The Mistakes of the Past



Date: May 6, 2013


None given.

"The Mistakes of the Past"

Unknown location

"'Toshi-kun! 'Toshi-kun!

"Nn… is it… Toyo-kun?" "Wrooooooong!" Ah. Memories. Old, tattered
memories. Things barely remembered, since she had been taken. The Shadowed
Girl with black hair's empty, soulless eyes trails over 'Toshi-kun', the
soft crackle of electricity trailing over her body as she starts to do her

In the darkness of the night, they lost everything to fright.
~Nine years ago.~

Running. Running. Running. She didn't want to get caught, she couldn't
get caught. If she got caught her parents and little brother would be
caught too, because she's running with them. Her legs burned though, they
burned so badly. She began to stagger from exhaustion and pain. The first
to fall. "I guess I can't be the strong big sister I wanted to be…"


The sound of their daughter falling causes the two merchant parents to
stop and turn, urging the young Hitoshi to run. Run as fast as he can. He
doesn't hesitate, though stops and hides in some nearby bushes to watch
and try to make sure his parents and big sister are okay. To see what

A decision that haunts him to today

As the little boy watched, ninja descended upon his parents and big
sister, surrounding them. They grabbed the fallen girl and one held a
blade to her neck. His parents pleaded, his sister screamed and cried in
terror and pain. After a bit of pleading, the Ninja seemingly just turn
and leave. But something isn't right. They're still carrying the little
girl, who's screams grew even louder. The ninja had probably wanted him,
too, from the look on his parent's faces when they walked over to him.

"We have to go. Now."

Meanwhile, the ninja were carrying the young woman off to their home…
to her own personal training hell.

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