The Night of Mastery


Meruin, Akane, Yuriko, Kiji, Kaydin, Kiriko, Sei, Kiyoshi, Kogarashi, Etsu

Date: February 21, 2014


A Kirigakure festival that is swiftly becoming tradition within the Land of Water is held, the Mizukage joining in this year.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Night of Mastery"

Kirigakure's Mist Lake

The Night of Mastery has come.
Every year, one culture in the Land of Water holds a ceremony to celebrate the simple life and serve as the rite of passage for the young men of their people. It was the belief of these spear wielding warriors that a boy was not a man and did not deserve to own a bladed weapon until they owned their body well enough to dance as either equal or master to a woman. These people have continued this tradition even after the founding of and their inclusion within Kirigakure and it has grown upon the people, popularity rising throughout the years until the village has taken it on as an event of its own.
Tonight, it is said that the Mizukage has planned to be present — and there's no denying it. That may be one of the reasons that the crowd is as large as it is this year, nearly /twice/ the few hundred people that had attended the ceremony last year. The majority of those who would attend were already here, as it was almost time, the night's full moon nearly in the center of the sky above. The Yondaime Mizukage, Okumo Meruin stood at the edge of the lake, looking up at it as he awaited the commencement, a short but definite distance between him and the many others who'd gathered by the lakeside in preparation of the festivities. He took no part in the thrum of conversation that the waiting people indulged in but he was finely tuned to it as the pressure of it was building, the first dance known to begin on the stroke of midnight.
Any moment…

Sei showed up. This.. this wasn't part of his experiment. This was something that could be his. His own stance. His truth. His reality. Carrying a rather large hunk of wood, he'd move towards where the musicians were setting up. A simple nod given to them, he'd plunk the wood down into the sand, digging it into the earth. Immediately, a swarm of spiders left the bottom of his pant, seeking that base out, solidifying it by webbing, thick enough to be easily seen by anyone. From there.. the strings started. Up and down from top to bottom, a set of fine strings, turning a simple hunk of wood into a rather eerie looking harp.

Akane had been wandering through the crowd for a bit, glancing about her and taking note of all the people. She saw Sei, the boy who had first met her in the Fish Market as he sat down and created a harp with his spider webs. She smiled a bit at that, curious what kind of music he could make…
The woman was wearing an outfit of flowing materials that caught the moon's light in it's filmy white threads. Her sleeves were like Isis wings, flowing with each movement she made. Her midrift was bared as usual, her tattoo scrawling up one side, a black seal-like piece of art permanently applied to her body. She also wore a long flowy skirt and her hair was done up in a manner more intricate than usual on top, though the bottom half of her crimson hair flows down her back, past her waist. No where could a single weapon be seen.

Night had fallen, and all Kiyoshi could think of besides rather or not someone he knew was going to be at the event was why he couldn't just stay at home. Then he was reminded by the exciteable Surumu to quit pussy footing around and get dressed! He'd give the middle brother a scathing look, but by the time he managed to turn to his doorway, said brother had already bustled away. Shoulders sag with a heavy sigh before Kiyoshi relunctant got up from his mixing set and went about getting cleaned up himself.

A few hour later and he is among the throng as the odd ball out of Moto Clan. Souta and Surumu were practically twins while Kiyoshi… well, just stuck out. About the only thing that denoted him as a Moto was the brown hair and water-logged look to it, plus dark blue Kimono. That's it. He was also designated pack mule for the evening, considering the giant coffin like object covered in cloth and strapped to his back. Not a big deal all things considering. The boy has hardly broken a sweat thus far from the looks of him. He just seems perpetually annoyed. Annoyance that turned into a downright scowl upon spotting Sei some few meters ahead.
To evade or not evade…

Though this was a big deal for the boys, Yuriko was still excited herself to join in in watching the event take place. There were plenty of older girls than her already eyeing some of the boys that would be participating in the dance, trying to figure out who would actually pass this year and those they hope /would/ pass. Yuriko just wished her teammates luck, all the while hanging closely to Kiriko, holding onto the other girl's sleeve while peeking her bright eyes from behind her shoulder. More or less migrating towards the lake with one another. Pale pink sakura flowers decorate her snow white hair, matching the pattern in her kimono.

Yuuka is for the most part hanging back, letting others enjoy the festivities while she watches from afar. Looking over her daughter and her newly acquired friend perhaps, or just not wanting to disturb anything with her presence. Her gaze blinks slowly as she looks at those attending, before shifting her gaze towards the Mizukage.

Kaydin follows behind Yuriko and Kiriko, hands within the sleeves of his kimono. There was a forehead protector of Konoha on his forehead with a slash across the plate. He studies his surroundings very calmly, expression difficult to read, at best it is a calm expression as he studies everything.

Kiriko is rather excited too. The large crowd is making her keep extra care so that Yuriko and her don't get separated. Her mom forced her to wear something 'nice' for today, but she stubbornly kept her forehead protector around her neck. Despite that one minor disagreement, she looks excited for the event to start.

Akane made her way through the crowd, doing her best not to bump into anyone and ending up at the very edge of the crowd. She had seen many of the people she'd met in Kirigakure, and she smiled a little as she felt the festive atmosphere around her. These people had welcomed her to their village with no questions asked and had been more than helpful in the time since then. Her mind drifted to a choise she must make int he future, a choice that has been made painfully clear to her recently. And as such she is not watching where she's walking…. She stumbled on a stone at the edge of the crowd, falling straight for Kaydin.

He decides to avoid evading, though this might have something to do with the Okumo possibly having spider spies about already. At the same time he made it a point to not look at Sei either. A considerably more difficult thing to thing to do once it became clear that the only open spot next was next to the Okumo. He grudingly starts to make his way forward, only to be held in place by something tugging on the man-sized 'coffin'. "Now hold on a sec there Otouto-kun." Kiyoshi fights down a growl and relunctant turns to address Surumu. "You haven't forgotten about what we've talked about, correct?"
"Good boy~" Surumu says as he ruffled his brother hair a bit. "Now go now. Start — " "Please. Don't say it." The youngest Moto interjects, eyes pleading. Surumur just smiles down at Kiyoshi and nods before dragging Souta off to cause some trou — er, size up the competition. With their parting he catches a glimpse of Yuriko and co…. and immediatly whipped back around, hoping they none of them noticed him.

Kaydin saw the woman's movements. One of the things the Juuken style taught was how to study movement so he knew she would stumble and trip, even know she would fall towards him. He simply moves gently to the side, movements quick and fluid, indicating that Yuuka's servant wasnt just a servant. He moves an arm to gently catch her and hold the woman briefly before helping her back to her feet, his touch gentle but firm, and he bows his head to her. "Are you okay?" He asks the woman once she had her footing.

Nods once he sees it's complete. Sei turned away from his harp. Now.. to go join the crowd. He'd weave through them. A confidence to his step that had a whole lot to do with the brood pacing everyone, showing him that path. He knew he could do this.. This was something jsut for him and he knew he could do it.

Holding onto Kiriko's sleeve still, and not too far from Kaydin, Yuriko blinks her bright eyes as she sees Akane trip and caught easily with one arm. "Oh! Akane-chan! Are you alright?" she asks quickly, concerned that her friend would be hurt. But then again, who isn't her friend?

Akane gasped quietly as she fell, but the impact on the ground did not come… Instead she felt a strong arm catch her and set her on her feet gently. She blinks, turning her scarred face up to look at Kaydin with a bit of a smile in thanks… and then her eyes caught sight of the Hitai-ate on the man's forhead and she seemed to pale slightly. "Uh..oh.. oh thank you, uh.. I mean excuse me." She glanced around her and tossed her long hair behind her. She was flushed slightly from the embarassment of tripping. "I.. well I can't see very well. So thank you and I'm sorry for bumping into you." Her jade eyes flicked up again, looking at that symbol, the leaf with the line through it…. She licked her lips once, distracted, then turned to smile at Yuriko. "Oh yes, Yuriko-chan. I was caught quite gently by…" She looked up at Kayden, meeting his gaze. "What is your name?"

"Hyuuga Kaydin, of the Hyuuga Clan. I was sent here to serve Yuuka-sama and Yuriko-sama." He says calmly, softly to Akane as he studies her, his eyes definately proof to his heritage of the Hyuuga clan. "If you are worried about me being a missing nin, do not be. This forehead protector belongs to a dear friend of mine who has become hunted by Konoha. I wear it to honor him." He explains calmly to the woman.

Kiriko blinks and watches Akane almost fall onto the Hyuuga. It results in a soft "oh my" and a curious look to the Konoha ninja. "It is nice that you are honoring your friend, Kaydin-san," says the girl.

He spies Sei moving away and lets out a breath he hadn't even realized was being witheld in the first place. "Well, that was easier than I expected." He mumbled underbreath. Then in seeing a spot open up closer to the lake, Kiyoshi practically rushed for it!

"Yuuuuuukaaa-hiiime~" While the seven swordsman probably felt his approach long before he was able to get as close, Surumu still went on ahead with yelling that out as he approached her with a slight pep to his step. If she turns, there would be a dark-haired young man, well-rounded in figure, and dark eyed waving at her.
Meanwhile, Souta would be making his way to the Mizukage, wishing only for a brief audience if he could manage as much. Considering who he was the caretaker of, it might not be a completely impossible thing. Perhaps.

A hush abruptly falls over the majority of the crowd, swiftly sweeping through the masses.
There, in the sky, a man bare of anything but animal hide pants and a bone mask soars across the night at majestic heights. His black hair sings in the air behind him, body powerfully sculpted and composed even with the waters of the lake so far beneath him. The sight of him, limned in the light of the full moon and a dark blue canvass littered with its luminous tears — it brings a collective sigh from many who see.
And he has a partner. A woman, she wearing hide pants and a leather top more for decency than for protection, her bone masked face upturned towards him. She already treads atop the waters of the lake, grace as much a part of her motions as the time it takes to make them. Smoothly, her steps too elegant not to be called a dance, she approaches, picking up speed. Moving faster. Soon running. She leaps towards her partner, who reaches a hand out to her…

There. An opening by the lake. He'd move towards it, twisting and ducking to make his way through the crowd a bit quicker. *ALERT* Sei twisted, one hand, claws extended from fingertips coming up, to aim towards Kiyoshi. Pausing. Sei stared at him for a moment, relaxing that muscle so the claws disappeared. Shaking his head, he'd turn his back on Kiyoshi, staring at the start of the dance. Calculating. This was going to be it and even.. *him* wasn't going to stop Sei.

Akane showed no surprise that Kaydin was a Hyuuga. Her eyes flicker down to his pale eyes. She took a step backwards. She was not concerned if he was a missing-nin or just a Hyuuga. She seemed quite tense, though. "Ah, loyalty to one's friends is important indeed." The woman nodded her crimson head, then gestured to herself. "My name is Fujikujo Akane. Nice to meet you, Hyuuga-san." She bowed delicately, the fabric of her outfit flowing around her like a cloud as she did so.

Kaydin nods. "He was part of my first team, and we saved each others lives alot." Kaydin says before he looks back out, the people in the pelts and bone masks are studied before he glances about the area, studying his surroundings. Always studying everything.

Etsu heard about this celebration. A bit late, admittedly, but she received the news. She decided she'd go after she was finished with her business in trying to keep up with things around here. Best to refresh herself and her position by going here, right? She walked alone along the way there, every so often being passed up by people that were on their way there. It seems things were about ready to get started.
She lifted her eyes to the sky to see the full moon. It was a nice night to have a festival on. The moon looked bright and vibrant shining over the village. Before long, she arrived at the lake where it was taking place. Hm. Just in time to see the first couple dance. She isn't sure what to think of it, but it's interesting to say the least. She proceeded further inside, idly adjusting her shades as she did so. She was going to need something to eat and drink.

Souta was no fool. The first may have managed to lure him off task given certain extenuating circumstances, but those that followed were marked as something more than just event goers. Upon reaching that conclusion he would try to gain the Mizukage's attention. But how to proceed with that without causing a needless ruckus over quietly dispatching an obstacle? The sudden quiet from the crowd breaks his concentration and prompts him to see…

Surumu is all flowers and sunshine with the look about the man. No really, there seems to be some type of genjutsu going on because there seems to be those things literally floating about his head. What's worse, any onlooker wishing to break the genjutsu would find that no amount of pain or chakra pulsing frees them from the image. Some don't even try. Albeit the glint in some of there eyes bespoke of another thing entiely going through their mind.

"Sei." Kiyoshi states bluntly, unaware or indifferent about the fact that the Okumo just tried to strike him while he wasn't looking and for no good reason to boot! Kiyoshi allows his attention to waver moments later. It is a brief instance, and one in which he took in Sei's appearance before turning back to the dance. A smirk plays at the edge of his lips.

Yuriko smiles as she watches the exchange between Akane and Kaydin, but decides to be quiet for now. Instead her attention turns toward Kiriko and tugs at the sleeve she still holds onto. "Hey. Lets get closer so we can see." she says in a softer voice. Maybe even able to escape the ever watchful gaze of Kaydin. Yuriko tugs the sleeve again and beams as they begin pushing through the crowd, just in time to see the man and woman covered with furs and bone masks. "So cool…"

Kiriko is distracted from things when Yuriko tugs at her sleeve. She loos down and nods. "Yeah," she replies and helps push a few people aside so the two can get a better view. The dance starts and she oohs. "Awesome."

"IT is a pleasure to meet you, Akane-san. You look quite beautiful this evening." Kaydin says to the woman. He watches Yuriko begin to go closer and keeps her within his gaze. "Will you take part in the dance, Akane-san?" He asks curiously.

Guess there isn't anything to eat right now. The main focus is on the tribal dance going on right now. Etsu proceeded over to the crowd and worked her way through until she was able to witness them up close. From here, she can see others she's seen before and those she hasn't. They all receive momentary glances before her attention turns back to the dance. She knew it was ritual, but for what, she hadn't any clue, so she decided to nudge someone nearby. It happened to be Kiyoshi. "Could you explain to me the significance of this event to me?" She asked quietly.

Akane bowed her head to Kaydin's compliment. "Thank you." She, of course, could not see the two dancers come across the lake, but she could tell something was going on by the way everyone looked up and behind her. She glanced back at Kaydin when he asks if she was going to dance. She had not considered it. "I don't know. I'm not uh.. from around here. I would hate to insult someone by doing the wrong thing. I hear this is an old tradition among the tribes in the area from long before the village was founded." Yes… She had done her homework…

"I heard the same and I am not from here either. If you are in need of a partner I could try and help you with a dance if you desired it." Kaydin says calmly. He kept a rather stoic expression on his face before glancing back to Akane.

Kiyoshi grits his teeth behind closed lips, suppressing the urge to go on the defensive just on suspicion of another attack alone. The source is still given a mildly irritated glance at first, then one of confusion as he turned his head fully to see who it was. The question heard, but not an answer given. No, the boy seemed more interested in puzzling out the foreigner's being before returning his attention back to the Lake Dancers. "A penumbra measuring contest." That's right. Kiyoshi just said a very, very vulgar word. Luckily there's neither a Souta or a Surumu around to drag his but away. After those words nonchalantly left his mouth Kiyoshi turned back to the dancers and folds his arms across his chest, attempting to make up for lost time by staring at the dancers intently.

The dancers come together almost violently, the two spinning in eachother's arms as they fall back down to the lake. They fall and fall without any apparent intention of letting eachother go, of doing something to catch themselves and they never do.
When they hit the water, it is with a maneuver that almost seemed music made into motion, the pair rolling as they strike without even the smallest splash, only an echoing ripple pervading from the spot and in the next moment they are walking across the waters of the lake towards the crowd, masked faces turned towards one another, bodies distanced only by their outstretched arms linked at the fingertips. Here, the music swelled into being, deep drum beats adorned by more vibrant strings and a single flighty flute, the song played for them matching the song of the dancers. Powerful. But soft. Graceful and intricate, and something joyous in the lilt of that single airborn instrument.
And then the man begins walking a circle around the woman, steps bordering on predatory, his body — design and use — a show in the masculine. The woman turns with him, their hands still linked, femininity in her every line and a power of her own suffusing her bearing. The pace increases and the distance between them diminish until they have pulled eachother to one another and now circle closely.
Meruin's voice, strong and echoing across the silence, spoken with a depth that matched the still waters surrounding the dance, disrupting nothing. "Tonight, we have been invited to celebrate life and night and the mastery of the self. Tonight, we have been invited to cast aside the burdens and responsibilities of the day, to revel." People began making their way to the edge of the lake, paper seals in hand, those that have to reach the further ends moving swiftly in the night.
"Tonight, we have been invite to share in the first dance. To join these two on the waters of the lake, so that the first dance might also be the last. That it not end until the night itself does, until the last of us leaves this place." There's a pulse of chakra as people begin activating the seals, a quiet sigh rolling across the waters of the lake. "So come. It is time." He stepped onto the lake's surface, treading towards the dancers as they suddenly break off towards deeper waters like great cats. "Shinobi or no, the waters will accept your weight this night. Step upon them. Dance upon the moon and the stars. Tonight is the Night of Mastery." And his words echo off as he continues moving over the lake.

Sei moved. As soon as it said it was ready, he did move. Although that chakra was there, to keep him on the water.

Ya know. Just in case.

As he'd start across the water, slow steps turned into fast as he moved into the music. Have you ever heard spiders playing a harp? An eerie, haunting note, something purely of Sei's own make would thread into the music of the other players. It was in tune, in time, but it was definitely etheral. Something unreal. Something unique.

Just like Sei.

Akane smiled brightly as Kaydin offered her a dance. It was a familiar duet, this show of courtesy and courtly manners. The Hyuuga as a clan were known to be rather formal, at least that was thier reputation. Kaydin was no different, it seemed. The woman nodded her head once to the offer. "I would be honored." That little voice in her head sprung up then, laughing at her ~Bakane…. You are so nocturnal.~ oh shut up… ~You could use eyes like those…~ Sundown! no! shut up! ~Just remember, your dances aren't for public consumption.~
It was only a moment of distraction when her eyes unfocused, but it was visible. She reached down and pinched a pressure point on her hand, hard enough to leave behind a crescent print from her nail behind. But she seemed alright otherwise.
Meruin's voice reaches her ears and she looks up and in his general direction, but her eyes remain unfocused. Meruin is out of her sight range at the moment so she misses the visual effect of the dance.

The people of the Land of Water hesitate, the sound of rustling and murmuring rising as a susurrus sound. But soon enough there are those stepping forward, placing feet on the surface of the lake where it it only inches of water before earth and find… that it supports them. Villagers stand atop it, testing it as shinobi began easily making their way out onto the lake, well used to walking atop waves. It is not long before people of all kinds are following suite, excitement mounting at this opportunity to dance with the sky beneath their feet, moon and stars below as they were above.

The flute they hear is coming from an edge of the water as Kogarashi steps out on to the water. He was tentative at first but after having been assured of the tension of the water, he walks along the water's surface toward his designated spot playing his flute. His eyes closed as he plays the flute, the music flowing out and away from him in a song softly lilting across the lake. He seems lost in his music that offers an exciting song that one could dance to with undertones of sadness. It is a music of a celebration of great things that came at great losses.
The music coming from teh flute speaks of a battle between sides, one of great honor and one of great wickedness. A battle won by the side of honor but only when they had to throw aside their honor, lose many and sink to the level of the wicked.
The music speaks of a pair of shinobi, brothers who were on seperate sides of a great conflict. It matters not who won…because both lost much when the battle ended.
The song speaks of the children of those who defended them, those that gave their lives so that they might live on…live on in their memory…and with their memories.

Yuriko practically beams as she watches the pair dance, unhuman and predatoral, and beautiful all in itself. She watches with eyes sparkling with unspoken exuberance before the Mizukage invites everyone to dance on the lake. She giggles and lets go of Kiriko's sleeve. The littlest Kaguya doesn't hesitate to run out on the surface of the lake too, adding a few fun twirls as she does. The full moonlight sparkles from her snow white locks, from the water droplets that scatter around her as she joins in on the dancing.

The Seven Swordsman and Kaguya clan Elder, Yuuka, watches at one after the other steps across the dance floor that is the smooth lake surface. She is among one of the last to step out, her bare feet light as she steps on top of the water, without so much as a ripple in the wake of her footsteps.

Kaydin gently reaches to Akane and takes her hand. He brings her out to the lake. He remained close enough that she didnt need to focus her eyes to see him. His movements let her take the lead, and when she moved, he moved with her, watching and studying the woman intensely as he moves with her.

Sei listened. He played. Spiders dancing across the harp, echoing a flute that lead the music, his own feelings hinted at within that song as it all ran together. Sei danced on the water. One of the first on the water, he was moving in his own dance. For once. For one single time in his entire life…

…Sei was doing something for himself.

Kiyoshi would not be far behind Sei. His body, seemingly moving on its own accord upon shrugging off the coffin and yanking out his infamous gas mask. For what he intended, his glasses are left behind.

Step for step, Kiyoshi treaded in Sei's wake before putting some distance between them, donning the mask at some point effortlessly.

His obi tightened before he slips free of his sleeves, allowing the top half to hang from his body like a train. Skin bronzed from places so few knew of that alloted for the sun to break through, muscles taut and bulking up at just a thought, hair shifting — stiffening at some points and turning into a raw bone white, and eyes glowing cereulean behind a custom made gas mask.

Without clones to contest the beat, Kiyoshi would dancing to Sei's music with some relunctance, but determined nonetheless to prove a point. What that point was he lost in the rhythm. A perfect contrast in form and size, but the contrast that did not conflict as one might expect, only enhanced it.

The Mizukage had invited all to dance. Souta… refrained.

"…" Etsu stared at Kiyoshi and then back to the dancers who were performing together. "…But the other is clearly female," she pointed out blandly. "Unless I'm mistaken. She must have it well hidden," she replied to him. Well, this just got even more interesting.
The masked duo make movements, some the likes of which she hasn't witnessed before. Dancing on the surface of the water without splashing. She believes that takes a great amount of controll and skill to accomplish or as has been announced, mastery of the self. When the call was made to step out onto the lake, she watched as the others went out into the waters and took part in the ritual.

Akane accepted Kaydin's hand and noted the courtesy he offered to her by remaining close. She followedhim out onto the lake, her skirt floating around her. When she bowed, the falls of fabric billowed about her like clouds about a crimson moon. She matched Kaydin's movements carefully, adding a flourish here or there, her steps light upon the water. She noticed after a few moments that he was following her lead and she smiled a bit, falling into a more specific routine, her hands roiled like snakes slowly and her hip tips and dips to the beat. When she twirls, her skirt billows out showing it to be constricted of 4 pieces of fabric. Her hair wound it's way about her where it fell loosely down her back. She combined the elements that made her up, her pale skin and white outfit like the moon, her eyes excitedly bright like the water's surface, herhair like blood in a battle. Blood on the Moon. She appeared to have relaxed quite a bit once she got to dancing. It was a certain kind of dance she'd learned in her past and it might be familiar to the right people…

The song was in his ears. In his heart, twisting his perspective to better fill him up. Neither Kiyoshi or the 'other' resists. The take it in and use it to help uplift their movements. The boy's movements are far from perfect. Aware but undaunted, he pressed on to match the rhythm set forth by Sei. He is but only dimly aware of the dances of others around him, for that was the strength of his commitment to the task of besting Sei in his newly found element.

Then again, there those out there that allure his attention; disrupting his focus on competition for the sake of matching this new song. His movements grew more crude in a sense, primal even, and by extension, less thought and felt for purely felt.

He did not know how he ended up traversing the distance. Nor did he in that moment care. All he can even think to do is stand back and observe after having weaved his way over. Then, dance alongside Yuriko for so long as he could.

The Mizukage never looks back, gaze straight ahead even as some people began rushing past him, excitement of the full moon night filling them to the brim. His own step is similar to the featured couple, tread too graceful to be denied as a form of dance in and of itself, though the air of predation was sharper than it had been in the dance, no counterpoint to soften him. He was hunter and potence and male up until the point he simply vanished, leaving his people to their revelry.

Kaydin keeps with her movements and while she dips and tips her hips, he moves in close with his upper body movements, his dancing similar to hers but he tried to be somewhat different so him and her were two halfs of the same dance, and this does brings her close to him, an when he see's her relax he continues to move with her, not seeming ashamed to be close to her.

and Sei noticed and not. All at the same time. Kiyoshi was there and as such, the betterment had to be done. He'd do it too, that grace and agility aided by his connection to the spiders. A point and counterpoint as they worked together.. Then he was gone. Gravitating to someone else. Sei was left alone. First to the center and then the crowd. As spider and child meshed and warred, he'd finally drift past the people. His part of the dance was done. The harp's song trailing off as the spiders on it would start removing the silk. Why? At the moment, even Sei couldn't answer why it was done for him. It just was.

It only takes an instant for Yuriko to notice when Kiyoshi joins her, the girl's spin twisting into an abrupt crouch, hands and knees on the lake surface as she grins, hinting with something predatory as she looks her eyes on the boy. She pushes herself up and spins into another graceful move, challenging him to keep up with her.

Akane continues the dance, falling into a smoother rhythm as she goes. At times when he got close to her she did not seem to notice. The brush of his kimono sleeve was accepted, his breath on her neck made her shiver. A few of the people around the two had stopped thier own dances to watch as they continued, whispering among themselves. Indeed it was quite a sight, the Hyuuga and the mysterious woman that matched the description of recent rumors were like a mirror unto one another. Akane's movement's became a bit more fierce, her movements somehow more fluid. her feet barely seemed to touch the lake.

Etsu probably felt the most distance from this event taking place. She wasn't able to connect on the level everyone else was able to. She didn't quite understand and might not for a while, but this will all be something to remember and record for later. Intriguing took the place of interesting as she observed everyone in the most unusual state. She thinks she might even feel a bit of tension as most were growing attuned to this primal state. Admittedly, she didn't know that dancing and this state could work hand in hand, almost viral in the way it affected both adults and youth alike. Could she even say it was beautiful? Strange, but lovely.

Kaydin met her ferocity equally and his movements as fluid as he dances with her. His gaze stays on her and he remains close enough she could see him, interweaving with her as if he knew the style of dancing she did. for now his focus was completely on her.

Challenge Accepted.

Kiyoshi grinned absently behind the mask before swiftly stepping forth to match the little Kaguya's movements with his own. On some deeper level he knew he could not match her grace. Not perfectly and certainly not by blind chance like so many things. He knew this, and still tried anyways without hesitation.
Following a spinning leap that had them cross paths briefly, Kiyoshi has an epiphany. The mask, the restraint is ripped off, granting the boy the boon of fresh air and a scent — his eyes snapped open at the wonderous smell!
He has stopped for a only a moment, and yet so much and so little has changed about his demeanor. The bleached hair has reverted to normal and the same went for the eyes with the demasking. Still, when he turns to her there's predatory gleam in his eyes. He'd start to follow again at first, but now… now was the time to start leading the dance.

Akane had noted Kaydin matched her dance easily. It did not click in her head that he might have recognised the style. The music changed a little in tempo and Akane laughed, tossing her arms up and spinning back three steps, stopping with one foot toward Kaydin, who was at such a time just within her field of vision in the darkness. Her posture was ritualised and her hand held out toward Kaydin. It was the begining of another dance that allowed her less war-like movements and more graceful turns and steps.

Kaydin takes her hand and begins to dance with her, graceful in movements and matching her. He was a mirror to her, and while he didnt copy her movements like an uchiha, he moved in such a way it was as if they danced together their entire lives instead of just this night.

Yuriko laughs as she dances and spins, always teasingly so alongside Kiyoshi as they dance together. Becoming wild and free with every step taken across the surface of the water, snow white locks glowing brightly under the glow of the full moon. Quick doublestep, she jumps in a harder leap at an angle, spinning herself in the air and a scattering of water droplettes in her wake, time seeming to stand still for a moment longer before she lands again, crouched on hands and knees and grinning like a cheshire cat.

This was meant to be done all night? This must be some sort of endurance test. It would make sense, Etsu thought. This wasn't just a display, but also a way to test the limits of the body which, in some ways, wouldn't be impossible to do when entering such a trance-like state. If that could be done, then being warriors is hardly an issue for these people. Staying connected to their roots and carrying it over in this manner must serve in battle.
Stretching her arms, she takes a seat on the shore, sitting with her legs crossed while attempting to keep track of the movements of the dancers. It's still difficult seeing as she isn't all that connected, but she does hear the music and its rhythm and is in some way, able to follow up with them. Maybe more watching will help her to read the dances better.

Akane went through the motions of the dance easily, laughing when they finished, leaving her panting lightly from the exertion. She looks quite alive, though she could possibly do with a drink of water. "Lets get something to drink, HYuuga-san. I haven't done this for so long I think I'm a little rusty."

The girl was determined to keep things untamed. Kiyoshi was going have to see about that! He was of course setting himself up for a night full attempts and failures, but the thought never even crosses his mind. An abrupt turn and hard jump sends a small shockwave of water everywhere. Kiyoshi flips and twists once or twice in mid-air before landing on all toes and finger tips, the latter of which were visibly darker. An unrestrained smile is in full view. He could keep this up — Movement in the corner of his eyes catches his attention. The dancers closer to the shore make it difficult to make out at first, but soon it becomes clear that his brother is leaving. Kiyoshi did not know what to make of that but the sight was enough to snap him out of the weird and overpowering feeling that has been governing his action. Without so much as an apologetic look, Kiyoshi takes off after the eldest brother, snatching the 'coffin' up along the way.

The dance didn't last long, disrupted by Kiyoshi's disappearance as Yuriko pauses a step to glance around her, confused as to what could have happened. Her tiny shoulders tense, but after a breath she pushes herself into another dance step again, following the impulses of her body as the music urges her to flow and spin and dance as it wishes. It isn't long before another boy, his hair as dark as his eyes with a red scarf wrapped around his shoulders, joins in on the dance. Forcing one another to respond and react as they move together.

It was in this way that the night of Mastery began. Throughout the night, people would dance atop the surface of the lake that served as mirror to the sky, men and woman of the land of water stepping amidst the stars. Music would come and go, ebb and flow as the musicians played or danced or rested as they chose. Life was lived simply and wholly by these many, the luminous eye of the sky watching all the while.

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