Sensing an Owl Summons - The Parliamentary contact inside the Convocation


Nori, Hiroyasu, Hiei

Date: May 23, 2013


The day after the TFM and Daimyo skirmish, Nori, Hiroyasu, and Hiei are working on keeping the fires from spreading. As they work, the great horned owl from the night before presents herself. She thanks the group for saving her egg and asks for some help. Hiro and Nori agree while Hiei stays behind to fight the fires (he had to go). Apparently a Parliament of Owls (group of owls) is at war with a Convocation of Eagles (group of eagles), but there is a problem back home at the owl's nest and they need their top scout to return home. Nori and Hiroyasu go to find him deep within the Convocation's territory. Along the way, Nori teaches Hiroyasu more about sensing and Hiro puts his new skills to use in trying to sneak past eagle patrols.

"Sensing an Owl Summons - The Parliamentary contact inside the Convocation"

Near Toshiba Forest, Konohagakure, Land of Fire

The very next morning after the TFM had been setting fire to the Toshiba Forest and Hiei had rescued the egg that later hatched into a baby owl (only for it to be taken in a flash)…Hiei, Hiro, and Nori find themselves on water duty trying to put out the remaining flames. They have to do things the old fashioned way with buckets and a pump. How fun. Nori looks tired, but is otherwise splashing water on the trees that haven't gone up yet but are still close to the flames.
Hiroyasu tosses water from his bucket onto the tree's, "You sure I can't just suffocate it with an array of barriers?" no of course not it wouldn't stop the fire just let it burn out on nori's precious arboreal friends. He continues to chunk water on the fire.
Hiei is moving around like greased lightning. The only time he stands completely still is when he's at the pump filling up a bucket. The Kumo ninja hurries back and forth, working with Nori and Hiro in an attempt to get the fire put out.
Nori shrugs, "Hey, I'm just following the orders from the mission's office. They said to fill the buckets and wet the forest so the fire can't spread." The fire is still taking trees down with it, but it is no longer spreading and is thusly contained.
As the three work hard, something flashes and suddenly appears on a branch right next to where Hiro and Nori had just tossed their buckets (but not their stomach contents at least). Hiei would spot it too when he flashes next to them. The 'thing' is a Great Horned Owl, but it is larger than a normal owl would be (almost triple in size). It also wears a Konohagakure-style fore-head protector, so when it speaks, the three shinobi might not be that surprised. "You three. You were the ones that saved my daughter, the egg, are you not?" To Hiei, she asks, "Why did you enter the fray and how did you know how to find the egg?" Nori lets Hiei answer.
Hiroyasu stops what he is doing when hey are accosted by a talking animal, He looks over to Nori when it asks Hiei about things, using the interim he continues to toss water around quelching the fire taking a little pause between buckets to listen in.
Hiei stops completely when he catches up to Nori and Hiro. Looking up, he sees the large talking owl and comments. "Oy, Hiro. Add owl to that list of weird talking animals would you?" He glances at Nori for a moment before looking at the feathered mother. "I transformed into one of the villagers to disguise myself while I went to retrieve the egg. I didn't know it was an egg at first, but it was Nori-san here that sensed it's life force."
The owl eyes Hiei and then looks to Nori as Hiei looks at him. "Ah, so that is how you found her. Well, thank you then. I was off ranging for food when the fight apparently started. By the time I got back and saw what was happening, you had already grabbed the egg, with my daughter inside. Now that I know what your intentions were, I have a request to ask. My Parliament of owls (yeah, that's what a group is called) are at war with a Convocation of shinobi eagles for air territory rights; however, we are having a separate problem at our nest. I need a message sent deep into the eagle territory, to one of our strongest and stealthiest warriors that is scouting there. Since I can trust that you valued my daughter's life, would you help me again by getting the message out? I can tell you where to go and I could owe you." Nori herms and looks to Hiro and Hiei, "What do you say? I'm in." Nori looks to Hiro, "And I can help you more with your sensing if you want?" To Hiei, Nori states, "And you can get some fighting in if we run into the eagles." Nori smirks.
Hiroyasu shrugs "I would have gone anyways, but I could use some more instruction. I am only beginning to grasp the basics of what you have explained" it was half-truth and half-falsity. "I would be happy to help you in your time of need." adjusting his headband, it also meant he could stop throwing water onto trees.
Hiei shakes his head. "I'm going to finish this. You two go on ahead. Just be careful." Then he goes back to empying buckets on the fire.
Nori nods to Hiro. "Of course I'll teach you more." When Hiei denies the request, Nori states, "It probably is a good idea that one of us finish the mission of watering the trees. I guess I'll owe you Hiei-san." Nori and Hiroyasu are told where to go to deliver the message. Over the mountain, through the woods, to Owl's house you go…
After an hour or so of traveling, Nori and Hiro arrive at the edge of eagle territory. It isn't marked, but there are eagles circling. Nori halts Hiro via his mental telepathy saying, ~Okay, so…let's stop for a moment. Can you sense those eagles up there? Remember, try to sense the ripple in the Zen that connects us." He's trying to use Hiro's terminology. "Can you sense how their chakra is flowing? If you can, based on the speed and consistency of the flow (or eraticness), you can give a guess as to how the opponent is feeling. Are they bored, excited, angry. What do you think each of those feelings would register as, as far as speeds and consistency go?"
Hiroyasu thinks for a moment, ~I imagine the Zen inside us is like a puddle,pond, lake or ocean depending on how deep your spiritual power is. Villagers,Animals,Plants however seem more puddles. Boredom might seem like a still pond, with a slight tide. excitement should ripple quickly and crash quickly. Anger depending on it's level should be a furious churning. In my mind, at least that is how I would think it would respond.~ before looking around "I can feel these moving about, they have more spiritual power than a villager or regular animal, right?" his mind is feeling that heavy almost oppressive feeling as they leisurely circle above.
Nori nods to Hiroyasu as the boy explains what he would imagine the chakra flows corresponding to the different feelings would be. ~That is pretty accurate actually. I've also felt the flow of the water suddenly reverse flow, then return to normal. This usually means the person's chakra flow is not under control very well. I've also sensed entirely new flows arise in some, almost as if a fresh water body was suddenly mixing with a salt water body.~ Nori herms as he looks up at the eagles circling ahead. ~I agree. They must be a patrol of the Eagle convocation shinobi. Their chakras are flowing slowly. I'm guessing they're bored and not really paying attention based on that. What do you say, shall we go forward. They probably won't even notice us, though if they start to, let me know and I'll take one of them over.~ Yup, he's relying on Hiro's senses.
RPCOMBAT: Hiroyasu defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…25
Hiroyasu nods, ~I imagine there are many changes and combinations which could take a lifetime to identify and master. Unique to each person,family,Clan,region,village,Etc. I've read that the most adept can read the chakra type straight from the pattern of their Zen. That is quite a feat!~ before moving through the under brush ~Why are we worried, I mean they don't know we are hostile to them right, Could they tell we are working for the Owls? Rather than just two shinobi on a mission?~ his senses reaching out their pathetically short extremes, it's quite taxing no wonder nori is always tired. ~I think I have their resting Zen, I may be able to detect any devivations.. possibly~ it was one thing to talk big but it was another to make your words reality as they move through the canopy.

Nori smiles, ~Indeed. I've grown accustomed to some people's chakra patterns. They are different, so I don't doubt it would take a life-time to understand each one.~ Nori shrugs, ~We are entering their territory, who knows how they will react. Better to proceed with caution. And, it gets easier to keep your senses out the more you practice.~ Nori can keep his senses on alert when on a mission now for the entirety of a mission, but not all the time period. That could come with more practice too. As they travel slowly through the brush, getting closer to their destination, one of the patrolling eagles catches movement below. Its chakra has a momentary flicker of a ripple, as if it were interested in something. Nori doesn't seem to have his senses out. He's concentrating on leading he and Hiro through the brush to the desired target location.
RPCOMBAT: Hiroyasu defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…31
Hiroyasu looks perplexed for a moment, ~I'm not sure, but I feel like one of them had their Zen disturbed for just a moment, their resting calm was breached. We should take cover just in case, or you can assume them if you want to completely be sure.~ before looking for the nearest hiding spot to shield him from the possible detection unless nori decides to act ~It would however give away our presence if it was just a false alarm~ he adds as he is wiggling into a bush.
Nori takes the warning to heart and actually sinks underground for a bit. He can still hear Hiroyasu and says, ~Let's stay hidden for now. Let me know if the eagle seems to be getting more disturbed or less. I don't want to give our position away unless we absolutely have to.~ After a bit, the eagle's Zen does indeed calm down and return to its relaxing rate. Assuming Hiro lets Nori know, the boy would resurface (he's actually had his lips at the surface in order to breath for a little while, like a seal). Nori makes the 'let's move' symbol with his hands, and they get deeper into the eagle's territory. After some time, Nori pauses again, ~This is where the owl scout is supposed to be. I don't see him though, but I have a feeling he's here. Why don't you scan for him and see if you can feel his presence. I wouldn't doubt it if the owl was hiding, so it might be hard to note its Zen. What should we do if we can't find him?~
RPCOMBAT: Hiroyasu defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…32
Hiroyasu peeks out of a bush when the coast seems clear ~His Calm has returned to normal. I think~ before extracting himself from the bush carefully. ~I need to learn how to do that, what did satomi-sama call it underground fish protection..~ before walking along until they reach their destination, he extends his senses again trying to do as his teacher and master have instructed. "There is something with a Strong Zen nearby, it doesn't seem like an Eagle, it feels different" he says pointing in the general direction of the cave, his senses are not very precise or accurate but so far they seem to be at least adequate. ~I wonder if this level of acuitity could improve my medical techniques, being able to detect errors on one's zen would allow for more pinpoint treatment~ that was more a thought for himself but apparently he hasn't figured out how not to share those.
Nori nods, ~Underground Fish projection…not protection. I'm not really sure why it is projection, but it is. Satomi-san actually calls it Underground Fish poo.~ Nori looks in the general direction that Hiroyasu points. ~Well, I guess we go then. If it is strong, hopefully it is our target.~ Nori laughs mentally at the question…yes, the laugh transfers over too, ~I don't doubt it would be very helpful actually. Especially if you are using acupuncture for treatment. A Byakugan would be the best, but other than stealing those eyes, this is the next best thing for that.~ Nori smiles and starts moving again.
As they make it to the cave entrance, nothing there would alert them to something living here. As they both enter the cave though, they would immediately be met with electrical senbons flying at them. Uh-oh.
RPCOMBAT: Hiroyasu defends against with a SEAL-BARRIER…28
Hiroyasu leaps in front of Nori, pulling out a seal holding it up the chakra swirls out from the seal into a tower shield which the needles strike against bouncing off before the chakra shatters with the electrical discharge still leaping from the shards as they fade out of existence, hiro tosses the seal to the side as the paper ignites into blue flames and turns to ash which scatters in the air. "We mean no harm! We are just looking for a place out of the sun! May we sit and converse?" Hiroyasu didn't want to reveal their intentions to an unseen party even if this was the location where it should be. He prepares several seals resting them between his fingers.
Nori looks ot Hiroyasu as he reacts quickly and saves them both from some painful stings from those senbon needles. Nori says to Hiro, ~I didn't know ninken could even use ninjutsu techniques.~ Yeah, they can, poor young kid. As Hiroyasu speaks for them, Nori just nods. The owl swoops down from the shadows, making itself known and seen. Its flight is pretty much completely silent. The owl is tiny, about the regular size of a screech owl, but its chakra flow is definitely strong, "Get out, get out now." Nori smiles when he notes it is indeed an owl, "Actually, I think we are looking for you. Another owl, a great big one with horns that just had an egg hatch sent us to tell you that the Parliament is having an issue at the nest. I have a scroll she gave me." When exactly did that happen? Oh yeah, must have been right before they left with the Great Horned Owl's quick speed (whoops).
Nori pulls out the scroll and holds it up for the screech owl (assuming he can't do it himself). The littel owl reads the scroll, screeches lightly and nods. "I can't leave…but if you two found me when I wasn't where I was even supposed to be, then you should be more than capable of completing this task for my Parliament. What do you say?" Uugh, this is getting to be a chore. Nori looks to Hiro and says, ~Should we ask to see what it is first before accepting or is that bad manners?~
Hiroyasu claps his hands together and bows "forgive our rouse, but we had to be sure it was who we were supposed to contact." his mind on the other hand ~Well, we already agreed to do what we could. But it never hurt to be informed~ he raises from his bow "Please, Detail to us the task, if we are capable we will. In respect for your clan and the elders request". Play the honor card, it might win them some points.
Nori adds, ~Smooth,~ as the little owl starts talking about the contents of the scroll. With a high-pitched squeak, the owl relays, "There is a river that acts as the main source of the nest's drinkable water. Recently, fish in the water have been dead and floating past. They stopped drinking the water because of this and they wanted me to find the reason why. I am their best scout and have some tracking abilities that might help them with this. You two seem like you can do this though, so head back with this and you'll be good to perform the task on my behalf." The owl spins its neck around fully and grabs one of its own feathers, which it removes and flicks towards Nori. It comes flying like a senbon, but Nori catches it anyway. ~Well, looks like we have more work to do.~
Hiroyasu nods "Alright, We feel the plight of your people, Our services shall be given to assist them." He claps his hands together and bows respectfully "You honor us with your trust, and we shall endeavor to pay it back. Owl-Sempai" before looking over to nori ~That is alright with you, right?~ as he raises and makes his way out of the cave for the fun return back.
Nori just nods to Hiroyasu in response. Sometimes no words say more. With the feather in hand, Nori and Hiro make the journey back to Konohagakure and the Parliament's nest.

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