The Musical - Medic Melodies


Aburei, Raili

Date: September 3, 2011


A chance meeting on the road gives Aburei an occasion to do what he does best…and some medic stuff too. ;)

"The Musical - Medic Melodies"

Outside Konohakagure [Land of Fire]


The first thing one notices in this densely populated area are the large thick wooden gates known as the entrance way of the mighty village of Konohagakure. A large what seems like a fence spirals around the gate seemingly surrounding the entire village, the gate from this point of view seems like it is the only entrance.

In all directions there are large matters of trees ranging from various different species and sizes, some providing allot of shade. A man-made pathway leads back into the forest providing a grassy route free of brushes with bushes. The pathway extends to the west and further in the distance the path seems to take you directly into the heart of the forest.


It's a nice, peaceful day out in the Land of Fire. The sun is shining, the wind is rustling through the trees, and everything seems right in this little part of the world. So what's a medic-cum-bard like Aburei going to do in response to these idyllic circumstances? Sing, of course! :D

A wand’ring medic I, a thing of splints and suture,
Of bandages and nurture,
And ready healing hands,
I'll treat most anyone, heal any sore or trauma,
And without any drama,
I'll comfort your distre-ess, I'll comfort your di-stress.

Aburei looks around. "Well, not that anybody seems to need that kind of help right now…but that's good, really." n.n;

Fuuma Alley was a dank world, that in many areas stank, due to the many people who drank unecessary amounts of alcohol. After leaving that place so long ago, Raili could've sworn that the smell of urine and vomit was stalking her, she washed herself off so many times yet the scent was burned into her nose. "Ugh…" This made for a sick roller-blader, the girl visibly nauseous as she limply skates along. Eventually she'd stop and place her hand against a tree as she takes a rest for a quick breather, using her mouth over her nose at the moment to try and eliminate the smell for a moment.
With the signing of one hand the teen's wheels would just sink into the boots and she slides her backpack off of her back with a sigh of relief. "Screw it…" She'd mumble as her hand slides into the backpack, looking through it with a bit of a frown, whatever she was looking for was gone and that being missing was enough to put her into a stink, metaphorically.
Slapping the backpack flap shut she drops down onto the floor, back propped up against the tree as the singing medic starts to make his way towards her. The singing a bit out of place causing her to glance over to where the noise was coming from.
When Aburei comes to view he doesn't get much of a greeting, Raili just sits there with her mouth gaping with her body slouched… perhaps attempting the Venus Flytrap route to regain energy

Hmmm, what to sing next…maybe something with a good marching beat to it…of course, Aburei's never been part of anything approaching a military operation, so he doesn't know many marching songs. e.e That girl sitting against the tree looks like she might know some, seeing as she's apparently a ninja, but she probably wouldn't want to be bothered to teach them to a stranger. Maybe Aburei should ask somebody the next time he's visiting a ninja village, they'd probably be more willing when they're at ease in their own —
Aburei halts and walks backwards a few paces. He gives Raili a closer look. "…Are you okay, miss?" Aburei crouches down in front of Raili, and with the confidence of a true medic for invading personal boundaries, reaches out to lift Raili's eyelid with his thumb. "You look kinda off…"

Raili's eyes move lazily from the right to the left as Aburei initially makes his way across. Nothing done to stop him, she was miserable and she didn't want to spread said misery to such a happy individual. Yet he comes right on back without a word being said by her, being quite forward with his approach. With a lifted eyelid, Raili would not do much else as he didn't give off any negative vibes as the eyeball within shifts about to properly inspect Aburei to get an understanding of who/what he was.
A strange moment of silence would be met with his question as Raili puts the effort into effectively shutting her gaping mouth, gulping down whatever she managed to build up in that time before answering. "Fine, fine. Fuuma Alley stinks, I can still smell it. So… gross, my feet hurt-" You don't have to take steps to get sore feet from long journys! "The smell is making me sick, can't do anything to distract me from it, it's kinda hot and I'm feeling a bit sticky in the worst of places." Raili's eyelids lower, assuming he let go by now. "Not like you wanted to hear that, then there's other things you probably don't want to hear."
Raili seems to melt in her position, sinking lower to the ground. As she looks up to him with a pout combo'd with wide puppy-esque eyes, "Maybe you can help? It's just been a miserable day so far."

Aburei continues looking Raili over for clues about the cause of her condition while she speaks. He chuckles. "Don't worry about grossing me out, I'm a medic. I've dealt with everything the human body can do to offend." To stop Raili from sinking too much lower, Aburei cups his hands behind her head. "And thus far…I don't find yours too offensive." Aburei leaaaans inward, until his lips are almost brushing against Raili's, and…inhales gently. "Mmmm…I don't smell anything too unusual, so the problem's probably internal."
Aburei rocks back into a cross-legged sitting position and pulls out his med-kit. "Let's see," he mutters, rooting through the supplies, "a problematic smell…ah, maybe this will work." Aburei takes a little bottle and shakes some red powder from it onto a stick of gum. He kneads the powder into the gum for a moment, then hands it to Raili. "Here, try chewing on this. It'll taste pretty hot, but the idea is to get your nose running. Hopefully that'll clear the smell out of your sinuses."

When mentioning it may be difficult to gross him out, Raili looks off to the side and nods. "I guess that'd be true." The medical kit was a blaring sign, that and his previous actions but, she was glad to hear him call himself a medic. Still not to be trusted, she kept as much of her wits about her as she possibly could while being lax, eyes flicking back to Aburei when he takes a hold of her head. Her brain went into a flurry of thoughts on what would happen next, she shouldn't of read all that shoujo manga during her trip. A not so obvious blush would spread over the girl's currently tanned skin as he moves in.
'I dont smell anything too unusual-'

Raili would come to, unaware that her eyes had shut, she clears her throat. "Ah-ahah! Right, yes the smell was what you were… doing, smelling, smelling for." After her oh so casual attempt of a sentence, she sits up and leans forward to inspect the red powdered gum, reaching up and bringing it to her face for a close, scientific inspection. *Sniff sniff* Squinting eyes scan it and without much else to question she shrugs and pops it into her mouth, "Hhhhaaaa…"
Not a fan of it at all, her mouth hangs up to cool out as the gum's effects begin instantly, clearing up her nose. "Goo' thinhin!" When gaping seems to fail to do her any good once more she shuts her mouth and fights through the spiciness as she chews. With a sniffle, she wipes away some sweat from her brow with her arm. "So, er… don't necessarily how to work with a medic outside of a hospital. Er, do you want pay or something?"
Despite her obvious struggles with the hot gum her vitality was visibly restoring.

Aburei waves a casual hand. "Oh, I'm not going to charge for a little thing like that." Of course, he also dislikes talking about fees after a real emergency, but he doesn't often stop to think about it. X) "Just think about calling on the Neutral Medical Center if you come to any problems that need medical help. We're always happy to serve those in need." :) Aburei puts his med-kit away and strikes a pose.

If you’re sick, look around and you will find me,
Time after time.

If you're hurt, give a call, I will be waiting,
Time after time.
Time after time.

Aburei tilts his head thoughtfully, then offers Raili a handkerchief. "Um, you can probably spit the gum out now. Blow your nose too, you'll feel better." n.n;

Good thing he didn't charge! Raili was lost on how much money she actually had not like she ever truly had much to give out. "Well! That's nice to hear." Ready to continue on her adventure, Raili plants her hands on the ground, ready to push herself up onto her feet. Though, Aburei's singing throws her off once more, who the heck just sings?! At least it was some sort of advertising jingle, it was somewhat fitting for him to do it. "Uh…" Gum, right. Turning her head to the side she spits it out and shakes her head at the offer of the handkerchief, picking up her backpack.
"I've had bad experiences with handkerchiefs recently… might take me a bit to get over that situation. Don't ask me what happened but, I'll tell you this much…" Leaning forward, she'd whisper to him. "Don't trust a handkerchief /EVER/.." Raili glances down at the offered handkerchief, eyes full of suspicion. The young woman taps the side of her backpack, summoning some sort of strange cylinder shaped device wih a two pronged tube running out from it. The backpack would be adjusted to rest properly on her shoulders before she places the tubes into her nostrils. "Oh by the way. Kushrenada Raili."
Taking his word for not getting grossed out easily, she'd form a handseal with her free hand that causes the container to click a few times before the sounds of suction can be heard. "I've heard quite a bit about your Neutral Medical Center before… never been there myself. Though, you're notorious for helping anyone that comes you way exceptionally well, /anyone/." The word repeated with a bit of stress as mucus flows through the tubes and shot out the bottom of the device. "Ah~ Much better." Unplugging the device, she inhales deeply, resealing the device into whatever part of her backpack it initially came from. "You don't suppose you could show me to this Medical Center could you?"

Aburei blinks as Raili hooks up her mucus-removal device. Who the heck just carries around something for sucking mucus out?! Actually, that might be handy for a medic…but she's not a medic, is she? Aburei shrugs and puts away the handkerchief. "My name's Ongakuno Aburei. Very nice to meet you, Kushrenada-san." Aburei folds his arms and nods slowly. "Well, yes, we do help anyone…that's part of being the Neutral Medical Center. It's not like we all believe that nobody should be punished for the things they do, but…if we start saying this person doesn't get treatment for whatever reason, we invite anger from somebody. Our neutrality isn't just an ideal, it's our shield." Aburei chuckles. "Although I guess there'll be those who'll get mad at us anyway for helping their enemies, even if we help them too. Oh well. So, you want to visit the Medical Center? Well, it's no secret where we are, and I was going to go back there fairly soon…but it's not somewhere we can walk to in a day. Or I can't anyway, I may know a bit about ninjutsu, but I really can't call myself a ninja. Would you rather I just gave you directions?"

"Please, call me Raili, the whole Kushrenada process is a lot of work." A little less work than the proper pronouncation of her first name but, less work to her nonetheless. "I don't have any issue with what or who you guys fix up. Though I have a little reason for going there." Raili steeples her fingers, peering into the distance as if some sort of plan just came together.
"I'm in no rush. The longer I'm out of Kumogakure, the better. I'll just send note to them, they wont worry about me all too much. So you can give me directions… or lead the way! All up to you."
She'd belatedly realize she was doing the evil plotter actions a bit late, oddly enough continuing to do it despite no longer plotting. "Huh." Putting her hands down Raili winks, sliding up behind him, her own body language pointing towards him leading the way.

Aburei nods. "Okay then, Raili-san. If that's how it is, I'd be happy to have your company on the way back." :) Aburei links his arm with Raili's at the elbow, and they skip off down the road.

Ohhhhh we’re off to see the Center, the Medical Center Neutral,
We hear if anyone asks for help, then give it the Center shall,
To anyone, anyone give it they shall, they really will heal anyone at all,
At all, at all, at all, at all, at aaaaaaall,
No matter who asks, they'll answer the call!
We're off to see the Center, the Medical Center Neutral!

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