Yoshi more than the others, since he was the one guiding them through this mess. But he does spare a curious glance at Nendo when he answer Akio. For him, he was on Akio's side. It didn't seem right to just move on leaving the beach a hazard for any wandering person to stumble into. Violet, they stumbled into it and they were shinobi. He frowns a little, but what was he suppose to do? So instead he checks the hold on his shield and looks back out toward the trapped beach, watching his footing and keeping in formation. "Hopefully…we can have a team take care of the beach then. As soon as we can, so it wont be a problem." That's all he has to say for now.

As the group continues their way across the beach, they might notice that there are a lot more traps in a specific area of the beach than there are in other places. Perhaps someone really doesn't want others snooping around in that spot? … Probably. Most likely, even. There doesn't seem to be anyone really around, either, to have set up those traps. Just there was a lot of time invested in all this…
Suddenly a bear would show up in front of everyone! Said bear looked pretty harmless, if not wooden and a bit mechanical in nature. It would wobble its hands a few times, as if catching its balance, then it would peer at them with ruby-carved eyes before its hands lifted to fire off a number of poisoned senbon at the group before it disappeared into the sand.

"I agree," Nendo said to Akio as he looked at him and then looked to the sands. "…but digging up all of these random traps gives them more time to get away from us to plant more traps or even cause trouble to civilians directly. If we dig them up quickly with techniques then we reveal those techniques to any spying they might be doing and expose ourselves to counter measures. If we move on, we have a chance of finding them and if there are more traps somewhere, as well as why they planted them here. It isnt as though they knew we were coming, or at least I would hope not." The Toujitakumi explained with a shake of his head.
When he noticed a bit of a grumbling from Yoshi, Nendo cast a glance toward the stranger with a slightly lifted brow. "Something on your mind, Yoshi-san? Im not against new ideas being brought up. It isnt as though Im an expert at being a chuunin, this is my first mission leading a full team after all so Im still getting to know each of you and your priorities, skills, and personalities." Nendo explained, trying to see what knowledge he might have to share though Obukuens comment required attention before then and the Toujitakumi smiled at the youngers priorities. "Well be coming back this way after our patrol so we can stop off and ensure the traps are removed after making sure the area is clear, and that no one is at risk of falling prey to whoever set the traps while were digging them up."
Nendo of course, chose to say that right as the bear showed up and so graciously… Filled his face with poisonous needles that now decorated around his nose like whiskers. A slight twitch of the eye, and a crackle of lightning arced along the Toujutakumis form even as he set off a rapid series of explosions to counter the other incoming needles. Sending his claymations from within his pouches and out to the beach, the Toujitakumi formed a quick hand seal to set them off. He didnt know where all of the traps were but those he did know of were getting the most attention while he calmly sighed against the pain of the poison now coursing through his face. "Change of plans,"Nendo said through gritted teeth Were going to thoroughly check this area for survivors…" Nendo explained to his team. The shifting in the distance could wait for now..

Akio nods quickly and for the most part he just stayed quiet and followed until suddenly they were being attacked. Again. He fell into the ground and then he reappeared nearby with a dome of earth coming up around him. Once the attacks stopped he released it and sighed a bit. "See. I am not going to just wait for him to wear us down with puppets." He sent more chakra through the ground. "I want to find this stupid thing." And honestly it felt like for him.. Yeah it was possibly one of those responsible for kidnapped folks. "I am looking." He started moving underground while searching even. Better to protect himself.

Although the majority of his focus had been shifted towards progress (and at least secret 1% stayed devoted to gripes), Yoshi pay the other ssome mind. Mostly. The area was too dangerous to risk thoughtless glances, so Nendo would have to content himself with a solely voiced answer. At least that was to be the newly inducted genin's intent once Nendo finished conversing with the others; but alas, life chose to intervene in the worst way possible.
Having seen such wooden contraptions in the past, Yoshi was not in the slightest surprised by what would follow the mecha-bear's suddena appearance. Nonetheless, the group were still within a mine field, so his efforts to find decent footing led to a delay in defending himself from the storm of senbon. Most are at least deflected, though now greater care to where he stepped would be in order. What needles found their mark go ignored as both poison and pain were but minor nuisance compared to those experienced in the past. Instead, Yoshi nods stiffly but absently at the new orders, realizing belatedly that the explosions heard had perhaps been the result of Nendo's accurate retlation. He would begin searching, but only after popping out a scroll to try and seal the presumeably now disabled puppet. If worse comes to worse, he'd show it the same mercy Nendo just showeved everything through the claymations. *_*

Obukuen nods to Nendo, feeling better at least with his response, "Good, I'm glad to hear, thank you." That being said, there was still much to do then as they continued on, only to be stopped by a…bear puppet? Sure, why not. Guess it really shouldn't surprise him. And he didn't have time to ponder it as the bear shot out more senbon. He was already getting tired of needles, more of this and he'd start developing issues against them! But he responds well, raising a barrier of hardened sand to take some of the needles, then using the moment's breather his hands form the signs and the ground beneath the bear's feet shifts. Not too much, but it's enough to throw off its balance sending the next barrage wide. As Obukuen moves another barrier guards him one more time, "So a booby trapped beach, a wooden bear puppet, what's next? Hey, bear! Come on…uh…I got…honey? Shoot, okay this isn't going so well…" Yeah probably not. But he was trying to draw some of the bear's attention even if it was just a puppet. Nendo was blasting apart the beach, and hopefully the others would be able to get the drop on the bear then.

The traps that Nendo sent his horde at were all very effective in destroying the traps. The clay-creations also succeeded in destroying the bear puppet that had appeared just now, though it's probably just because it was a temporary trap and nothing really of any worth. That being said, the other thing Nendo did that helped the group was … All the explosions displaced some sand off in the area. Akio would bump into a piece of wood that was further exposed by Nendo, and that piece of wood happened to be a door that led SOMEWHERE *dundundun*.
Obukuen's taunts, while amusing, are rather ineffective. Mostly because the puppeteer isn't a bear, nor is that person even around at the moment. They seem to have fled, preferring to keep their life. That means that Yoshi would be able to take the bear puppet easily. … Actually, no. There's a really loud beeping that sounds from the bear puppet the moment Yoshi picks it up to place it in the scroll. And then *BOOM* goes the dynamite.

Nendo busied himself with searching for the enemy, wherever they may be while he twitched his hands and leaned down to bury his fingers into the sand at his feet. Closing his eyes, the Toujitakumi began focusing his chakra to scan the area more deeply, working to not only try sensing what other tricks were in the area. He'd send his creations after the sources found, lingering traps and the like. He didn't want to have to waste his time with more trickery if he could help it, and being as annoyed as he was, Nendo felt that he could help it. It would also spare his team any more of this disorganized searching and countermeasures. Finding the enemy was the first step to more measured and calculated actions. It would also help him find any clusters of bodies, like missing children for example.

Akio as he bumped into this door thing would rise from the ground. "Uhh. Nendo. Over here. There is a door." Akio would send a pulse of chakra through it and try to outline the room itself or whatever was down there as well as see if anyone was inside. Once done with that he would form metal if able on the other side of the door and pull the door off in one quick motion that kept the metal in between him and whatever was down there just in case it was trapped. Once he felt it safe he would move the door and metal to the side and look down into it.

"Hm… what the… Oh you've got to be—" If Yoshi meant to or said anything else, the sound of the explosion drowns it all out. While perhaps not completely defeaning to those in the area, it certianly was a noteable one. None would see the shinobi make any desperate last minute attempt to escape, or by some miracle, appear at their side unharmed afterwards.
Nope. It isn't until the smoke died down that they would see his blackened, and smoking supposed remains still kneeling in the same spot. All is still about the man for a time. Then, and with no warning, he coughs out a cloud of black smoke and dust. "… Well… That happened." He states hoarsely before his top half briskly. Its not enough to get rid of all the debris, but its enough to catch a glint of something white or ivory fading back into his skin. Speaking of which, a lot of that is exposed along his frontside now. Yet, it appeared… well not unharmed per se, but certianly no damage was done by the explosion. It would seem Yoshi is no stranger to sources of fiery doom however, for every bit of flesh appears to have been healed if albeit to a warped state long ago. To say the least, he ain't a pretty sight. It is this horror the rest are greeted with should they look in his direction. Meanwhile, Yoshi thoughtlessly focused on finding replacement bandages on his person after feeling the breeze pass along his face. Besides, it wasn't as if he would be useful any time soon. His ears were still ringing for champion's sake!

Obukuen blinked as the bear was summarily dealt with. Well, that was good. And as he was turning to look about as Nendo had instructed the beeping of the puppet caused him to whip around but it was too late! "Wat-!" But as the smoked cleared it seemed Yoshi was more or less okay. "You…going to be alright?" At that time it seemed Akio had found a hidden door, so looked like there was definitely something going on here more than just some random traps and a puppet. "Uh…come on. We should get to the others, see what's down there." With that he casts one more look then turns to head for Akio, can't help himself but to make sure Yoshi wasn't going to collapse or something after that encounter.

Nendo's senses merely discovered an absence of earth behind the door that Akio had found. There was nothing truly malicious nearby anymore, what with most of the traps being gone. Akio's attempt to block whatever traps might spring up was unnecessary, fortunately, and when teh metal plating fell away, he would find two teenagers that looked to be about his age, maybe a bit older. One was rather young and looked exceedingly nervous. Brown hair, golden eyes, and a fluffy skirt under a rather fancy-looking top was what made up the nervous girl. The other one was very fat. He had glasses on, and his brown hair was stylized into a spike that pointed straight up like an antenna. "Oh-ho-ho-ho!" he would say in a rather high-pitched nasally voice. "Could this be…" *glasses glint* "Our RESCUER?!" he would say, pointing a finger dramatically at Akio. "Ufufufu. You have come at pre/CISE/ly the right time. I was just about to explain my grand plan of escape to Makoto here, but it seems we're free!"

Akio's comment about a door had Nendo's attention and the Toujitakumi was walking toward the younger only a step when that explosion of the doll went off and caused the Toujitakumi to flinch a bit. Looking over in time to see Yoshi's… situation. It reminded the teen of his arm ,months ago, before a long series of healing sessions and medications lessened the appearance of his burns to some extent. At the least the teen regained the full range of motion in the limb and no longer hid it under a sleeve. Seeing as Yoshi didn't seem to be too horribly harmed - save for the few needle wounds and same irritating poison in his own system - Nendo dug into his pouch. "Catch." Nendo called over to Yoshi as he threw three rolls of bandages toward the other without a second glance. Akio's discovery was the priority for the moment and the Toujitakumi would give Akio what information he could on it. "It's some kind of hideaway I overlooked… Too many traps messing with my senses in the area I guess." The Toujitakumi explained, his metallic whiskers twitching with each word while he approached to look inside and see what was down there. A surprising sight to say the least…

Akio heard the explosion and only slightly glances that way before looking back towards this hidden cave thing. When he saw the ones down there he just blinked a bit. "What?" He stared at the fat one as they started speaking and he looked at Nendo. "You get to speak with them. I'm not doing it." He said quickly and walked right away from them. He did not like people who came off as creepy. He had enough of it with some of the scientist in the Murasame compounds a long time ago.(Not that long really) "You other two alright? Or at least in a condition to continue moving or head back?"

The toujitakumi is in luck, for Yoshi's hearing came back in time. Nonetheless, he doesn't even bother to look up. Whereas those honed instincts failed to anticipate the bomb, they more than made up for it by guiding his hands to all the right places. Its a bit of a tricky affair, but not one roll goes missed by the miniature giant's callused hand.
"Arigataou, taichou." He states offhandily before busily getting to work putting everything back in order. In the process, the full extent of his previous injuries are shown, as well as where they strangely stop. Either that, or the man's scalp happens to be flame proof….
Either way, once the time consuming process is taken care of, Yoshi rejoins the others. His ears are still ringing a little, so the little puffed up hereos comments hadn't been caught by the giant. If he is however still striking that cocky pose, Yoshi would turn to Nendo. "Taicho. It looks like one of them is still unconcious. Shall I carry him back?" He asks, threat clear by the glance thrown in lord tons-of-fun's direction.

Obukuen pauses near the uncovered hideout and its two occupants as the young man speaks. Even for him, he finds the guy grating but as a shinobi he puts on a calm face. A bit hard when he catches Yoshi's comment, though he does frown a bit, "Yoshi…" He really wouldn't care for the young man to be knocked unconscious, even if he might be deserving it. As for addressing the two, yeah he'll leave that up to Nendo as leader. He wouldn't know what to do anyways.

"G-Gomen…" the teenaged girl would say rather meekly. "H-He doesn't mean anything… He's just…" She would sort of dissolve into tears suddenly. "I… Gomennasai >.<;;" Makoto turns away a bit to try and wipe away her tears in peace while the other one says, "Naturally, we are just fine! I am the great Koburokutou Kenji!" Suddenly his voice shifts into one that is abnormally deep. "Hero to all! Enemy to Injustice~" Then it goes back to the annoying pitch. "Now, just how exactly do we get out?" Regardless of whether or not this 'Kenji' was knocked out, the Iwa-nin would be able to get the duo out of the hole without any incident save for wisecracks and crying. Then they'd all get to make their way back to the village without mishap. The traps that they might try to disable were disabled easily as well. Really, everything about the mission just went a lot smoother once these two were found. Their kidnapper probably felt it wasn't worth trying to keep the ninja away now that the duo were already found.

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