The Storm Brigade - The Mist's Infiltration, Part 1


Mizumi, Naoya, Akane, Mushi, Ren, Yuriko, Ayame (as Shiryou), Kyuketsuki

Date: September 1, 2016


Kirigakure makes an assault on the Storm Brigade base alongside the other nations, and they manage to recover a certain turncoat…

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Storm Brigade - The Mist's Infiltration, Part 1"

Ocean - Storm Brigade Base

For the past number of months, perhaps even going on a year, the Storm Brigade has been the most prevalent threat that all the shinobi across the world seem to be dealing with. Ignoring Iwa… What started within the Land of Lightning just continued to spread, making headway into the Land of Water, then the Land of Fire. Recently, even the Land of Wind was included in one of the Brigade's many assaults. Not only have this group been attacking small neutral villages, but they have also dared to make moves against some of the larger Great Villages. The Storm Brigade has even dared to kidnap/steal various high-ranking shinobi of three of the five Hidden Villages (and one random one…), which has resulted only in fueling the anger towards the Brigade and strengthening the determination of each.
Kirigakure has worked with the other villages, and together they worked out a plan that would allow for the whole of the Shinobi world to launch an attack against the Storm Brigade. One of the Hidden Mist's own, Doihara Ishino, had apparently created a tracking device that was planted on several members of the Brigade, as well as a few targets that were kidnapped (namely: Meruin, Arashi, and Nariko). With this in mind, the various villages were able to locate the base of the Storm Brigade, as well as figure out several of the different entryways. This particular group is one of many that seek to destroy the Storm Brigade, and it consists primarily of shinobi of the Hidden Mist.
Being Kirigakure, there were a number of ships present, all of them outfitted with their own units of sensors, medics, and water manipulators. In fact, Kirigakure was probably the best-equipped of the Five Villages when it came to this Brigade Assault. The hideout, which is located several miles below the surface, could be reached by a combination of water manipulators working together to reach the bottom. It could also be reached by other creative means should some of the smaller strike forces like that made up of Kaguya Yuriko, Doihara Akane, and Okumo Naoya. Regardless of how this particular team plans to make their way to the Brigade Base, there is an over-all plan that is to be enacted to allow for as many Kiri-nin as possible to launch a proper attack.
Shirayuki Mizumi stands on the deck of one of the ships, likely with Shimizu Ren. She was no longer a student, after all. As a Genin, she was able to participate in this assault, and she was more than willing to join despite having just graduated. After all, one she considers a sensei, Okumo Kiji, was within the compound, and she wanted to help get her back. The young Shirayuki may have gathered a few doubtful looks from other genin who did not know her better or have access to her file, but she stood strong as she could on the ship. A staff was held in her hands as she awaited the signal that was meant to trigger everything. The ships were currently just getting into position, and a sensor-blocker was formed so that they had a decent element of surprise. "… This is a lot more than I expected…" she would comment quietly to herself, glancing around. Her senses were extended, so she could tell just how many people were here and ready to kick butt… Suffice to say, a lot of Kirigakurans wanted to get the Yondaime back, as well as destroy the Brigade that was led by a traitor.

Tensions on the vessel that carried Okumo Naoya was unusually high, in part from the task at hand and partly from the Okumo passenger. Several of the lower ranked Shinobi had grown used to the man being stable a calm even as the spring was beginning to thaw the lands and bring the start of the first lasting blooms but while contained he was.. 'different'. "Inject.." is barked out through grit teeth, sparking a spider to slip from his ear and travel down his neck, soon sinking its fangs into an artery tainting it black for several centimeters along with causing a splintering of smaller blood vessels also to become tainted black.
Onboard the ship, a short time before the ship submerged there had been talk, questioning the loyalties of the pair of 'kidnapped' jounin, both 'Okumo', both were close to Hatsu. When one of the Chuunin makes a error of directly questioning just Okumo Kiji's loyalty rather than Okumo Meruin's, a blade is drawn and thrust sideways towards the wall rather than to cut into the shinobi. "Hold such thoughts to yourself.. I will be assisting with stability of the shell, I might.. forget, and leave a hole leading to your sealed chamber before we make it to the encampment." His voice was dry, though looking at the Okumo's face it was clear he was straining wether it was to talk or to not strike out would not be known even after he departs to the forward deck.
Taking his position off center and towards the starboard side, a meter and a half from another who was already resting on deck. Not speaking to the other man, the Okumo's eyes darken rapidly, taking on an orange-gold tone as chakra rapidly begins to mold within him, preparing for something unusual. The crew on deck were rapidly moving, working to take down the sails and lowering the extended sections of the masts that had supported them, securing them to the ship.. they wouldn't be needed once the manipulators began to shape the waters around the hull and over it.

Doihara Akane stood near the captain of the ship discussing something for several long moments before she leaned orward, taking in those around her, judging their morale as well as their abilities to fight. Her face was unscrutable behind that mask of hers. Sighing softly again she stood up and moved the mask to the side, showing her scarred face. One of the genin below had caught he attention and she moved silnetly to speak to them. Just talking with her for a brief moment, a soft touch then a hardy pat on the shoulder and the kid seemed emboldened.
She had been doing that for quite some time since they had set sail, boosting morale, trying to help the younger untried members to be more confident.
But perhaps it was her personal stake in this mission. She had been there when Yoichi — now Hatsu — had come to Konoha. Apparently alongside Ishino to rescue her. And now that Meruin was captured… Well, Kyoujin had made several showings along the way thusfar so… While she did help some morale, she just scared the dew out of most of the incumbant class.
Ever since her arrival at Kirigakure all those years ago, Meruin had been the second person she had met and almost immediately a close friend. He had stuck beside her even while others were whispering that she was a spy in his other ear. Granted most of ther relationship had not been in the open but whenever they were seen publicly (aside from the one time she had taunted Tsiro in the lake) they had seemed perfectly comfortable together.
A turn and she signaled something. Several mist manipulators had stepped up and began gathering the sea's weather about them, killing what little daylight was shining and slowly surrounding them with mist to keep them vsually out of sight. They were near he edge of where she had guessed Yoichi would be able to sense them… And the mist makers were cloaking the ships, even as the watermanipulators began prepping for their turn when the assault actually began.
She sighed softly and moved down to stand beside Mizumi. "Hello, Genin Mizumi-san." It was the first time Akane herself had adressed Mizumi as anything other than -chan or -kun. It held weight and significance. Her purpose was to bring the girl's emotions down a touch if she was getting giddy. "Just follow the plan and be ready to obey orders. You will be alright." She patted the girl on the shoulder as A small commotion came up behind them. She had not been the only Jounin freaking people out… She blinked a few times then patted Mizumi ont he shoulder again and headed toward Naoya. Once there she gave him room but glanced toward him. "We seem to make people nervous. Are you going to lose control or are you going to help me maintain command, Okumo Naoya?" She raised an eyebrow..

Of course Ren had reason to be here just as Mizumi did. Not only had he also been made a genin, but Kiji was just as much his sensei as Mizumi's. He looked back at Mizumi for a moment as they were in fact standing close together and he offered her a smile comforting smile in a pre batle greeting of sorts. "There are a lot here, but truthfully… We are set. We can do this Mizumi. All of the villages working together and us having a goal that can't be stopped. We have two people we gotta save down there." He smiled lightly. His face turned to the front though as they continued and he sighed lightly. He didn't know how much he could do sadly. He wasn't very powerful really.
He was quiet for a bit longer until he saw Akane step over to speak to Mizumi. He moved closer to and listened even if it was Mizumi she was speaking to. Before he could actually say anything though it seemed Akane had to go make sure Naoya wasn't going to 'accidentally' take out one of their own. "Umm Mizumi. WHat do you think me and you should do huh? I might actually do better sitting back and healing others don't ya think?" Truthfully he might. He focused on his medical skills with his blood before using it to fight. This meant he didn't have the same ability as others Genin to just duke it out with the Brigade, but he could provide back up via healing anyone that needs it. That way he can provide assistance to even Akane or Naoya. Better they fight and don't have to worry about healing tiny wounds. Though he didn't doubt anything major Akane would have to deal with quickly.

It was hard to ignore the chaos the Storm Brigade has brought about. If it were contained in the great shinobi villages, Mushi might have been a bit more hesitant to join the assault. However, it's also the small villages that suffer. Besides, friends are among the injured and missing. So the wanderer had come to off her help during their coordinated attack. She's known by some as a capable shinobi and medic, though one who's rarely been seen on the battlefield. She looks like it too, her eyes flitting around, a little anxious as they draw closer. For most of the journey she stands apart, silent and observant, until their destination starts to come in view.
Then she'd move over to the Jounin — Naoya, Yuriko, and Akane — and speak to both of them. Since they know her better than most, and her usual ideals. "I came," she says, "because I have absolutely no compunctions about what needs to be done. I'm not going to turn away from this one. And I'll follow orders." Her voice is quiet, but resolved. Until they're told they have to go five miles down through water to reach the underground lair. She turns to say something, but then clamps her mouth shut. She'd sooner die than admit to the group of Mist nin that she's not a great swimmer. Or great at holding her breath for five miles.
She watches the preparations, and that seems to give her an idea. She starts to gather her chakra, gathering herself for the time.

Yuriko had kept to herself nearly most of the trip, secluded within the belly of the boat. When she emerges however, she ascends the stairs dressed in a pale bodysuit, the layered protection conforming to her body. In all actuality, it isn't cloth, but bone wrapped over her with the appearance of clothing, ensuring the diamond hard material protects against nearly everything. If she's careful that is. Flexing her gloved fingers, the young woman, a spitting image of her mother, glances up and narrows her vivid aquamarine eyes around her, as if already she could sense the blood that would be spilled that very day. Perhaps for her, it hung in the air, curling a small but appreciative smile at the corner of her full lips.

Those that were murmuring about the 'traitors' were silenced after Naoya's little display, though that didn't necessarily mean they believed they were wrong. Rather, it just quieted the dissenters smart enough to realize that gathering the ire of the higher-ranking Jounin would not be a good idea. Even the dumber ones, who would have spoken up even after that threat, would fall silent. The deadly combination of Naoya and Akane was noted, feared by a great number, and 'order' was once again a part of Kirigakure's forces.
Per Akane's command, a number of the water manipulators on the ships made handseals, gathered their chakra, and created a mist that surrounded them. Said mist was, naturally, made via chakra. The chakra-rich water vapors would make it harder for sensors below the water to have any true target, even, though it also gave the Brigade a rather apparent spot to direct their attacks… Would that be a good thing or bad thing? It was a bit difficult to tell so early in the battle, but in all likelihood, the ships would be able to be patched up quickly enough that general attacks were better than zaps at the shinobi themselves.
There were a number of the younger genin present that wanted to prove their worth to their village, whether newly graduated or otherwise. The latter tended to be ones that were not often sent on missions as … 'intense' as this particular assault. Nothing so grand usually called upon Genin, after all, but the Shinobi Villages really needed to make an all-out assault. And that is what this (among other attacks spanning the ocean) happened to be. With Akane's words of encouragement, many of them seemed to perk up or gather that determination that seemed to be present in the other shinobi of higher rank that were present.
The presence of Mushi was occasionally commented on, but very few paid the wandering medic much attention. Only a few that recalled she had been banned from the Land of Water really held much stock to her, eyeing her with a bit of unease that may or may not have been warranted. Thankfully, she seems willing to cooperate, and they would just leave her to her own devices while occasionally offering her an update on various things. What Mushi would probably get to learn most about were the various preparations that involved medics. Medic Nin were stationed on every ship, there was usually at least one boat with each fleet dedicated to evacuating those too injured to continue, and she would have a rundown of all the basic supplies they had. Anything unique to Kirigakure was likely left out unless a Jounin-medic here says otherwise… >.>;
Mizumi would just stare out at the water, trying to keep calm. There was a mixture of emotions within her. A combination of fear, excitement, and nervousness for what was about to come. The girl would glance in Akane's direction when the Jounin approached, the girl's senses noticing the Doihara before her eyes did. She would bow her head slightly in greeting before offering a quick Kiri-salute as well, mostly just out of respect. "Hai," she says with a small nod, offering a small smile before her eyes would shift slightly in Naoya's direction. A small blink, and her eyes flickered back to Akane before she offered another nod and turned her attention more onto Ren. She seemed a bit better now than she was just moments before, and he'd likely be able to tell.
"You're right, Ren-kun. We definitely have as much right to be here as any other, though… I doubt we'll truly give the Brigade a run for their money…" Mizumi pauses, considering Ren's words before giving him a small nod. "Maybe… I think the best we can do is try to keep ourselves safe. I can use my sensing abilities to warn others… They're a bit more honed than other genin, after all… And you can heal others… And we can both work to make sure we keep ourselves safe." She, perhaps obviously, cannot act as a medic for various reasons. But she could still act as a form of support and long-distance with water manipulation. Maybe she'd be able to learn the other half of the Shirayuki's abilities sometime soon…
When the call came for mist-users, she would add her own to the mix, allowing some to surround herself and Ren a bit more, though she also added her efforts to the group that was disguising the ship as a whole. Mizumi frowned a bit, not finding it too difficult, but trying to get the scale right was troublesome. She opted to covering only a portion that she found comparatively less covered than other spots, which she was able to find with her sensing abilities.

COMBAT: Mizumi focuses chakra!
RPCOMBAT: Mizumi defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…
RPCOMBAT: Mizumi defends against with a HIDDEN-MIST-TECHNIQUE…

Clouded dark golden eyes look up towards Akane for several silent seconds before closing as Naoya bows his head towards her. "Akane-sensei.. I will follow your orders. Those out of line will be brought in line or cut down. Now is not the time for orders to be questioned, not a time for alliances to be questioned.. this is clear. If you would have me part off with another strike team, I will lead them without pause." Taking in a deep breath, a low hum vibrates in the back of his throat.
"I am stable, augmenting myself for what is to come, nothing more.." As Naoya mentions 'instability', several spiders crawl from his neck and stay in position, watching the woman before them only to have a few additional ones escape and move into his hair establishing a sentry point over the deck when Mushi approached to speak with Akane. Waiting for the initial speaking to end he would speak up to say, "Please, restrict the others into positions. We are close, we will begin to move under water, those that won't be assisting will likely suffer or be distractions."
Despite his words, the spiders along the Okumo's neck descend and skitter from Naoya and towards Mizumi and Ren, scaling along their boots and along their clothing unless stopped. The spiders themselves would move to perch on the left shoulders of the Genin without a word or a hiss. "Both of you.. protect that sentry, I will not understand speech well, but sight, rough sounds and scent will be easily translated." Turning to Mushi, Naoya doesn't open his eyes but he lightly sniffs twice before shaking his head gently. 'I will need data on that one later on.. not familiar..'
Twisting his fingers, the mists likewise begin to flow around the Okumo before being forced away. Working with the other water manipulators cause the cloaking mists to wrap around the ship as if an egg, meant to evenly distribute the water pressure based on how far away the sections of the ship where from the core of the channelers. Once the ship would be under water, it wouldn't be safe for most to be on deck in part from the lack of air, but also from the water pressure.. something the channelers would only be able to protect themselves from.

COMBAT: Naoya focuses chakra!
RP: Naoya transforms into HIVE-MIND.
COMBAT: Naoya attacks target 1 with HIDDEN-MIST-TECHNIQUE with a roll of:

Akane chuckled softly at Naoya's response. but she spoke quietly. "I trust you Naoya-san. and You are aware of what this mission represents to me and my family as well. I know what it means to you. We won't be going home without them." Then Mushi stepped up and Akane nodded. "Mushi-san. As it stands I think we'll be pretty heavily pinned down. There's not a good way to assault a base held on an island by a Hozuki." She sweatdropped a that thought.. again. "But your aid is still needed. I do not know of your fighting capabilities but if it gets too hot I will remain ahead and you can heal. Ren-kun can help you if you need him." She motioned over toward Ren the nodded to Mushi. "I am glad you are here as both of the commanding Jounin," Naoya and herself. "Are also medics."
Then she turned to Naoya and held out a hand, allowing a spider to be placed on her as well. "Alright.. here we go…"
Akane had returned for a brief moment to Ren's side and she overheard him talking to Mizumi. "Ren-san, if you prefer to stay back with the medical teams you may. In the end it is your duty to decide that you are ready to fight openly. But you would not have been promoted if we thought you were not prepared for your rank. As it stands, Mushi-san will most likely be head of the medical teams so you will stay near her if you wish to choose being a medic today." She tried to encourage him.
She glanced around as they came to a halt, the water manipulators standing there waiting, Then with a wind manipulator at her side, making her words curve along the air, relatively quiet alone, but everyone in the Kiriagakurean force would hear her words. She was taking some pages directly from Meruin's playbook with the mist and the pep talk….
"Shinobi of the Mist! We stand at the precipice of a battle long in the making. Not only do we have two Jounin being held against their will, but we have two /LOYAL/ Jounin being held /against their wills./ How do I know? I know them. But if you must have reason, I remind you to keep faith with your fellows. Yondaime Mizukage Okumo Meruin raised Okumo Kiji himself and Meruin's loyalties cannot be questioned! He has bled for you in the past. And even bled now to recover Kiji-san. Now we bleed for him."
Her voice took on a thicker tone as she spoke of loyalties. She didn't care if actual logic stated things were more complicated than she might suggest. All they needed to hear then was that someone in power did not question the loyalty of the captives. And her belief in them.
"You have all been chosen to fight here for a reason. We did not simply shoo everyone in Kiri onto ships. You were /CHOSEN/ to be here. Be proud! Bear your village's crest well and fear not what you are about to do. We are not just Shinobi, we are warriors of Kirigakure and members of her great heritage. Display that pride and loyalty today for both your Yondaime AND your Godaime!"
And the Akane stepped up on the rail and saluted everyone in the way of Kiri, her fist over her heart then extended and held toward them all.
She turned her face to the wind manipulator to relay her final words, pulling her mask down and securing it over her face, she Gave the order. "Everyone to positions. Begin descent."

COMBAT: Akane focuses chakra!

Ren looked at Mizumi with a tiny frown. Right now he couldn't do much. And he doubted even if he could make a mist from his blood that it would be a good idea. Thought it might intimidate some it would also not be neccesary when trying to make a mist of water. "We do. We earned our spots here and I doubt Akane or Naoya would disagree." Oh and he actually did have a sword on him. It wasn't his own personal sword, but it was one he was using for this. He wasn't very talented with a sword yet, but he had one combo he could use to maybe catch someone off guard. And the sword basically being a short sword meant that he had a better chance of still being somewhat useful if he lost the use of one of his arms. "Alright Mizumi. Sounds like a plan. I guess all we can do is just work our hardest." He would prepare himself for that coming ahead. This just meant some chakra being focused. Truthfully besides a few D-Ranks that was simple things like delivering important mail between the village(Within it of course)he had not been on a real mission yet.
Ren looked for a moment at Naoya as his spider came over. He didn't pay too much attention to Naoya until then actually. Truthfully he didn't care if the spider was there or not so he would just give a quick nod to Naoya before turning to face the approaching Akane. "It isn't that I prefer staying back. It is simply that I think I would do better right now staying behind and keeping others alive over trying to fight when.. Once we get to more tough enemies I am sure I won't hold up as well. I am just a recently graduated Genin afterall. I know I can do what is expected of me, but if it comes to it I know I can fall back and try to do medical work." He gives a quick nod before looking ahead. As he listened to Akane speaking he had his spirits lifted a bit. He was glad that he was here to help. Even if he would not be as important to the whole of the army like Akane would. He was ready. As ready as could be.

COMBAT: Ren focuses chakra!

Mushi listens carefully to the discussion between Naoya and Akane, and she nods to the latter. For once she throws humility aside. "I'm an excellent medic," she says, "but I'd also prove to be valuable as a combatant." She lets that hang, but for now sticks with the medical team as ordered. Like everyone else she listens intently to Akane's words, and when they salute she mimics them. She turns to the medics gathered nearby and says, "Those kidnapped are among my friends. /Including/ Okumo Meruin. I'll do everything in my power to support your village." Then she ruins it by muttering under her breath, "Troublesome jerk, I'll leave him at the bottom of the ocean if he's ungrateful." She's kidding…right?
Mushi rummages through the pack of medical supplies she was given. It's basic stuff, but good quality. As the ship prepares to submerge, Mushi starts tallying up her gear, and then she makes a few hand seals. Chakra washes out in a faint tingle to the edges of the ship. Then it'd solidify, rising up from the sides to create a barrier of hardened chakra. It's like a big glass bubble, making topside breathable and easier to move around. It looks dangerously fragile, as if a good sledgehammer would do it in, but Mushi doesn't seem nervous as she sits on the deck out of the way. She's holding a hand seal with her eyes closed. Apparently she needs to maintain it. "Chakra crystal barrier," she says helpfully to those who are curious. "It may look thin, but it'll withstand the water pressure the entire way down." She doesn't add whether or not it'll withstand a massive attack.

RPCOMBAT: Mushi defends against with a CHAKRA-CRYSTAL-BARRIER…
COMBAT: Mushi focuses chakra!

Many of the shinobi that could not use water or wind would slip below the decks as the ships prepared their descent into the water. There were a few that also took cover simply because, while they could use jutsu to keep themselves from being crushed and drowned, they would be very useless, only helping save themselves. It would be a waste of effort and resources that all the shinobi need to keep as high as possible until the very end of this trial. That being said, a great deal of shinobi might find themselves retreating…
At Akane's, signal, a wind-user would approach her and carry her voice to the others, allowing what would normally be a whisper to sound out across the gathered Kirigakure troops. Her words brought on a plethora of emotions, not all of them docile. Some were gifted courage, others had their hatred towards the Brigade fueled. And still others sought out a bloody justice for the traitor, Kaguya-Hozuki Yoichi-turned-Hatsu. What truly mattered was not the emotion instilled within each shinobi of the Hidden Mists (and a few miscellaneous others), but the fact that each one of them was now inspired to reach their overall goal: the destruction of the Storm Brigade and its base of operations. The few that saw Akane from their places on their ship offered the Kirigakure Salute in return before returning to their duties of making sure their boats do not 'sink' without grace.
The Waters below the ships slowly began to part. The mists surrounding the shinobi lent a bit of protection, and a mixture of abilities kept the pressure from destroying the people on-board. Mushi's ship in particular would discover a barrier formed by the medic herself: one sphere made entirely of chakra that allowed for people to breathe easier. One by one, each of Kirigakure's ships move below the water, all of them fueled by shinobi. In a way, they were using submarines to descend upon the Storm Brigade. How unique… How Kiri.
Sadly, not everything can go smoothly. Chakra was being used, stored, and otherwise was present at very high levels. Even if those of the Brigade could not detect specific shinobi like this, they could still target the boats and those that remained on the decks.
Below the water, it is difficult to tell which water is 'safe' and which is 'deadly'. In a sense, the water itself is both. But with the Brigade warring against the Hidden Mist, it would be difficult to tell… The currents would begin to shift wildly, fighting against the water manipulators that were helping move the ships. They had to strain many of their consciousnesses so that they could focus on keeping the ships 'afloat' (so to speak) while still descending. Not only were the currents warring, but the occasional attacks against the boats themselves would occur. True to their name, the Storm Brigade were utilizing a mixture of lightning and wind techniques despite being below the sea.
Naoya would find that he was assaulted with a blast of shaped lightning. The lightning normally would spread all over the place, but the use of chakra has allowed the user to control it enough that it would strike only at its intended target. Naoya himself, as a member of those who are assisting in defending the ships, would also find manipulating the ocean to be more than difficult. It was as if a force was trying to wrench control from the Okumo and overpower him to the point where he might get swept away by a 'wave' of water.
Akane would also find lightning arcing its way towards her. This bolt was a bit deadlier than the one that was aimed in Naoya's direction, as the Brigade recognized her a bit. One who, much like Kiji, has been a pain in their rear for multiple reasons. Not only Akane, but several others nearby would experience that lightning, though they would each defend themselves on their own without assistance being needed. Blocks of water were solidified, hair grew into a shell and hardened, and a few acted similar to Mushi and created a chakra-barrier without the use of seal-inscriptions.
The two genin, Ren and Mizumi, would find themselves being targeted by hardened blocks of water attempting to crush them. It was odd how the water moved, because not only were they within the water, but they were also being attacked by it. But certain sections were manipulated by chakra and were somehow able to work, as odd as it may seem. It is likely a chakra shell around what happens to be manipulated that will do the worst of the damage, truthfully.
Even Mushi would not be safe from this assault. Bolts of lightning are aimed at her, and someone in the Brigade apparently knows some seals that also work underwater by the looks of some black lines of water-proof ink that seem to try and entrap the traveling medic.

[NPC System]: Brigade roll(s) Water Crush vs. Mizumi from 15 to 35 and get(s) a 22. - Rolled by: Mizumi
RPCOMBAT: Mizumi defends against with a INTUITIVE-DODGE…

Akane's words were inspiring, which Mizumi was glad for. It gave her a boost in energy, almost, and made her slightly more eager for the fight to come. Of course, then they had to work together to help descend all the ships… But first, Mizumi would eye the spider, but she made no move to stop it. She was familiar with Naoya's brood, really, though not too much. Just enough that she knew that she shouldn't really try to get rid of the arachnids when they're crawling on her. She would give Naoya a small nod of acknowledgement, sort of directing the spider to a spot that she knew she would pay attention to when avoiding attacks. Likely near her neck. Then, with the spiders secure, she would focus her energies back on keeping the water from crushing herself and mostly Ren.
Sadly, the water wasn't the only 'enemy' that was incoming. There were sparks of lightning incoming, as well as a huge 'block' of chakra that she could sense moving the water. The girl would move out of the way quickly, using her staff similar to one would a lever that allowed her to move a bit freer. Once she didn't have to worry about crushing water, Mizumi would shift her attention so that she would be seeking out those that attacked her. No longer were the Storm Brigade members hiding their presence. Their shapes in the water were clearly defined; the black cloaks sort of floating and admittedly looking pretty awesome while in the water. Of course, it also made it easier for her to figure out where to target, so she made a handseal, and she would shape water into needles that shot towards some of the Brigade members. Admittedly, suiton attacks moved a lot different underwater, but it would still work to an extent.

COMBAT: Mizumi attacks target 1 with WATER-NEEDLE-TECHNIQUE with a roll of:
[NPC System]: Brigade roll(s) Water Ribbons vs. Mizumi from 15 to 35 and get(s) a 28. - Rolled by: Mizumi

[NPC System]: Brigade roll(s) Water Wave vs. Naoya from 25 to 50 and get(s) a 26. - Rolled by: Mizumi
[NPC System]: Brigade roll(s) Lightning Strike vs. Naoya from 25 to 50 and get(s) a 34. - Rolled by: Mizumi
RPCOMBAT: Naoya defends against with a SILKEN-PROTECTION…
RPCOMBAT: Naoya defends against with a SILKEN-PROTECTION…

Unable to sense chakra even while focusing, there wasn't a way for Naoya to preemptively avoid being where the lightning would strike. Another complication should Naoya move he would weaken the shield keeping everyone on board from drowning.. he wouldn't move an inch. The lightning would strike the Okumo center-mass leaving a smoldering point only to then be washed over heavily by a rogue wave yet it didn't seem to move or batter the Okumo, nor breaking his pose.
While his eyes were closed, his hair begins to rapidly shed water down to his shoulders but then it begins to drip more naturally. Taking a deeper breath in, Naoya held onto it, preparing himself to be submerged fully should too many of the other channelers waver under the surprise assault. The spiders on the two Genin would react suddenly, becoming very still and focused on the area in front of them, namely watching as the Genin began to defend themselves from.. nothingness. The spider on Akane would remain dormant, unlikely triggering any warning scents to its host.
The news and the lack of a visual enemy or even a scent causes Naoya to begin to snarl. "Hozuki.. Hozuki are infiltrating the water around us," is said low almost in a growl, hopefully loud enough for the others above deck to hear him, allowing them to prepare fighting off the opposing forces without weakening the barrier around the vessel.

RPCOMBAT: Naoya defends against with a SPIDER-SENSES…
RP: Akane transforms.
[NPC System]: Brigade roll(s) Lightning Blast vs. Akane from 30 to 60 and get(s) a 40. - Rolled by: Mizumi
RPCOMBAT: Akane defends against with a MULTIPLE-LIGHTNING-CLONES…
RP: Akane transforms.
RPCOMBAT: Akane defends against with a SHARINGAN-PERCEPTION…
COMBAT: Akane attacks target 1 with FLAMING-ARTILLERY with a roll of:
COMBAT: Akane attacks target 2 with FLAMING-ARTILLERY with a roll of:
COMBAT: Akane attacks target 3 with FLAMING-ARTILLERY with a roll of:
COMBAT: Akane attacks target 4 with FLAMING-ARTILLERY with a roll of:
[NPC System]: Brigade roll(s) Water Wall vs. Akane from 35 to 70 and get(s) a 56. - Rolled by: Mizumi
[NPC System]: Brigade roll(s) Water Wall vs. Akane from 35 to 70 and get(s) a 52. - Rolled by: Mizumi
[NPC System]: Brigade roll(s) Water Wall vs. Akane from 35 to 70 and get(s) a 46. - Rolled by: Mizumi
[NPC System]: Brigade roll(s) Water Wall vs. Akane from 35 to 70 and get(s) a 56. - Rolled by: Mizumi

Akane noted the lifted fists and the morale lift and nodded. But when the lightning came at her, suddenly there were three of her….. One comming to a halt, sliding backwards on the deck of the ship, one in front of Ren and one that stood there as lighting seemed to charge around her… And then there was a small cloudy poof when the clone disappeared. Hwever, the real Akane was still moving, picking up smallish sacks and snapping her fingers a few times. Others got the idea and began delivering these small sacks to the water manipulators, but Akane.. well she had something a bit different..
Akane's eyes behind that mask twisted and shone a sickly acid green, her sharingan not like that of others and well hiden by the mask she wore. But she was specificly pinpointing where the Hozuki were in the attacking waters.. She let out a little 'che' then zipped a few times as she moved through the ship.. dropping the bags in very specific places of the water.
Now, the thing was she wasn't too sure how well this would work.. She'd managed to gather some quick solidifying powder and brought it along in the very unlikely case that she could throw a few at Yoichi…. But this was as good a time to test as any.. The plan was, pour this powder on the water and let it harden… She was not the only fire user in Kiri, though it was far more rare, so she had positioned them on each ship as well. Perhaps it was silly, perhaps it was not.. She would soon find out.
A sack dropped with each use of her speed and then she stood back and brought her fingers up to her lips, spitting fireballs at the places her sharigan told her there was a chakra user… hopefully this would quick-bake the powder and .. might cost them a limb. Maybe….
[NPC System]: Brigade roll(s) Water Crush vs. Ren from 15 to 35 and get(s) a 28. - Rolled by: Mizumi
RPCOMBAT: Ren defends against with a BLOOD-RIBBONS…
RPCOMBAT: Ren took damage.

Ren stretched some as they were descending now. Of course that meant it would be even easier for them to be spotted he assumed. He personally figured they didn't have too long before they would be attacked. He was of course sticking by Mizumi's side for now and that meant he would take notice of how she was behaiving. And since she seemed to be avoiding something he figured he would have to avoid. Naoya talking too and told everyone about the Hozuki gave Ren the hint he needed. Oh yeah…. The water. Well in that case he would attempt to block it as he wasn't very good at…dodging. That showed as he couldn't avoid the water and attempted to pull blood from him to block the water. Though it just pushed right through and knocked him against a wall. He saw Akane attemptiong to come help, but it was just too quick an attack. EIther way he just stood up and started healing himself. "Ow.."

COMBAT: Ren heals Ren for 398 with LESSER REGENERATION.
[NPC System]: Brigade roll(s) Lightning Strike vs. Mushi from 25 to 50 and get(s) a 39. - Rolled by: Mizumi
[NPC System]: Brigade roll(s) Entrapping Seals vs. Mushi from 30 to 60 and get(s) a 57. - Rolled by: Mizumi
RP: Mushi transforms into RED-SEAL-MEDIC.
RPCOMBAT: Mushi defends against with a FEEDBACK-BARRIER…
RPCOMBAT: Mushi defends against with a FEEDBACK-BARRIER…

The bubble doesn't seem to block any of the incoming attacks, or the outgoing ones either. They slip through without resistance. The assault passes through the chakra barrier, which is solely to keep the water at bay. Mushi finds herself bombarbed by attacks, which is a good reason to dive belowdecks and hide there. Except maintaining the bubble of chakra is important and being within sight of it is critical. For now she ignores everything happening around her, and the others under attack. A ruby-colored seal appears on Mushi's forehead before shattering, and chakra infuses her. As the lightning and seal attacks fly in, a thin shield of written seals surrounds Mushi to make the attacks fizzle out. She doesn't have to budge from her spot, which is basically her plan until they can successfully reach their goal. So the barrier remains. "Go faster," she suggests helpfully.

The water manipulators and Mushi worked together, forming bubbles around the various ships. The ships were propelled downwards through the sea, the whole of Kirigakure seeking to wind up at the bottom where the Storm Brigade happened to be holed up. However, with the amount of attacks incoming, a number of the water manipulators were forced to break their concentration, if only temporarily, to create better shields and otherwise dodge incoming strikes. This would weaken portions of the barrier, but it otherwise held strong for the most part thanks to just sheer numbers.
Those near Naoya would hear him mention Hozuki, a clan that wasn't often seen within the ranks of Kirigakure, and they began to pick up the word and let it travel along their own. Thankfully, not all in the Brigade were Hozuki. Some were just using bubbles around their head to keep themselves breathing while chakra hardened 'shells' kept their bodies from being crushed by the immense pressure. It is with this in mind that a number of people in Kirigakure's ranks that know lightning would try to electrify the water around them. They would work together with the people using Suiton to make sure that the Mist's ships were not harmed in the assault.
A simple clone of Akane, no matter what it happens to be made of, is not enough to block the incoming attack at Ren. Actually, the clone itself also just wasn't entirely fast enough, and the boy ended up getting injured anyway. However, while the clone failed, her rather odd use of powders did not. The Brigade members within the water were fairly numerous, but the number of Hozuki were far less. This meant that it was easy for Akane to toss in the powder that would suddenly ignite thanks to Akane's use of fire. Even though it was fire, there was still a few interesting effects because it was powder-based.
The water surrounding the ships would become clouded from the explosion, likely just from debris and similar things. The Hozuki and Brigade members alike would be unable to 'see' properly, so their attacks generally went wide and didn't hit the incoming Kiri-ships. Fortunate. While there was still probably another round's worth of time before the Mist hit their goal, which means there were still chances to get attacked.
For a few minutes, the group is able to travel without mishap. But then, because the water shields and chakra barriers are holding so well, the Brigade chose to launch yet another assault. This time, there was wind involved because there happens to be that sort of air bubble around each of the ships to allow those on deck to breathe. Lightning arcs, wind slices, and water continues to crash rather violently at them, rocking the ships and otherwise making the journey nightmarish. Whoever was using the seals earlier doesn't seem to be around, though. Maybe Akane got them with the explosion?

[NPC System]: Brigade roll(s) Water Wave vs. Mizumi from 15 to 35 and get(s) a 28. - Rolled by: Mizumi
[NPC System]: Brigade roll(s) Water Wave vs. Mizumi from 15 to 35 and get(s) a 25. - Rolled by: Mizumi
RPCOMBAT: Mizumi defends against with a INTUITIVE-DODGE…
RPCOMBAT: Mizumi defends against with a INTUITIVE-DODGE…
RPCOMBAT: Mizumi took damage.

Mizumi would attempt to avoid the incoming wave of water, but things were a bit more slippery after the last attack, and she ended up not being able to move as far as she'd like to avoid the water. She winces as it comes crashing down on her, which forces her to stay still for a bit and focus on recovering. That hurt…. Ow… There weren't many injuries that one could see on her person, at least, which meant that people would find it difficult to see that some of her injuries were healing on their own. But for now she would just focus more on keeping things going, much like the other water users. "Ren-kun, can you cover a bit for me?" she requests with a small frown. Maybe she should ask that of someone else since Ren was recently battered as well…

COMBAT: Mizumi heals Mizumi.
[NPC System]: Brigade roll(s) Lightning Arc vs. Naoya from 25 to 50 and get(s) a 43. - Rolled by: Mizumi
[NPC System]: Brigade roll(s) Lightning Arc vs. Naoya from 25 to 50 and get(s) a 35. - Rolled by: Mizumi
RPCOMBAT: Naoya defends against with a SILKEN-PROTECTION…
RPCOMBAT: Naoya defends against with a SPIDER-SHIELD…

With continued approach the next wave of assaults was expected though Naoya was only able to move as much as he did the first time, not at all. Another scorching strike strikes his left shoulder, leaving a hole in his shirt though past that blackened material could be noticed, his body armor made of little more than 'spider silk'. The second strike caused a more unique reaction, the brood slipped from the protective layer and shielded the host with their shells, guiding the charge from the torso, downwards into the deck of the ship, leaving several of the spiders disoriented from the charge rippling through them though no fatalities would be found.
"A little more.. we must endure.. Don't let them over extend, we can't afford to spend too much energy defending ourself.." While he spoke out-loud, it was clear he wasn't speaking to anyone, but trying to figure out their next step. "Focus.. Spread.." Opening his eyes, they were distant once again though at the same time the brood would escape from their host, traveling to either side of the Okumo. The closest wounded water manipulators would find their bodies littered with small spiders that were harmless at first before starting to sink their fangs into their forms. The process while painful at first starts to spark the subjects to renewed vitality in addition to their wounds beginning to hasten how badly they bled though the spiders soon made short work of sewing the wounds closed.

COMBAT: Naoya heals target 1 with SWARMING-REJUVENATION with a roll of:
COMBAT: Naoya heals target 1 with SWARMING-REJUVENATION with a roll of:
[NPC System]: Brigade roll(s) Wind Slice vs. Akane from 25 to 50 and get(s) a 35. - Rolled by: Mizumi
[NPC System]: Brigade roll(s) Wind Slice vs. Akane from 25 to 50 and get(s) a 39. - Rolled by: Mizumi
RPCOMBAT: Akane defends against with a BREVITY…
RPCOMBAT: Akane defends against with a BREVITY…

Akane frowned and glanced around her, noting the others' conditions. She pointed at Mizumi and called out to Ren "Heal her." Then she turned and caught sight of an atack headed her way. As was her usual trick, she simply disappeared. Twice. When she came again to a stop she frowned behind that mask. Perhaps for a moment it appeared as though she had frozen, but she was simply thinking on her toes. Quite literally.
Once the others saw those little bags of powder wrked well enough against the hokuzi, the others went to work on that line of attack. But this also left the members who were not Hozuki to deal with. She glanced around outside the ship. And then her shiney green eyes landed on Mushi… Oh heeey..
Akane moved over to Mushi quickly, speaking quietly to her as she was already tying a long rope around her waist. "Listen, Use that barrier that covers you like a skin on me." She glanced over toward the water. "I'm going out there."
Once she got a nod or something from Mushi, Akane turned to a few of the people around her and tossed the rope. When the barrier around her was complete and the rope was in .. someone's hands.. she powered up her chakra in her feet as much as possible and let it explode (relatively) uner her, launching her through the chakra layer keeping the water at bay. Once she was outside in the water, holding her breath she immediately went through several seals before suddenly splitting enough chakra off to create five lightning clones, containing them as much as possible and straining until they were in a kind of circle equally spaced with the brigade members and her in the water..
And she let them suddenly implode, transferring the lightning energy tothe water which would (hopefully) cause a chain reaction and take out some of the brigade, even if it mostly killed offtheir air shells, they would have to move away to breathe. At best it might stun (and subsequently drown) several…. The barrier would protect her from her own attack.. But then she would have to rely on the others to yank her back inside before /she/ drowned.

COMBAT: Akane attacks target 1 with MULTIPLE-LIGHTNING-CLONES with a roll of:
COMBAT: Akane attacks target 2 with MULTIPLE-LIGHTNING-CLONES with a roll of:
COMBAT: Akane attacks target 3 with MULTIPLE-LIGHTNING-CLONES with a roll of:
COMBAT: Akane attacks target 4 with MULTIPLE-LIGHTNING-CLONES with a roll of:
COMBAT: Akane attacks target 5 with MULTIPLE-LIGHTNING-CLONES with a roll of:
[NPC System]: Brigade roll(s) Water Wall vs. Akane from 35 to 70 and get(s) a 41. - Rolled by: Mizumi
[NPC System]: Brigade roll(s) Water Wall vs. Akane from 35 to 70 and get(s) a 56. - Rolled by: Mizumi
[NPC System]: Brigade roll(s) Water Wall vs. Akane from 35 to 70 and get(s) a 57. - Rolled by: Mizumi
[NPC System]: Brigade roll(s) Water Wall vs. Akane from 35 to 70 and get(s) a 67. - Rolled by: Mizumi
[NPC System]: Brigade roll(s) Water Wall vs. Akane from 35 to 70 and get(s) a 64. - Rolled by: Mizumi
[NPC System]: Brigade roll(s) Water Wave vs. Ren from 15 to 35 and get(s) a 28. - Rolled by: Mizumi
[NPC System]: Brigade roll(s) Water Wave vs. Ren from 15 to 35 and get(s) a 16. - Rolled by: Mizumi
RP: Ren transforms into BLOOD-ENRICHMENT.
RPCOMBAT: Ren defends against with a BLOOD-RIBBONS…
RPCOMBAT: Ren defends against with a BLOOD-RIBBONS…
RPCOMBAT: Ren took damage.

Ren was a little slow on reacting at first and the water making it slippery did not help. Luckily even though the first blast hit em hard enough, he was able to avoid the second with some well placed blood ribbons. He looked at Mizumi who was worse off of him and simply walked over to her as he gave a nod to Akane. "Here. You can bite my wrist and it will be quicker than me trying to move my blood into you." He placed his wrist in front of her face. "Bite." Even if she didn't he would eventually move blood from him to her. Just quicker otherwise.

COMBAT: Ren heals Mizumi for 490 with CRIMSON OFFERING.
[NPC System]: Brigade roll(s) Slicing Wind vs. Mushi from 35 to 70 and get(s) a 54. - Rolled by: Mizumi
[NPC System]: Brigade roll(s) Slicing Wind vs. Mushi from 35 to 70 and get(s) a 62. - Rolled by: Mizumi
RPCOMBAT: Mushi defends against with a FEEDBACK-BARRIER…
RPCOMBAT: Mushi defends against with a FEEDBACK-BARRIER…
RPCOMBAT: Mushi defends against with a RADIANT-ARMOR…

Wind chakra just pings off of Mushi's barrier. It's strange. It doesn't seem powerful, but it has the properties of repelling an attack's force against it with little effort on the caster's part. Mushi listens and nods to Akane. "I'll give you something better than this bubble," she promises, "and one, maybe two minutes of air." Layers of chakra would form around Akane like radiant armor. As she goes to launch her assault, Mushi starts to keep a closer eye on the people around her. They don't seem to be in terrible shape. However, as Akane is left adrift with the chakra still around her, Mushi would urge a couple of nearby suiton ninjutsuists to drag her back. "She only has a few moments." Well, more like a minute but she's not going to tell them to dawdle around.

The members of Kirigakure that had fallen while still controlling the ship were rejuvenated with Naoya's spiders, though their levels of gratefulness were probably variable. After all, the chance to continue helping was great, but the pain they get to wake up to isn't all that pleasant. Regardless of how happy they are to be conscious, they would screw their courage, dampen their pain receptors, and continue on with the work they were selected to do. It was what they were supposed to do, and for some it was the only thing they could do.
When requested, Akane would get a rope of appropriate length so that she could enact her mysterious plan. Of course, a few people winced when they realized she was about to do something really crazy, but perhaps that was to be expected of the Fujikujo-Doihara. Crazy seemed to run very deep in that family… One person who seemed rather strong, likely a Touketsu who focused on Taijutsu, would take the rope from whomever was initially given it, and he would hold it while letting chakra keep his feet planted so he didn't move around. His face showed that the task was difficult once Akane hit the water, but he wouldn't let go.
Akane's stunt, though crazy, largely worked. Members of the Brigade who were not electrocuted began to retreat. They chose to move onto smaller fish. After all, they had hopefully done the job of exhausting many of the members approaching their base. If they knocked the numbers down at all, they could continue forth with their other plans.
At Mushi's indication, the Touketsu would quickly start to try tugging Akane back. At first it was just moving her through water, which was easy. Then it was dragging the weight of the woman's body up and back into the ship. She was probably falling for a part of that, too. If it was needed, the man would seek to catch her, letting himself get knocked back so he could act as a sort of cushion. If she didn't need assistance, he would let her be, taking the rope back from her for later usage.
At last, Kirigakure's forces would find themselves at the entrance. A number of people would need to resurface for medical care, but a fair amount were down here and able to act. They needed to break into the compound, which was blocked by an iron door. That door led the way into a chamber that acted as a buffer between ocean and hideout so that it wouldn't flood, of course. The Brigade isn't stupid in their designs…
Mizumi would assist throughout the entire ordeal, though when Ren offered his arm, she would break her concentration to give him a bit of a look. A look that said, 'Thanks' as well as 'Sorry', and it may even hold a bit of anger within it… Though the anger was not specifically directed at him. She would bite down on Ren, swallowing some of the blood that he offered before withdrawing and letting her injuries heal with his aid and her own blood's abilities.

Naoya was loosely aware of Akane's daring act, in a way he was watching her more closely than anyone else.. though the spider she took on he was able to watch the display. Though the spider he was also able to weakly study what torment the woman would go through to endure the almost suicidal tactic to assist the vessel from the outward threats assailing it. Those that gained treatment from the Okumo wouldn't find that the brood stayed with them as they had with the Genin or with Akane, they quickly returned to their host.
The distant look in the Okumo's eyes never left, the distant and unfocused nature extended into his posture once the group settled onto stable ground only to realize they were walled off. "Tend to Akane-sensei, she will need fresh air to breath as well as tending to the overstressed muscles. I wish to 'scout'," is said in a raised tone without looking for who heard him as he continued forward. Extending his right hand outwards, the limb swells sudden, the webbing coating the limb thickening. Concentrating a dense amount of chakra into the network of webbing Naoya pauses once he can touch the iron barrier in front of them, running his palm against it.
"You are in my way.. You will yield, there is no other reality.." Closing his eyes, Naoya pauses with his arm posed for palm thrust. The stance shifts, while it was similar to a taijutsu 'horse' stance it shifts, flowing his weight behind the blow completely, attempting to force the door open through brute force.. sadly the technique was unrefined even if it was unnaturally powerful for the simplistic motions.


Akane watched the storm brigade fall back and nodded, still not breathing unless she had to and waiting for the rope to drag her back in. It was strange hanging there /above/ the ship but no falling to it. The pressure was intense too and she did not want to make Mushi miscalculate the pressure due to breathing. But once she was back inside the dome.. gravity once more asserted itself and more than one fighter was distracted momentarily as Akane burst through the shell and gasped for air… then squeaked loudly as she began to fall. She got snagged by that rope over the side and coughed a few times before looking up at the Touketsu who held the rope. She nodded once after realizing that not only did no one get to see her face… but, several were leaning over the side blinking at her. No oubt thinking she was insane. Kyoujin snarked, Akane rolled her eyes and then began to walk up the side of the ship with her treewalking and the touketsu's aid. "Thank you. she accepted a bit f treatment fro some medics and then turned to glance up as Naoya… began talking to a wall… How.. very Okumo of him…

Ren just heals the bite quickly enough. It was weird being able to do that, but it worked. The bite mark would be there for a little bit until blood fully returned to that spot. Luckily it didn't take long at all since his body produce blood quickly. "Well I guess we are all set now." He said as they arrived at the big door that… Naoya just starts talking to. And then he struck the door with a palm and he just blinked a few times before turning to face Akane who just arrived. "Ummm… Do all Okumo do that?" He point at Naoya as she had seen him talk to the door. "For once I can for sure say I am glad I was not born an Okumo. I don't want to talk to doors." He just made a face before waiting… Not much else he could do well besides adding. "Oh and umm… What do we do about all the water that is going to flood in? Just keep a team at the entrance to keep the water out?"

"I never want to do that again," Mushi says when they finally arrive at the bottom. "Too much pressure." She might be talking about the water pressure, but it's probably more about the pressure of not breaking the technique and letting some people drown. Then again, she might be asked to do it on the way back up. Mushi goes over to watch Ren bite Mizumi, and she stares with fascination as he seems to be healing. She opens her mouth as if to ask for something, before she clamps it shut. Even if it's for medical posterity, asking for a taste of someone's blood like a kid asking for candy is bad manners. "I've never seen that technique before," she says, wonderingly. She's rubbing her chin in thought.
She watches as the wounded are transported back up, but she doesn't go along with them. It seems she's going to stay down here with the invading force. She smiles though at the entrance. "An underground lair at the bottom of the ocean," she says. "Maybe it wasn't such a bright idea to have Kirameki try and track them." She speaks more to herself as she tightens her ponytail and adjusts a few scrolls in her medic pack. Ready to go. She looks to Ren and shrugs. "Maybe do whatever the people in there do to keep the water out?" she suggests, to no one in particular.

The door would take several of the punches from Naoya before it would yield to the Okumo, as it was meant to withstand the pressure of water five miles below the surface. And then some. The impact at first did nothing except leave the tiniest of fist-shaped dents. Several more strikes would continue to distort the metal, and eventually it would collapse inwards. It is thanks to the suiton users that the water surrounding does not rush in all at once, really, and the Kiri strike team can enter the complex's initial water-draining chamber.
The water-draining chamber was essentially bare of anything that wasn't necessary. There were a few places that indicated where water would drain from the room upon being flooded and the doors being closed. The most surprising part is potentially just that it would easily be able to hold a dozen people, maybe even two dozen. The chamber itself was large, perhaps to accomodate for the fact that the Storm Brigade had many members that were sent out to attack the hidden villages. It might explain how their strike forces could be so large. Whatever the case, across the room was another door. That particular door seemed to have a simple opening mechanism that didn't need to be punched in. It might be best to go through it the 'normal' way so that the compound itself doesn't flood… There were a few prisoners that Kirigakure might want to recapture, after all :|
Kirigakure forces that were not a part of the strike team would slip their way into the chamber. There were … a lot of them, but the protective bubble that formed around the ships was 'transferred' to surround Kiri-forces. Said Kiri-forces were all backup, really. The ships that were underwater were specially designed to withstand the pressures of the deep, so people just needed to focus on anchoring them while keeping a close eye out for any of the Brigade that might attempt an assault. This backup force could also provide medical aid to those that needed it. Useful.
Several of the NPCs would make their way into the complex itself, of course (pretty sure that was mentioned before). They would provide further backup for the Kiri-nin that were intended to assault the base. They would also focus on keeping the water from flooding the Brigade's hideout while the strike force slipped inside.
Akane would get a small nod from the Touketsu before several lesser medics chose to examine her. They didn't really need to treat her, thankfully, and she got off with a bit of 'scolding' that mainly consisted of 'Please don't do that again'. … They really knew better, but the words were put out just to be on the safe side, in all likelihood. Akane would be able to enter the water-buffer chamber with Naoya and the rest of the team once cleared by the medics (which didn't take much time at all).
Ren would be answered to by a young Chuunin that happens to be a part of the Suiton squad. "We'll be keeping the water at bay until all necessary personnel are inside. Then we'll simply be providing backup. Most of us will stay on the ships to keep an eye out. Some of us will go into the shelter with Akane-sama. And there are a few that will be moved back up to the surface to get them better healing that what you can find on the battlefield." It was all very cut and dry, probably… But hey, whatever works, right? And even as the man spoke, there were preparations going on to perform just what he said.
After some time, the preparations were complete. The door was, assumedly, opened in a nonviolent way so that the team of shinobi would be able to enter the Storm Brigade Compound for real. What they would discover happens to be a network of tunnels that twisted and turned. There were a number of branches and offshoots. Any earth sensors would be able to detect large 'open' spaces that were meant for recreational activities as well as training, learning, eating, and sleeping. Sensors of vitality might be able to recognize that there were some people a few minutes away. They didn't seem to be moving any, but they were there. They were, likely, guards that were assigned to this small sector. Perhaps, even, they happened to be guarding a prisoner? That might not be entirely clear since everyone in this particular 'wing' happened to be very healthy.
Mizumi would sigh softly and murmur a quick 'thanks' to Ren, wiping blood from her lips now that she was healed. She didn't actually mind the taste of blood. It was just a bit of an injury to her pride that she had to get help, even from her best friend. The girl would stand up and glance to Ren, then, before the Chuunin spoke up. She offers a small nod and comments, "Sounds like there's a plan in place. I guess we just need to follow Akane-san and Naoya-sensei…" She couldn't help but wonder if that was a good idea. If they'd be useful in this assault or if they should stay back. Regardless, she made her way off the ship and into the water-buffer chamber if the two leading Jounin did so. To Mushi, she would offer no response because it was Ren's ability to tell. Not her own. Technically.
Once everything was set up, she would merely await her orders. Especially because she was only a genin. She figures, perhaps, that she might actually be useful, though. Not because of her fighting skills, which may or may not be obviously terrible, but because of her sensing abilities. Those had been honed since she first entered the Academy…

RPCOMBAT: Akane defends against with a VITAL-SEARCH-TECHNIQUE…

Akane allowed the medics to scan her and note she's erfectly fine. If anything she just used a little bit of chakra. But she allowed them to scold her even if she was their superior. It was a way to allow them to help and get off a bit of steam as well. By the time they were done and she was inside the room with the first unloaded group, she glanced over toward Naoya, her mask keeping her face completely obscured.
"How are you doing, Naoya-san?" She seemed to take in his appearance and held out her toward him "Now that we're out of the a manner of speaking… Feel free to place up to six of your brood in my hair. They will be safe there as long as they don't chew on my harsticks." And it would allow Naoya to have extra eyes. Akane was also competant with sending messages with chakra so she would simply feed the brood some of her chakra to get naoya's attention should she need it.
But then she peered at the boy…. Her voice quieted. "she'll be safe, Naoya-san. Kiba would not harm her." She sounded more convinced that she should have been, but she was offerng Naoya a hand up.
Once that was done she turned and glanced for Mizumi and Ren. "I'm taking them off the front lines." It was all the warning he would recieve before she went over to Rena nd Mizumi. "Alright you two did very well out there. You managed to distract enough of them so I could get a clear shot. That's an achievement. Now I need you to console your warrior's spirit and use your mind. I want you both on the medic lines. If someone needs a runner you take it, they need a medic you deal with it. If they attack you…Just wear them out or get backup. You two…" She lifted her head and called over her shoulder "ALL of you Genin. And Chuunin. You are all the future of this great nation. Show the world what it means to be a Shinobi of the Mist!"
Some here-heres were heard some salutes were offered…
Once they were through the chamber, Akane turned and headed toward where she could ping that strange chakra sense Shiryou gave off. She nodded toward the so-called ghost. "I know we are just meeting eachother, but I would be greatful… as would Naoya-san and Kiji-san, if you would keep an eye out for Mizumi-san and Ren-san. Fight as best you can but please keep them safe."
Once the time had passed and everyone was finally organized and the med station was set up, Akane would give a signal, carefully preparing for the moment to breach the next layer of this complex… And then they would need to be careful. Death, she rode a pale horse tonight.
But she offered one last boost to the troops. "Let us not only recover our own tonight, Kirigakure, Let's simply save anyone we can and prove we are tenacious and hard to kill. Let them say from this day forward, that Kiri showed Honor and Courage. That we are able to work alongside other nations but that we also have our own way. Let's go remove Kirigakure's contribution to this mess." And she turned, glancing at Naoya as she stepped toward one of the exits….

The steady assault to force the doors open was tiring but more over the steady flow of chakra caused notable stress ripple through his figure. Alternating his grips, Naoya slowly starts to massage his biceps before softly speaking once again 'Yes yes.. I need it now though. Good, we agree..' A soft smile appears on the Okumo's lips and a sensor would be able to see an odd influx of his chakra as if another source was beginning to feed into his own, it wasn't a significant amount but note worthy.
Closing his dark golden eyes, Naoya twists his fingers into a held seal before exhaling, sending out a wide pulse of chakra into the keep and along the ocean floor, checking for life. "Oh? So few? Not moving either.." Curling his upper lip back faintly, several fangs risk being seen as annoyance runs high, somewhat frustrated when he couldn't make out much information despite the focus. It would a snap to focus when Akane called his name, turning to look at her with a slightly confused expression as if she were speaking in code. Extending his left hand, he points to her shoulder where the original spider crawls forth and forward. "The one was with you still. It was told to protect itself, to make a mild cocoon shell and it did so. Once I shift focus, controlling many one once will be difficult."
When the topics shifts, so does the Okumo's mood as a mild glare sets into his eyes. Moving his hand back, his palm rests onto the pummel of a sheathed sword. "She is alive, even if vivisected she would draw breath. That is not in question.. You can rest easy, my mind is not distracted." Turning away he would begin walking forward carefully, though as he did so his eyes would pale, becoming a bright amber tone though his veins become distorted, darkening as if tainted by a impurity. 'Yes.. quiet now, we need to stay light.' Those following the Okumo's movements would become erratic to follow, flicking from point to point.

COMBAT: Naoya heals Naoya.
RP: Naoya transforms into UNREFINED-SERUM.
COMBAT: Naoya attacks target 1 with BREVITY-STEALTH with a roll of:
[NPC System]: Guards roll(s) Perception vs. Naoya from 30 to 60 and get(s) a 56. - Rolled by: Mizumi
[NPC System]: Guards roll(s) Perception vs. Naoya from 30 to 60 and get(s) a 54. - Rolled by: Mizumi

Ren first would just glance at Mushi and stared a bit. "I think the door keeps the water out…. And if we break the door.." He looked at it as it was knocked open. "Probably good there is another door… Lets hope we can just open that one." He walked forwards some and looked at Mizumi as he did. "It does sound that way. I just…" He looked at Akane as she walked over towards him and Mizumi. "Hmmm?" He frowned but he just gave a quick nod. "Sure thing Akane-san." He added the honorific more so because of the situation they were in and him having time to think about it. "Me and her are to stay with you guys and just behind you or stick here with the medical and backup teams?" So either way Ren would just regen a bit to make sure he wasn't wounded anymore.

COMBAT: Ren heals Ren.

As soon as they've gotten inside, Mushi looks around the water draining facility, and her chakra aura vanishes. Such a large base will house a potentially large amount of Storm Brigade forces. She needs a bit of time to recover from that prolonged shield she'd used before she faces the new waves. Akane's words make her smile a bitthey all seem fired upbut she doesn't join in the increased solidarity. She stands apart, using this time solely to examine her gear. And there's a lot. While every shinobi has a few standard things they carry, the many pockets and pouches Mushi has seem to hold a multitude of different items.
When they're about to leave, Mushi turns to the med station. It's tempting to stay here and just heal the wounded as they come. There'd be no fighting and no need to shed blood. But that's not why she came, so Mushi falls in beside the assault team and says to Akane, "I can remain behind if you want, but I'm certain I can continue to prove useful on the front." Her tone is slightly questioning. She's not going to force her way in, but she wants to come. She adds, quietly, "I came to fight alongside Kiri."

RP: Mushi reverts to her normal state.

Shiryou had been present, though had largely stayed in the rear to act as support for phase one of the attack. She'd remained visible though… It was too difficult to work with other people if she remained invisible and incorporeal for the extent of the job, and this was one of those situations where she needed to be solid to help anyway. By the time Akane had located her, she was standing and watching from afar. She gives a slow nod of understanding as her eyes flicker toward the two people Akane had requested that she watch out for.
"I'll try to make sure they get out of this alive." She says simply, looking back at Akane for a moment with an emotionless expression, then watches her in silence as she gives a rousing speech to the rest of the gathered strike force… While she's talking, Shiryou makes her way toward Ren, one of her apparent charges for the remainder of this mission.

Here-here's are all well and good, but the amount of noise would be noticed by the Brigade members that were on-duty at the time. The door … It wasn't supposed to open, and yet the clunking sound reverberated along the tunnels and prompted one of them. "Go get backup," one of them would murmur in a smooth voice, even as they tugged their hood upwards to disguise their face. "We cannot allow them to pass… We'll hold them off as long as we can until help comes. Taki and Hatsu-sama wouldn't forgive us for failure." Chakra was gathered into the one's body while another would glance to the third black-cloaked figure. "I leave you here. I hope you can handle your duty." Then the second would run, and the first would stand to fight.
As Naoya skitters along the corridors, the guards might notice him. Truthfully, they did. The footsteps rang loudly, though it was hard to detect 'where'. Even with that, they were actually quite skilled. The third member, if he did not notice, would be pointed in the right direction. "Remember. Keep them away from the center. The fight is nearing." As the man speaks, sensors would notice a bit of chakra spiking. There were few sensors within Kirigakure's line at this present time, of course, but they might notice all the same. From his pouch is drawn a knife. It's edge was jagged, as if meant more for torture than for true combat use…
The Genin and Chuunin that would be not be useful for the battle ahead would ready themselves to be as useful as possible as far as medics might go. Ointments, bandages, and other items meant for first aid are supplied to those that can assist in running out to folk. Specifically, Ren and Mizumi would be gifted with medical kits that they could use in times of need for both themselves and others.
Those of the medic station would offer any supplies Mushi might need, even offering soldier pills to the woman if it would help boost her energy. She looked a bit tired. "Recall, we are at your disposal, Mushi-san," one of the Kiri-nin would say with a quick (regular) salute.
Shiryou, being a ghost, would get some odd looks from those that did not know her. Whatever help she offered while off-screen was accepted, of course, but with a bit of a wary look and always with a bit of a question unless Naoya had admonished them beforehand. Largely, she was ignored as much as possible for favor of the more rousing speeches gifted to them by Doihara Akane.

RP: Mizumi transforms into SHROUD-OF-THE-MIST.
RPCOMBAT: Mizumi defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSING-TECHNIQUE…

Mizumi would frown just a bit when she hears that Akane wants her on the medic lines. She would nod, though, offering a salute as well. "Hai, Akane-san," she would say simply, the girl glancing at Ren and then making a handseal to gather chakra. A bit of a mist would seem to gather around her, almost as if to form a cloak of her own. It would be useful, she figured. Mizumi would move towards the back more to grab medic kits that she and Ren could use given an emergency, which would also allow her to use some of her abilities in a less obvious manner, she imagined. Then she would go to Mushi, who was apparently in charge of her and Ren now that they were technically a part of the medical team. Even though she was no longer (supposed to be) a combatant, the girl would scan the area with her senses. She noticed Naoya's oddly fluctuating chakra, as well as the signatures up ahead that marked the guards. "Two. Battle-ready. Along this tunnel…" she mumbles, frowning. She would try to report that to someone before they encountered the individuals, which likely means Mushi is the first to hear on it (after Ren, if he heard her muttering).

The third cloaked figure dons his hood as soon as the call for backup is made, hiding their face beneath the hood. Though a very very faint red glow can be seen from within. A soft "hai" is spoken to the one who told them to keep guard. This guard seems oddly… Hesitant and even maybe nervous as a large gathering of chakra is taken in. The third cloaked figure scans his surroundings cautiously as he's pointed to the threat. Anyone that got a clear look into the hood would realize the source of the red glow was not only a Sharingan, but a three tomoe Sharingan.

RP: Kyuketsuki transforms into SHARINGAN-III.
COMBAT: Kyuketsuki focuses chakra!
RPCOMBAT: Akane defends against with a SHARINGAN-PERCEPTION…

Akane moved finally to Mushi's side finally and did a few checks on the equipment. The Doihara nodded slowly. "If it's possible, Mushi-san, As we advance we will be more and more separated from our core base. Be prepared to take command of the medical units. She looked out over all the people prepping and took a deep breath, letting it out slowly as she finally picked up an extra medkit and strapping it on her belt. "I'm trusting you with my family, Mushi-san. Please help me keep them safe." It wasn't an order as much as a request, but she would take whtever answer before moving over in one of the exits, preparing for the right time to begin….
As things began to move she would nod to anyone she felt needed it, patted a few backs and headed for the tunnel ahead of her. Her mask was on, and the eyes were covered by a kind of one way glass, visually hiding her eyes as they twisted in three tomoe configuration. Though unlike most Uchiha, her sharingan was a sick acid green, tained .. by what was unknowable. But she gathered herself and headed down the hallway. They made noise enough to alert someone? Sure but then they wouldn't be thinking to defend themselves from a tiny fireball would they….
That was all that she did too, she spit a tiny tiny fireball from her lips which zipped down the hallway like a bad joke… But once it came near a target, it suddenly expanded and exploded into a huge firestorm-explosion.

COMBAT: Akane attacks target 1 with INTELLIGENT-HARD-WORK with a roll of:
COMBAT: Akane attacks target 2 with INTELLIGENT-HARD-WORK with a roll of:
COMBAT: Akane attacks target 3 with INTELLIGENT-HARD-WORK with a roll of:
[NPC System]: Brigade roll(s) Water Wall vs Akane from 50 to 100 and get(s) a 56. - Rolled by: Mizumi
[NPC System]: Brigade roll(s) Water Wall vs Akane from 50 to 100 and get(s) a 52. - Rolled by: Mizumi

Staying to one side, Naoya makes sure to stay out of the way of the flames the flew by him and further down the hall, and the sight was familiar to him, enough so that he closed his eyes reflexively. 'Increase the dosage..' Tension spikes within his body as he surges forward, his speed increasing subtly until he stops at the epicenter of the explosions from the Doihara's assault. Drawing out his blade, he made it a point to stand in the open, not striking out head first towards another target but waiting.
"Now.. which ones will be still alive after this? All three.. tsk?" Angling his blade downwards for a moment, a clear substance excretes from his thumb and flows along the blade. Shifting slightly, Naoya appears to some to simply disappear from the burst of speed, appearing to the left side of the first man, cutting low into his thigh before fading again. Coming to a pause again to Kyuketsuki's back, a shallow thrust is motioned, aiming at where one of his kidneys would be before ripping outwards to move to the next target. Staying still after the last slash, Naoya attempts to cut cleanly across the man's abdomen, each cut was mild on its own thought the toxins that tainted the blade would quickly begin to work on those that were cut.
"Collection.." is said softly. "Don't resist any further and each of you may live.. I do not have patience for any of you right now, and I hunger from the effort it took to get here." Shifting his grip, Naoya glances around, in bursts, his actions becoming more twitchy than fluid.

RP: Naoya transforms into UNSTABLE-SERUM.
COMBAT: Naoya attacks Kyuketsuki with PARALYTIC-ONSLAUGHT with a roll of:
[NPC System]: Brigade roll(s) Wind Step vs. Naoya from 45 to 90 and get(s) a 67. - Rolled by: Mizumi
[NPC System]: Brigade roll(s) Wind Step vs. Naoya from 45 to 90 and get(s) a 88. - Rolled by: Mizumi

Ren just nods to Akane a bit more and prepares his medical kit some. "Mizumi. What is it?" He had heard the mumbling but didn't hear it too well. But he was with her when she reported it and ahhed some. Okay so people to fight up ahead it seemed. He looked Akane for a tiny moment before also turning to face Mushi. So she was in charge of him and Mizumi? He walked over and stood next to her for a moment before speaking up. "Where would you like us to stand? I can basically heal anyone with my blood and from afar too if they have open wounds. Since I can just put the blood in. Though it is easier to just inject them directly with it." He actually carried a syringe or two on him with covers and everything to make sure he could heal others without harming them first. "I can also move supplies around fine if that can help." He looked at Mizumi. "And I would prefer having her stick with me if that is alright." He said quickly. "She can make sure we don't get caught off guard at least."

Mushi rummages through the medical supplies and selects a few. She thanks the medic nin and turns to Akane as she makes her request. She pauses to actually consider it, and then she gives a nod. "I'll keep them alive," she promises. She turns to the medics. "You know the drill," she says. "You may have wounded shinobi coming back one at a time. Or you may have all of us fleeing at once, with a legion of Storm Brigade members on our tail. Be prepared for either outcome." It's not exactly a motivational speech, but it's fairly true. When Akane decides to allow Mizumi and Ren to move forward, she turns to the two of them. "A medic's first job isn't providing medical aid to others," she says. "It's to stay alive. The moment you're recognized as a medic you'll likely become top priority in the enemy's eyes, the first one to kill." She nods to Ren's request about staying with Mizumi. "Guard each other well."
She moves forward with the others, not quite in front. Though she keeps an eye out for the enemy, most of her focus is on her allies. She's watching their techniques closely. And she says to both her teammates, "Attack as you will, when you find an opening. And only then. You're not the trail blazers, but we're not harmless either." At least they don't have to be. Mushi seems to be making no effort to attack at all, just observe, as they take up the rear.

Shiryou finally arrives next to Ren, Mizumi, and Mushi, staying silent as she listens to the medical talk with vague interest. She turns her attention toward the fighting after a moment. Chakra-sensitivve types might notice the sudden swirling and circling of freefloating chakra in the area, moving about as if caught up in some sort of whirlwind as Shiryou prepares her external chakra for combat. The best way to ensure that the medical team wasn't picked off was, of course, to kill the people who might wish to do such a thing… She had to prepare to enter the fight herself to keep them from getting this far behind the strike force's front lines.

The two guards… One was on the run, which is why his friend worked to interrupt the fireball. A huge wall of water would go up, but some of the flames' explosion would get past and burn him a bit. Okay, a lot. He ended up fairly burnt, and then Naoya's strike sliced him and sent his muscles to a grinding halt, even if for a little bit. The other, though, that was running to get reinforcements… He would surge wind into his step and make it that much more difficult to grab him. In fact, he was well on his way to getting some backups at this point…
Mizumi would offer a small nod to Mushi, understanding the experienced medic's words. She would glance to Ren, then back to the wanderer. "We'll be okay," She would say, probably to reassure herself and Ren more than Mushi. But she said it all the same. The girl would continue keeping her senses cast out for trouble, moving to follow Ren when he moved. She ignored Shiryou, for the most part. The 'ghost' had interesting chakra attributed to her, but Mizumi had more 'important' things to focus on for the time being.

RPCOMBAT: Mizumi defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSING-TECHNIQUE…
COMBAT: Kyuketsuki defends against PARALYTIC-ONSLAUGHT attack from Naoya with a DREAM-FEATHER…
COMBAT: Kyuketsuki loses the roll and sustains damage.
RPCOMBAT: Kyuketsuki took damage.

The hooded figure's eyes tracked the flame and for whatever reason just almost didn't react to the flames, getting burned rather severely, though Kyu toughed through the pain and remained standing, eyes noticing the person flickering in and out of existance. Though as he becomes a target, Kyu almost immediately replies to the demand, though it was more of a whisper, and wouldn't make complete sense. But he makes sure Naoya would hear his voice. "Not on their side.." Kyu then collapses from the toxin, unable to defend from the paralytic poisons, and already substantially injured.

RPCOMBAT: Akane defends against with a BREVITY…

Akane watched Naoya stab a guy int he kidney-ish-area and raised a eyebrow behind her mask. She'd managed to land a nice sized fireball on the guy ahead of her, though apparently Naoy was hittn him with a paralytic. Akane walkedover and stareddown at the guy on the floor, She had been close enough to hear his words and Akane croucheddown next to him, tilting her head curiously. "Not oneof them huh? Then who are you? And why are you here…. and not the cells? Hmmm? What shinobi village should I send your head to?" She lowered her hand trying to rest a finger or two on Kyuketsuki's covered face, pulsing chakra through him to check for vitals. They couldn't all be this easy to destroy… Something was strange here. …. She reached down to where the boy's shirt was sliced from Naoya's blade and she held her hand up before his face… Slowly the air around her palm seemed to glimmer and shiver.. Heat and fire chakra was comming from her hand.. This was a technique Akane had used on Isura back ithe day… it would hurt like fog, but she could stop his bleeding.. "Do you know what I can do with this? I'd start talking if I were you boy…"

"Grr.." Not having time to focus on one or another, Naoya felt the connection lacking, only to find out a few second later that he missed his mark completely. Glancing towards Kyuketsuki for a moment listening to the young man's words but it doesn't appear that he hears them. "One head still flees.." Closing his eyes briefly, Naoya tries to sense if there was life in that direction the man was running towards and the distance between himself and them. Lifting his blade to his mouth, Naoya licks the wide of the blade, coating a much darker substance onto it and taking chase.
The pattern of his steps increase but in doing so they become more erratic and heavy at the same time from the growing momentum. The injured man and the cloaked Kyuketsuki would discover that the intense toxin leaving the bodies numb was already beginning to break down, relenting control of their bodies. The man with Naoya's sights on if he wasn't lucky would feel a blade slicing into his hamstring tendons sliced along both legs and infected with a corrosive agent.

Ren was alright with this at least. Sticking to the back. "Mizumi. Just point me to anyone in trouble and I can be ready to heal em." He smiled a bit towards her and gave a quick nod. "And yeah we will be okay." He looked around before just settling his gaze on Akane and Naoya with their captured prey. He wasn't going to react much to it. No need to since they were an enemy. So Ren would just move around and make sure people didn't need help. If they did he would back them up some obviously.

Mushi gives a nod to Mizumi and Ren when they fall in beside one another. It seems they've worked together before. Mushi takes out a long, lustrous feather of all things and sticks it into Mizumi's pocket. It's pretty, one that's both purple and blue. "A good luck charm," she says, before she follows after Naoya for the fleeing member of the Brigade. She flickers out of view, only to flicker a little closer. Gaining ground. When Naoya would fire his own attack, and right behind him a wave of translucent chakra would wash through the area. When it went around Naoya he'd only feel a faint tingle, but if it were to catch up to their target it'd internally paralyze him on the spot. She'd leave Akane to deal with the man behind, and help to nip this fleeing threat in the bud.

COMBAT: Rockpath defends against CORROSIVE-ONSLAUGHT attack from Naoya with a GONE-WITH-THE-WIND…
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against CHAKRA-WAVE-TECHNIQUE attack from Mushi with a WIND-STEP…

The man that was downed earlier by Naoya and Akane's combination attack would just keep to the floor, waiting for the moment when he could strike. Maybe. The man that had run sensed Naoya coming after him, and he would gather that wind to himself even more. A surge of chakra, and then he was down. The Okumo, as well as the medic, were able to catch up to him and force him to the ground before he could truly call for help … Maybe. There was a brilliant surge of chakra just now, though. Sensors would be able to tell it was there, even those that were weak to such things. In his own way, perhaps he did call for help.
Mizumi would blink down at the feather, but she didn't remove it from her pocket. Part of her felt it was more than what Mushi said, but she simply would direct Ren to someone who seemed injured. There weren't many on Kiri's side that were continuint, though. For better or for worse. So she just kept a close eye on things, though she would wince, sensing that surge of chakra from the runner. "… Che…" She rubs at her head a bit, glancing over to Ren. "We might have trouble later…" she would tell him rather ominously.

Kyu remains still as Akane checks his status. Her announcment means the other guard undoubtly heard as well. He was planning on assessing the strength of the attackers, and turning on the other guards should they actually be strong enough to get him out of this without being defeated by the other guards… But now that he's paralyzed and being questioned. He thinks he has his answer… Oddly Kyu laughs a little at the heated hand. Though, that isn't /why/ he's laughing. "Kiri-nin… I'm from Konoha. I was hoping I'd at least see a familiar face or two when this finally happened." Kyu would, through his seizing, but now calming muscles, force himself to look Akane in the eyes, or at least as close to that as he can. Allowing her to see the Sharingan, but he is not attempting a Genjutsu.
"Would you happen to know someone by the name Okami? I'm Kyuketsuki. I knew Hatsu's plan was doomed to begin with, but I didn't want to be completely useless when it all came crashing down. I wanted to help take it down. But I knew I was too weak on my own. And I also couldn't do anything from inside a cell. I'll help however I can if you let me. Also medical attention for burns would be nice…" Kyu was telling the truth, and was merely hoping that despite the whole village rivalry thing, Kyu might be proven right twice. He is just hoping the 'you can't judge a book by it's cover' thing still stands…

Akane blinked a few ties behind her mask as he spoke and she tilted her head… Pondering for a long second she finally ordered a nearby chuunin to retrieve Naoya. She reached down and with the scent and pain of seared flesh, she stopped his bleeding… Though she was not about to let him go. She was not the type to concern herself with people's normal lifestyles. But this was intriguing.. "Well, I know someone who would love to get a look at those lovely eyes of yours….."
When the chuunin returned with Naoya, Akane beckoned him closer. "Naoya-san… This is Uchiha Kyuketsuki. Perhaps you would remember him…." She looked up at Naoya then down at Kyuketsuki again and tilted her head. "Well shall we bind hm and hide him? We might need leverage to retrieve he others… Or … well, any ideas?"
While Akane spoke, she was carefully trying to roll Kyu over on his stomach so she could tie his hands to the opposite elbows behind him, thereby keeping him from using seals.

COMBAT: Akane heals Kyuketsuki.

With the combination of his toxins and the shockwave knocking his feet from under him, Naoya manages to quickly grasp hold of the man by his hair. The chakra signature, even though it was right beside the Okumo would go unnoticed. "Do not run again.. I don't have time to play. I will not drag you back alive if you move again." Letting go of the man's hair when he arrives, he waits to hair the thinly skin covered skull thud against the ground.
"An Uchiha?" Looking down towards Kyuketsuki, a glare filled his eyes before looking away fro a few seconds. "Yes, an issue of one who disobeyed orders. Some wanted her executed for the disobedience.. I thought they would have removed this one's eyes a while before. Keep him near, hiding him would mean less intelligence." Looking between the two other captured men, Naoya kneels down to lightly sniff at them though it wouldn't be long his brood flows out to take in the varying scents, looking for traces of either Kiri Jounin on them. "The sooner we find our assest, the sooner we can assault in full."

Ren looked at Mizumi and just nods. "Alright. Try to alert Akane and Naoya on it then." He would just get to work on healing the person he was assigned to. For them he just did the normal injection. Putting his blood directly into their blood stream.

Mushi takes the time to restrain the prisoner they managed to catch in mid-flight, while Naoya goes back to consult with Akane about the other captured member. She gets there on the tail end of their conversation, and she doesn't look in the least convinced by his defection to their side. "He has no proof to offer for these words," she points out. "This could merely be an attempt to preserve his life." She looks suspicious.
But it seems things are underway, and he might actually accompany them. Mushi glances back the way they came, and then at Akane and Naoya. She drifts to Akane and says, "Here's some advice. Leave him with medics. They'll watch him, and he can give them any relevant information. They can relay it to us with a messenger if it's critical." She pauses. "But if he comes with us, I can also keep an eye on him."

The man that Naoya took down was unable to move thanks to the toxins running through him, and he would thud to the ground when released, a small groan of pain emitting. The two 'grunts' that were taken down had little to no trace of the Kiri-prisoners upon them, from what Naoya would be able to smell. They were clean, essentially. … Well, they also showered before coming on-duty. This place was a nice facility, after all!
Of course, when the guy earlier had been running, he used a lot of chakra. There were a few sensors within the Brigade that could sense that, and it flew through the grapevine quite easily. There were handseals formed, crackling sounds moving along the tunnels, and then a huge explosion that would potentially engulf the group of Kiri-nin and force them to retreat. That was the hope. The Jutsu itself was a mixture of lightning and Fire Jutsu combined with explosive tags to elongate the series of explosions that continued outwards toward where the Kiri-nin (and Mushi) happened to be.

COMBAT: Mizumi defends against NPC-A-NIN-ATTACK attack from Rockpath with a HIDDEN-MIST-TECHNIQUE…
COMBAT: Mizumi loses the roll and sustains damage.
COMBAT: Kyuketsuki defends against NPC-A-NIN-ATTACK attack from Rockpath with a BLOCK…
COMBAT: Kyuketsuki loses the roll and sustains damage.
RP: Kyuketsuki reverts to his normal state.

Kyu growls with pain as he's healed… In one of the painful ways. He realizes he should've just asked to do it himself. "I-I could've fixed that myself but I didn't want to do anything that might increase my chances of death." Kyu sighs, and as he's readied to be tied he blinks, but by no means struggles. Then Naoya begins… "So she wasn't executed… That's good to hear." Kyu's Sharingan fades significantly, no longer giving off a glow, as he lowers the amount of chakra being wasted by it. Kyu beyond that simply goes silent. At least until someone points out self preservation. "I am telling you the truth. I was kidnapped and offered a place in the 'new world'. At first I figured I would be rescued shortly but as more and more time went by I realized rescue simply wasn't coming. At least not yet. I wanted to find a way out but at every turn, attempting escape would be guaranteed death. I have no intentions of fighting any of you." Kyu considers for a moment. "As I said I am a medic nin. I can assist with treating injured. And I am perfectly willing to give all the information I am aware of. As long as it means I can see my friends again."
Then came an attack Kyu only barely had the possiblity to react to… And all he could do was curl up and turn his back to the incoming death. As soon as the attack had passed it would be clear Kyuketsuki was out cold and on the very verge of death. A familiar place for him it seemed… He was rendered incapacitated. So whether or not he was really willing to assist with medic-duty (he was), would remain a mystery.

COMBAT: Akane defends against NPC-A-NIN-ATTACK attack from Rockpath with a BLAST-OFF…
COMBAT: Akane loses the roll and sustains damage.
COMBAT: Akane heals Kyuketsuki.

Akane's head came up as things began to explode. She tried to knock Kyuketsuki out of the way of the basts but barely managed to help him much. The explosions rang and she brought up her forearms, throwing her palms out and using fire 'jets' to propell her away from the worst of the explosions. She slid to a stop not far from Kyuketsuki. A sft growl escaped her lips and she leaned over, closing another large wound on the boy. "Listen. You are my prisoner. You want to see your friends in Konoha again, you just stay MY prisoner. I will bring you to your friends but I might need to use some leverage first so even if it seems like I'm about to sell you to a demon, don't believe it. I merely need my people back. Okay? Stay with me, don't struggle and I will protect you the best I can and bring you home afterwards. Got it?" She would wait then stood and helped him to his feet. This whole episode was getting them nowhere except most probably a completely destabilized base at the bottom of the ocean that someone decided to blow up from the inside…. "If you know where the prisoners are, you need to show me."

COMBAT: Naoya defends against NPC-A-NIN-ATTACK attack from Rockpath with a ETERNAL-NIGHTMARE…
COMBAT: Naoya loses the roll and sustains damage.
RP: Naoya transforms into CHITIN-SPIDER-LIMBS.

Speed alone wouldn't serve the Okumo well with an encompassing barrage and so.. Naoya didn't move. Drawing back his upper lip, he bares his fangs as he prepares to take the brunt of the surge head on but not unarmored. A thick shield of Chitin hastily forms in front of himself, blocking much of the force intended to mar him though the defense was far from perfect, leaving the plating charred and even his own body smoldering and steaming with heat and embers.
Drawn back, the plating rapidly coats the Okumo's form, taking the shape of body army while at the same time appearing to give life to several additional limbs. Tensing and relaxing, one of the arms now holding his sword sheaths it behind himself suddenly. "You hold something of mine.. I intend to take it back!" Wide eyes and enraged rather than fearful, sections of chitin form in several palms, taking the shape of spikes and linking to the Okumo through thickening sections of silk. Standing poised, the burnt marks and cracks in the chitin armor that he wore rapidly were beginning to be webbed over and reinforced while under the armor, the brood worked within his body, tending to his injuries.

COMBAT: Naoya heals Naoya.
COMBAT: Ren defends against NPC-A-NIN-ATTACK attack from Rockpath with a BLOOD-RIBBONS…
COMBAT: Ren loses the roll and sustains damage.
COMBAT: Ren heals Mizumi.

Ren was not expecting that attack basically from all sides. He was knocked around by the explosions, but he was of course still close to Mizumi even afterwards. He crawled a little weakly right over to her and fed her some of his blood again. Hopefully she was alright, and his blood would make sure she didn't drop out of existence. "Mizumi…" He then would collpase himself. He could handle this if it was sustained over time but all the damage done to his body in one motion just.. Was too much.

RP: Ren reverts to his normal state.
COMBAT: Mushi defends against NPC-A-NIN-ATTACK attack from Rockpath with a FEEDBACK-BARRIER…
COMBAT: Mushi loses the roll and sustains damage.

Mushi gets hit by the attack like everyone else. By the end she's rubbing her head which is ringing faintly, but still alive. The first person her gaze falls on are both her charges, who are down. She goes to one and then the next, feeling for their pulse and vital signs with a slight frown. Then she'd make a few seals to concentrate chakra down into her fingers. She uses her fingertips to stamp a seal on Ren's arm, that's a tightly coiled spiral. It'd unwind and then sink into his flesh, before automatically mending his wounds. Once he was intact, regardless of if he's back to full capacity, she'd say quietly, "Take Mizumi back to the medics. Now."

COMBAT: Mushi heals Ren.

Mizumi was barely conscious after the flames from the explosion passed over her. She was obviously badly injured, and she got knocked unconscious. Ren's blood would enter her system and help heal her a bit, though she definitely needed serious medical attention. And soon. Thankfully, the explosion seems to have largely dissipated after the barriers had been set up. Naoya, Akane, and Mushi had all kept the explosion within their vicinity such that the backup teams further behind were uninjured and unaffected. How … convenient.
The explosion had also destroyed the two guards that were caught. They were burnt to a crisp, and they would likely stay dead. It's not like anyone wanted them alive anyway… The good news? No more attacks seemed to be incoming. The bad news? There were a number of injuries after that blast, and there were obvious opponents ahead. Perhaps they'd be able to skirt around the Brigade? It was possible…

Kyu was awakened by another round of painful healing by burning. "Argh…" Kyu then listens closely. Uttering a disoriented, "hai. As for your friend, I have a suspicion where they are and I can show you where. They kept telling me there was a 'monster' over there and I should avoid that area. But since I'm not a child I didn't quite fall for the whole monster thing." He climbs to his feet as he is helped up. He sighed as he considered. "Getting there is the hard part. I am not the best at stealth. And despite popular belief I am starting to get tired of getting beaten to near death."

Akane frowned down at Kyuketsuki and narroed her eyes… Shaking her head she pulled him back up to his feet and listened to his instructions as though trying to plan.. But as soon as he gave his nformation she signed with her hands and two Kiri troops were suddenly there by her side. "Take him back to the ship. Do not abuse him, but remember he has sharingan and IS a prisoner of Kirigakure. Do not allow him to escape. We may need him later." They would nod and allow Kyu to go willingly, but had no issue proving that Akane wasn't the only one who could cause pain with a touch….

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