The Path to Sagehood - Getting Fixed


Yuuki, Rockpath, Soren, Taiki

Date: July 2, 2015


Soren's dissapeared for 3 months, training with the foxes. He's been back all of 2 days, and he's already causing a ruckus.

"The Path to Sagehood - Getting Fixed"

Konohagakure Hospital

Soren had dissapeared for 3 months, off to train with the foxes. He's been back for all of 2 days, and he's already causing a ruckus.

It was getting worse.
After blowing the chakra to summon Ayame the other day… Soren's chest now had some visibly petrified sections of skin. His lung was mostly stone, and several of his internal organs were starting to show significant petrification aswell. As far as the doctors could tell… he was dying. Word had been sent for Taiki, but the clan head was not an easy man to get ahold of.
Ayame hadn't left his side, except to escort Yuuki to and from some errands, and even then, they hadn't been gone long.
Soren lay there, as the afternoon dragged on, currently resting on his hospital bed. It was the evening after Yuuki and Soren had met up, and he seems to have leveled out, now that his chakra had recovered a bit. The sunlight spilled into the room through the window. It was about 3 PM at this point. Beautiful day out tonight, and Soren even had a wonderful view of the village from his window… atleast he would, if he was awake right now. Doctors would have informed Taiki that he was already having problems moving his one good arm, aswell as his right leg, and he seemed to be having several stomach problems already from this… whatever this was.

Emi, the Fox Sage, sat upon Ayame's head, tapping her paw, growling to herself. Soren had claimed to know someone who could perform advanced chakra surgeries on humans… but the guy hadn't shown yet. She was getting irritated. She twitched. Didn't he know that Soren's life was in danger? What was she gonna do if he died? Fine ANOTHER guy to learn these sacred techniques? Well… there was always… NO. She picked this guy… she wasn't gonna let him die. She sighed, her tail twitching. She suddenly lifted her head, scratching herself behind the ear with ehr hind leg. Well…. she'd have to figure something out if they waited too much longer.

Kokun is resting atop Ayame's head beside Emi, curled up with his tail over his nose as if he were asleep. Perked ears show that he is far from it, but at least he seems relaxed. The fox peers up every once in a while at Emi, a yawn given as he says, "So impatient. While I want him to survive, being all twitchy isn't going to save him…" The fox prods Emi with a paw before looking down at Ayame. "When did they say the medic was coming, Young one?"

Emi is a young

Yuuki had not left his side except for those few errands. She had even insisted on stayig overnight if Taiki didn't show. The Hyuga girl sat in a chair beside Soren's bed, her fingers wrapped around his, a look of concern akin to desperation on her face. Pale eyes watched Emi and Kokun curiously. She had not spoken to them really when they arrived, just paid them proper respect ad went back to worrying over Soren.

Taiki had a good reason for not being easy to contact at this time, he wasn't in town. He had been attending to another emergency case when the doctors found him and notified him of the situation, which caused Taiki to have to switch off with someone else. At least at that stage, he /could/ turn it over to someone else. After briefing his replacement, he looked over the file involving Soren's case and shook his head. "Shinobu, Nozomi, we need to get back to Konoha ASAP, and… I may need a favor…" After explaining the situation, he actually climbed on Nozomi's back and the trio made haste for the village.

Taiki and his ninken only stopped once, at the gate to verify his identity before making his way to the hospital. Once there, he had ordered his seal room prepped just in case, and for the nurses to perform one last medical check while Taiki and both ninken got quickly cleaned up. Now he had just finished drying himself off while Nozomi took care of drying both herself and Shinobu, as a nurse pops in with a cart. "Taiki-sensei has arrived and is cleaning up. He sent me in here to check your vitals while he finishes his preparations." With that, the nurse walks over and starts to do basic medical checks including heart and lung monitoring.

Ayame glanced up at Kokun, while keeping her head as still as possible for the retired, and current sages of her clan. "I don't know… they said he wasn't in town, so it might take a bit… but knowing him, once he finds out, it'll be quick for him to get back… so probably today…" she says, about to nod, before remembering that she has two VIPs sitting on her head. Then the nurse enters, and she grins. "Hmmm… maybe a little impatience is just what we needed after all?" she grinned. The fox glanced over at Yuuki, and she smiled. "Don't worry… Soren's going to be all right." he says with a nod.
Soren was still resting when the nurse entered, rousting him awake… and the first thing he noticed when he woke… he smiled, and squeezed Yuuki's hand gently, glancing at her as he rose. He greatly appreciated her being here for this… it was a huge support for him, and given what transpired last night… while he wasn't surprised, her not being here would have made him so much more worried. He leaned himself up, and nodded towards the nurse. It was pretty obvious that he was having a much harder time breathing, and his right lung was almost completely petrified. His heart seemed normal, but he had also started to have trouble moving his hand, and his right leg, the scar tissue in his upper arm and thigh having started to petrify nicely already.

Emi picked herself up as soon as the nurse entered and nodded. She and Kokun would have to speak with Taiki before the proceadure, but more likely than not, they could simply do so down in the surgical ward itself. After all, he should know what exactly is going on. "Where is he right now then?" she tilted her head, questioningly.

Kokun stands and stretches, ears flicking. "Hmm… I don't know this place…" Which means he can't really find Taiki by scent. Not that he knew Taiki's scent. "Let's just hurry up, already," he mutters grumpily, giving a hop to sort of thump Ayame on the head.

Yuuki glaced at Ayame as the fox tried to assure her that Soren was going to be alright. She looked back when she felt Soren squeeze her hand. Lifting thier hands she kissed the back of his then helped him sit up, a hand soothingly rested upon his back. Unless told to stay out she would follow Soren into surgery.

The nurse quickly finishes her checks, but manages to keep a falsely pleasant facial expression and facial tone. "Last I knew, he was drying himself off and changing into appropriate clothing. He should be here by the time I'm done making notes." She doesn't seem phased much by the foxes, probably because she works with Taiki and is used to talking dogs. Instead, she finishes her notes and says, "If there's anyone in Konoha that can help him, it's Taiki-sensei. And he has a habit of working himself into the ground if that's what it takes to save a patient. So everything will be okay."

Just as the nurse finishes that the door opens and Taiki enters. Instead of his normal clothes, he's in the white outfit that medical personnel wear, complete with a flat-topped hat. Beside and a little behind him both Shinobu and Nozomi follow, and for once neither dog has a vest on. Nozomi is carrying a box by the handle from her mouth, probably tools that Taiki uses that most others doen't. The nurse hands him her report, then leaves, allowing Taiki to step forward as he reads the report. Nozomi sets the box on a nearby table while he turns his attention to all those in the room. "Hello, for those of you that don't know me, I'm Inuzuka Taiki, chief surgeon and head combat medic of Konoha," he says with a slight smile, though his eyes look serious.

Ayame grinned, and rose to her feet when Taiki entered, the gigantic foxs tail wagging slightly. "See? Didn't take long at all did it?" Ayame says with a big grin, playfully wincing at the attempted thump by Kokun.
Soren smiled a bit, dipping his head to Taiki. "Yo." he says, his voice like gravel on gravel. He smiled up at Yuuki, and held her hand close, leaning into her embrace when he could. The young man watched Taiki's expression as he read the report. Soren was plenty confident that Taiki could get him better.

Emi smiled and nodded as Taiki entered, and introduced himself. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Inuzuka-san. I am Emi, current sage to the Fox Tribe." she says with a smile. She hopped off of Ayames head, onto the bed, particularly Soren's lap, her ear twitching. "Ojii-san, would you preffer to explain? Or should I explain the situation?" she asked, with a slightly tilted head.

"You take too long," huffs the red fox, tail swishing impatiently. "Soren needs his chakra network straightened out so we can knock the energy out of his as soon as possible. It's in knots so tight that I wonder how he's even alive," Kokun reports, perhaps a bit grumpy and impatiently. He was, perhaps, more anxious about Soren than he let on. Perhaps because Emi was affecting him. "Just heal him as best you can," he grumbles, settling back down atop Ayame.

Yuuki looked up as Taiki entered the room with his ninken behind him. The Hyuga girl stood up and bowed politely to Taiki once he introduced himself, a faint flush on her cheeks. "H..Hyuga… Yuuki. It.. it's good… to meet you…Sir." Watching Emi jump over and onto Soren's lap, Yuuki just stayed quiet. Kokun's words made her look back at Soren, her eyes active. She could see what they were talking about. Unless Taiki disliked it, she would watch him working with the Byakugan active…. Se bit her lip then squeezed Soren's hand again.

Taiki frowns a little at the probably too-simple explanation of what is going on. Still, he is nothing if not intelligent, and chakra studies was his specialty. "If I'm filling in the gaps of that explanation correctly," he says looking at the red fox, "Soren-san is undergoing Sage training, and for some reason his chakra network has some issues, causing a buildup of sage chakra, correct?" Taiki then shakes his head and sighs as he turns toward his box. "Okay, let's see what I can detect with this first."

Taiki then opens the box that Nozomi brought in and takes out two long tags. One he fastens to Soren's head, the other is fastened to his stomach. "One would probably do, but sage chakra is dangerous to work with," he explains to the foxes as he runs through a simple set of seals, "Fuinjutsu: Chakra Network Diagnosis jutsu." Both tags glow bright green as Taiki begins to sort out what Soren's chakra network is doing.

This is the first time Taiki's thouroughly examined Soren… and the damage is extensive. Most of the damage stems from a single fact; his network is completely out of balance. Having his arm removed those several years ago have had multiple cascading negative effects on his network, particularly it's recovering after the formation of scar tissues. Normally chakra spirals out from ones center, flowing out through the torso into the head and extremities. All the chakra that would flow out into his right arm has either blocked up, and backed up the rest of his network, or caused massive clumps of 'stagnant' chakra wherever there is formation of scar tissue. Normally these build ups would have caused large problems long before now, however Soren's constant use of his massive chakra reserves, and the constant flow of chakra he exerts through out his body had kept them flushed enough that he had not noticed. They were there… just not as bad. They were causing feelings of bunching, and tightness acrossed his body, particularly in his abdomen and around his arm. Now however, those pools of stagnant chakra were holding onto Sage chakra more than it should, and trying to flush them, as he didn't know how to use sage chakra yet to any serious degree, simply left natural energy pooling inside, allowing it to build more while his chakra was recovering. Right now the largest of his scars were building up nature chakra the most, those being the flesh around his removed arm, and his right lung.
Ayame shook herslef off, remaining silent while Taiki worked. For now, though, she wandered around to Yuuki's side, and nosed against it, trying to smile reassuringly.
Soren smiled towards Yuuki, lifting his brow as he noticed her eyes active, before nodding back towards Taiki. "So. What's the dama-*COUGHHACKWEEZE*" a sudden coughing fit overtaking him, the dryness from the petrification in his lungs having caused him this annoyance for quite some time now.

Emi smiled, and nodded. "Indeed, it is as you say." she says, hopping over, out of the way, so Taiki could work. "I'm surprised… how do you know so much about natural energy?" she asks with a tilt of her head. "And do you need any assistance?" she asks, entirely just trying to be helpful. After all, she didn't know how -much- Taiki knew about senjutsu chakra yet.

Kokun narrows his eyes a bit at Taiki. "Yes… How /do/ you know about Sage chakra?" he asks with a bit of… okay, a lot of suspicion. It wasn't common knowledge, and there really isn't much written about it. Sure, word spread that the Turtle Clan, whose Sages dislike giving out such secrets, recently granted sagehood upon a summoner, but he wasn't sure what all that /Taiki/ knew. … Unless this guy was that sage everyone's talking about.

Yuuki watched Taiki as he began diagnosing Soren. She hersel could see what Taiki sensed but she didn't know what to do with that knowledge. No medical training. And the Natural Energy was something new to her as well. But she could see what was going on at least. Ayame nosed against her free hand and Yuuki reached down to pet the fox as she watched and waited quietly. She glanced up once from her study of the chakra beore her when the foxes questioed Taiki on his knowledge of sage-i…ness… Stuff. But she didn't much care that he knew as long as he could fix Soren. She flushed as she realized how childish that sounded even in her head…

"A lot less then I like," Taiki mutters as he looks through the man in question. He starts to frown deeply as the information downloads into his mind. The tendrils of green energy travel along the outside of the coils as Taiki exercises extreme care in not mixing his chakra with Soren's. The tag over Soren's abdomen starts to show a bit of petrification until Taiki manages to sort it out. "Sage chakra is the chakra of nature, and untrained use is deadly. If my tag is any indication, and from the damage I can detect in Soren's body supports it, untrained nature chakra causes a person to turn to stone." Taiki then cuts off his jutsu, but only after carefully directing the chakra used to scan Soren back into the tags. Good thing too, as the one on his stomach completely turns to stone. "It's a good thing my techniques have a natural buffer for chakra built into them so none of the patient's chakra reaches me," he muses.

Taiki then carefully lifts the stone tag and the one from Soren's head off and places them on the table. As the writing fades away from the paper one Taiki turns toward Emi and says, "I will need help from a Sage to do this," he explains. "What I will need is an active chakra link with a sage who can bleed any sage chakra away from me. But that only addresses part of the problem, unfortunately." Taiki pulls over a chair and sits down. "There will need to be a lot of work done here, provided you can fill in some of the gaps."

He then turns his attention toward Kokun and with a clearly offended look replies, "Believe me when I tell you that I am probably one of three non-sage humans in the entire world that has any clue of what sage chakra is, and even that is vague enough to be practically useless for anything other than a reason to tread /very/ carefully. I'm perhaps one of five people in the world that have studied chakra, chakra coils, and chakra networks medically in depth. My sensei in this was Uzumaki Tenken. As you know, the Uzumaki practically invented sealing, and I dare say that Tenken-sensei is probably the only person in the world who understands just how in-depth my studies are. I cut my medical knowledge teeth, so to speak, studying curse seals and bijuu chakra. And even in all that, you just heard the extent of my knowledge. Any other questions about my credentials, or shall I try to help save his life, and maybe even make it possible for you to succeed in his training?"

Ayame and Soren both blink in unison. Wow, they'd seen Taiki angry before, but this was the first time -either- of them have seen Kokun get chewed out like that. Soren has to restrain a 'Dang, you just got told' style comment. Ayame on the other hand, just grins, and glances up at Kokun. "I think he's made his point." she says with a grin.
Soren smiled, glancing over at Yuuki, smiling lightly, and tilting his head at her blush. He grinned, stroking her hand for a moment, before glancing back at Taiki. The stone tag… that… made him nervous… but he nodded. "Well… here's hoping everything goes smoothly…" he says, his stomach pitting at the realization that this would probably start soon.

Emi nodded slowly. She'd tilt her head, looking between Kokun, and Taiki. She'd then nod. "Apologies, Taiki-san. You must understand… Ojiisan and I have been hiding the very nature of these techniques from all but a select few for most of our lives… to find someone who has even a hint of what that nature is… well… it's something to have us on edge." she tilts her head, and shrugs a bit.

Kokun's eyes flash to Soren and Ayame and he looks like he'd bite their heads off. "Fine," he grumbles. Then he tells Emi, "You got this, obviously. I'll leave." With that, there's a *POOF*, and he's gone.

Yuuki blinked repeatedly when Taiki pretty much put the foxes in thier place. She looked up at the man and spoke quietly. "I.. I'm sure.. that they d..didn't mea.. a..any offense.. T..Taiki-dono." And she was right, te foxes even admitted some leeway.. Until Kokun poofed out of existece in a fit of .. well tantrum. Yuki bliked a few times then tured to peer at Soren, though his smile made her expression soften and she reached up to stroke his hair away from his forehead, her fingers still entwined in his hand. She could tell he was nervous. She was nervous. But she wanted to be there or him as well so.. She settled, feeling the brush of his thumb on the back of her hand. She was trying to be strong for Soren but there was a visible hint of fear in her eyes as well.

"I understand the need for secrecy, and completely agree with it. My reports, even the private ones, won't even /mention/ sage chakra. But you brought him to me because of the same credentials he just questioned," he says to Emi. Obviously, he understands the reasons behind the questioning, but still finds the questions somewhat rediculous. "Even so, they could have waited until I was finished with this. Such questions are for when people actually have time to answer them, not just before a major operation."

As Yuuki speaks he sighs and then nods to her. "Be that as it may, my feelings are second to the issue at hand. To put it simply, when Soren lost his arm, it royally damaged his chakra system. There are pools of chakra everywhere, particularly where his physical scars are. These pools are retaining chakra, which is heavily laced with nature chakra. That's what's causing his phyisical issues, to the best of my knowledge. To fix this requires three steps, the first two must be performed in tandem. First and second, those pools must be drained of chakra, and the damage to his existing chakra network must be corrected. Normally I'd be able to do that, but the nature chakra is beyond my knowledge and experience, so I need a sage to link with me so they can keep the nature chakra away from my own network. Secondly, he needs to have his arm replaced… or more to the point regrown. I would need to confer with other medical experts for that, however, since doing requires… techniques I just have begun to study."

Ayame blinked as the elder sage poofed… and suddenly her ears drooped. Oh… that's… probably a bad thing… but to be dealt with later.
Soren blinked as Taiki mentioned regrowing his arm. He swallowed, a little bit more nervous. "There… aren't alot of ways to do that…" he says with a drop of his eyes. "Really… very few ways… I… I spent several years searching for a medic capable of it." he says, glancing up at Taiki. "Are… you saying you could?"

Emi sighed as Kokun dissapeared. Oh… he was going to be -so- hard to live with after this. She nodded slowly though. "Ok… I might possibly be able to help… but I warn you, I'm not so skilled as Ojiisan. We are both medics, trained to heal by inducing regeneration of natural tissues… but we have very little experience with chakra networks." It's why they came to Taiki, a specialist in chakra network surgeries. "ALso, I've done very little on that scale." she says, her ears drooping a bit. "Unless you believe you have someone else who can help you more effectively?"

Yuuki nodded quietly when she was addressed by Taiki. She would not speak any further about it. She just wanted Soren better. She was stuned to hear Taiki say that about regrowing Soren's arm. Was that even possible? Soren's reaction made her wary and she covered his and with her free one so it was cupped n both of hers. She would be tere for him no matter what. Though she seemed calm, she was actually onthe edge of her nerves. If Taiki could work with Emi to de-stone Soren… Se bit her lip and glanced up at Taiki….

Taiki seems to consider Soren's question for a moment and says, "I believe I could with my newest technique, but normally I'd consult with the technique's original creator, who is currently unavailable. Failing finding her, I'd ask for someone higher up in the medical community with a similar set of skills before I attempt it, but maybe. Sorry I can't give you a more definite answer, but we really need to get going on the first step, so I'll look into it." He then sighs and shrugs before ringing for the nurse. "Take him to my seal room and prep him for chakra network surgery."

The nurse gulps once and says, "Right away Taiki-sensei. And I'll have the usual boosters ready for you when you're done."

As the nurse starts to get things ready he turns back toward the group and focuses on Emi. "That's fine. Just watch the flow of chakra and leach off any sage chakra please. I'll handle the fine tune details. I'd just rather not turn to stone in the middle of this. He then looks to Soren as the nurse comes in with a sedative. "They'll put you out for this, mainly because the pain would be unbearable otherwise as I have to literally re-build portions of your network." Then he turns toward Yuuki and adds, "There is an observation room right off the room they're taking him to. I would ask that you not be in the same room, but you can watch from there if you wish."

Ayame doesn't look too happy as the nurse is called in. She nuzzles more into Yuuki's side, as they start to put Soren under.
Soren nodded as he was told what to expect. Needles… he'd taken swords to the gut, fireballs to the broadside, and even claws of forged lightning -through- his chest… but he still hated needles. He nodded a bit, and closed his eyes, as the sedative was administered. His hand was practically a deathgrip as he was waiting for that little pinprick to be over… then very quickly it loosened, and he opened his eyes, looking up at Yuuki, and smiling warmly. "Love you…" he says, smiling as he drifted off…
Emi nodded. "Ok. For now then, the problem at hand." she says, before bouncing from Soren's lap, up onto Taiki's shoulder. "Don't worry, Yuuki-san. He will be well taken care of." she says with a smile.

Yuuki looked up as the nurse came with the sedative. Soren's hand clenched on hers and she blinked, slowly realizing what he was bracing for. She tightened her grip on Soren's hand and hesitated for a moment before leaning over and kissing him as the nurse administered the sedative. By the time she ended the kiss her cheeks were red from knowing Taiki and the nurse were watching, but she peered into Soren's eyes, stroking his cheek lightly. "I..I won't be far…." His words brought a deeper blush to her ceeks Ayame nuzzled ad she reaced down to pet the fox who would no doubt accompany her to the waiting room. She would follow them down the halls and sit in the observation room nervously, though she did manage to keep unadulterated fear off her face until Soren was out cold.

Taiki, in the meantime, bids everyone good by for the moment as he heads off to get everything set up. Soon Soren was wheeled into the surgery room and set on a seal-covered table. The nurses took their positions in assigned spots around the room, and started running diagnostic jutsu. Taiki would appear shortly after while guiding the foxes in. Finally he looks at Emi and says, "Go ahead and set yourself up where you need to be, please." Taiki moves over to the bed and starts to attach three tags to Soren's body. One goes on the forehead, the other on his abdomen, and the third over his heart. After a short series of handseals, he intones, "Fuinjutsu: Chakra Diagnostic Tag: Kai."

The seal over Soren's heart glows green, and Taiki takes another moment to review what he sees before he starts running an impressively long series of handseals at such a speed as to make them blur. Finally he holds his hand over Soren's body and intones, "Fuinjutsu: Chakra Network Surgery: Fuin!" A soft blue glow about the same size as Soren's body forms, and as Taiki raises his hand up six inches, a hologram appears showing Soren's chakra network, down to minute details, in its entirity. As Taiki looks at this hologram, he frowns and says, "This is the difference between a C-rank Fuinjutsu and an A-rank Fuinjutsu. Emi-san, we may need to regrow his arm now. You mentioned you were a medic used to dealing with missing limbs. Can I count on your aid?"

Emi nodded as Taiki instructed her to set herself wherever she needed. She hopped up onto Taiki's shoulder, and watches Taiki start to go to work. As the seals start to glow, and she tilts her head, rather amazed with the technique. Infact, she was still a tad agape when he asked his second question, and she blinked herself out of the daze. "Oh! Sortof. My healing doesn't leave behind scartissue, but I've never had to do something so massive as an entire arm. With Kokun's help, and something to start the process, I'm sure we could manage it, though." she says with a nod, glancing at Taiki, tilting her head. "But you would still need to ensure the chakra network in the limb is functional.

Emi nodded as Taiki instructed her to set herself wherever she needed. She hopped up onto Taiki's shoulder, and watches Taiki start to go to work. As the seals start to glow, and she tilts her head, rather amazed with the technique. Infact, she was still a tad agape when he asked his second question, and she blinked herself out of the daze. "Oh! Sortof. My healing doesn't leave behind scartissue, but I've never had to do something so massive as an entire arm. With something to start the process, I'm sure we could manage it, though." she says with a nod, glancing at Taiki, tilting her head. "But you would still need to ensure the chakra network in the limb is functional." she says with a nod, considering the options for how to handle the task.

Taikin nods slowly as he considers the network, then feeds a link to Emi. "That won't be a problem. This technique can heal physically as well, and I can combine another technique if needs be." His hands start running over the hologram as an illussionary black fog extends from his hands and falls into its chakra system. Small, weblike patches appear on Soren's stomach in the same corresponding condition, and the body glows where those threads appear. Chakra starts flowing down the link as Taiki uses Soren's own chakra to push the chakra into the link towards Eremi. "First I need to drain him of chakra though, down to the barest minimum. These seals are designed to feed a low level of chakra back into his body so that he doesn't die as I work," he explains. "The less chakra in his system, the less that will bleed out during the operation," he adds. "Normally the storage seals under the bed would separate the foreign elements within his chakra out, but with sage chakra, I'm not sure that's a good idea…"

Emi nods slowly. "Ok…" she says, watching Taiki work. She'd actually never seen such a complex medical technique before. But she nodded. "Do what you need to, drain the sage chakra first, and I'll syphon it off. Once that worry is out of the way, we'll start repairing the physical damage." she says with a nod. And with a slow exhalation, she draws the chakra into herself, storing the natural energy, and blending it properly with her own chakra.

As Taiki starts pushing Soren's chakra out of the system, he takes a closer look at the scar tissue and sighs. "I was afraid of this," he says simply. "We are going to have to try to regrow the arm before I can remove the scar tissue. That said, he runs his hands over the hologram as the black mist finally lowers the pooled chakra out of the way. "Blank Tag." The nurse hands him a tag that he channels his own chakra into and places it over the hologram's chest. "Another." Mor chakra goes into that card, followed by him placing it near the hologram's stump. More spiderweb patterns appear in both cases, and Taiki takes a step back to walk around the table. When he finally reaches the arm, he looks at Emi and says, "I'll jump start the process, but I'll need your help and guidance." With that he runs through a complex array of hand signs before placing his hand directly on Soren's shoulder where his missing arm should be and intones, "Fuinjutsu: Spiraling Seal of Health." A black spiral of miniature seals forms under Taiki's hand as the skin slowly starts to open. "Drain," he calls out as a comparatively small amount of blood starts seeping out of the opening. Fortunately, most of it is kept back by Taiki's healing jutsu. The nurse comes forward with a rubber tube to drain away what blood does appear, allowing Taiki the unenviable task of jump-starting limb growth.

Jumpstarting the limb growth was harder than it sounded. With the Sage chakra in place, most of the flesh that Taiki would be attempting to initiate growth from was still petrified. There were a few sections of deeper tissue that reacted, and slowly they grew out, and broke down the petrified tissue, but it was long going.
Emi nodded as he started the technique, and her chakra flowed down Taiki's arm, her technique adding to Taiki's own. "There is a drawback to my technique… he'll be physically weakened for a while… his body will still be providing resources to grow this new limb… but it's nothing he shouldn't be able to recover from." she says with a nod. She closed her eyes, waves of chakra seeping into Soren's arm… seeking to return his flesh to it's natural state, to it's natural shape, simply fueling, and amplifying the regeneration already there, present within his body, and present within the seals being used to heal him.

Taiki continues to concentrate on encouraging growth, despite the petrified tissue. "Get an IV in him, saline and iron and protein rich flush. Let's see if we can feed the body what it needs," he replies to Emi's cautions. "And my breaking down the petrified areas and encouraging cell regeneration to replace them are going to tax his system as well. Thus we start a nutrient drip to replace what we're using." Taiki never unpetrified someone before, but he's good at his job. "This jutsu also replaces a fair amount of chakra, which should help support his body's healing process."

The de-petrification process was going well, for this being his first time. Soren's petrified tissue was visibly breaking down (Atleast around his stump).
Emi nodded slowly. "Agreed. The Nutrient drip will help. We're going to have to remove the mechanism in his shoulder though. The one he used to control the arm. It's right where the shoulder socket would normally be." she says, her chakra running over the mechanisms. "There's a few bolts running into the bone… If you can remove them, I'll handle the rest." Yeah… that's one problem… no opposable thumbs.

Taiki nods as he looks back to Emi. "Okay, let me get the last of the petrified tissue broken down," he instructs the fox before looking at the nurse. "Give him a carb boost injection into the IV, his cells will need the energy." He carefully watches the hologram as he works to note the progress of his jutsu as well as the amount of chakra in his system. With a deft hand he reaches over and waves his hand over a seal to release just a bit more chakra into Soren's system. When he's satisfied that the last of the petrified material as been either converted or broken down, he forms a chakra scalpel with his right hand. Using this, he opens Soren's shoulder wider, then reaches into the socket to cut the bolts off of the control mechanism. "Suction!" he calls as blood runs a bit more freely. Once the mechanism is loose, he refocuses his chakra into a glove and starts to remove the bolts from the outside. "You can remove the mechanism now, and in a couple more minutes you'll be able to fill in the holes in the bone. Suction, wipe," he calls as the nurse once again removes some blood, then wipes down Taiki's forehead. He glances up at the hologram again to make sure that the chakra system isn't going to cause problems with the operation.

As soon as the bolts were removed, Emi's chakra pulsed, severing the flesh where it had bonded to mechanisms, and forcing the mechanisms out in one motion, metal clanging to the floor. There would be a bit more blood because of it, but that was to be expected, and the Nurse was already removing blood where she could. A moment later, and Emi's chakra returned to the job at hand, helping boost the regeneration of the shoulder.
Now that the mechanisms were out of the way, the bones started to reform, growing from where they were severed, and modified to fit the mechanism, back into their natural shape. The shoulder's socket was the first thing to truly reform, as flesh started to grow more rapidly back into it's natural shape.
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Once the device hits the floor, Taiki orders another Nurse to remove it. He then calls out, "Chakra pill," and opens his mouth. The nurse tending to the mechanism stops, opens a box and pops a large pill into Taiki's mouth. CRUNCH! He quickly chews it and swallows it. Looking at the clock he realizes it's been two hours already, but that is a short time on the timetable. "Do you need one?" he asks Emi as he focuses his attention to boost the healing of his arm.

The pill would come in handy a few moments later as Taiki calls out, "Remove the arm tag." The nurse in charge of suction removes the tag and Taiki is now splitting his attention between working on physical healing and directing the development of chakra pathways into the now growing arm. As bone starts to be covered by flesh, the pathways settle into their natural configuration, deftly guided by Taiki. The knowledge required to do this is staggering, for even digging only the major and larger minor pathways requires precise knowledge of how they are supposed to lay. Granted, he has a partial guide by mirroring the still-extant arm, but that can only go so far…

Emi nodded, taking a chakra pill, and snapping it up quickly. SHe wasn't normally one to take suplements like that, but in this case, she figured she would need it for how long this would take. As Taiki focused on laying down the chakra network, Emi simply focused on amplifying the physical growth of the limb, giving Taiki the boost he needed to speed up the process. They were making good progress though. The Humerus was already almost completely regenerated, and the muscle and flesh had formed over nearly 80 percent down the arm.

It took some time, but after another hour the arm was fully regrown and the major chakra pathways were finally established. Taiki breathed a sigh of relief and called for another pill as he began to work on scar tissue and the petrification in other areas of the body while steadily realigning chakra pathways. The process was slow going, and the stone was not easy to break up, especially with the way they had to replace the cells they had to destroy, but thrue progress was being made. All the while Taiki monitored the chakra system carefully to ensure that no problems would arrise from mis-managed coils.

While Taiki focused on the Coils, Emi focused on his body, restoring what she could, and ensuring that what reformed was not scar tissue, but instead fresh, unmarred muscle and skin. It was incredibly slow going, but she and Taiki were getting the job done. Now that his arm was reformed, though, they were passed what would likely be the hardest, and msot time consuming part. For now, she would simply focus on cooperating with Taiki, destroying the Petrified scar tissue, and restoring the tissues.

Finally the petrified areas were fixed. Several transfusions of various substances, including blood, was poured into the sages' student as Taiki and Emi worked together. Finally, the physical parts were fixed, leaving Taiki with one more thing to do. Slowly his hands went over the hologram, checking every millimeter of Soren's chakra network. He pulled Soren's original, now filtered chakra from the seals containing it and used it to adjust the pathways, clearing out all blockages and healing any pools.

The entire operation, from regrowing his arm to refilling Soren's chakra system took about 8 hours. Finally Taiki finished his final checks, including his new arm which had just finished re-establishing pressure points and microscopic pathways, and nodded. Raising his hands to form the Monkey sign, he said, "Fuinjutsu: Chakra Network Surgery: Kai!" The hologram blinked for a moment before melting back into Soren's body, and Taiki sagged. "It's done. Give him a week or two to recover his strength, and he'll be ready for your lessons. Thank you for your assistance, and if there's any issues that come up, let me know. In the meantime," he says, looking toward the nurses, "Take him to post-op, standard procedure. I'm going to go collapse somewhere now…"

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