The Pirates Den


Naruko, Eiji

Date: November 30, 2016


Naruko's Plan comes into action as they figure out where the pirate base is located. They attempt to end the problem at the source after escaping as "captives".

"The Pirates Den"

Cavern Off a Coast

Hooked and chained, the duo of Kumogakure shinobi and merchants alike seemed to taken into imprisonment. They were unblind folded once they reached the base, a secluded mountain side affixed with a man made bay, large enough to hold a small fleet of ships. Every single one of them were anchored in at this point, the pirates began moving the "booty" ashore while the prisoners were guided into the depths of the cavern. Some of the pirates spoke of ransoming them off, perhaps feeling a bit "honorable" after they had taken in the prisoners without so much of a fight. Both Naruko and Eiji was shackled at the wrists, back to back within the depths of a cold cell. A few guards patroled the area but considering their capture…It wasn't heavily guarded. Despite the situation…Naruko at the moment was fast asleep, her nostrils flaring as she snored and rested up after a trying time at sea.

Eiji dealt with it with a quiet determination. They didn't treat them too badly and that was good at least. As Naruko rested, he'd look around, plotting. They had chained them back to back.. but they hadn't stopped their hands. So Eiji waits, watching as he'd monitor the patrols and let Naruko rest. She would probably be the one to get them out of here, but if she needed sleep it'd be important. Only after she was active again, would Eiji work to make that escape seal with his hands, slipping free of the clasps with it.

Perhaps it was due to Eiji's movements but Naruko found herself stirring out of her sleep, blinking her eyes briefly to notice just what sort of situation they were in. The room was damp and cold, lit only by a few lanterns that was lit to illuminate the room. The young Kunoichi simply yawned and attempted to stretch out her arms, which was a little better since Eiji had unhooked himself. "Ahm…Not as bad of a trip as I thought it would be. So now, do you know why we are here?" Naruko questioned Eiji arching an eyebrow while attempting to remove the restraints from her wrists, not having much success in doing so of course. The guards moved around but no one was in front of their cell, they were free tot alk as long as they didn't speak too loudly.

"Scouting." Eiji would continue that work, carefully trying to get the hand seals right with the heavy cuffs to pop them open so he could get out. "We were so kindly brought to their base. We know direction. We know number. We know general area. We can watch their structure for who's in charge to pick out targets and finally dismantle this whole thing, when we get there." He'd glance back at Naruko with a raised brow. "Roughly, hai?"

"Yeeaaaap." Naruko simply concludes with a wild smile as she too manages to slip the cuffs off, though with her situation it was with a little bit of melting it off rather than unlocking them so skillfully. As her shackles melted just enough for her to rip the restrains from her form she dusts off her body and stands upright, patting off her rear and stretching her arms a bit, her eyes look towards the door. "But we have to remember the mission. We are kind of going against orders…. The mission was to safely transfer our merchant friends off to where they needed to be. We allowed for us to be captured so we can get rid of a signifcant portion of this pirate issue. We have to make sure the merchant Cargo is safe, along with the merchants themselves. We can't destroy the ships out in the bay because we are going to need them… We can offer the ships over to the merchants to make up for this signifcant loss of time… And then…" Naruko pauses. " We have some options. We could literally go out and try and slaughter all of these pirates in cold blood…make a lot of noise….or capture them. So many choices…Which do you think is the best idea, Eiji-san? What should we focus on first and how should we do it?"

Eiji nods, leaving his cuffs to the floor as he'd stand up himself. Frowning slightly, he'd look at the door. "There wasn't a time limit on the mission. it's still in effect. With that said, I rather not have needless slaughter. They're people too." Shaking his head, he'd sigh softly. "But without my blade, I'll be virtually useless, Naruko-san. So that should be the first step.. Denial of their weapons. Capture of leaders and complete the mission of the merchants and cargo being delivered."

"So let's go grab your sword first, easy enough huh?" Naruko states as she begins to reach for the bars of the ceil. For the moment she simply lets her palms rest against the metal, slowly but surely the rails began to surge with eat becoming more of a molten sizzle that made things a bit more bendable…. Of course she blinks for a moment and looks towards the lock…easier to burn through a lock rather than destroying the whole ceil. She then put her focus on that slowly but surely getting the lock "loose". "Let's not kill anyone then… INstead we will beat then up fairly badly capture who we can and then complete the mission. There are so many people to account for I doubt we will get them all…But maybe a butt kicking is all you need sometimes to change your life around…." Naruko then sighs and takes a step back, the door began to open slightly. " Well then, go get your blade huh?" Naruko suggests, allowing Eiji to take the first step out. The blade actually wasn't too far away. There was a prisoner

Eiji would watch, waiting patiently. He nods to Naruko in agreement and after she opens that cell's door, he'd all but vanish, the speed is virtually instantantious. One moment in the cell, the next, at his blade. Carefully blade and sheath are picked up, the blade drawn to make sure they didn't do anything to it, then he'd sheath it and set it at his hip. Now? Now they would get a beating they had coming for some time. If the guards didn't notice, he'd simply speed back to where Naruko was at. "If you can cover the merchants, I'll deal a beating to the pirates. I didn't see anyone here I'd need help with. I'll call out if I do get in trouble though, alright?"

Naruko offered a nod, and peered further down the other cells. Eiji would be able to take his blade without notice, but there was a bit of…muttering oddness coming from the individuals. Clear this corridor while I go about and get everyone rounded up, okay?" Naruko states and places her hands together, a group of six shadow clones then formed along by her side, 1 by 1 begining to slip out of the ceil to check out the others. All of them would be able to undo the locks by focusing fire chakra into it. The locks were slowly becoming undone though the merchatns behind the gates grew more restless… "Free us! We need to go! How did you let us get into a situation like this!" Some of the merchants began to shout, alarming the guards further down the corridor. "Hey! Shut up down there or we will cut your tongues out!" One of the pirates could be heard shouting back down the hall, picking up his blade…and making way towards all the ruckus.

Eiji nods slightly and with a gathering of power, would take off again. Faster then the guy probably even knew it was coming, that pommel of Eiji's blade would be smashed against the guy's forehead, Eiji's draw such that he's able to capture the man's blade with his own and drive it upward to slam into the ceiling.. and stick. Eiji didn't slow down for him though, moving on to rush the others and seek to pummel them with the flat of his blade until they weren't moving. It'd be a start, at least.

And just like that the initial guards were taken out. They were going to be knocked out for at least a few hours. More than enough time to get the guards tied up. And she would do just that. " Come on, we are getting out of here. But we are also getting more than what we came with," Naruko speaks to the merchants. Her clones dispersed which each door was open while she began to lead them to the front door. "We will need your help, pick up any ropes and chains you have. As we take out these guards and pirates we will need you all to wrap them up." Naruko finalizes while pointing towards the door. Beyond that door lead right into the main room of the cavern, littered with blade wielding pirates kicking back and relaxing. " Go ahead and lead the way, Eiji. And be careful."

Eiji worked with Naruko to get them tied up then nodded. Musing, he'd look over those in there and motion for the others to stay back. Once done, he focuses himself and with a set of hand seals reaches out and in that illusion has all the guards suddenly on a desert island. They'd be kicking back with bikini clad women seeking to tend to them. Rather the illusion gets them all or not is unimportant to Eiji. He'd grip that hilt of his sheathed blade, kick his speed up to full and would vanish in a blur of speed. Everyone would get a shot from that Reizei, the true strength and power of his skill shown as he'd lash out with the flat against them all to knock them out and leave them slumped where they were.

Eiji was largely successful in his attack. Genjutsu was something many people were weak against. Such a feat easily made them susectible to the onslaught of attacks which renders them slump soon after. However, not all of them was completely defeated by a single attack. There was two other pirates that managed to survive the first hit, being a bit stronger than the traditional bunch. They rolled off the attack and began to team up on Eiji, both at once coming at him from both sides, the sweep of their blades were quick and well trained. Naruko along with the merchants focused on securing who was already down and making sure there weren't any other hidden corridors where pirates would leak out.

Eiji was dealing with others who had swords. This was exactly what he trained to do. The genin who could stop a waterfall had no problem in denying any attack they would try to deal to him. He held back though, keeping them busy as the others would get tied up to judge their strength. Once he could get a fair grasp of what they could.. and more importantly couldn't.. do, he'd finally lash out in an attack. It's a single draw of that blade that is aimed to slice through the other swords. The flash of his own a rapid strike which cuts through both and it's only after that final click of his blade returning to it's sheath, would the effect of the strike be seen.. the blades falling off the hilts. "Surrender or die."

With there blades sliced in two there wasn't much else they could use to defend against Eiji. They quickly brough themselves to the ground and bowed their heads before him,, surrendering their offense and leaving most of the corridors pretty much clear. Naruko didn't have to do much if any fighting, punching a few heads in to make sure they stayed tied up but overall everythign else appeared to be fine. " Looks like we have this area pretty clear…all we have to do now is get out and check out the bay. Ready to check that out?" Naruko questions Eiji while a slight yawn escapes her lips. These pirates weren't as troublesome as she thought they would be.

Eiji glances at Naruko as she'd yawn a bit. Raising a brow, he'd shake his head, leaving that for another time. "Hai. Let's go." With them secure, he'd head for the bay itself, moving slow and quietly, hand on that hilt of his blade as he'd seek out who else might be around. He'd need to take down the leaders to end this quickly.. and with a lack of food, he was starting to tire himself, especially at the speeds he was going.

All they had to do was move further down the corridor which would lead to the exit of the cavern. The walls along the sides of the cavern was wide and spiked, and the door twhich would lead them out was much like a boarded ceil, gleaming bits of light pierced through the cracks while the door itself could be unbolted and lead out into the open. As soon as they opened said door the entire bay would be visble. It looked like half the fleet of ships had already left to go plunder else where. The dock was anchored with the merchant ships and a few pirate ships, while filled with different types of crates and Cargo, definitely a portion of it being stolen to a degree. Surprisingly there weren't a whole lot of pirates, not even enough to fill the remaining boats…There was a few watching the docks though, about 2 dozen, and even the leader that had captured them before…

Eiji would move further down that corridor to the door. Stopping next to it to peer out into the bay. Frowning, he'd look it over then shake his head, glancing back to Naruko. A set of hand seals and he'd reach for her with that illusion, completely silent to all but her as his voice would touch her with the genjutsu. 'It's mostly empty. We can get their stuff, half the ships and get out. But we won't have them all unless we tried to stay behind and take them all. That's out of the scope of the mission. Give me a nod if I should go, or shake your head and we'll step back to plan.'

"I suppose at this point we should take back what we can plus more. I was hopign to take all of them but…not everythin goes as planned, huh?" Naruko speaks up as she looks onward with a nod, the merchants at her back seemed to have the same idea. "We will finish up by capturing or even destroying the rest if we have to. We can't have any one at risk…So do what you can and we can call it a day…. If any ships come after us while we are on open seas we will be more destructive…" Naruko stated fairly simply. "We know where this base is…We can come here with the Naval Commander and finish business that way…Sound good?" Naruko asks while focusing a bit of chakra as well. Looks like she was going to fight just a little bit at least.

Eiji would listen to the others and gives a nod. Focusing himself, he'd take a slow breath, then let it out. He needed to be able to move fast again. With that thought in mind, the door is opened quietly and he's off. A blink, and the Reizei is gone, out into the thick of where the men were at. The leader? The one that took HIS blade? You know that's his target. The flash of his blade announces his arrival, four lines of light that criss-cross the man as Eiji is suddenly there behind him. That final click of his blade settling in the sheath would have the results happen.. his clothing chopped up to leave him in naught but shredded cloth and underwear.

The leader would suddenly find that his clothes was shredded clean off of him…Perhaps it definitely paid off that both Naruko and Eiji took out their enemies quietly rather than causing a storm within the cavern…The man was completely caught off guard. Many of the pirates quickly stood up, hands on the hilts of their blades…They were….spineless and simply awestruck at seeing their dear leader so exposed and honestly pretty helpless. Naruko allowed that moment to sink in…before stepping forward throwing a fist in the air. "You saw how quick that was? We walk out the door and bam! You have no clothes! We'll make this simple. Give up or you're going to die. We are going to float back to the Land of Lightning…Where you will face justice. We'll be fair because you were mostly fair to us…" Naruko exclaims while she let them ponder that thought…. The naked leader however….shivered and curled his fingers into a solid fist… "No! No giving up! These guys can't do anything! We have them out numbered!" The pirate leader saw to push his way, reeling his nearly nude body forward an attempt to slam a fist into Eiji's center.

Eiji's stance was still that of the draw stance. As the man attempted to come in with that fist, the blade's hilt came up, smacking right into the wrist of the arm, he'd knock the strike upward, following up with the sheathed blade slapping hard across the man's gut. Eiji stepped in, pivoting with that draw of the blade. It's only a flicker of light, the metal moving faster then can really be seen as the shallowest of cuts is done across the man's back, the mark of 'death' cut into his skin with those light cuts. Eiji flicks his blade to the side to free it of blood and sheaths it then, the man probably able to recover at this point, but his attention was on the rest of the pirates. "I could of killed you all in that moment alone. I could of easily beheaded him and been on a bloodbath. I am Reizei Eiji. Do you really, really want to try?"

Blood etched out from the wounds along the mans back as he dropped to the floor and hobbled. The swiftness of the attack was enough to get the other pirates to throw down their blades and give up…It looked like everything was a success. "Good… Now how about we put all that Cargo back on the ships?" We will untie most of you and set sail back to the continent. We need all of the ships…" Naruko spoke more bluntly. " If you try to run off while sailing we will just sink your ships…. You haven't seen even a little bit of what we are truly capable of…" Naruko then looks back at the Merchants and smiles off a bit. "Sorry for such a mix up. You will be getting a bit more out of this for sure though." She then peers over to Eiji. "Ready to start escorting these peoples to their ships…? Looks like no one is going to have to die today.

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