First Promotion Exams - The One That Got Away: Eremi vs. Haruko


Eremi, Haruko

Date: January 22, 2012


Eremi was sitting on the ground minding his own business when suddenly he is attacked by a figure completely wrapped in cloth. Battle ensues and right when it looks Eremi is about to get his second scroll, the other simply vanishes. Retreating from the fight.

"First Promotion Exams - The One That Got Away: Eremi vs. Haruko"

East Shiren Caverns

Day or night was hard to tell most of the time while in these caves. Most caves were completely blocked off from the outside world, while others had just the slightest sliver within the ceiling to let light seep through. Which made it almost impossible to search unless one were to carry a torch and wasn't afraid of being found out by other shinobi starving for scrolls.
This area, however, with its boiling hot springs and errupting geysers had a special trait that few others shared. There was a phosphorescent glow that eminated off the walls. Eremi hadn't gone to see the exact source, be it algea or moss or what have you, but he's accepted it. Choosing this as perhaps the best spot to sit and wait out the exams. Near here was also where he bumped into a medic, so it wasn't a bad idea to stay close just in case they still lingered.
Currently he was sitting in the middle of the area, which was a wide and flat area. There was a few geysers nearby, that went off on what he was sure exact intervals, but other then that he stayed clear of them.

Haruko had been biding her time. Letting the others fight while avoiding attention. However, the end of term was drawing near, and Haruko needed to hurry by now. As such, she's decided it's time for her to make her move. Having already covered herself entirely in her cloth scarf, she's discovered Eremi's hiding spot. Hardening the cloth, she approaches. The area should give Eremi enough advance warning anyway. With the cloth hardening, she focuses her chakra, and speeds up, starting to run between the geysers and towards Eremi.

For now, Eremi was simply looking straight ahead, not thinking much of his surroundings. It was relatively peaceful, save for the sounds of rushing waters being blown out through the grounds. Slowly he leaned back and rested his hands against the ground to support him up. It was at that time he heard something. Something different to the area. Like the sound of feet pressing hard against the ground as they race steadily closer toward him. His head snapped in the direction and his eyes widened as he saw a figure covered completely in a scarf. It was odd to say the least, but they didn't look like they were hear to talk fashion.
Rolling backwards the young teen then flipped toward his feet to face his opponent. Obviously they wanted a scroll and were willing to beat down whomever stood in their way. Eremi could respect this, but wasn't going to be pushed down easily. Focusing within, he reached deep for one of the chakra gates and blew it open. His eyes flickered in response and his muscles ached as they were forced awake. Extending a hand in front of him, he shifted into a stance. Here goes nothing.

As she approaches, Haruko notices that she's been spotted. She knew that was likely, and as such she's accounted for it. She inhales deeply before sending a blast of air in Eremi's direction. It's kind of like a bullet, small and forceful. As she gets closer, she doesn't continue to use that technique, instead deciding to rely on her left fist, trying to plant it into Eremi's got.

Eremi watched the other closely, noticing how they made similiar movements to that of say an Uchiha ready to expell a great fireball technique and yet, when exhaled he didn't see anything. Taking no chances, he instinctively dodged out of the way only to end up taking a shot to the gut that doubled him over. Stumbling backwards he caught his breath and straightened up, shaking it off a bit.
The other was powerful, but was taking things slow. Eremi didn't have that luxury. He's been in far too many fights already to test out the opponent. He was going to strike hard and fast.
Quickly, he charged a few steps before leaping into the air with one leg extended and the other tucked in as he flew toward Haruko. After which, he flexed his muscles and the bandages that wrap his arms and hands suddenly unwound some. Snapping his hands forth he shot the bandages forward and flicked his wrists to wrap around the other and followed behind them with a succession of kicks in the air.

The Dynamic Entry merely seems to bounce off of Haruko's defenses, not so much for the bandages, which tie Haruko down neatly and force her to accept the next attack, taking the damage that has been inflicted. She winces slightly, but with the proximity, she feels she has the advantage. Unwraveling some of the scarf, she sends several ends of cloth towards Eremi, which try to wrap around Eremi's limbs. While this happens, Haruko hardens the cloth with her chakra, and then tries to pull Eremi towards her… at which point a cloth-wrapped fist is ready to punch Eremi in the gut, the cloth hardening itself at the moment of impact

With a few of his attacks hitting, Eremi wasted no time reaching for the bandages that connected with his arms and tearing them straight off, leaving them where they fall. After which, he was already on the retreat as he flipped backwards a few times to avoid the cloth that was reaching out to ensnare him. Then, he saw his opportunity to strike back. Coming to a stop he rushed forward and leaped into the air, kicking away the cloth that intended to do him harm and connecting his other foot with that of Haruko.
Like a blur he was gone again, sprinting away to give him some distance. Only to rush in low this time and come under the steel clothed user and deliver a powerful upper cut kick. Were they to go soaring, Eremi would follow closely behind in the shadow of Haruko before spinning in the air with several kicks.

Well this isn't going too well. Haruko is sent soaring and then kicked several times. But not all is lost as of yet, and she lands reasonably gracefully. Turning around again… she whips around the cloth of her scarf rapidly, infusing it with wind and creating a vortex. When she's done with that… it seems as though she's gone. Disappeared. But if Eremis is lucky, he might be able to see where she went…

Landing on the ground, Eremi spun around to catch sight of Haruko. He was expecting his opponent to rush forward at him once again and unleash some weird flurry of strange cloth attacks. To his surprise, the other begins to create a whirlwind which forces him to shield his eyes in response. When the wind subsided, he lowered his arms and peered around. His opponent and chance of getting his second scroll….was gone. Saddened the boy fell to the ground in a slump, crossed his legs and rested his hands on his laps. There was nothing left for him to do.

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