The Monster Flower Girl and The Crushed Snowflake


Tsumi, Sakuryu

Date: October 28, 2012


Sakuryu, while out on a simple delivery mission encounters the murderous Tsumi. She tries to apprehend her for her obvious crime of dismembering those nearby and ends up being defeated with her arm being ripped off. Luckily Tsumi comes back to her senses and gets Medical staff there in time to reattach the arm.

"The Monster Flower Girl and The Crushed Snowflake"

Fuuma Alley, District 12

Tsumi hadn't been to Fuuma in a long time… at least not since she had had her second half sealed. But now that that stupid puppet brat was apparently done investigating her, and it was… her turn to be out… Evil Tsumi decided that a trip down to Fuuma was a good idea… all sorts of sorry suckers who were ripe for being ripped limb from limb! And it had been far too long since she had… repainted… anyone's walls. She had already taken out a couple kids down the street, and hung what was left of their heads from the rafters of their house for their parents to find… the rest of their bodies had been spread around the house, like a grisly scavenger hunt. Now she was finishing off a young woman in another house. She was already dead, which was disappointing… but she hadn't been dismembered yet, so there was still SOME enjoyment to be had in the woman's slaughter~

It had been an easy kill… all she had to do was knock on the door, declare that she was there to make a delivery, and the door was openned! The woman had apparently been expecting something already… But she got more than she bargained for when she was launched across the room by Tsumi's first punch… No blood at first, that came later… Tsumi was losing her touch, being locked away all the time.

The door was hanging open now, if only barely, with the light filtering from inside only barely illuminating the smear of blood across the wooden floor of the home.

Shirayuki Sakuryu, Genin of the village hidden in the mist had been deep into training when she got her notice. Apparently the Mizukage had decided that she had enough down time and had assigned her a simple D-Rank Delivery mission. She was to go to Fuuma alley and deliver a package to a woman in district twelve. With a little stretch she was off down the road.

Saku had been training herself with a few new jutsu lately and she was a bit dissapointed that she wouldn't get to use them. With a soft sigh she adjusted her new uniform. Her outfit had been changed recently to fit more into the kunoichi style, and her outfit had been altered a little bit her sleeves had been altered onto a tigher outfit, more secret pockets had been added and she had more bandages and mesh to keep herself more protected.

As she approached Fuuma alley she smiled, she hadn't been here before and was very interested in exploring even though it was a little….less classy than she was used to being at the shirayuki mansion most of the time. When she moved into district twelve she peered around curiously. "This is a dark place…." She says as she sees the general darkness of the place and hears the silence. As a swift breeze blows by she smells it…..she wasn't too used to it but training in Kirigakure no ninja could miss the smell of copper…..the smell of decay..the smell of destroyed bodies. With a little grimace she pulls her mask from her bag. It was mainly for poison gas or other such things but this was a use too. Then she sees it. Tsumi's path of destruction.

With a little narrowing of her eyes she mumbles "Maybe I'll be able to test out my new jutsu after all…" She says with a low murmur starting to run towards the delivery spot, keeping as stealthy as possible while approaching. As she sees the door open she takes a gulp. "I wonder what kind of massacre I'll see here…" She says with a heavy shiver, the last few scenes of gore had made her uneasy. She had been used to some small level of gore before but this was rediculous…and it was fresh….very very fresh. As she slides through the door she peers around. It was evident that the owner of the package was no longer in the living world and now it looks as if the maker of this mess was still here. Taking the opportunity Saku prepares herself, building up her chakra in case of emergency.

The corpse was still whole as Saku entered the main room… but the trail of smeared blood led into the side room, where Tsumi was humming softly to herself, giggling madly as she started to search through cabinets and drawers, grabbing everything she cound find that it looked like she could use for her purposes… mostly strings and ropes… But soon enough, her eyes flashed up and to the door back to the main room, her humming stopped.

"Is someone there?" She called out sweetly, a sadistic smile spreading across her lips as she started to step toward the doorway.. She was splattered in blood, most of it covering her forearms, hands and her feet up to her knees. Her clothes were torn, but she didn't seem to care very much as she entered the doorway, staring pointedly at Saku, "…Can I… Help you with something~?" Her smirk turns into a crazed smile, her eyes boring into Saku with all the focus she could muster… which was quite a bit, since the girl was the only other living thing in the room. "I'm a bit busy now… but please~ Come in… Perhaps you could help me with a bit of a problem I'm having." She nevertheless started to focus her own chakra… She wasn't going to let this girl leave here alive… Not if she could help it.

Sakuryu chuckles lightly as she's spotted. "I really need to learn that invisibility jutsu." She says as she stands up. "Well hello there." She says softly, her body prepped and ready to attack or defend at a moments notice. "Well what's the problem?" She asks, deciding to play along with the obviously mad occupant of the house.

As she looks around she takes in her surroundings, making sure she observes every little detail, every place she could hide or use for defense. As she thinks of her tactics she takes in a breath of the stale bloody air, her eyes looking right back into those almost demonic orb the other girl possessed. As she speaks she adjusts her feet, making sure she was ready to dodge… This girl obviously tore apart the bodies and she didnt really need to figure out how.

Tsumi's smile widens a little, "Well, you see… It's my goal to live forever… unfortunately, that means that there are some sacrifices that must be made~ Human sacrifices in fact… And it seems that I'm a bit short on volunteers now that most of them have been used~" Her smile fades back to a smirk, "So I need you to do one veeeery simple thing for me~ I need you to stand still and DIE… like a good little girl~" She throws her head back and cackled madly after that, the sound loud, and quite obviously mad, before she snaps her head back down and suddenly rushes at Sakuryu, "Don't worry~ This will only hurt a lot… All of my other toys broke far too early… I'm going to make sure you last a looooong time."

She swings about in a large arc, her fingers twisted into a sort of claw formation as she sweeps at the younger girl's head from the right, and then swings again from underneath to catch her under her chin.

Sakuryu blinks as she explains herself. "Wow…I would rather not actually." She chuckles a little bit as she sees her coming. "Woah careful!" She says in an almost mocking tone as her hands fly into the symbols. She can tell she's a fairly slow attacker and she has time to form clones, enough to block her attacks giving her enough notice to quickly form more hand signs. "How about you die…I'm pretty sure you're wanted somewhere!" She says before focusing her chakra into her lungs. With a full bodied exhale she lets out a large gale, her chakra infused into it to make it bone chilling cold, As she dodges and awaits the next attack she forms hand signs again, trying to let fly a flurry of ice formed senbon, the needles flying in a small storm towards the crazed woman.

Tsumi doesn't move fast enough to avoid the sudden blast of wind, but also doesn't seem especially bothered by the cold, shaking it off as she moves quickly to the left to avoid the first flurry of needles, then nonchalantly to the right to avoid the second flurry, snatching the last out of the air as she giggles, "Oh I do so love it when my toys fight back~ It makes the game so much more fun…" She narrows her eyes and her smile fades a second later. "But… I absolutely HATE Ninja… Stupid little hand-twitchy things…" She hisses, "Never stand still, always trying to stab me with things…" She looks especially upset as she crushes her newly acquired weapon in her hand, then rushes at Sakuryu again, this time reaching for the girl's neck instead of outright swinging at her… Of course, she does swing anyway, making a clear effort to smash her fist into the girl's ribs, perhaps trying to punch straight THROUGH her chest.

Sakuryu chuckles a little bit as she sees the wind hit, cursing a little bit as she just shakes it off and dodges around her senbon. With a little flicker she makes another clone to absorb her murderous grip. "Damn you're persistant!" She says with a little roll to the side. Unfortunatley she rolls right into her attack, unable to muster another handsign she just tenses for impact, her hand hitting heavily into her, making her winded and roll across the room. "D…..damn…d…do you have iron arms or something?" She asks as she gasps, shaking as she stands up, looking the girl over as she starts her new hand signs. "Let's see if I can't do..this!" She says letting larger razor sharp icicles fly at her, coming from every which way before she grins. The needles that had missed weren't all there because she had bad aim…soon they glow as Saku pushes more chakra into them, her hands forming more seals before she smirks. "Secret Shirayuki Blooming Ice Lotus Prison!" She says as she watches the needles bloom into large bloosoming lotuses made of pure ice, all flowering out to encase the crazed woman in a beautiful ice cage.

Tsumi once again nonchalantly dodges the dart, then tries to rush at Saku once again… before begins stopped by the cage, growling a little as she swings at the nearest 'bar' of the cage, to no avail. "…Why wont you just stand still and let me KILL you… I WAS going to make it painless, but now, I'm going to tear your limbs off one by one. " She glowers, "And then I'm going to pack you in a box and send you home, wherever that might be." She smiles wickedly again, "Or maybe… I could cook you~ Sear your flesh, slice it into bits, find your family and force them to eat it! Oh that would be fun~ Wouldn't it?" She giggles, "What's your name? I want to track down the rest of your family after this…"

Sakuryu narrows her eyes, cursing a little bit as she sees her dodge her darts before she watches the lotus blossom up and around the girl, chilling her down hopefully holding her for a while. "I'm Sakuryu of the house of Shirayuki of Kirigakure! And I will not fall to you!" She proclaims before taking a breath starting more hand signs to let loose another large flurry of different sized icicles and senbon

The ice needles fly, hit Tsumi, sharp end first… and shatter without doing a single thing to her skin. "…Heh heh…," Her smile creeped back over her face, "That… almost tickled…" She cackled loudly, and then swung again, her arm shattering the ice cage as she rushed at Saku again, dodging around the ice dart, and taking the ice needles with only minor injuries as she leaps at the girl with a screech, reaching to grab the girl by the throat, slam her against the wall, and then drive her fist into the girl's face… with every intention to shatter her skull, and enough power behind her fist to probably DO it if Saku wasn't careful.

Sakuryu smiles as she knows she cant escape before seeing the needles simply shatter. "Damn…I have to put more chakra into these." She grumbles before seeing her come straight at her. "Oh damn!" She quickly dodges but her hand finds her throat, the grasp feeling as if it shatters her neck along with her fist. Though her skin melts away, revealing the target She had grasped to be nothing more than an ice clone.

As she saw the woman tangling with the ice clone Saku would try to flee, quickly throwing out a few more minor jutsu as a tactic to get away and report her mission findings to her senior authorities…not to mention recuperate, Her lungs and muscles just about on fire, her weakness getting the best of her in this situation.

Tsumi does not seem especially keen on letting her new toy get away. She stomps onto the remains of the ice clone, sending ice shards flying everywhere as she snarls, and turns to watch Sakuryu escape… she doesn't seem to care about the ice needles that stab into her, ignoring them entirely as she charges for the door and smashes through, sending the wooden structure flying into the street as she tracks Sakuryu, and then… she's in a cage again…

A loud cry of rage is followed by a sudden flailing of arms that crack and shatter the cage and allow her to charge at Sakuryu again, "You're NOT GETTING AWAY~" She cackcles again, her voice echoing eerily in the night as she reaches for the girl in an effort to grab her by the wrist, and tug her backward, where Tsumi would suddenly make an honest to god effort to tear the arm from it's socket, while the girl is still alive!

Saku runs as fast as she can, her sickness getting the best of her even more as she feels her lungs bind up. "Aghhkk not now…" She curses as she looks back, watching the woman run through the cage and the door with the fury, the iron like grip actually slamming into her throat, knocking her into a wall. The loss of air is even worse with her help, the genin slumps, not able to resist the pulling , her arm was now a toy for the woman, her voice rending through her throat, blood running from the sides of her mouth as she chokes out, trying to escape With her non existant strength, conciousness fading slowly from her onslaught.

Tsumi seems a little disappointed as Saku passes out, the torn arm in her hand, "Aww… she broke already~" She giggled wickedly, before reaching down, grasping the girl's head, and starting to apply pressure… The girl was going to get her skull crushed if this kept up… but then, all of a sudden, Tsumi's eyes regained focus… then lost it again.

"H-huh? Where… Am I?" She blinks, ceasing the application of pressure to Saku's head, and feeling around. "A… person?" She squints, trying to see through her apparently bad vision. "Where… are my glasses?" She looks around, then notices something odd… Saku's arm… was not attached. "Ohmygodwhatsgoingon?!" Tsumi' brings a hand to her face, then blinks as she feels the warm wetness… blood?! "Oh no no no… not again." She seems to panic for a moment, looking frightened and confused, then seems to realize that Saku is still breathing… if only a little. "Oh! She's.. she's alive… I have to find help…" She looks around, then screams at the top of her lungs, "Help! HEEEEELP!" She moves away from Saku, then scoops up the girl… and the arm… and starts to run, carefully, down the street… trying very hard to keep her balance with her bad vision, and the dim street lights… Luckily, she manages to find a doctor fairly quickly, and gets Saku admitted into a small hospital in Fuuma in short order before getting some minor treatment herself, and finally leaving… Saku would be under medical care for some time… but at least she would live.

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