The Musical - Katashi Twist and The King of Potbelly


Tosai, Katashi

Date: August 29, 2011


A simple request for a marshmallow urns turns into a musical rivalry in defense of ramen. They moonwalk!! They shimmy!! They dance!!!

"The Musical - Katashi Twist and The King of Potbelly"

Toshiba Forest - Rocky Area [Konohagakure]


Coming into a strange path in Toshiba Forest, the essence of tall trees fall away and are replaced by a majority of large and small rocks scattered all about creating not only a maze but a beautiful sight to behold. These rocks are sharp and are stacked upon each other creating small caverns and caves big enough to wander through. Allot of spiders can be found here within the corners and edges of these rocks.

At first glance it is logical to assume that these rock formations had been here long before the forest was created but somehow doesn't seem to fit with the location. Reptile creatures scale upon the rocks often basking in the sun. There are no birds seen here flying about due to the lack of trees, animals and shade.


Night came all of a sudden for Tosai. The Jounin stopped pushups only to look up to the sky with a mild look of surprise. He pushed himself up with ease, seeming to launch his large frame up with ease, sweating and with no shirt upon his muscled, yet rotund torso. The moon shown very little into the canyon he now stood in, a large difference from the sun that normal lit this place like a roman candle. It forced him to walk out into a larger more vast clearing, where soon fresh air filled the Akimichi's lungs, and the sound of crickets and silence filled his ears from all directions. Fireflies accompanied moonlight in festive tango, giving an otherwise desolate quarter of Konoha some life.

The Akimichi felt it right to break out his evening snack, taking out a large bag of marshmallows, from flint, and a bushel of dry branches.

The sprightly young Genin, Kinjo Katashi is out for a walk this evening, his forehead protector wrapped around his bicep and a conical hat dipping low enough that only his chin might show. The thin boy walks into the clearing and immediately finds his eyes settling on the large man, but less the large man, as what he is holding. His stomach lurches and he finds himself drawn forward, and then again by the urge to eat, to consume, to devour, and by compulsion he starts to sing, his voice high and piping:

Is it worth being a boy in the Leaf for

one more day

All we ever get is ram-en!

Every day we say a prayer

Will they change the bill of far

Still we get the same old ram-en!

There is not a bit of pork to be had

Not a crumb can we find

No barbecue pork, no

just left behinds."

Lifting his hand, he wipes at the corner of his mouth as he saunters closer, trying to look casual. His hands in his pockets, he drops out of song as if the world were suddenly no longer in the right tone. Edging at the dirt with a toe, he calls out, "Hey Sensei-san, can I please have one of your marshmallows, please?" and indicates the food with a pointed finger.

An eyebrow raises from the Akimichi, as he looks on to singing and sauntering, and even that strange conical hat, a large sweat drop also growing larger about the side of his head. He hadn't even started the fire, yet. When the young man seems to drop out of his routine, only to actually ask Tosai as he should have, the Akimichi just seems to stare… and stare… and stare. Finally he'd sigh and say, "You didn't have to break out in song, ya’ know… I mean… Its marshmallows… Not actual smores… Now for those, you'd at least have to do a back flip.

The Akimichi would soon chuckle and then open up the bag, handing Katashi both a stick and a marshmallow, before returning to actually start the fire.

GAME: Save complete.

We can't beg

we can't borrow or cadge

But there's nothing to stop us

from getting a thrill

When we all close our eyes

And imagine

Food, glorious food

Hot marshmallows and chocolate

over a fire!"

Even with his pronouncement, Katashi looks around and then does a neat double back-flip landing in place. "Thank you!" he says he accepts the marshmallow with a quick bow and then scurries over to the fire, holding the marshmallow out over the fire he lets it get a light brown layer to it before he flicks the stick upwards, dislodging the marshmallow and as it plummets like a flaming meteor back to the earth he opens his mouth and catches it. Chewing it, he seems to savor every molecule of its delectable flavor, and absolutely glows with enjoyment. Even going as far as to open his mouth slightly and say, "Better than ramen!" like this were his last meal on earth.

That said, he feels his stomach and seems to be thinking about asking for another, but with the way the big Akimichi is holding that bag and being so >big<, it's hard to imagine actually requesting such a ridiculous thing.

Blink. Blink blink. Tosai's teeth grit. His eyebrow twitch. Sweat drop, became sweat drops, and with all that could have amazed him, the double back flip just did not. Once the marshmallow was taken, the Akimichi only took his time to keep on staring at Katashi… nervously. The Jounin, who had been armed by the way, stacked his own marshmallows on branch, emptying the bag as he looked on at his guest, seeming to enjoy his own single marshmallow just a tad bit to much. The juggling act and catching it within his mouth, didn't seem that weird. It was when the other ninja suggested that the marshmallow was actually better than ramen, that Tosai could stand no Katashi longer.

The Akimichi would stand up and kick a leg, before standing on his tiptoes, and then moon walking toward Katashi. A triple spin would be done before suddenly the Akimichi whipped his hand and napped his fingers, letting out an, "Hiheee!!"

Yo’ butt is mine.

Ya’ betta’ watch ya back!


Cause ramen’s good…

And that’s a fact


Yo’ dumb old words…

Don't make no sense!!


I like to eat my food…

With chopsticks!!!


Now hold it there,

just one minute

Ramen is bland there is no

passion in >it<!"

Swaying back and forth now, the young boy advances a bit closer and directs another thin pointed finger at the bag of marshmallows, "Pleas sir, might I have some more?"

For a marshmallow is truly grand,

It melts in your mouth, not in your hand

As food goes, it's the puffiest one

and mom could never touch it

As far as replacements go, there are none

And as far as fruits and vegetables go..

They can ..stufff ittttt."

“Well Sensei-san, could a good Genin get another marshmallow from you?" he asks again, his eyes alight.

His own song interrupted, Tosai pauses, mid-pop and lock, to peer at Katashi, and his latest insult. Wind blows between them, a large ball of tumbleweed passing through as well, before Tosai seems to return to real life and says, "You want moooorreeee? …One moment." Each and every marshmallow would be roasted and eaten, savored by the Akimichi until gone, almost out of pure spite. Once done, the Akimichi would remove from one of his pouches a small scroll. After a hand seal or two, the scroll poofed into smoke, its contents being one single sparkling glove, and white fedora.

Approaching pass the fire, Tosai would snap his fingers a single time. This would cause both the fire to go out, and the moonlight to show just on himself, like a spot light. A few fancy dance moves would include his feet gliding across the dirt, his arm moving like rubber bands and his body taking a few notes out of the 'robot' handbook, before suddenly he'd start his own sing.

As seeing how ya’’ stubborn…

And in food, you have no taste…

I dun’ ran out of marshmallows…

So get up out my face!!!

Cause Ramen's good!!~

Its good!!!

Ya’ know it!!!

Ya’ know!!!

Now I know its best, and you failed the test

So I'mma ask you once again… What’s good?

"As far as blandness goes Ramen is tops

it hits the lows and it tops the tops.

You're just foolin' yourself, if you think otherwise

take it from me, its no surprise.

The biggest dancers are always misled,

and that's why I learned mine from Freeeeeeeddddd"

From under his clothing he draws out a cane and hat and starts to do the most famous of Fred Astaire’s dances, walking up trees, dancing and spinning and throwing out his heels even as he continues to sing.

You've deprived me you fiend, of a treat this day

I shall return anon for my lunch you will pay!"

And with a final thrust of a tiny shaking fist, he does one last dancing twirl and disappears off into the trees.

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