Mirror Mirror - The Other Side Of The Mirror


Kara (emitter), Rinako, Shemri, Ruri

Date: July 27, 2010


The fighting seems to have stopped for the moment, and these "impostors" do not seem to be hostile anymore… But they are still an unknown quantity, and despite their agreement to help get Team 01 to warmth and safety, suspicions abound on both sides.

"Mirror Mirror - The Other Side Of The Mirror"

Frigid Forest - Unknown

"I make elaborate traps?" Quirking an eyebrow, bijuu-Rinako glances first towards her sibling, then towards Kara and Shemri on the other side of her. The uprooted tree remains raised, ready to swing at her opponents like the world's biggest baseball bat as the little exchange goes on on the other side of the battle lines. There's a heavy creaking sound, and then another large cracking, before the thinner, upper half of the centuries-old pine sunders under it's own weight being held at such an angle, and comes crashing down into the snow. But what was left was still pretty big, and Rinako doesn't put it down.
"YOU'RE the imposter! There is only one Three-Tails, and you are NOT he!" Despite the growled, or rather roared, negative declarations, Rinako doesn't swing her makeshift weapon. This had to be some sort of trap by their enemies. It had to be! But if it was, she really couldn't see the angle. If their enemies took the time to teleport them somewhere, why not simply into the midst of their village where they could be surrounded and subdued with ease? If Sheex had really returned, why would he choose such a head-on confrontation when the last one had ended so badly for him? After a long, silent moment, the root-end of the tree crashes into the ground, the blue-skinned jinchuriki keeping a hand on it as she all but snarls at the enemy.
"I am Rurohashi Rinako of Sunagakure, and I have been the bearer of this monster since birth. If you want to know more," The kunoichi's double-voice pauses briefly as she tosses her head in the direction of her aggressive sibling. "Get my 'friends' some cold-appropriate clothing. Otherwise, shut up and fight. We'll not be delayed standing here just so you can earn victory through frigid exposure!"

Yeah, that whole frigid exposure thing--that's another aspect that doesn't make sense if this is a trap. Why confront them at all if the environment could do the job? e.e "Hoi, Rinako-san, be calm," Shemri says through chattering teeth. "Suppose there is another Megumi-chan here. Do you wish to make her motherless?" Having decided that the cold is the most dangerous enemy here, Shemri pulls her arms and legs close to her body to defend against that rather than blades and such. "I do not know what is going on here, but if there is Ruri-san that is not Ruri-san, and Kara-san that is not Kara-san, and me that is not me, then perhaps that is Sheex that is not Sheex. If I am making sense." c.c;

Ruri is numbed by the cold, but that doesn't keep her ears from working. She hears the 'twang' of the string releasing, and leaps backwards FIRST and checks what caused it SECOND. This turns out to be fortunate, because five poison darts strike the snow where she was standing! Less fortunate is the fact that, being numb, she can't really feel her body. Thus, trying to send commands to it via her brain is not working as it normally would. Instead of landing in a battle-ready stance, she stumbles and falls down on the snow. If her opponents wanted to kill her, this would be the optimal time to do so.
Still, when she manages to lift her head, grunting and hissing out her precious warm air between her chattering teeth, she sees that no one appears to be following up with the attack that was launched at her. The words of these people… The fact that this 'Fake Ruri' can stop even a Stored Fire Stream easily, they have Sheex as back up, and everything else… None of it makes sense. Ruri is supposed to be the smart one. But she's just not able to get her mind around this problem. Hell, she's having to struggle just to get up off the ground!
When she finally does get up, she stands up as straight as she can, trying not to show the full-body shivering that is going on. No reason to reveal how weak she is to the cold. The one she really hates here is Sheex -- or 'not-Sheex', or whatever Shemri wants to call him -- but she is plenty wary of this 'Other-Ruri' too. The words that have been said so far indicate some kind of schism between this older Ruri and the Rinako that she apparently knows. That doesn't sit well with her. Not at all. She'll have to keep her eye on this one.

Other-Ruri narrows her black-on-yellow eyes as Rinako gives her name. It might just be the rage inherent to the Three-Tails, but it's almost like… Almost like this older Ruri is looking at Rinako with >hatred<. And that's something that it is highly unlikely Rinako has ever seen directed at her by her own sister before. "You're a liar, and you are >mocking< me! And if you really >are< Rinako, then I'll be all too happy to--"
But then Sheex interrupts with, "Enough, Ruri." Other-Ruri whirls on Sheex, teeth bared. "Sheex-sensei, do you expect me to be >nice< to that bitch just because she looks a bit different!? After all she has >done<!?!" Sheex takes his eyes off of Rinako, and looks directly into the Other-Ruri's transformed eyes. "I expect you to control yourself and the Lord of Water until we know more about this situation. If this is a trap or trick, it is far too clever for me detect. We have no choice but to gather information. The more one interacts with an illusion, the easier it is to spot the flaws and eventually escape its influence. On the other hand, if this is >not< an illusion, trick, or trap…"
Other-Shemri nods in agreement and finishes the sentence, "…Then we would be remiss in not aiding these people. At the very least, we have a responsibility to keep them alive long enough to educate us on the details of their presence here." Other-Ruri grinds her teeth, turns her head back to look at Rinako, and then allows the power of the Three-Tails to recede. Her skin returns to its normal hue, along with her eyes. The Giant Turtle Cloak about her seems to boil away into the air. She then sinks down a little bit, hunching over ever-so-slightly, and taking in a couple quick breaths. She straightens up quickly, however, and tries to breathe normally. Apparently she doesn't want to show the signs of fatigue that come with the First Tail transformation. She turns her head away to look towards the younger Ruri briefly, still frowning, but not looking as angry.
Other-Kara is the only one who gives absolutely no sign of planning to stand down. Sheex notices and says, "Kara--" "Go ahead and help them," she says calmly, and in no uncertain tone. "If they are innocent, fine. If not, we kill them. But even if the ones before us are not the enemy, they may have been used as pawns by the >real< enemy. I will remain prepared for that possibility." Sheex opens his mouth as though to protest, but instead just lets out a breath and says, "Hai, Kara-san."
With that settled, Other-Shemri removes her large, thick, white furred cape and starts to approach her younger self. When she is close enough she offers the cloak to Shemri. Looking towards Rinako, she says, "We have more clothing and supplies stored in various hidden locations for emergencies. We will have to reach one of the supply sites in order to fully equip the entirety of your group." Other-Ruri looks away from Ruri and asks Other-Shemri, "Now we're showing them where we hide our emergency equipment?" "It is necessary for now." Other-Ruri scowls but doesn't protest further. Her clothing is similar to the others: well-suited to winter climates. Like Other-Kara she wears a hitai-ite with a scratch across the symbol of Sunagakure. It is worn as a belt, however, rather than across the right eye, as younger Ruri does.
Right then, Kara starts to sink down on her knees and then she just collapses to the ground on her side. Pharaoh joins her at the same time, since there is no Chakra being used to keep him standing. Sheex says, "We can discuss all this later. We have to hurry or that one is going to die. Kara, please--" Other-Kara glances towards her younger self and says, "No." Sheex pauses, and then says, "Shemri?" Other-Shemri nods and makes a noise of assent. Then she moves to gather up Kara in her arms. It seems she's strong enough to carry her and still move fairly quickly, because she immediately leaps up into the nearest tree and begins making her way towards the nearest 'emergency supply' location. "Ruri, can you get her equipment?" Other-Ruri looks at Pharaoh and the scroll. "Ew." Sheex sighs. "I'll get that thing. Just grab the scroll." Other-Ruri shrugs and rolls up the scroll then lifts it. After one more glance between Ruri and Rinako, she then follows after Other-Shemri. Sheex does as he said and grabs the Puppet. "Please follow me, if you would, ladies. Our destination is not far from here." Then he follows after Other-Ruri. Other-Kara lowers her curved blades finally and starts to walk forwards. "Go ahead. I'll bring up the rear." Assuming everyone does so, Other-Kara joins them after a moment.
It would take about four or five minutes of leaping through the trees and dashing through the forest before reaching a frozen-over stream with a large, snow-covered, fallen tree across it. When everyone has arrived, Sheex looks around cautiously, and then nods to Other-Ruri. Other-Ruri reluctantly pulls on a branch sticking out of the tree, and a 'click' is heard, followed by the side of the tree popping open and swinging upwards as though on springs! Inside, there is a staircase leading underground. Light and the warmth of a fire both flow out of the opening. Other-Shemri goes down the stairs swiftly, still carrying Kara. The others follow quickly. Other-Kara won't go down until everyone else has gone. After a brief journey down some winding stairs, the group would find themselves in some kind of underground complex. The walls are simply molded dirt, reinforced with boards and stones, for the most part. Little or no furniture, no decorations, some sleeping mats… Very utilitarian. A largeish fireplace is set in the far wall. Where the smoke goes is unclear, since the spot corresponding to the chimney's location above ground >should< be in the river.

"I care nothing for a duplicate of a small human child."
The normally child-friendly Rinako causally dismisses the life of the Other-Shemri's child as if it were nothing so much as a gnat flying about her nose. Aqueous eyes deign a glance towards the oldest woman in their group as her blue-tinged lips curl into a sneer of disdain, blood roaring in her ears, the desire to attack an enemy clear and present before them almost overwhelming. She wanted, she needed to crush SOMETHING!
It's Kara collapsing that finally seals the deal in the jinchuriki's mind, gritting her teeth, straining her will against the that of the Other within. In her mind, the struggle stretches out for an eternity. In reality, it's only a few seconds before the hazy field of chakra around her begins to dissipate reluctantly into the air, her skin's hue turning back towards it's natural color, the cold slamming back into her like a sack of bricks. She doesn't enjoy the thought of these other people carting around their team mate, especially as she likely wouldn't be fast enough to catch them should they run for it, but her own side was failing fast and not likely up to the task! Her sibling was probably only minutes away from falling prone or suffering permanent damage herself, and that wasn't something she could allow. Involuntarily, her arms hug closer to her body, though she tries to disguise the action by… taking off her shirt!?
At least she's wearing underwear (This is a PG-13 show!).
The loose black garment is held out towards her twin with a frown. "Ru, put this on." The protection of the light cotton garment was minimal, but she was feeling it's absence already, every bit of skin on her body goose pimpled with the frosty air. If Ruri dares to turn down her older sibling's mothering, the garment is balled up and chucked at her head with a declaration to 'PUT IT ON!'
Following the group of 'strangers' proves easy enough, as they don't seem to be trying to escape, though Rinako stays closer to Other-Kara than any other potential enemy of the group, judging her to be the most volatile threat to their safety. The trip is taken mostly in silence for the elder Rurohashi sibling, not wishing to waste warmth and energy on words. Even her mighty constitution was beginning to feel sluggish, slowing down, making it hard to think, harder to move, and hardest not to simply wish to lie down and go to sleep. Her skin was starting to turn blue in a way that had nothing to do with her bijuu by the time they arrive, and her shivering and chattering teeth could no longer be disguised. Still, she doesn't hurry into the mouth of the pit immediately, bringing up the rear of her own group, in order to place herself between Other-Kara and the others. She just gave off those sneaky-little-backstabber vibes!

Shemri takes the coat from her older double gratefully. "Many thanks." She wraps it around herself, then glances at her team-mates. Kara's been carted off already, and of the two twins…oh, well, looks like Rinako's confident that she can hold up. Shemri leans in and catches Rinako's shirt in midair, then tosses it back to her. "Hoi, there is no need for that. I know a better way." Shemri throws one side of the cloak around Ruri's shoulders. "Old camping lore, two in a blanket are warmer than one. Obvious enough when you think of it." With that, Shemri trudges off after their…guides? Captors? Eh, more pleasant and productive to think of it as the former. When they reach the shelter, Shemri doesn't hesitate to go in. They've already determined that trusting these guys is their only chance, what's the point in being half-hearted about it? :P

Ruri is REALLY disliking these people, for the most part. Sheex because… He's Sheex! Other-Kara because of her refusal to stand down. Fake-Ruri because she looked at Rinako the wrong way, and is a cheap knock-off of herself. But she is fighting to stay conscious right now, and she isn't in any condition to fight them, so the idea to get some warmer clothes is a good one. Doesn't mean she trusts them one inch, however.
When a shirt is offered to her, she starts to take it without thinking. But then there's sudden movement, and she glances to her left to find that Rinako is shirtless and Shemri is holding the shirt. "HOLY HELL!" Even when the shirt is tossed back to Rinako, she scowls at Shemri. "What do you think you're doing, taking my sister's shirt off!?" A pause, and then she adds on, "…In this weather, that is!?"
She frowns, and then turns to start leaping into the trees. Shemri puts the cloak about her. "--Uh!? It's going to be hard to jump around like this, Shemri-san… And we're falling behind!" She looks after the dopplegangers, but they're already almost out of sight. "Shit! Let's just go!" She then puts an arm around Shemri and tries to leap into the trees, hoping that the older woman can synchronize her movements with Ruri's. Leaping from one branch to another and not breaking any limbs or falling out of a tree is hard when one can't feel one's body. But somehow, they manage. And eventually they make it to the hidden base. Ruri eyes Other-Kara briefly, but then heads down into the base. Mainly because they have Kara and she'd rather not leave her in the hands of these… Mirror-people or whatever!
The warmth is pleasant. And PAINFUL. Moving out from under the cloak and stumbling over to sit near wherever Kara is set down, the feeling returning to her limbs and so forth hurts like 'owitty ow-ow', to put it politely. Still, she endures, because frostbite is worse. The moment that everyone is present -- including 'bringing up the rear' Fake-Kara -- she asks, "So where the hell are we?" If Rinako hasn't put her shirt back on, then Ruri will crawl over to help with that. Otherwise she just makes a mental note to tell her sister to never-ever-ever-ever-ever undress where Sheex can see, EVER AGAIN.

Other-Kara does not show any sign of reciprocating Rinako's suspicions, other than the fact she hasn't put her blades away yet. At some point she must have recovered that scarf she lost during the initial tussle, because it's all wrapped around her neck and lower-face again. Once everyone is out of sight down the stairs, she closes the hidden door of this base, and locks it shut. Then she joins the others.
By that time, Kara has been set down on the floor near the fire, and though she is still shivering, she is at least conscious again. "Nnggh…" She looks around, seeing everyone, and blinking. It takes a few seconds for her to piece together what happened last, and why there's two of most people present. "…Oh, r-right." She sits up slowly, and is suddenly presented with a bundle of clothing. "Here you are," Other-Shemri says, as she leans forward, with a wool sweater, a leather vest with fur trim, and long underwear, and pants of the same type as the vest, and so forth. Kara arches an eyebrow and accepts them. "Err… Thanks, Shemri-sa--Err… Shemri-Two? Or… Uhh… J-just thanks!" Then she looks around for a place to change.
As Other-Shemri directs Kara into one of the two rooms adjacent to this central chamber and then goes to get some clothes for the others, Other-Ruri sits down on a mat, with her back to the wall, and frowns. Other-Sheex remains standing, but is leaning against the wall near the fireplace, arms crossed over his chest. He has set down Pharaoh against a different wall, along with the scroll he was previously contained in. Other-Kara stands next to the stairs, and seems to have finally decided to put her blades away. Other-Shiikaa is nowhere to be seen, but is presumably lurking around. It is quiet for a moment, and then Other-Ruri asks at the same time as Ruri's question, "So who the hell are you?"
She quickly turns to glare at Ruri as though it had been done on purpose. Other-Sheex says, "While I am sure our team would like answers as well, I will first answer some of our guests' questions, as a matter of courtesy… And to show we can be trusted. You are in the Land of Wind, at present. Or rather, what >was< the Land of Wind. At this point, most of the various countries have merged into a single country, controlled by a single ruler: The Land of Winter. You seem to know our names already, but I am Sheex. The young woman next to me is Rurohashi Ruri, the one by the stairs is Uudo Kara, and the final members of our team are Maneshi Shemri and Shiikaa."
He then looks towards Rinako. "You have introduced yourself already, though that does not resolve our confusion… I imagine the rest of you have the same names as us. Could you please describe to us how you arrived here?"

Thankfully, once it's settled that Ruri will have at least SOME form of extra protection on, the jinchuriki redons her clothing readily enough. The fabric was made for the desert, but something was better than nothing. Even if it did for some reason feel so warm that it was hot, almost as if she could just lie down in the snow and take a little nap. Just for a moment, in the warm, warm snow…
Once they're inside, things immediately begin to warm up for the freezing kunoichi quartet, chattering teeth nonwithstanding. Rinako moves closer to the fireplace, for once not complaining about something such as warmth, and is thankful for the painful tingling that signaled her body was coming back to life. Every piece that tingled was a piece that would NOT have to be cut off due to frostbite! She stands protectively near Kara as she's handed clothes, though by now it seemed a moot point. All of them had been close to succumbing to the cold, and the enemy team could have simply led them astray for a few more minutes had they wanted four very docile captives.
Though with the return of feeling, came the return of the pain in her broken finger. The kunoichi flashes a few displeased mutters under her breath as she cuts her sister, her real sister, a side-ways glare, using one hand to grip the other near the proken joint as if that would somehow lessen the pain.
"Why would anyone encase the world in Winter? That'd just promote massive starvation." She opens her mouth to say more, or perhaps to answer the male's question, but ultimately closes it again after another glance-glare at her sibling. Choosing to remain silent, as she was the muscle of the group, not the brains, the elder Rurohashi sibling, or second eldest, apparently, takes a half-step backwards, closer to the fireplace, the heat feeling as if it were cooking her chilled flesh.
Her eyes she keeps on the fake-Ruri, or Other-Ruri, or… no, she had to be a fake. She studies her elseworld sibling in muted silence as she dethaws.

Sigh…looks like its up to Shemri to be the cooperative one again. "We also are of the Land of Wind," Shemri says, "but where we are from, it is a desert, very hot and dry. We were sent to investigate strange lights in the sky. They led us to a place where…eh, it is difficult to describe…it was like walking through thick air, and then we found ourselves here, in the snow. And we could not seem to go back." :/ Shiikaa slinks around the room, gingerly sniffing each of the doubles in turn. Well, they've been living differently, but external scents aside…they smell like the genuine article. ^c.c^

Ruri snaps her eye towards her doppleganger when she asks a question at the same time as her. Just like the impostor, she glares. Maybe she only has one eye, but she makes up for it by glaring TWICE AS HARD. When Sheex introduces everyone, she has the sudden urge to get up and stab him. 'Duh! Of course we know your names!' she thinks. However, she waits until he has finished, Rinako has asked her question, and Shemri has answered Sheex's question, and then she glances once towards Rinako. "Do you have any medical supplies down here? My sister has a broken finger that needs to be tended to."
After a moment of silence, she says, "Yes, we all have the same names. But it appears that aside from the same names, and the same faces--" she flicks her eye towards Fake-Ruri and her two intact eyes. "--those are our only similarities. If all is as it appears, then it would seem this is some kind of… 'Alternate world'. I'm loathe to admit that, since that is basically fiction, and I've never heard of any reliable reports of someone visiting one before, but that's the only explanation that's coming to mind. Illusions don't make sense in this instance. If this was an illusion, what's the point behind it? We could have been killed ages ago if that was what a Genjutsu caster wanted."
Looking towards Sheex, she tries to conceal her hate. If this isn't him, then he isn't guilty for his counterpart's actions. She understands that intellectually. Emotionally is another matter entirely. "So, eternal winter, then? Even in a desert? As Rinako pointed out, that seems counter-productive. Could we get a rundown of recent history and all that?"

Other-Sheex starts to answer Rinako's question, but Shemri speaks up first. And then Ruri. "…I suppose that is a possibility. I have no real way to identify whether that is the case at this point. However, while I would ordinarily dismiss that theory… What evidence we have so far been presented with has me leaning towards acceptance. As for what your version of Rinako said: Yes. Yes it would do exactly that. The ruler I mentioned previously, who governs over the Land of Winter, has no particular interest in supporting a massive population. His forces weren't sufficient to control the number of people who originally existed. There were too many civilians… Too many ninja… And we all needed housing, food, clothing, water, and so on. So he cast a spell upon the land. A Jutsu? Some kind of weather-altering device? No one knows. We simply call it 'Dead Winter'. It has lasted for the past eight years. We are no longer too numerous to manage."
Other-Kara interrupts this to offer, "Tens of millions have died. Starvation, exposure to the cold, civil war as the survivors fought for the resources their neighbors possessed… By the time the abomination's forces actually appeared, most were too hungry to fight. They >begged< to be enslaved in exchange for food and shelter. We fought our hardest to prevent this… To stop the Dead King >before< all the dying took place."
Other-Ruri, looking right on back at Rinako, snarls, ">Most< of us did. >You<, on the other hand, decided to turn traitor. To this day, Rinako serves at the Dead King's side. He assigned her the task of wiping out all resistance elements >personally<. For some reason she is most interested in capturing >me<. Why she doesn't want me dead like the others, I don't know. Probably her master wants to do to me whatever he has done to the other Jinchuuriki he has captured. No one has seen them again after they're carted away, but I'm betting that either they're dead… Or they >wish< they were."
Other-Shemri emerges from the second room suddenly, arms full of warm clothing, which she begins distributing to those without such, apparently oblivious to the serious nature of the conversation. Kara then steps into the room, tugging at her new clothes. "Definitely warmer, but… I'm not used to all this extra weight! At least it doesn't impact my mobility that mu--" then she pauses as she notices the expressions on various people's faces. "…Did I interrupt something?"

"Alternate world? Get real! Don't the spirits have their own world? We must have crossed into that. It'd explain why he's," With a tilt of her chin, the Rinako indicates Sheex. "Still alive. Just not…" She trails off as she looks back towards Other-Ruri, and then Other-Kara, followed by Other-Shemri.
"So I have the most-hated face in the world? Huh… Somehow, I always knew that's the way it would end up. But is it really so strange that your own twin, I'm just going to assume you're both twins in this world, too, would want to capture you alive. Maybe she thinks she could convince you to sign on to her side. It's… what I'd do in her place."
Rinako accepts the clothing without much comment, tucking the bundle under her good arm, with her unbroken hand. Kara's timely arrival prompts her to look towards the adjacent chamber with a frown, then back at the others. "Maybe we should all go change in the other room. It'd give us all time to talk about each other behind our collective backs." The dark-haired kunoichi steps towards the room, placing a hand on Kara's shoulder to turn her about and lead her into the adjoining chamber, as well.
Either the others would follow, or leave her to get changed by herself.

Shemri tilts her head. "Alternate…world?" Yeah, she's not the type that reads a lot of sci-fi novels. ;) The term's self-explanatory enough after you think about it for a minute, though. "So then…it is another world…like our own, but not?" Well, that just explains /everything/! n.n Except, y'know, how that's /possible/. c.c But Shemri's not big on questioning /whether/ something's real just because she can't understand it, as long as she can see pretty reasonable evidence that it /is/. Shemri takes some of the clothes from her other self and starts putting it on--aside from her outer cloak, it's pretty easy to fit an extra layer of clothes over her usual attire, and she can use all the padding she can get. Her mind gradually processes the story, and when she fully grasps the part Other-Kara spoke of, she suddenly looks up at Other-Shemri. "Fukanzen…Megumi-chan…are they…?" o.o;

Ruri listens to Sheex, trying to take in all the information, while simultaneously attempting to ferret out any deceptions that might be taking place. "Total winter for eight years, huh?" she mutters. Other-Kara's words make her usual frown deepen. But Other-Ruri's words make her head snap up and her left eye stare intensely at the almost-perfect duplicate. "I don't know what kind of relationship you have with your sister in this world, but MY sister is no traitor. She is constantly talking about duty and loyalty to anyone who will listen, and even those who won't. I'M the one who puts family and friends ahead of the desires of strangers who don't care about those they consider 'beneath' them. However, that said, if you insult my sister again, I can guarantee you'll wish you hadn't. She is not YOUR Rinako. She's MINE. Blaming her for whatever your version has done isn't acceptable."
She then stands up and accepts the clothes from Other-Shemri -- perhaps a bit too forcefully -- and nods her thanks. Then she moves to join Rinako as she drags Kara away. "Shemri-san, please come with us. I'm sure both of our groups need time to discuss and digest all that has happened… Seperately." She doesn't look behind her to make sure HER Shemri is actually coming. If she does, she does. If not, she just moves into the next room and starts getting dressed. Most of the numbness has faded from her fingers, so that should make it easier.

Other-Ruri snarls again. "Oh, yes, I'm so sure. Maybe you'll change your tune when you hear the other things she has done." When Ruri speaks up, Other-Ruri's head whips towards her so quickly she's in danger of getting whiplash. She audibly growls throughout the speech. When Ruri moves to leave, Other-Ruri stands up swiftly and starts to take a step forward, as though planning to start something.
Other-Sheex is already right next to her, and holds her back with one arm, looking at her warningly. Other-Ruri looks towards him angrily, but then settles down, and decides to just yell at Ruri's retreating back. "I >have no sister<. Do you hear me!? >SHE LOST THE RIGHT TO CALL HERSELF MY SISTER THE DAY SHE NEARLY BEAT ME TO DEATH AND THEN JOINED THAT MONSTER!<" Other-Sheex says more quietly, "Calm yourself, and be seated. This is not the time." Other-Ruri grits her teeth and then turns and goes into the other room across from the improvised changing room.
Other-Shemri watches all this relatively calmly, but once it has quieted down, she turns towards Shemri and says, "We will discuss that later. You will want to hear the whole thing." The fact she did not answer directly about the fate of Shemri's family is probably not very encouraging, but she also did not say that anything had happened to them. "There is a first-aid kit in that storage room, if you wish to attend to your friend's injury." Then she turns and heads the other direction, presumably to talk to Other-Ruri.
What a friendly atmosphere this world has.

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