The Next Uchiha Generation Begins


Satoru, Shisei

Date: 25th June, 2010


Satoru begins to teach his little brother Shisei the Uchiha clan's signature technique.

"The Next Uchiha Generation Begins"


Legs crossed as he sits on the stump of an old felled tree, Shisei gazes up into the sky and runs a hand through his greasy hair. It had been a while since the boy had spent any time with his older brother, and he was looking forward to the meeting they would have so that Shisei could progress in the ways of the Uchiha Clan. So excited in fact that he'd arrived at the lake in the Uchiha Village, the place where they were to meet, almost half an hour early. Of course, the impatient kid was now regretting it as he remembered just how boring it was to sit and wait for people to arrive.
"Oh, I wish I'd left later… I could have stayed at home longer and had some packet ramen," he whined, sighing loudly as he watched a peculiar cloud move and change shapes on the breeze. "Brother, where are you?" he then adds, a little quieter just in case the Chuunin happens to turn up at that moment.

In a display of speed and skill… along with a swirling gust of leaves… comes Uchiha Satoru using the Shushin no Jutsu. "I was on patrol, Shisei-kun." A stern expression is worn on the solder-Uchiha's face, his deep eyes staring down at his little brother before the solid-look is broken by a small smile. "You need to be more patient. If you cannot be patient while waiting for someone, then you will end up losing your concentration on the field as well… and then you'll die," he advises. His right, gloved hand reaches down to ruffle the youngster's hair, adding, "The rumors around the village are true, aren't they? You are ready to become a man."

Completely used to the spectacular comings and going of Chuunin and Jounin, Shisei doesn't even bat an eyelid as Satoru appears in front of him. "I know Satoru-chan, but really… does it have to be so boring?" Since the older boy is here however, Shisei bounces up to his feet and forms a fist as he enthusiastically exclaims, "That's right! My Lesser Fireballs are getting bigger and bigger, and I have enough chakra now!" He pumps the fist into the air as he continues, "I'm ready to learn the Great Fireball Technique!" A proud glint flashes through his eyes as Shisei grins, waiting for his older brother's response and hoping that today's the day he finally passes the clan's test of maturity.

"Very good." Satoru nods. "Just one thing…" Another hand is laid upon the youngster's head, pushing down in a playful manner while stating, "It's either Onii-chan or Satoru-san, little brother." Correcting his little brother already? Once this is out of the way, his hand comes off the student's head and he turns his back to him, pointing over toward a specific dock. "That's where you will be taking the test." His foot-steps are light and slow for a moment, but then he simply disappears, reappearing at the edge of the dock… waiting for the kid to catch up. Once there, he would say, "Watch closely." The hand-seals are completed at a slow and noticeable pace, finished with 'tiger' before a cupped hand is brought to his lips, inhaling deeply enough to expand his chest before exhaling out bright flames of red and orange in a stream…a sphere erupting at the end as it dances and spins above the water.

Shisei frowns a little as Satoru corrects him, but holds his tongue so that they can move on to the training faster. As the Chuunin walks off, Shisei ambles up the pier behind him and watches closely as the older ninja performs the Uchiha clan's signature technique. "Heh, I already know the seals," the boy notes out loud as he begins forming them. His hand movements are quickly and capable, although they don't carry the intense speed of more experienced Shinobi. Snake - ram - monkey - boar - horse - tiger. Bringing his index finger and thumb up to his mouth Shisei blows outwards, and exhales a stream of fire. Unfortunately the fire is barely larger than the boys head, and he can only maintain it for a couple of seconds before running out of steam. Puffing, the boy asks, "How was that?"

Satoru smirks, listening to his little brother's know-it-all talk, but as the boy performs the technique, the more experience shinobi watches in an assessing manner. For a moment, there is only silence, however it is broken with - "Not bad for your first time, Shisei-kun, but…" He breathes in deepely, expanding his chest in a visible manner before exhaling powerfully, explaining, "Inhale deepely. It will hurt at first, but you will get use to it. Exhale strongly. Remember to mix the air in your chest with chakra and once the chakra-infused air leaves your lips, ignite it."

Shisei nods slowly and thinks back over the technique. He forms the seals again, just a little more deliberately this time as he really concentrates on the intricacies of the technique. 'Its your first C-rank, of course it'll be more difficult,' Shisei thinks to himself as he finishes the handseals and brings his fingers to his mouth again. This time he breathes in deeply, and his chest visibly expands as he takes in as much air as his little frame can handle. Then in a big whoooosh he blows outwards forcefully, igniting a noticeably bigger fireball. The fireball still isn't as big as it should be, but it causes small ripples to circle outwards from underneath the fireball. He manages to keep it up for five or six seconds this time before the flames fade away, and the Academy Student is left out of breath once again. Now he can't even speak to ask how he did.

A few nods and Satoru smirks. "Good, little brother." He sits down behind the little kid, his knees bent and his arms resting on them. "Keep going. This will help expand your chakra reserves too." His deep eyes continue to assessingly manage his little brother, considering activating 'that', but he decides against it. "Actually. Would you like to see something that is more powerful than the Great Fireball Technique? You should be able to do it someday…"

Still a little out of breath, Shisei turns around to peer at his older brother. "Something bigger than the Great Fireball?" he asks incredulously, and simply nods at the possibility of a demonstration. "How long do you think it would take for me to learn?" the student asks between breaths as his breathing slowly returns to normal. He then takes a few steps aside to give his brother room on the pier - after all he doesn't want to get too close and risk being burned by anything that's larger than the GFT!

"The depends on you, Shisei." Satoru remains sitting on the dock, his knees bent as he stares over at the younger shinobi-in-training. "If you really want to become stronger, then you will learn it within a few days. That's my estimate." Once his little brother steps aside, he gets to his feet and moves to the pier's edge, staring up at the clear blue sky. "Stand back." His head half-turns, the image of his brother coming into view as he stares at him with those deep brown eyes. "You should be able to do this someday. I have faith in you, so now… prepare to witness a B-ranked jutsu…" His attention returns toward the sky and he begins to form hand-seals, ending with tiger before expanding his chest as a deep inhale is taken. With three quick and heavy puffs of exhalation comes three huge and long missiles of flame in the shape of dragons, rushing toward the sky to burst into explosions before bringing embers to burn-out on the lake.
The Uchiha Prodigy slowly turns to his little brother, anxious to see the expression on the youngster's face while the once clear blue sky slowly turns dark, bringing thunder-clouds into existance. "Do you see the aftermath?"

Peering into the sky with amazement, Shisei lets out a low whistle. "That's… wow," he states, lacking the words to describe what he's just seen. "Are those really thunderclouds?" the boy then asks, astounded by the effect of such a high level jutsu. 'If that's a B-rank, imagine what an A-rank could do,' he thinks to himself, suddenly determined to someday learn an A-rank for himself. A few more moments pass before he says, "Well if I ever want to learn that move, I should keep practicing the Great Fireball first, right?" He chuckles softly and performs his new fire technique again, creating a similar effect to his last performance of it.

"That's right." Satoru begins to slowly step toward the younger Uchiha, a streak of lightning blaring through the sky, crashing into the lake and causing waves to splash toward them. He quickly grabs his younger brother, disappearing from sight, and reappearing on dry land before placing the kid on the solid ground. "Keep practicing the clan's signature jutsu and one day you'll be able to learn Great Dragon Fire. You might even create your own A-rank Katon Ninjutsu some day…" With that, he ruffles the youngster's hair and gives a warming smile, something he had not done the whole practice session… showing more of his brotherly side now rather than being a teacher. "I'll see you at home hopefully. I'll bring some ramen for you, ok?" And just like that, the Uchiha Genius is gone from sight, leaving a swirl of burning leaves in his place.

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